Keep on creative

Keep on creative help to accumulate fast fierce development
Our country LED's showing to hold industry to start after 1987 year agos at the earliest stage , after more than 20 years of common development, has already had equal scale now.Currently, LED shows the production factory holding has more and more houses, don't lack some excellent business enterprises among them, they prospered this newly arisen high-tech industry together, and make global LED shown to hold manufacturing center to transfer to China.Accumulate science and technology general manager, Mr. Chen Qi Kai, said and accumulated in 2007 65% revenues to come from an oversea market, only 35% revenues came from China, while this comparison poured to come over now;Accumulate a revenue to attain 500,000,000 dollars for 2010 years, 2011 first half year of in the market environment under the poor circumstance together the ratio also has a growth.And illuminates net understanding according to the OFweek semi-conductor, accumulate no longer now only is the supplier that LED shows to hold chip, but provide a whole solution for customer, from take technique as center to take customer as center to change, start chasing deer LED to drive the IC realm global market, owned global LED to show to hold the market share of driving above 60%.full mud each time

The development backlog that accumulate science and technology process for several years, progress unremittingly, shows to hold to drive realm to lay the foundation that can not falter in LED, but, at this foundation on would not° until want to develop or need to be innovated continuously go, especially LED shows to hold an application more and more extensively now, to the request of quality also more and more high, be like LED of useding for the outdoors display it shows that the bright degree compares indoor of Gao, outdoor LED the display typical model bright degree is 5,000-6,000 Nis especially, indoor LED shows to hold 2,000 Nis is especially.And the bright degree of the outdoor type Gao for the sake of under various environment condition, even if is a sunlight to keep shooting under can can see, outdoor type LED shows that holding to return is heat-proof, defends rain and defend snow...etc..Outdoors, LED shows that holding to have an anti- is cold, watertightness, dust palliative and cooling function.Moreover, also having already lowered can consume, the decrease electromagnetism radiation, scan to hold Gao to break low remnants shadow, high-definition etc. high request, these all need to insist that science and technology innovation then can solve.design internationalize

Accumulate science and technology always all persistence improvement the IC chip manufacturing process craft, excellent turn to drive a solution, keep on to decline low cost, perfect function, accumulating the product then can at accuracy, quality and sex price compare up all have a substantial progress, these are to lean against to accumulate science and technology of creative the principle just has motive completion.love Charlotte Olympia

Accumulate science and technology, general manager, Chen Qi Kai, said, for respond to the global economy energy reduces a row to exercise and accumulate Section 1 that science and technology releases to match green ability concept of low achievement consume 16 LEDs to show to hold an actuator-MBI5035, will show to hold to reduce 35% with the electricity quantity and carbon esmissions by the low turn electric voltage with 0.2 Vs, effectively promote a system stability combine extension LED life span.Was alllike these results to all coagulate the frontier spirit of accumulating the person at in.Is exactly this kind of to keep on innovation to just make to accumulate science and technology fast fierce development.Rome sandals let feet

Show to hold and illuminate two hands to grasp two hands that all wanting is hard
Reduce carbolic trend in the global economy energy in, low energy-consuming illuminate importance to push one of the items for it.After the end of 2009 Copenhagen world weather general assembly, the all different degree ground of many guo jias enlarged to start preparing budget towards economizing on energy an environmental protection product of consumption subsidy scope, combining, the plan illuminates a LED application on the traffic light light and the street lamp, and the incandescent lamp forbids to produce forbidden norm to gradually expand in the world in 2012, the pushing of many factorses wave helps Lan under, certanly will for illuminate a market to open a new of revolution.LED and new material

As a kind of new light source, LED's illuminating is applied to a view to illuminate, tunnel illuminate, television, car, the indoor lighting etc. more and more of the realms all start applying.The LED light source contains obvious advantage and have electricity in the low temperature, province, life span as long as 50,000 hours, have no infrared ray etc. is two pollutions and wait building in the library in also feat protection book cultural object;And LED the biggest characteristics is to be only easy to adjust and can regulate light strength and color according to the surroundings environment variety.Can see, LED illuminates of applied the realm is extensive, market foreground vast, and is a low carbon to economize on energy illuminate also be easy to is accepted.

