economic crimes

Chinese police have uncovered 12,900 cases of fake invoices-related crimes and confiscated 780 million fake invoices in their efforts to contain the spreading of economic crimes since 2008, the Ministry of Public Security said Wednesday.

Invoice-related crimes have seen a 20 percent increase year-on-year since 2003 in China and continue to undermine the country's taxation system as well as threatening state security, the ministry said in a statement.

Meanwhile, China's police have also been making greater efforts to fight crimes concerning bank cards to safeguard the country's financial order. Between January and October this year, China's police dealt with 19,000 cases of bank card-related crimes, and retrieved funds totaling 600 million yuan (about 90 million U.S. dollars), according to the ministry.

The ministry, along with People's Bank of China, the central bank, launched a nationwide campaign against bank card-related crimes this January.

Since then, over 1,000 dens involved in illegal credit cards have been smashed. According to statistics issued by China UnionPay, an association for the country's banking card industry, the total number of bank cards issued in China reached over 2.1 billion as of the first half of 2010.

With bank cards being widely used, China saw rampant cases of fraudulent use of bank cards, including illegal cash advances at vendor terminals and unauthorized overdrafts.

Since 2009, China's police have investigated over 100,000 cases of economic crimes in commerce and trade and retrieved funds amounting to 20 billion yuan.

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securities crackdown

Chinese police have solved more than 150 major crimes concerning securities and futures since 2002, retrieving economic losses worth more than 30 billion yuan (4.5 billion U.S. dollars), figures from the Ministry of Public Security show.

According to the ministry on Friday, the total sum involved in these cases surpassed 200 billion yuan.

In one prominent case, Huang Guangyu, former chairman of Chinese electronics retail giant Gome, was sentenced to 14 years in prison in May after being convicted of illegal business dealings, insider trading and corporate bribery.

At the Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People's Court, Huang was also fined 600 million yuan and had 200 million yuan worth of assets confiscated.

China's capital market is still in an "early and transition" stage, and various systematic problems might have given way to some illegal activities, according to a Ministry statement. It vowed to retain a "high-voltage" crackdown on securities-related crimes.

China's stock exchange first began operating in 1990 in the financial hubs of Shanghai and Shenzhen.

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tech unfounded

The accusation that China's high-speed railway technology is plagiarized is totally unrealistic because China's high-speed rail technology has achieved integrated innovation and formed its own characteristics on the basis of its own reality, an official said on Monday.

Tian Lipu, director of State Intellectual Property Office of China, told this to reporters during the third mayor forum on intellectual property rights and urban development held in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province on Monday.

Now only China can build high-speed railway in the mountains.

The construction of Chengdu-Guizhou high-speed railway, the world's first high-speed railway in the mountains, will be started at the end of November or early December, which means high-speed rail technology with Chinese characteristics has come of age.

When asked about how to look at the references and innovation of technology, Tian said that world innovation is divided into two parts, the innovation created by others and the innovation produced based on one's own practices.

"The developed countries can do like this, why not China?" Tian said. "We bought technology from Germany, Japan and France and we paid patent fees in accordance with international rules. This is legal. How is it plagiarism to assimilate others' skills and create new things when adapting them to our own situation?"

According to China's plan, high-speed railways will become one of the main channels linking western regions and the rest of China, Tian said. These regions account for two thirds of China's land area and the landform are mainly mountains, hills and plateaus.

"Will foreigners build their high-speed railways in mountains? Only China's technology can do this," Tian said.

Early in 2004, when China released its plan for a 13,000-kilometer high-speed railway network, world corporations from Canada, Germany, Japan and France all aimed to take China's huge market.

From vehicle purchase to designing its own software and getting more than 900 patents, China's high-speed railway has gradually shifted to independent research and development. By 2010, China will completely fulfill the dream of having 13,000 kilometers of high-speed railway.

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Office Party Band

Music Creates Community: Hiring an office party band is a way to connect with your workers through the power of music. Because your office likely has people who value many different types of music, it is important to select the right musical group. There are seven steps that may be followed for maximum enjoyment by party attendees.

Inventory the Office: It is helpful to ascertain what kind of music the majority of the office workers prefer. This can be determined by scanning their office area, as some people leave cds on their desk. You could also ask them to borrow their ipod or mp3 player if you would like the office party entertainment to be a surprise. This information should be compiled in a list, and used in the musical group selection process. Make sure the list includes some music that you like as well!

