Chinese medicine how

Postoperative gastric cancer were treated with traditional Chinese medicine how?
In early gastric cancer, should be based on operation, and the result is good, but, due to gastric cancer early no obvious symptoms often, lack of clinical features, the majority of patients to the inspection found is relatively late, beyond the radical resection, and chemotherapy often allow patients to bear it, even to the survival of patients with deteriorating, therefore, operation after resection with traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of this subject, so it deserves to be studied.

Chinese medicine treatment of desirable is overall control, focuses on the righting training. Chinese medicine is superior to enhance immune function, such as the promotion of leukocytes, mononuclear phagocytic quantity increase, strengthen phagocytic function, promote lymphoblastoid cell transformation, increase antibody generation, this has aroused the anti-tumor factors. In addition, there are certain promotion and protection of bone marrow hematopoietic system function. So Chinese medicine for gastric cancer after resection of operation, not only can promote the rehabilitation of patients, improve the quality of life of patients with tumor, can continue to play a role in cancer, to decrease mortality and improve the survival rate, have the help of.

Due to the development of gastric cancer, this is a result of virtual reality, virtual reality more due to malignant struggle process, therefore, in cancer has not been removed, when its treatment focuses on the empirical, i.e. to attack cancer; if the cancer has been removed, although is not equal to the bane has all pull out, but the body has to fatal injuries a vicious battle process, it also changes, so with and without operation excision method also have the. While the latter to enhance immune compensatory ability of the righting medicine mainly. But the stomach and descending and metabolic function of the spleen should also be strengthened and conditioning. Especially the heavy righteousness, in late cancer or rehabilitation treatment, can not be ignored.

Individual patients after the operation of pyloric function loss, may cause reflux gastritis or dumping syndrome. The clinical manifestations were vomiting, spit is a yellow or greenish yellow, with Wendan Decoction can be improved; the latter clinical manifestations after feeding on abdominal distension, nausea, belching, and diarrhea, and sweating, palpitations, with white surface, vertigo, with appropriate herbs can be improved. In addition, still must adjust food, eat much food less, eat slowly swallow.

Medical clinical findings, every human tumors are not the same, the stage is not the same, some patients with tumor development speed quick, the same person may be in a certain period of time to develop more slowly. If the relatively slow time, may be individually with Chinese medicine has certain curative effect. But in tumor development is rapidder or at this stage in the development of traditional Chinese medicine especially fast when, it is difficult to control, the need to do a chemotherapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy can make the tumor because of where the pressure, and traditional Chinese medicine to use up, can solidify the role, second chemotherapy when pressed, consolidate further, such treatment would be better.

See you then

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herniation patients

Lumbar disc herniation patients to sleep on a hard bed
Many need to be in front of the computer desk of all white-collar workers suffered from prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, so that all " hotch". So give we look into the lumbar disc herniation patients how to sit will be more comfortable.
It is understood, in fact, a large part of the patients with lumbar disc protrusion is due to the usual sitting posture is not correct in intervertebral disc pressure, caused by prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc. For lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion which correct sitting posture is a statement, this to say to all of the patients with lumbar disc protrusion on the usual sitting and life need to pay attention to a few problems:
In 1, the seat height at knee, that is to say that the knee at a 90 degree angle, if the chair is too high in the foot pad a small stool and the like.
2, it is important to have a hundred people must not sedentary, a half hour or so up activities while sit.
In 3, sitting to is and keep the waist stretched straight state, can be in a thick waist pad a cushion, pad is designed to make the waist erect not backward.
4, it is necessary, that is a hundred people to sleep on a hard bed.
5, usually as much as possible to walk backwards, very good.
6, also should do every day to the back direction "squeeze" action, such as: swallow.
7, there is, when crouching by leg to bend and then squat, but not habitual prongs bent up ass.
8, do not carry heavy objects, in order to avoid intervertebral disc extrusion, it was pretty painful.
But every day before sleep can lie on the bed to do some simple movements ( as far as possible so that the upper and lower body to back up this direction ), played backward extrusion effect of lumbar, lumbar disc herniation recovery also help.