Accumulate science and technology general manager, Chen Qi Kai, said, will accumulate science and technology from now on will adjust a market development, actively set up LED the lighting drive, LED's illuminating a market to drive very greatly and relatedly will also quickly develop.Now, accumulate technological LED to show to hold to drive to have already done quite goodly, but if think to be further can not give up LED the lighting drive this big cake, hereafter accumulate in the LED lighting to drive realm will give a new life a show with LED to hold to drive realm to similarly accumulate science and technology.

2011 accumulate science and technology international seminar of the latest technique of LED
LED actuator leadership brand-accumulate science and technology have already held to study colloquium continuously for five years, expect to be by providing an information exchanges terrace, integrate more than 500 customer's resources and marketing piping of native and foreign LEDs, the customer can acquire the latest LED technique message and exchange precious experience."With LED order bright green future" is this time expert whom principal axis of seminar accumulate science and technology invitation LED boundary in the whole world, containment:The United States is better at than the LED optical technique develops big company Illumitex and European production LED illuminates system of well-known manufacturer Mundo Color International(MCI group), come from Europe and the United States, exclusively create top-class satge showbiz effect big company Ledgo and Global Trend Pro.Attend meeting personally, go deep into a study world is as for local area LED is colourful to hold, construct lighting, general illuminate etc. industry development.


healthily healthy body

The confidence has a meal rhythm to eat healthily healthy body
Is three meals for a day, we all can not get away from to have a meal.But, some people were it happened that to like don't have a meal while shoulding have a meal, like to greatly eat to eat especially while shoulding not have a meal.But, have a meal is also there is rhythm, science rhythm control to have a meal, you can eat a healthy body and there is also good heart feeling.
Rhythm of having a meal can not only the only that time is so simple, also need to pay attention to science of having a meal the food material, only have so, do both things simultaneously, then can let your body Jian healthy Kang.Want to know to be for a day in most science of is time when?Want to know what food can let you of three meals add afternoon teas in a day is nourishment health all?If want to know, follow a small plait to see together.carefully second health

Don't see but will blunder away a lot of things of, because at ordinary times some fixed time thought by us are perhaps a not scientific way of doing in the nutritionist's eyes.And, you so is of the nourishment meal is not the nourishment in the nutritionist's eyes either.

On the history most the chow time watch of science


You probably still "sleep" on the bed at this time, can actually you of the body temperature has already started rising, the pulse starts speed, the sympathetic nerves becomes gradual active, digest the function has already set go as well, the stomach and intestines way is placed in to wake up appearance, ability the high effect ground digest absorption food in of the nourishment composition is breakfast of the best time.

Full marks breakfast:

An orange son of integrity+one cup coffee+2 slices of whole grain breads+a tomato stir-fry an egg.How, this breakfast is very flourishing.Each office worker wants to own for an energetic morning, Be about to notice this nourishment breakfast.

Add a meal--10:30

This time between 7-10:00 a.m. to know segment, the metabolism speed in your body wants compare in other time segment quickly up 40%.So, you need to eat some carbohydrates of low fats to add energy at this time, concentrate energy and keep aggressive work appearance for you.

The full marks adds a meal:A banana.


The colleagues all start starting gradually, this is also the biggest time in your body energy need, is the best time that has lunch.At this time the digest aggressive of the stomach and intestines way in your body already far not equal to breakfast of time, so need to be chewed thoroughly and eaten slowly while having a meal, ten thousand ten thousand can not be staring at a computer and having lunch.Not only easily deliver fat, nourishment also can not absorb.

Full marks lunch:Vegetable with the abundant fiber+the red meat is carnivorous+staple food.

Afternoon tea--15:30

This is immediately also the time that needs to add energy, because the glucose content in your body has already consumedly lowered, not only the thinking speed becomes slowly, fidgety, anxious etc. bad emotion also start emitting a head, if again don't add energy in time, you of work very difficult smooth, amusedly carry on next go to.

Full marks afternoon tea:Rich almond or raisin with the thick fiber.