The Performance Space: Where will the group perform? If the party is being held at a restaurant, it is important to ask the location if there are any restrictions on bringing your own band. If there are restrictions, it may be advised to have the party at a different space.

Selecting the Talent: There are bands that will be a good fit for your party. Ask the musical group what kind of songs they perform, and if they are flexible or able to learn any new music. Determine how long the band will play, and ask what kind of sets they usually do for office parties. They might have different options based on your price-point.

Listening to the Band: This is not always necessary, but you could ask the group if you could hear them before the office party. Some bands will agree to a brief audition. Other bands have a video available for viewing of a past show. Instead of listening to the band, sometimes a band will refer you to another company that may be able to speak on their behalf. Office parties with live entertainment have become more popular in recent years, so client referral is rather common.

Are Requests Acceptable?: To avoid putting the band on the spot, make sure to ask them if they are willing to take song requests. If they aren’t, you can let your colleagues know that they have a predetermined set-list. If they are open to requests, there can be a designated clipboard with a sign-up list for the group.

Tell People About the Party: It is useful to give your colleagues enough notice about the party so that they can arrange for a babysitter. After hiring an office party band, send out a message to everyone. Because this is an extra special event, ideally everyone will be able to attend.

Celebrate!: It is finally time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Office party bands typically have a lot of experience in entertaining crowds. Just as you are a professional at your job, you can sit back and let them do what they are best at! pengyoude tiangeisel faoges

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Trading Systems Trap

Not long ago I was scanning a number of performance databases of various and noticed that nearly all the tracking services have some type of a “hot list”. These were typically a list of the best performing futures trading systems over a given period. The common time frames for calculating performance were usually 30 days, 90 days and a 12 months. These listings are of interest to many viewers since they are consistently reported by all the leading tracking services year after year. The question is this…Are those lists of any value?

It has long been my contention that such information is near meaningless. I have always felt that the best performing of the past were not very likely to be the best performing ones going forward. To test my theory, I accumulated data from several of the top performance reporting sites. What I wanted to see was the past year’s best performers to compare them to the best performers of the next year. The thought was to see if last year’s winners were a reliable forecaster of next year’s winners.

The results of comparing many years of previous performance to the future years of performance were as I expected. The data about which systems had performed the best was practically worthless. It, in no way, was predictive with regards to which strategies were going to do the best. What this suggests is that all those “Hot Lists” are possibly misleading. They can lure individuals into the notion that these are the best possible futures trading systems they can be investing in, when nothing can be further from the truth.

Finding Excellent Futures Trading Systems

What this means is that finding good futures trading systems that are going to pay off is going to take work. It is not going to be as easy as discovering something that has done well and just presuming it will continue to do well. What we have observed is that often times the best moment to enter a program is After it has gone through a difficult spell!

Jack Schwager, writer and commodities industry icon, did an intriguing study in his extremely good book Managed Trading Myths and Truths. In it, he found that many successful systems have many losing clients! The reason is evident. Most winning systems produce a “stair stepping” pattern higher, a sequence of peaks and lows on the way up. What Schwager’s research study established was that many people would buy into that system on a high, right after a winning streak. Then, when the inevitable pullback or valley came they would sell out at a loss! So in spite of the systems long term winning track record, many clients lost money investing in it. In Schwager’s opinion, this was “the single biggest investor blunder”.

This was not to imply that individuals should invest in a losing futures trading system. Rather, they should separate choosing what is an excellent system from timing when to get into that system. Once again, the best time to get into a decent system is normally after it has gone through a rough period.

So the question becomes, how can investors find a ideal system if using past performance by itself is not effective enough?

We will explore the subject of finding suitable trading systems in part two of this series.

Dean Hoffman
DH Trading systems

Commodity trading carries risks and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. xiwanga zhaodao dingdong

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Top seven

Public Service Administration

The major generally exists in education or normal universities. Though welcomed in Western countries, the major is still not developed in China. Positions in administrative offices, which are most suitable for these graduates, are also very limited.


Students are almost semi-employed after graduation and their jobs are typically age-related.

If good-looking, they can be administrative assistants; if they have an attractive voice, they can be operators; if they are good at writing, they can be an editor, but if they posses none of these qualities, they have to be a receptionist.

Mineral processing and mining engineering

With mining mishaps as frequent as they are in China, it's kind of hard to be enthusiastic about a job where there's always the possibility of death in a pitch black tunnel.