control is not difficult

Master winter weight loss tips spring weight control is not difficult
Winter seems to always eat a lot of weight loss, feeling good difficult! Then winter how to reduce weight good? Today Xiaobian 'll tell you the winter weight loss methods, as long as the master some skills, it is not difficult to control weight. The Spring Festival to control diet, do not gain weight!
" Why am I in winter hungry so fast? Eat so much?" This is because of the cold weather, the body has to produce heat, to avoid cold, causing the base to speed up metabolism, starving, satiety special enough!
Winter weight loss tips
Winter holidays, dinner, eat seems unable to avoid; plus the cold weather, clothes and thick, less dynamic and become inevitable. The winter to weight loss, appears to be a" mission impossible".
However, master tips, winter weight control is not difficult, the following is weight loss expert recommendations.
More than 1 less meal: happy to eat dinner with separate, can enjoy the party happy, but not necessarily to follow eat, mainly to small.
2 do more indoor exercise: like indoor swimming, fitness equipment, and even climb the stairs, superstore, can make up for the lack of exercise and weather factors.
3: eating guidelines for cold weather, Huang Liqing suggested to drink plenty of hot boiling water or tea (note that the sugar, creamer control ); if you want to drink hot soup, other feeding amount to do; the pot fish poultry meat less oil; but after processing the dumplings category pill fats high, the best control, eat a to be good.
4 maintenance of weight body fat habits: at any time on the health alert.
In the winter, contribute to weight loss and not conducive to weight loss factor, which is suitable for weight loss, the factors such as low temperature, fast metabolism: foundation; not conducive to weight loss factors are reduced to outdoor sports, cold, more parties, festivals, many more tonic.
Winter weight loss, should do more indoor exercise, do not wear too thick clothes, make low calorie, low glycemic food for eating the protagonist; at the same time, efforts to control hot pot, and dinner, the dinner; joy because of the beginning of the end, have dinner caldron dish, easy to forget myself how much to eat food, only to the stomach or gastric support degree to judge, too easy to lose control of broken!
Winter weight loss notes are as follows:
Winter weight loss big bad, good is low temperature, fast metabolism, could not eat will lean; bad winter is a hungry stomach, they eat a lot of easy fat.
Lose weight in the winter, due to her not to see the body, is easy to neglect, so must every weight.
The winter festival, eat hot pot, fireplace, the dinner on New Year's Eve is a family, easy to eat; be sure to eat a lot of vegetables base, high fiber vegetable.
It was getting dark, the winter temperature is low, not easy to outdoor sports, must adhere to exercise every day.
The winter easy cold hands and feet and blood circulation is poor, will produce tonic idea, but depending on conditions!
Winter temperatures may increase basal metabolic rate, if we can strengthen the indoor sports, will enhance the reduction effect.

protecting stomach

Clever use of pearl powder eyesight and protecting stomach
People say that pearl powder can be beauty, but in the end the pearl powder which function do you know? The first hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Department of pharmacy Qiu Zhenwen deputy director tells a reporter, at present the common market is a pearl layer powder,pearl jewelryis a popular point that the shell powder, refers to the inner wall of powder and pearl, pearl powder is ground to a real pearl. However, pearl powder and pearl layer powder has its own effect.

Oral pearl powder Mingmu frightened and pearl layer powder stomach protecting calcium
Qiu Zhenwen told the reporters, people in the very early before found a pearl powder," compendium of Materia Medica" was explicitly pointed out:" Pearl town peace of mind, soul." That is surely surprise effect, if often awakened, nightmares, sleep is not stable can each 0.3g ~ 0.5g pearl powder red boiling water to drink. In addition, pearl powder also Mingmu,plastic bag manufacturerdetoxification Shengji etc..

Pearl layer powder is mainly applied to the protection of gastric mucosa, acid to relieve pain, reduce stomach ache symptoms. Gastric ulcer patients at remission stage with pearl layer powder conditioning.

In fact, pearl powder and pearl layer powder is a peaceful nature and drugs, containing ingredients are various minerals, such as amino acids, and the calcium content higher amounts to 92.5%,office furniture the effect of calcium is not less than the calcium preparation.