The dinner must solve for 4 hours before sleeping, this is the food to completely digest time that the absorption needs in the stomach and intestines way.Otherwise take the food that hasn't digested to fallen asleep, not only will pile up fat, you of sleep quality also will consumedly be subjected to influence.

Full marks dinner:

Enrich to contain protein seafood or bean+staple food.


bright project

Question:" bright project" He Yizhi?
maintenance skillsJuly 14th" street talk" bright project" confused, not in the mood for energy-saving" energy-saving" bright project" criticism. I hope that Guangzhou's" bright project" to take the lead in performing section report, perhaps can give an example of the tree. In fact, not only Guangzhou has" bright project", the country a lot of city has" bright project", even the small town are catching up with this fashionable, estimation also nobody thought summary statistics national" bright project" power consumption, I suspect, at least enough of a medium-sized power plant busy. Originally, the invention of the electric light is to give people a bright, can be called" bright project" is called a person to look lamp. If a variety of businesses neon is a kind of advertising signs, the" bright project" should be counted as city signboards advertising, however, city need such signs advertising?" Bright project" Guangzhou on the feasibility report has not been released, where there is a place, other perhaps never thought of nothing" feasibility report". As far as I know, some local" pull brake to be restricted report, energy saving and emission reduction" when," bright project" are not the flameout, household lighting are" not feasible."," bright project" smooth operator is feasible but.

" Bright project" in the leadership of the eyes it is of the first importance, even thousands of households dark, but the city must call a person to look is still very brilliant lamps and candles of a myriad families.Mahogany furniture

Is said to have" bright project" can show the vitality of the city, but I have a problem, especially good and people interest, when I stood in the dark room, looking out the government's" bright project" when, heart Yin secretly think," bright project" is the leading face engineering project the image, or leadership face psychology at play.

I to so-called" bright project" is really a bit like No. For example, many government agencies are the" bright project" is an essential part of the landscape, there are several lights at dead of night shining brightly luxurious office building, is also suspected of the day did not put enough human spines? Not too sweet? Maybe not give people see, that is to who see? Who lived a flustered ran there and looked at the government building in the" bright project"? Usually to government agencies work is not easy to get into, not only to look at the security face, also for not being as appealing to a good spanking, prim signed the name, don't forget to submit identity card. The night you pass the government gate, is likely to be video. As for the leadership office, office conference room, the curtains cover tightly, then a small" shining project". Energy saving and emission reduction energy saving consciousness training?? either deal with public opinion, either the old people.long-term furniture

Many places in the city and river are frame several bridge, also with cross-strait dike has joined together" bright project", a few dozen tens of miles of river and also reflects the resplendent with variegated coloration lights, those swimming a day of fish, a busy day frog like so artificial landscape? Those" bright project" in the tree and the tree perched bird, is this a riot of colours while intoxicated ecstasy? No one asked their opinion, also not ask whether or not disturb their rest. Many city light is light pollution, light disturbance, the rapid pace of modern life, the city many people lack of sleep, because some people sound tribute night as day, sleep quality was also greatly affected.

" Bright project" brilliantly illuminated, you see the moon, but could not see the moon, as pure as water poetic ceased to exist, city the moon in the night sky pale as a piece of white paper, people may also have the moon forget, on bright, the sky not the moon. Do not say that the stars, sparse and ambiguous, where will give you blink your eyes," Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" may become history memory. Is rare to find the ideal setting for a couple in love love, too bright, the city of romance is artificial and innocence.
" Bright project" He Yizhi?


Beauty legend

It is rumored that the dithyramb makes leg-pull after expecting the Si card once wine, will a named make wheat Si especially the beautiful young girl pushes to a fierce beasts in front, just fairy Diana saw all these, in order to keep young girl from encountering injuring, then magic trick became young girl to the rock in a cake of white to carve, Ba Si Ka's however disillusion, penitence not Die, because he discovers he already drive this pure statue deeply fan live.Sad of the wine in the hand carelessly spread to carve a top, slowly this rock incredibly became beautiful amethyst, for make up own mistake in honor of this young girl also, dithyramb hence then assign name to amethyst with the name"AMETHYST" of young girl.Spanish plcdode

The amethyst originally represents noble, cultured, gorgeous, secluded, classic, modesty and power and influence, but this beautiful legend is to infect by to the amethyst the 1 F romantic color.In the western custom, the amethyst is the day and hour of birth stone in February, symbol honesty, heart bottom docile, widely knot popularity, peaceful good luck with calm.In the meantime, because"Valentine's Day" is being placed in February, and amethyst, the nature also became the lovers to present with each other of gift, the token of promise of feeling became expression love, become love each other permanent symbol.