Paper mills mean high temperatures, stinky smells and serious pollution. Not only does the noise wear on your ears and nerves, in your rattled state you are expected to operate razor sharp cutting machines surrounded by vats of alkali.


Due to high exposure to nitrous acid, people who work with leather run a high risk of cancer. The average salary of this industry is also among the lowest of all the trades in the country.

Chemical engineering

Nearly all colleges and universities of science and engineering have this major. Though graduates are in large demand, the salary is not high as expected. Most graduates have to do manual work on the front line of the factory and suffer from long and strenuous work shifts.

The major at Zhejiang University is among the country's most excellent, however the average salary of a chemical engineering graduate of the university with a master's degree is only 3,000 yuan ($451).


There is a narrow channel for history graduates to be employed - doing academic work or teaching. But with more graduates than jobs, some history graduates even work as receptionists. Choosing this major means you will face life busy thinking about job-hopping.

Greece: German minister
Greece: German minister
Greece: German minister


To date, APEC, 21 members in total, constitute more than 40 percent of the world's population and accounts for more than 50 percent of both the world's gross domestic product (GDP) and the global trade.

This is another APEC summit hosted by Japan with an interval of 15 years. The 7th APEC Economic Leaders Meeting, held in Osaka, Japan on Nov. 19, 1995, adopted the "Osaka Action Agenda" (OAA) to provide the Bogor Goals through trade and investment liberation. So,Australian scientists all people in Japan are now looking forward to making the current APEC summit a success. Miss Endo, a local resident from Yokohama, told the reporter that she has long been expecting to the opening of the APEC summit like her friends and other fellow residents.

According to relevant data, Yokohama would reap in 53.9 to 63.7 billion yen (about 655 million to 775 million US dollars) of economic effects from the incoming APEC summit with the creation of anywhere from 5,000 to 6,000 jobs. "We are happy and honored to be chosen as the venue for Leaders "Week," said Ms. Fumiko Hayashi, mayor of Yokohama City, told PD reporters in aAustralian scientists recent interview, and she has made full, adequate" preparations with the citizens of Yokohama to invite APEC Japan 2010 in the best hospitality." And indeed, she was very happy to look forward to the arrival of honorable Chinese guests.

The 18th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) informal leadership meeting,fighting HIV/AIDS which is to focus on reducing economic growth gap within and beyond the Asia region, is slated for November 13 to 14 in Yokohama, Japan, and Chinese President Hu Jintao has been invited to attend.

Themed on "Change and Action", the 18th APEC informal leadership summit is preceded by the APEC Ministerial Meeting on Nov. 10 and Nov. 11 and APEC Senior Officials Meeting on Nov. 7 and Nov. 8.

The Asia-Pacific area is among the world's most dynamic regions with the greatest potential for economic development. After 21 years of development, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, or APEC, has become one of the most influential economic organizations in the world as well as the premier forum for facilitating trade, investment and economic growth in the fighting HIV/AIDS Asia-Pacific region.

In an interview with a People's Daily resident reporter in Japan, Chinese ambassador Cheng Yonghua said that China had attached great importance to its cooperation with APEC. The Chinese president had attended all the previous APEC informal leadership meetings since its institution more than two decades ago, Zheng recalled, and Chinese departments had also taken an active part in their cooperation with APEC in varied realms and at all levels, contributing tremendously in enhancing or promoting cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.

APEC, as a biggest and most influential forum on Asia-Pacific economic cooperation, has played a vital, important role in promoting regional trade and investment liberalization and facilitation and deepening regional economic integration and narrowing the development gap in the past 20-plus years, he noted. And the role of APEC has arrested the growing attention of Asia Pacific nations, and each annual meeting has been the focus of regional and global attention.

At the incoming APEC summit, President Hu Jintao is expected to enunciate China's views for balanced, inclusive, sustainable economic growth, innovation and safety development, and to brief those present at the meeting on China's position on Asia-Pacific regionalfighting HIV/AIDS cooperation and proposals for the future development.

Meanwhile, President Hu would give an account of China's stances and propositions on closer regional cooperation and outlined proposals for the establishment of an Asia-Pacific Forestry Invasive Special Network, and prompt the APEC Members to further pledge to increase forest cover in their regions by at least 20 million hectares by 2020 over the target set at the 2007 APEC informal leadership meeting. Moreover, Hu Jintao will announce his government's decision to promote economic and technical cooperation in the field of human resources development among APEC economies, so as to spur the inclusive growth in the region; he will elaborate on the aspects of Chinese cities and towns to participate the "low-carbon city" concept for urban development aimed at reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and his proposals will inject new vitality into APEC cooperation, Ambassador Zheng acknowledged.