Scotland summer snow

Something in my heart, made a warm season.
I imagine, imagine a piece of green forest, look at the blue sky children running barefoot in the shade, lane, stepping on the crushing camphor leaves, at the time of the company, entered the season at the end of the summer recesses, spring streams down, half white and red fish light jump, splashing the years of cool, I found a safe, build a green canopy of caveolin, shed the rain and the sun, in the careful care, let it grow, surrounded with the kite and Higurashi, nose smelling flowers and fragrance, I closed my eyes, quiet sleep, sleep ... ...
It was just a dream, the dream is a purple flower, a tiny elf dancing figure among the flowers, in the forest of free songs, nursery rhymes, songs with the melody flying, floating in a heart, filled with the legend of Roslin, is a grand piano played a new chapter, let me hear your voice, break the shackles of the cage, in the mottled clouds sunshine, let the blur unclear world full of fantasy, I smiled her open lips, hold hands warm, let the time stop, this moment in the scene, such as deeply imprinted in my mind, even if it never really visit, but yet so true ... ...
That season is warm, dispel cold in winter ... ...
[ my heart under a heavy snow, fall in the Scotland summer ]
The coast of Scotland, Edinburgh sunshine, Ying Zi grass smile, green wall of the girl, who took hormone skirt lace, on the blue sky, who sang a chuckle, their dreams fleeting, lie in a lavender woven rattan bed, blowing breeze warm to her, I smell the hint of fragrance, in the mind of the memories of wings, colorful butterfly Pina dance, scattered a colorful petals, piecing together the open season color, described the face of summer ... ...
Walk Green Road Town, next to the black and white fence, every living Haitian Isshiki blue, soft green grass at the foot of bud, sway with blue ripples, the salty sea breeze with a damp, hold tapped into the heart of windows, and the tip of the nose breathing shallow, distant branch willow swaying light sound, disturb the sky pale birds, across the sea level and figure, rated in color photos, I hold the setting sun red, wait for your turn ... ...
The sea surges ahead, but my heart is quiet if Enron, the interception of a shoot, breeze powder season end dump hit, I open hands, draw your breath, to imagine the scene from the who, who walk by me, overlap in the moment of the shadow, stranded who sorrow, come back posture, is Lily's pupil gazing, flowing with a tear, wrap you for ever, will you forget to meet me, or we would have strange. The fairy tale story, always in the spread, perhaps a corner, in the sunny afternoon, who met who, who who who, those stories in the beautiful encounter in the beginning, and then to the setting sun, like the night, leaving only a dazzling fireworks memorial ... ...
Summer warm sunshine, pouring in bluestone texture, from the choroid opened branches, covered the eyelashes cheeks warm, I travel in the noisy street, the stretch of open light, outline of a strange scene, but a figure, back to the sun, in the sky smile, always smile, until dusk Scotland slowly approaching, sky rainbow will be my shadow covers, see look, I am a person, stepping on the pulse, go gradually gradually far ... ...


protrusion of intervertebral disc

What is a protrusion of intervertebral disc
Lumbar disc herniation is a Western diagnosis. Traditional Chinese medicine books without lumbar disc herniation in the name, according to the clinical manifestations of the disease, can be attributed to the" pain"," pain"," rheumatism " etc.. But the disease attributed to integration" pain"," pain " of the Armed Police Corps Hospital of Shanxi interventional therapy Cui Dongxu

Lumbar disc herniation, medical full name should be" lumbar disc herniation", the American Academy of orthopaedic surgeons on lumbar intervertebral disc lesion are named as follows

A normal intervertebral disc, intervertebral disc degeneration, intervertebral disc tissue were all in intervertebral disc.
Two, intervertebral disc ( bulging ) disc annulus ring uniformity beyond intervertebral range, intervertebral disc tissue without a limitation to highlight.

Three, intervertebral disc herniation of intervertebral disc tissue ( protruded ) limitations shift over intervertebral space. Displacement of intervertebral disc tissue is still with the original disc tissue.

Even, the basal diameter of vertebral gap larger than the continuous shift portion of the intervertebral disc.