The university Yi of dollar a century compares pigeon Lu in his huge Zhao 《natural science ambition 》in has "purple of the precious stone is Venus' eyes" a say.Is a lot of nations at the west, amethyst not only Be come to the stone of wine is embellished in the man of jewelry kimono decorate up, in the meantime still as the lucky precious stone of performing arts the houses, be subjected to special favor.The ancient Rome person still makes it a rule to be engaged in to clean sin and sacrifice the rites that the Wu works properly in February, the amethyst is been a taboo licentious, prevent°from indulging in self-delusion, keeping the symbol of honesty and reasonableness, therefore is inset on the ring of the bishop and the fathers.Basic characteristic

16 historical records Spanish palace painter Wei pull Si to open is a cool love Greece myth, to the amethyst feeling have the big artist of clock only.He with his own spirit and caution that amethyst gives, at be full of alluring fillet Pu four a life times of in the imperial palace, frequently and sincerely receive a job and enjoy the king's trust and doter just with the oneself's uncommon artistic talent.In his old age, in person for the country the king designed a precious stone laurel wreath that take"plentiful Rao" as topic and embellished leaf's slice of grandmother's emerald on the gold base, the main stone is the grape carved with a piece of big amethyst ……this laurel wreath is collected in art National Museum of History in Vienna.The amethyst is to get married 17 being in remembrance of of anniversaries precious stone, the reason is at that time this husband and wife feelings that expect because of living burden of heavy, a little bit easily appear crack.The purpose that presents amethyst jewelry lies in reminding the other party:Need to specially watch out for "the temptation of devil".

In Asia, have no the noble purple color that compares by Lun that day also this the sign of imperial house's dignity;In the Europe and America, an amethyst still a 20-year-old birthday is in remembrance of a precious stone;Moreover, the country stone of an amethyst is still Uruguay.The formation of jadeite


while so loving you I

Just want to tell a story.

My story I once said with other people, , whether very sad, sorrow to feel that I was a very pitiful kid.But friend says, we are all getting more happy very much.Probably experience, being each person have to of process, just who all not know and experience how long, experience what.

At the beginning, while so loving you I.Each words that you say with me I almost remember.You are tactful of brush-off say, lover is for a while, the friend is a lifetime.Love at me you still love so clingingly of time, you say to me, you of unimaginable of, is my inveteracy.

I remember that I once wrote this sentence on the lesson table of senior high school, I thought, you of unimaginable of, Be just my inveteracy.From I at the age of 15 met you, till now, I was 20 years old.Five years inside.I don't know that how much time I is on midnight in cry to come to, don't know, how much time, I so and purely fantasize you will with I is together of.Just, I love you and always have nothing to do with you.

At the beginning, while so loving you I.I am still a kid.I see you of discomfort, confused and worried see you, see you with your girl friend of sweet.I just from a distance looking at.We once wrote of note, but I had been keeping, didn't know, it had already become how pale.Seem, I am pale of memory similar.The star of hope

When I lay on the sickbed of hospital, I once fantasized numerous kinds you to see my situation, just, reality, but is make me the most grieved.This BE, I am 16 years old that year and write down in the book of diary of sentence.You take her to see me.She always talks with me, I have been following you closely, and you stand on the bed tail but didn't speak a few lines.

Senior high school three years, I always pay attention to you, daily record pay attention to you, pay attention to the photograph that you deliver.The other people head quarter speaks of you with me, but I pretend a points all inattentive.Say you divided and said that you had new girl friend again with girl friend.Now that say you.

You went to north.Remember I say, I how think that you can stay in Zhejiang.Just, you go to of city, separate so and far.Altogether add, I once saw several times, you were getting more very few.You always between a few cities.Always, I so and humblely want to know your current condition you say to me, .