During the APEC informal leadership meeting, Ambassador Zheng said, appropriate arrangements will be made for President Hu to meet with leaders of APEC member nations, while leaders of APEC members will all avail of themselves opportunities for a wide-ranging exchange of views with the Chinese leader on issues of common concern.

China's economic integration into APEC is the process the country has been adhering to the reform and opening up and persevering in taking the road of peaceful development, Zheng added, and China's development has benefited from the development of the Asia-Pacific and the world at large, and China's development has also provided opportunities for the Asia Pacific and the rest of the world.

By taking the maintenance of regional stability, acceleration of regional economic integration and protection of common development of APEC members as its objective, China will go on actively partaking in all forms of regional cooperation and working together with APEC members to build a peaceful, prosperous, harmonious and dynamic Asia Pacific big family, Zheng said.


Yet the upshot was underwhelming: Diaoyu Islandsa determined call for more negotiation, said the AP analysis.

As the pleasantries of the G-20 economic summit of world leaders began, Obama was still defending a decision that was not his: the Federal Reserve's move to flood $600 billion of cash into the sluggish American economy to drive down interest rates, spur lending and boost spending. Angry trading partners say the Fed intervention undervalues the dollar and gives U.S. exporters an edge.

In the latest of the short news conferences he's Diaoyu Islands sprinkling across Asia, Obama was challenged about feeling isolated over U.S. monetary policy. He turned around the notion by predicting good news will emerge: a broad agreement by all nations on a plan for the balanced, stable growth he is championing.

Yet when Lee was asked if there were dangerous implications in the U.S. approach, his first response was no comfort: "That kind of question should be asked to me when President Obama is not standing right next to me."

Getting out of Washington for 10 days has had a duel effect on Obama. The timing has given him an escape from the Beltway bubble and offered up memorable moments: dancing with children in India, and reliving boyhood stories in Indonesia.

It has also, though, been a busy and tiring trek that will take him all the way around the world. And he keeps getting reminders that what awaits him at home is the aftermath of a losing midterm election and a pile of unfinished business.

The latest sign wasDiaoyu Islands news emerging from leaders of his commission on reducing government deficits. They proposed curbs for Social Security benefits, big cuts in federal spending and higher taxes, all of which amount to political dynamite. One of Obama's closest allies in Washington, Nancy Pelosi, said the proposals were "simply unacceptable."

Obama would not offer his own reaction on Thursday, steering clear of interfering with the commission's work. But he insisted he was ready to make tough decisions and ended up challenging both parties to show some toughness.

"We're going to have to take actions that are difficult, and Norway FTA on track we're going to have to tell the truth to the American people," Obama said. "Before anybody starts shooting down proposals," he said, "I think we need to listen, we need to gather up all the facts. I think we have to be straight with the American people."

The president's dealings with his world peers at summits often produce results that can't be seen right away. A trade deal that falters or disputes over currency valuation overshadow cooperation on a dozen other topics. Chinese President Hu Jintao, for example, said with Obama at his side: "The Chinese side stands ready to work with the U.S. side."

Such are theNorway FTA on track competing perspectives that come in Obama's business. The grinding, bit-by-bit diplomacy can elevate national interests into global cooperation.

And sometimes, there are moments that seem above it all.

On the Veterans Day holiday, the U.S. president met with troops and saluted the Korean and American armed forces. It's a part of the job all presidents love. "You'll always be the best that America has to offer the world," Obama said to the service members, beaming.

Humbled by elections at home, U.S. President Barack Obama Thursday endured a sobering test of his power abroad, unable to close a trade deal with South Korea and thrown on the defensive about America's approach to global economic worries.

According to An Associated Press report, from halfway around the world, Obama admonished both friends and foes back in Washington to "tell the truth" about the pain of cutting the government's huge spending deficits.

In Seoul on Thursday, on a stage meant to salute triumph, Obama could not announce a free-trade pact with his ally and host, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak. It was an embarrassing setback given Obama's high expectations and his desire to deliver more jobs for frustrated Americans at home.