Four, prolapsed intervertebral disc ( extruded ) shift of intervertebral disc tissue is larger than the diameter of the basal continuous ministry, and moved to outside the intervertebral space. Prolapse of intervertebral disc

Disc tissue block greater than the rupture disc space, and through the cracks in the spinal canal.
Domestic on lumbar intervertebral disc herniation is also called rupture of lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar vertebral cartilage cartilage

Plate rupture in such titles. Although the name of disease and different implications, the current is still relatively unified appellation: lumbar intervertebral disc herniation椎間盤突出


never sentimentally attached

A God never sentimentally attached to the wild child
[ ] Jiayi's childhood
The rural poor children, childhood is nothing more than a few village partners with similar to mountain climbing, picking wild, Lake farm. Jia translation is, childhood grief appears to be more than happy. No outstanding achievement, did not listen to their elders talk, do a bit, is inevitably a scolding or a badly beaten. When he was very young very rebellious, people do not want to control, want my freedom. Remember the time, his parents go to the game room, played less than ten minutes, spend five cents with walking on the way home, the way that motorcycle bruised hands and feet, home is not a caring mother, let mother sent her knees, serious reflection, he stand a biting cold torture, legs numb did not let up, but never proud head. He silently thinking: someday, he will be like the wind, traveled on both sides of the Changjiang River, floating in the high streets and back lanes, to see everything, in words written story, for everyone to see. Let all men know, Kerry has a small world.
[ Jia 's character ]
Kerry won't bother. Although Jia translation like too many people, too many people who loved. But he is true, not false display of affection. That is because he is too hell-bent like others, not left to their own way, so that their own injuries, even the scars.
[ Jia translation love ]
But the fact is so funny, real and imagined never anastomosis. Since the appearance of her, let him happy, he thought that his story would be rewritten, no one to perform, not treason. But in fact, let him crash more than once, but a hundred times. The interference of his parents, ruthless quarrelling, and even took him out of the house, is it right?" He no longer considered to marry for the purpose, but now will be together, even if the final they cannot get married, he was going to fight for this story, their own story. Without anything, just like each other, and want to be together, no longer a person, a people care about, has loved, that's it, so he is very satisfied. For the future, do not want to think about, so tired, although it is not realistic, but also very naive, but he would like to make yourself a wanton, he wanted to give to deceive their own time, with vigour and vitality, let his own emotional history not as blank.
Sometimes he really wanted, really just wants, she can forgive him, or else they will be very tired, will be very tired, the heart that feels neglected and she can have considered. It can also occur in his world, he is not the pursuit of perfection or other, just feel no need to waste. But she did not understand his feelings, and there is a need to continue? Just not willing to, how love can be so free, so free end, a dry memories, a weak story, only because he loves her? Can you not so good for nothing, in the world of love, live so hard. Jia translation like to do their own, do not want people to be very people bound him, even his future wife, forever in love with his parents. Jia translation will be truly fine translation, not for who to change anything.
[ Jia translation most pain ]
In fact, he also love memories. Lying on the glass window, thoughts constantly stopping the memories of playing, desperately seeking the pieces of the picture, forced together. Remember to leave a moment. She let go of his hand, left in such a hurry, that moment, he hears the sound of a broken heart. Too late to say goodbye, too late to say he loves her, she left him as a man, leaving him open beside the playground, forever forever gone, yes, he let her off. He couldn't hold her hand, she just lost contact. Every time they meet, they like the enemy general, with the murderer, in fact, his heart you don't understand. It is currently the largest fine translation of pain, like so much of the time since, not in the scour the scars, but more moment more deep, deepen the memory, until through his world, with the soul to leave when it will not disappear.
[ ] Jiayi's tears
Jia translation to say, his earnest cry, but it is tearing the heart and lung. Jia is not filial piety, let my parents down cry; Jia to lose precious things, their grievances crying; Jia to hurt yourself, piercing cry; Jia to feelings of leave, silent cry. But in any one crying before, but apart from her. He knew that he could not control, but still bear and forbear, until tears across the pale face. Jia 's cry, so useless, so their fibrillation v., he knew his violent, but still a contemptuous disregard of tears. Jia translation to say: he always strong, always optimistic child.


supervision of production

Field supervision of production
Focus on the 14 schools of the procurement requirements, the tender covered furniture variety, quantity and the amount is relatively large, so the project attracted a total of 31 home furniture production enterprises to participate in the competition. To the most appropriate price to purchase the strength of manufacturers of quality products, Datong procurement center in stated in the tender documents, tender does not directly determine the winning bidder, but taken to determine the winning candidate, each packet according to the lowest price the results make a sort, selection sort in the name of the 1-2 manufacturers for the winning candidate, and then, by the party experts,Poly Bags Factory quality inspection, inspection, purchase center, other units of the relevant personnel to study group, candidate for investigation and determine the winning bidder.