At the beginning, while so loving you I.I am still a kid.Just, be I will you of the QQ pull a common set of time.Just be I again can not remember you of telephone number of time.We seem to be friend.You send greetings for me.When the sun is so big of time, I caught a cold.But no matter how I get sick again, again how suffered.All arrive however, I lie on the surgical operation on the stage and imagine you, tears cover the face of time .Ever, I loved you and had nothing to do with you, now, had nothing to do with each other.

I no longer so and humblely love a person and no longer so and humblely love you.On the time in senior high school, you say, I can fall in love.On the time in university, I remain a person.classifies a natural

A person once loved to once hate, in the heart again the tiny Lan don't rise.


Ministry of National Defense

Chinese Ministry of National Defense:The square of day is near to be apart from follow Chinese military airplane very easily miscarriage of justice
Chinese Ministry of National Defense news officials in the business bureau say on the 7th, day square for use by the military warship the machine move long time and close quarter to follow surveillance to the Mainland normal sea blank line and very easily cause both parties' misunderstanding, miscarriage of justice.The Tiffany

According to win a new agency July is 7, Japan defended joint staff department in the province to say, on the 4th, two military airplanes in China once approached to be apart from only 60 kilometerses of territorial air space in Diaoyu Islands, but all didn't get into "Japanese territorial air space".The Japanese aviation self-defence forces urgently starts out battleplanes F-15s to carry on intercepting from that Ba base.

This officials now accept reporter's interview to mean, the Chinese troops rule over sky flight in the waters in the our country and completely match the international law relevant standard.He emphasizes that Diaoyu Island and it the subsidiary group of islands is from time immemorial the proper territory of China, China owns out of dispute sovereignty to this.

He says that in recent years, the Japanese self-defence forces airplane aims at the Zhen of China to cruise strength in East China Sea enlargement continuously, day square for use by the military warship the machine move long time and close quarter to follow surveillance to the Mainland normal sea blank line and very easily cause both parties' misunderstanding, miscarriage of justice.The Jinzhongjiang

"We hope day square from medium day amity with promote a mutual trust to set out, practical adopt effective measure, stop a relevant dangerous activity, avoid and keep sea from getting empty the occurrence of surprised trouble."This officials say.

Japan defends a staff from integration in province Jian department(joint staff this) the Chinese military airplane of the announcement fly route diagram in it is thus clear that, actually the flight path of Chinese military airplane be apart from Diaoyu Island to still have 250 kilometers of above, mutually be apart from return very far away, the relevant report way is untrue.The Chinese military airplane is completely the waters sky that rules over in the Chinese present condition to fly.

Moreover, according to Japanese integration staff the Jian department announce of news, this China starts out of also only a military airplane, not 2.The rear seat F-15 airplane pilot whom the diagram keeps watch on for the Japanese take-off claps the next Chinese military airplane and carries for 9351 numbers-8 electronics reconnaissance planes.This airplane once flew to face this waters as well on March 2.

The information that defends to save announcement according to Japan, 2 Chinese navy aviation the soldier carries-8 military airplanes the afternoon go down south in East China Sea and approach Diaoyu Island from the north on March 2(on Wednesday), the recent place is apart from Diaoyu Island to only have 55 kilometers.The Japanese aviation self-defence forces takes off a pair F-15 type fighter jet to carry on intercepting a companion to fly surveillance, Chinese luck-8 battleplanes in about 1 and a half hours behind escape from "air defense identify a turn" in Japan.The Japanese aspect means that this has a Chinese military airplane to approach Diaoyu Island thus for the first time.The diagram claps next among those for the rear seat F-15 airplane pilot of Japan Chinese carry-8, there are a lot of electronic combat antennas on the fuselage, probe a type for electronics intelligence report.

Peripheral nation and airplane in the region fly recently and make the Japanese self-defence forces urgently taken off to examine originally of number of times statistics.The 2010(Japan is even to become for 22 years) Chinese military airplane approaches the amount of Japan fierce increase to 96 times, but still get behind with as far as as far as Russia of 264 times.