"We want this to be done in a matter of weeks," Obama said of the deal, insisting that trade chiefs will keep working to get a pact that will survive political tests in both countries. Lee called the hang-ups merely technical, and both leaders said allowing extra time was the smart way to deal with obstacles over U.S. beef and autos.


charting way forward

The first annual development report for east China's metropolis Shanghai was released Thursday, pointing out new strategies to build the city into an international economic, financial,companies in Europe trading and shipping center by 2020.

The Development Report on Shanghai International Economic, Financial, Trading and Shipping Center was released by the municipal Development Nestor Kirchner and Reform Commission and the municipal Development and Reform Institute.

The report reviews the efforts and progress in building Shanghai on four fronts and makes proposals for future development.

Shanghai set the goal of becoming the center in the four areas in 2009.

At the ceremony marking the release of the report, scholars gathered to discuss Shanghai's development.

In terms of with 55 million dollarsbecoming an international economic center, Jiang Yingshi, president of the Shanghai Society of Macroeconomics, said that Shanghai should draw on the World Expo effect to enhance its service-oriented economy, regional integration, and cultural development.

To become an international financial center, Xiao Lin, deputy chief of the municipal Development and Reform Commission, said that the key task in the next decade is for Shanghai to become the RMB products open dialogue with West trading and investment hub with world class financial services.

In terms of becoming an international trading center, Yuan Zhigang, economics professor at Fudan University, said that efforts should be made to develop high end products and build Shanghai into a shopping paradise.

In terms of becoming an international shipping center, scholars pointed out the importance of a modern shipping service system.

The development report will be released every year starting in 2010 to keep track of each breakthrough along the way,star yet known said Xiao Lin.

U.S. senator

"The window of opportunity for a comprehensive peace is closing,U.S. state Texas narrowing is the best way to put it," a senior American senator told Israeli President Shimon Peres on Wednesday.

Senator John Kerry, chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, made the statement during a meeting with Peres at the Presidential Residence in Jerusalem.

Kerry's visit andCuba's Intational fair comments came against the backdrop of international criticism of Israel's plan to construct new housing units in disputed areas in East Jerusalem.

Concluding a Mideast tour which included high-level discussions with officials in Syria, Lebanon and Turkey, Kerry said he believes the region presents "many real opportunities alongside real dangers."

Israel and the U.S. administration engaged in heated accusations throughout Tuesday over the announcement of a plan to construct an additional 1,300 housing units in three existing Jewish neighborhoods.

"This is a moment for statesmanship, a moment to try and define the opportunities and move forward rapidly," Kerry stated prior to a closed-door discussion with Peres.

Kerry said he brought a "message of hope" from President Barack Obama and the American people that the "spirit to build a (peace) process by which we can guarantee security and address the needs and concerns of everybody"Exhibition special can be found.

Obama, currently on a visit in Indonesia, cautioned on Tuesday that the Israeli building plans would not further efforts to restart the stalled peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians.

Jerusalem "Observing consolidationis not a settlement, but the capital of Israel," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded.

Peres told Kerry that the current difficulties facing the peace process should not come as a surprise, adding that "losing hope or patience will be a mistake."

"I believe a way to renew the negotiations will be found.Tornadoes cause injuries Neither the Palestinians nor us have any real alternative," Peres said.


UN Security Council

The UN Security Council on Wednesday condemned "in the strongest terms" the terrorist attacks in Iraq over netizens concernedthe past days and the one earlier Wednesday in the Middle East country.

In a statement read to the press here by British UN Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant, who holds the rotating Security Council president for November, said: "The members of the Security Council were appalled by and condemned in the strongest terms the recent state of terrorist attacks in Iraq, including today's attacks in which scores of civilians lost their lives and hundreds more were wounded."

Three were killed and 23 others wounded after at least 11 roadside bombs went off within an hour on Wednesday in the central Baghdad, capital of Iraq, targeting homes of Christian citizens in theAfrica celebrate 10th anniversary area, reports said.

The attacks came 10 days after a massive attack against Christian worshippers at a Baghdad church that killed 58 people and wounded some 75 others.

Later, al-Qaida militant group in Iraq claimed the responsibility for the attacks and said that Christians and their organizations have become "legitimate targets" forHaiti's cholera death al-Qaida militants.

On Monday, three car bombs killed at least 15 people in Iraq, including two attacks targeting Iranian pilgrims, reports said.