" During the inspection, if found sorted before the 1-2 manufacturer with actual conditions in the bidding documents do not match, then on the basis of sorting extended selection sort after manufacturers." Relevant responsible person told the reporter, through strict inspection, and ultimately determine the 11 manufacturers for the project of the supplier, and according to the actual situation of each package, the share of distribution. First sorting the winning supplier can be divided into 60% shares, the remaining 40% share by ordering second winning supplier share. " This approach, not only to choose a good manufacturers, good products and reasonable price,Office Furniture Limited also achieved a successful and unsuccessful bid supplier be sincerely convinced effect."

To ensure that the procurement of furniture product quality, Datong procurement center is set in the tender documents, the manufacturer must provide office furniture samples of the various materials, to prepare for the acceptance shall, when necessary, destructive test. At the same time, they sent personnel to the production line of on-site supervision, according to the specific requirements of the tender documents and the bid documents of commitment to technology field track view. Once discover a problem on the spot in order to ensure product quality requirements of the rectification,Medosan no danger of anything going wrong.


Printing technology

printing company

Printing technology is through the plate, printing, Postpress bulk copy text image method.

Printing technology of generalized explanation should be: printing technology is the printing process and printing equipment. Printing process and printing equipment two are interdependent, promote each other, simply put, the printing process is inseparable from the printing machine; printing machine is also inseparable from the printing process. At all times and in all countries that the printing technology, continuous development.


Printing factory technical personnel, not only proficient in printing process skills, but also should master printing process equipment ( printing press) knowledge; on the contrary, printing machine factory technical personnel, not only proficient in printing equipment printing machine } { design and production skills, but also should master printing process knowledge, both of which combine the better, more refined knowledge of printing technology, the new technology, new product research and development is more advantageous. Therefore, should fully understand the meaning of standard terms.

Printing in China has a long history, as early as the first year ( 105 years ) Eastern Hanxing paper before Cai Lun invention, the Warring States era stage has been invented in the silk fabrics using negative tattoo stencil printing hole printing operation.

Sui Mo Tang, namely the early seventh Century the invention of woodblock printing, in the Northern Song Dynasty, the printing master Sheng using typography ( 1041), in China's printing history to create paper movable type printing in the new era. In the subsequent development of printing in 1000, experienced a gravure printing, lithographic printing process change.

CD burners printing machine

Intelligent integration of CD burners printing machine
Epson Discproducer PP-100 can be high-quality, low-cost to complete CD / DVD production and reproduction, according to the needs of production number of the disc, with different CD production mode, namely" external output mode"," standard mode"," batch mode".Ken Kam Limited In addition, the machine equipped with two burner, and burn 1-100 CD, can satisfy the personalized demand, batch production cd.

CD printing, color dye ink system can accurately restore color while achieving a smooth natural color transition. Epson unique micro piezoelectric printing technology can accurately control the ink droplet shape and positioning the droplet position, thereby enabling the disc showed a perfect image and the picture image class.

DVD, this series of products using the original Epson technology development of mechanical hand AcuGrip, so that each disc can be smoothly from the stack of discs in safe dissection, and then is transmitted to the corresponding position for printing and recording, as a robotic arm inside the machine flexible delivery, the whole process is fully automated operation, not artificial care. To high-quality and high efficiency production and reproduction of CD / DVD, AcuGrip mechanical hand does not, it can be safely and freely deliver each CD, do not let fall or slide away from the disc, disc injury and avoid equipment failure, adequate protection of the quality of printing disc.
Random is equipped with fully functional software EPSON Total Disc Maker, so that users only need a simple" select burn data"," disk design"," CD issue" three steps to get the final product of optical disk,chitin lose weight which disk design, can also be selected randomly with the design template, the design of the CD face the more upscale. Very suitable for a large DVD and CD printing CD-ROM production demand, at the same time on the high quality requirements of users.

For each industry user needs
Epson Discproducer PP-100N has all the functions mentioned above, also increased the network function, Ethernet interface can easily access network, also with a host and a hard disk, can the rapid processing of information data, is convenient for network production task management, but also through remote network of CD burners printing machine working state monitoring and control, more suitable for government agencies, large enterprises internal CD-ROM production.
Epson Discproducer PP-50 Epson Discproducer PP-100 continue to inherit excellent performance, 6 color dye ink system can restore the true design luster and quality, mechanical hand AcuGrip technique can ensure that the CD burners printing process in the safe and efficient delivery. Epson Discproducer PP-50 equipped with a burner, a batch production of 1-50 disk, is a relatively cheap price of personalized CD burners printing machine.

Epson Discproducer PP-100AP Epson CD printing machine, Epson CD-ROM copy for the industry development of the professional printing CD / DVD disk printing equipment, it can realize small batch CD cover printing, can print 95 cds. 6 color dye ink can realize the professional image of CD printing effect, can fully meet the substantial long-term CD printing needs, very suitable for ready CD printing CD-ROM users wait.

Epson CD burners printing machine series of each type were based on different areas of the different needs of customers tailor-made, formed a complete set of small-volume CD-ROM production solution, solved personalized, small quantities of CD burners printing problems,Cable manufacturer can be widely used in government agencies, enterprises, advertising agencies, medical institutions, education, photography and other industries a variety of office data storage and release.


missing a good

For the majority of sports lovers, missing a good game can be a bad experience. You feel left out and when you meet your friends and they talk about the game, you will be feeling left out because you did not have an opportunity to watch the same. That is why a number of P2P live sport fans will often go to any lengths to ensure they do not miss any sports events. I will also be discussing a top quality satellite TV to PC software that I am using to watch more than 3,500 HD Channels worldwide for free.

The problem is that most people have other commitments like work that make it very inconvenient to watch the TV shows they want, which happens when timing clashes with your games on television. Such situations have left some people in serious trouble after absconding serious obligations for the sake of a game on television.

Yet, one should not be affected by this situation when there is the new satellite direct TV program, that enables you to stream your television programs live from anywhere as long as you have a computer and internet connection.

Instead of having to rush home from work and try to reach home in time for your P2P live sport program, it would be very convenient to just subscribe to the program and enjoy your games from wherever you may be when the games you like begin.

Besides saving lots of time and trouble, it could save your life considering that anything could go wrong as you try to beat the traffic to get home or to whatever location you think you might be able to access a television set. The ability to adjust to external programs can be a big problem for many and it must have been out of this realization that the designers of this new satellite direct TV application had in mind.

When you can quickly stream any TV programs directly to your computer with a simple click of the mouse button, you do not have to make lots of prior arrangements in order to be able to catch up with your game on television. All that one needs to do is to pay a subscription fee after which you get to download the application and set it up on your computer or laptop and everything else is about you remembering what time your preferred games are aired.

Most people have very busy schedules today in their lives and as such are frequently on the move from one place to another. Such people often have problems with their social lives since they are often unable to have any enjoyments when on transit. With the introduction of this new technology, you can keep up with the rest since you can easily follow any programs that you like while on the move.


original survey

Because the report did not refer to the complete text of the original survey, reported in the process of translation and the authenticity of the content there is the issue, so I do not make any original report on the investigation findings, reported in this article but would like to express my personal views.recycle netbook

The report pointed out that the main product categories are pink, blush, eye shadow, nail polish, mascara and moisturizing cream, sunscreen, etc., mainly attributable to makeup and daily toiletries category. Although the cosmetic properties belong to the same, but divided into different categories, the relevant R & D employees and inspection standards are also different.

For cosmetics, in particular, make-up products, the real decision is usually not the actual quality of the ingredients table, but the quality of its raw materials. Take the foundation, the one of the main raw materials generally include titanium dioxide, mica, pearl powder and pigments such as toner. In which the raw material titanium dioxide, the most expensive hundreds of dollars a kilogram, the most expensive or even a thousand dollars to several hundred kilograms, of course, there is a huge quality difference.trade-in netbook

Different type of raw material quality, will result in very different structure of its components, if the strict control of raw material quality, it is possible over the issue of heavy metals, and some heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, etc., which for skin irritation is relatively high, and cosmetics were the implementation of standards are also a limited amount of these requirements, it can not be ignored. In addition, other makeup products will add some solvent composition, quality control is not good, it may be more irritating, more serious harm.