"The attacks deliberately targeted locations where civilians congregate including Christian and Muslim places of worship," Grant said in the statement. "The members of the Security Council express their deep condolences to the families of the victims and reaffirm their support for the people and government of Iraq and their commitment to Iraq's security."

"The members of the Security Council Costs of French strikes condemn all incitement to and acts of violence particularly those motivated by religious hatred," he said.

While all UN staff escaped without injury, one member of the Iraqi security forces was "sadly killed and several others injured, " he said.

"The Security Council strongly expressed its support for the continued efforts of the Iraqi government to help meet security needs of the entire population of Iraq," he said. "In this regard, the Security Council acknowledges the efforts of the Iraq security forces whose members are also being targeted in ongoing attacks."

"The members of the Security Council underline the need to bring perpetrators, organizers, financiers,promote clean energy and sponsors of these reprehensible terrorist attacks to justice, and urged all states in accordance with the obligations under international law and relevant Security Council resolutions to cooperate actively with Iraqi authorities in this regard," Grant said.

"The members of the Security Council reaffirmed the need to combat by all means, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts," he said. "The members of the Security Council reminded states that they must ensure that measures taken to combat terrorism comply with all of their obligations under international law, in particular international human rights, refugee, and humanitarian law."

"The members of the Security Council reiterated that no terrorist act can reverse a path towards peace, democracy and reconstruction in Iraq which is supported by the people and the government of Iraq and the international community," Grant said.

Also speaking to reporters here at the end of the closed-door Council consultations, French UN Ambassador Gerard Araud said: " Defending the Christians of Iraq is not only a moral and ethical choice, it's also a political need because when the terrorist al- Qaida is asking to destroy the Christian community in Iraq, it's simply trying to attack the diversity of the Iraq society, which means the Iraqi democracy."

"The Christians in Iraq are only the front line of a fight for democracy and France wanted that the Security Council expresses its solidarity with the Iraqi Christians, which means we hold with the Iraqis and with the Iraqi democracy," Araud said.

Britain is wide open

Britain isSuper typhoon confident of becoming a more attractive destination for Chinese investors, according to a business leader with British Prime Minister David Cameron's delegation to China.

Richard Lambert, director-general of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), the country's top business organization, said Chinese businessmen and women do not yet understand how open Britain is.

"I think it's really a question of understanding and shared knowledge," Lambert told China Daily before departing for Beijing. "We're the most open economy in the world No country welcomes foreign investors more than the United Kingdom."

The CBI chief, whose organization has 200,000 members, said his country has "competitive advantages", particularly in financial and professional global satellite marketservices and creative industries.

"I'm sure the attractions of the UK will become greater to Chinese investors," he added.

Trade volume of goods between China and the UK was $35.75 billion form January to September this year, according to official figures. The total for 2009 was $39.1 billion.

Britain has invested $16.75 billion in China so far this year, the most for all 27 European Union (EU) member states. In comparison, investments from China in the UK have surpassed only $1 billion.

"We wish to build a good relationship with China," said Lambert when asked about Cameron's first visit to the country as prime minister. "The headline we're working under is heading overseas'Partners for Growth'."

Cameron is traveling with 50 British business and industrial leaders and four ministers: George Osborne, chancellor of the exchequer; business secretary Vince Cable; Chris Huhne, climate change and energy minister, and education secretary Michael Gove.

Lambert, who described the delegation as "strong", said China and Britain have already worked together on efforts to reduce carbon emissions and other projects and that "many British companies (already have) an excellent relationship with commercial partners in China".

Comparing the investment by China and India in the EU,mine rescue facilities Lambert said China invests heavily in Germany, while India is more focused on the UK.

Germany's strengths lie in manufacturing, while Britain is strong in services, he explained, adding: "China wishes clearly to build the quality and the strength of its services sector,you or me whether it's financial or professional services."


GE makes

Multinational conglomerate General Electric (GE) said on Tuesday it will invest moreDimarts, Octubre 19, 2010 than $2 billion through 2012 in China to set up joint ventures with Chinese companies and expand its innovative capacity in the country.

More than $1.5 billion will be used to fund technology and financial services joint ventures with Chinese State-owned enterprises (SOEs), GE Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Immelt said. The rest of the investment will be used to enhance research and development (R&D) capabilities and establish customer-oriented innovation centers, which is expected toDeath toll rises create 1,000 new jobs.

"China is the world's fastest-growing market for aviation, energy, transportation, healthcare and financial services," Immelt said. He said the country is also one of the fastest-growing markets for GE and the company has a long-term commitment to the nation.