For some sunscreen, such as hydroxyl benzophenone evaluation, that the sun can cause allergic or adverse reactions, some do not fly, sunscreen itself is UV-absorbing role, but how will it cause photosensitive? So what use necessary?

So reports the conclusions of the quality of some products, only from the components to analyze, mostly completely unscientific and irresponsible.man sang pearl jewellery


Youth of color

Time flies, how many years of ups and downs in a single step tread, how many have gone through ups and downs of childhood and youth of the two keys have been buried in everyone's heart, even in different parts of the motherland. But the past is the past it it is now in the hands of the youth to seize the key to flowers.

Tiluo Si reflections; a sand to see the world, see heaven in a flower, palm Sheng infinite, eternal moment is, everyone has their youth, regardless of whether it was, whether clenched hands, whether it is one to be eagerly We always believe, and firmly believe in! mingled with the sweet happiness, sadness, bitterness, could not bear the sorrow and grief, the thrill of hot; a deep look of intoxication, a plain Yun Ji's words, a pink Roman encounter , I heard most warm wishes, the United States was so magic Empress Dowager, was moved to tears so, the soul of ice snow was so pure soul, dedication was so no regrets ......

I now believe this more youthful Hanbaoyufang flowers is the miracle of life, memories of life is to grow away. Yes ah! This 15 year journey I was naive about his childhood, youth is carefree , youth is a dream, a longing for!

Years of passionate, young vibrant, that youth is a pot of fire, living in harmony with the warm, bright bark.

Sky yellow sand, a bay springs desire, depression, after the rainy season, eager ray of sunshine, yellow winter of life, eager to spring moisture. I believe this is the life of youth bright ray of sunshine.

Only this one back to life, youth will not be long, many years of life, childhood and youth of our ignorant innocence. Neither the cocktail of sensation, there is no tea in plain and strong, youthful period, we go to understand, try to go, go enjoy.

Believe the youth has clarified the meaning of ......
The recall came from us, like crystal-clear flowing stream, a river of his childhood feelings of pebbles are vivid, but at the moment, the stream has been turned into an ocean, do not seem like a transparent simple past. One day I am no longer young, when I recall memories, all the youth will be an event in life, may Sentimental, may also be icing on the cake, to add more youthful vitality and color I looked out the window, vigorous figure in the boys appeared on the playground, the girls sat on stage leading the joy of speaking is to communicate with a smile every day in the life of trivia, this is the Southwest School of silhouette model.

We have not experienced the last century and the rise of the war, thousands of years ago have never felt the glory and the darkness, we meet the future of the 21st century, we should not Guixingjubu, thinking, youth in our hands, its luster is our creation.

Is the vitality of youth, let us seize the present, youth are yearning for, let us scaling the heights, youth is being stirred up waves, let us motivated.

Someday, when we stand at the threshold of life, the last, looking back this movement, it is always a bright spot, precisely because it had given us to create space for us to love and care for the most broad shouted; to show off it! bright pearl --- youth!


not understand

You still do not understand
Ke can not, can not, Na how, then how,
Ru fruit can be, if you can,
Na, then.
If the time, can be deceiving, that can be ...
If I am not me, that can be ...
If it is not, then, can be ...
In the end, you can not ...
Then how, time cheated, then how ...
Then how, I'm not me, then how ...
Then how, now is not used, then how ...
In the end, the how ...
If you can, to keep my sanity ...
If you can, then we are not our ...
If you can, that night in the bamboo grove cry not for us ...
If you can, but can't.
So, then, can you give me a chance to explain ...
So, then, can have a probation, not directly to death ...
So, then, can not, remember the promise, all in all ...
Can, don't be so happy,
Can you, your so-called happiness, the so-called pragmatic, not based on my pain,
Can not, and let me read the time ...
Why do I want to forget it all,
Forgot all about,
Just a dream,
I look forward to you, I love you, I love you,
You know what that means,
Why do you not understand.
The little turtle,
You ask me to sing to who,
I sing to sing for Benson Zhang,
I am singing for Benson Zhang,
Why don't you understand it.
For 3 years, why 3 years,
You still do not understand,
Do not understand at all,