UnderSearch continues the $1.5-billion joint venture umbrella, the US-based company signed energy and railway agreements with four SOEs.

A 50-50 venture with Wuhan NARI Co Ltd, owned by the State Grid Corporation of China, will manufacture and market grid monitoring and diagnostics products.

Similarly, GE will carry out a joint acquisition with Shanghai Electric Power Co, also owned by State Grid, for a controlling stake in Shanghai Tianling Switchgear Co, a green power distribution equipmentOverseas investors see maker.

The company signed a framework agreement to form a 50-50 venture with the CSR (China South Locomotive and Rolling Stock Corporation) Chengdu Locomotive & Rolling Stock Works to develop propulsion system sets, sub-assemblies and parts for diesel locomotives. It also plans to enter a 50-50 joint venture with Beijing National Railway Research and Design Institute of Signal and Communication to supply railway and urban transit signaling systems.

These deals follow the company's partnership with Harbin Power Equipment Company for wind turbine production and marketing, and a diesel engine joint venture with CSR.

Immelt did not reveal the details of the financial joint ventures. "The joint ventures are in line with our strategy to build partnerships in China to support our business here and globally," he said. "And our customer innovation centers will add more than 1,000 new R&D, marketing and application engineers to work more closely with customers and partners to advance development and delivery of GE products and technology."

GE willFour found guilty
set up the centers in six Chinese cities to conduct R&D with clients. The first batch of candidate cities are Shenyang, Chengdu and Xi'an - all traditional industrial bases in China - and construction is expected to begin next year.

The facilities will better service the western, northern, central and southern areas of the country as well as combine current R&D facilities in Shanghai, Beijing and Wuxi to cover areas including rural healthcare, renewable and clean energy, smart grids, energy-efficient lighting, rail and aviation.

ease drought

Central China's Hunan Province Tuesday started releasing more water from upstream reservoirs to boost near record low water levels in the mid and lower reaches of a majorI'd really like local river.

Sustained drought had decreased water levels in the Xiangjiang River in Changsha City to 25.08 meters at 8 a.m. Tuesday, slightly higher than the record low of 24.8 meters last November.

Some parts of the riverbed were dry and barren, and boats were grounded and drinkingDanish, U.S. researchers water safety was jeopardized, said the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters.

The Xiangjiang River basin has only received 28 mm of rainfall since October, 69 percent less than normal years, it said in a statement.

The headquarters has ordered the Dongjiang Reservoir inthe winner takes it all the upper reaches of the Xiangjiang River to release no less than 150 cubic meters of water per second and Zhuzhou Reservoir to release 480 cubic meters per second as of 8 a.m. Tuesday.

Without the action, the river water level in Changsha would fall to 24.1 meters within a week, it said.

Thatrare child disease would then result in disruptions in tap water supplies to the provincial capital, which has a population of more than 6 million, as the level was lower than the water intake points of some water plants, it stated.

Authorities in Changsha are also building emergency water intake points further into the middle of the rivermuseum opens in Yunnanto ensure water supplies as no substantial rain is forecast in the near future.


Spanish bank Caja

The European Commission on Monday approved Spanish aid for the restructuring of CajaSur, a saving bank,China to beef up school and the sale of its banking activities.

"The commission is satisfied that the restructuring of CajaSur and the sale of its banking business in an open and competitive tender ensures the viability of the banking activity and limits The endless ideologicalthe distortions of competition," said Joaquin Almunia, commission vice president in charge of competition policy.

CajaSurSouth Korean 'kimchi crisis' provided retail banking services in the region of Andalucia, in southern Spain. It came into financial difficulties in particular due to its significant exposure to developers and other real estate-related transactions, prompting the Bank of Spain to give a capital injection of 800 million euros (1,113 million U.S. dollars) and a liquidity line of 1,500 million euros (2,088 million U.S. dollars) to bail out the bank.

In July BBK SA, another Spanish saving bank, agreed to buy the banking business of CajaSur after an open and competitivegrow five-fold by 2020 tender.

The commission decision found that the liquidation of CajaSur and the sale of its bankingdisaster reduction business in an open and competitive tender ensured that the sold business became viable without continued state support.

tackle superbug

At this year's fair, the state and Shanghai science authorities have focused on innovation in biotechnology and the adoption and promotion of technologies showcased atCNOOC tests US the Shanghai World Expo.

"The industry fair highlights new drugs and new medical equipment, illustrating the development of Shanghai's biotechnology sector," said Zheng Zhongmin, an official from Shanghai Science and Technology Commission.

"We selected 18 new drugs and many examples of cutting-edge medical equipment."

Innovations on show include a new WiFi portable intravenous infusion device which allows patients to move freely, but sets off an alarm in dangerous circumstances.

Also on display is a WiFi capsule which is swallowed and then conducts checks on a patient's gastric and intestinal system.

All these technologies are world firsts, and are scheduled to be introduced soon into clinical use.

85% of civil servantsThe new antibiotic is expected to be available on the market next year.

Kelimeisu has similar effects to azithromycin, one of the most widely-used antibiotic on bacterial infection on the respiratory and urinary system.

"Clinical tests at hospitals found the new antibiotic has better effect than azithromycin," Hao said.

NDM-1 was detected in two newborn babies in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and an elderly man from Fujian Province in October.

The superbug was discoveredtoxic sludge spill in 2008 in a Swedish patient who had been hospitalized in New Delhi. Deaths were reported in Japan, Belgium and Britain.

Chinese scientists have completed research and development for a new antibiotic which they hope will tackle a superbug that has recently appeared in China.

The developer has applied for a license from the State Food and Drug Administration for the drug, named "Kelimeisu," which was created using genetic engineering technology.

Scientists hope drug-resistant superbug NDM-1, an enzyme called New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase, will not be resistant to the new antibiotic.

Hao Yuyou from the East China University of Science and Technology, a scientist on the project, said yesterday that the team had approached health facilities to obtain samples of NDM-1.Rescue to start

"The strain is difficult to get hold of, but it would provide a meaningful study of the new antibiotic's effects on the superbug," Hao said.

The product, which is taken as a pill, will be manufactured in Shanghai, local science$1.1 billion bid: Report officials said at a preview of the China International Industry Fair, which opens at Shanghai New International Expo Center in the Pudong New Area today.


APEC meets in Japan

Officials from 21 Pacific Rim economies, including China, the United States and Japan, began meetings yesterday thatRussia unparalleled could move the region toward a bold goal - creating a Pacific-wide free trade zone.

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings this week in Yokohama, Japan will end next Sunday with a summit bringing together Chinese President Hu Jintao, US President Barack Obama, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan and 18 other leaders.

But the APEC meetings are being heldupgrade security facility against a backdrop of tension over currencies and territorial disputes that could undermine the summit's harmony.

Finance ministers from the Asia-Pacific region agreed on Saturday at a separate meeting in Kyoto to avoid using their currencies as trade weapons and embrace steps to shrink global trade gaps.

Promotinghair straightener free trade and regional integration will be the primary focus of this week's meetings.

According to a draft of APEC's final communique, the leaders will agree to take "concrete steps toward °?realization of Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific" encompassing all 21 members around the Pacific.

The draft sets no time-frame for achieving such a Pacific-wide area. But as a building block toward that goal itinflationary pressures points to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a free trade agreement that the US and four other nations - Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Peru - are negotiating to join. It currently consists of four economies: Brunei, Chile, New Zealand and Singapore.

Japan, worried that it is falling behind regional rival South Korea in forging free trade deals, is intensely debating whether to join the TPP talks. Business leaders have urged Tokyo to do so, but farmers fiercely oppose the move out of fear that a flood of cheap agricultural imports would wipe them out.

In a policy paper released over the weekend, the Japanese government signaled a greater openness to free trade deals than under previous administrations, which had strong ties to the farming lobby.

Tokyo said in the paper it was redoubling its efforts on free trade pacts, aiming to restart suspended trade talks with South Korea, seeking new trade deals with other nations, and pledging to do more to open up its economy - all ?to boost its sagging economic prospects.

This year's APEC meetings will be surmount mudslide disaster overshadowed some by the Group of 20 summit in Seoul, South Korea, on Thursday and Friday. That meeting, which brings together rich and emerging economies, is set to tackle global imbalances and sustaining fragile global growth. Around half of the G20 leaders will also attend the APEC summit.

During the week, developed members including the US, Japan, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will be measured in their progress toward achieving free and open trade and investment by 2010 as set by APEC leaders in Bogor, Indonesia, in 1994.

Under the Bogor Goals, developing economies had until 2020 to meet that goal, but eight other members, including South Korea and China, have asked that they be evaluated as well.