My hunch is confirmed

My hunch is confirmed, I suddenly fell into a chair, cold hands and feet, brush the tears to fall, until someone comes to call me to the airport, I will say:" you send me or sent to the place, if the general thing happy things I will not trouble you." the sister said:" I understand, I understand" she sent me to the gate"

I can't go on"

Under the plane, is everywhere the lights, nephew to meet me," your dad?" I asked, my heart still exist out of luck.

" In the hospital, he closed the door let see" my answer

In face of this well-intentioned lie, my last hope suddenly been shattered. To the Jimei Hotel, I hold my nephew, aunt nephew were huddled.

Put away your things, go back to home, I choked back tears, smile to his mother, I said" one life in Africa is not used, the foreign aid mission can not complete, and brother went to Africa for sister back. It can hide the mother for two years. The mother's life concept of strong, things never wish to harm, but a long time, I will find unusual, but she still didn't asked after the Spring Festival, until one day, a neighborhood inadvertently disclosed the news, the mother asked. My mother was very healthy, full day cannot hide the truth from fifteen, he told her, and it was a cry, was the first mother to comfort me" don't cry, little girl, to this day I still have not?"

Brother, you know when I was four or five years old, before you are going home every year, but I don't remember. The first is a summer, home to a stranger, burly, with a straight face, spent several days did not go, I hid behind his mother whispered:" this how people still not go?" Mother smiled" would you let him go, he is your brother"

Then what did I know of" brother" is a what concept, then understood, he and I are the same as the parents of the child, and they are the home of the head master.

A year later, you go home to buy me toys, buy food, dress.

And then teach me to write letters, because you and the home is the perennial by letters to contact.

I am ten years old, his father is ill, I have to learn to play some things, help a mother, take care of father. You tell me the way to the edge of the well water, to an elbow on his knees, another hand a rope in not moving the hand, so ramming the mention would be labor-saving, I tried to right enough, you always do.

I will be a little, you taught me how to repair the bike.

A bit more, you teach me to replace the damaged roof rafters. Look at my face sweat to do this and to do that, you is clearly distressed, mouth said: children of the poor early masters. Brother, you also have no choice, you can for my parents and I give you the job, it is us this is home only economic pillar, though you pay only thirty-eight yuan, father is a perennial medication, you are always in the first half of the year to buy medicine, second half of the year paid debt. You have your own three children to support.

In 1977, after the death of his father, I am a strange combination of circumstances in the key high schools, you said you which happy, because I have no real read some mumbo-jumbo, say me is a miracle, you put the unit awards your pen to me.

Enrollment for half a year, I have the disease, high school for two years, you write three letter, word, sentence by sentence with your blood, your encouragement and education support me through the difficult period. Graduated from high school at home, you say: to what hill to sing what song. Then, I could not come too late to regret, sorrow, to no longer consider my future, I must provoke life burden, to 1980, our land, you come help me harvest in autumn every year autumn planting of wheat, it continued until I get married.

Brother, you are eager to go, I have all day work hard. I have been thinking, you will retire, our brothers and sisters to get together, eat together, shopping together, tell of their different experiences, we have more happiness. However, this little wish to accompany you to go, were dashed. I have not even this blessing.

Brother, you are gone, the mother accompanied me for eleven years, until the age of ninety die in one's bed. This eleven years, I and mother, lived a poor sales a day, the mother went, I will continue my life, without you, my life is no sun.

Fortunately, your nephew has grown, a handsome and graceful little fellow, very promising, is my pride, my livelihood spiritual pillar.

Brother, you are the thirty letters, I always treasure, it is you left me the only thing, your handwriting, your fatherly love, my life is inexhaustible, be inexhaustible spiritual wealth.


Reasonable the arrangement

Reasonable the arrangement"five Laos"s Qiao health
The parlance that has already had "five old wound" from the ancient Chinese medicine, is also say "long see wound blood, long lie to harm spirit, long sit wound meat, long sign wound bone, long line of wound Jin".
From a different angle say, want ~only reasonable arrangement"five Laos"s, and develop a good habit, will receive unexpected health effect.

Rest and restore energy by sitting

Properly sit in silence a rest, can urge person calm, generous spirit and annoyed cancellation, hair water increment, lustrous skin, facile defecation, sleep good etc., there is the good function to defend a disease and postpone a year.The sitting posture can according to the old people's habit and body condition settle, if sit upright, depend sit, the dish sit etc., but time sitting each time should not lead to grow.When the old people take the seat, should notice action to have to be light and have to be steady, the posture has to be regular after taking the seat, nature, last body morally upright, relax naturally, legs nature crooked, don't contain chest bow to carry on the back, more don't the Qiao"cross-legged".After sitting a period of time should get up to take a stroll once, muscle and ligaments making is led long to pull can relax.The attention never suddenly sit down or quickly stood up.

Keep by signing a bone

Standing of adequacy, can make the skeleton muscle produced short the metabolism for quickly shrinking sport, stiring up a human body, correspond ground to dredge veins and arteries.Adequacy of standing and canning also make spirit blood the bottom go, the blood pressure lowers, the spirit fig ups and be advantageous to cerebral of adequacy rest, make whole body comfortable.Activity and mental states that sign Zi to the old people all have important influence.While standing, the old people's body should be natural, steady, regular, two armses descend to hang naturally and stick out chest to accept stomach;The last body doesn't want to tilt to one side, two legses are even to be subjected to dint, should not fix some one side.For keeping correct posture, the old people should usually carry on appropriate whole body activity with maintain the normal function of muscle, skeleton, joint and ligaments.

Keep by seeing blood

Watch some beneficial books, television program and appreciate landscape scenery etc., can make person spirit delectation, appetite health, blood bio-chemical also the Chong is prosperous, this is the truth of "seeing to keep blood".However"long see to then harm blood" have to value to control proper restraint.The nourishment that moreover should also notice keeping warm of body and meal matches and keeps spirit blood ample.

With lie nourish the spirit

Lie Zi generally with rightwards the side lie, the legs are tiny to bend for the most reasonable.Because this kind of legs are tiny to bend, the vertebrate is forward curved of posture, can make the whole body relaxed naturally, the heart is unlikely pressed at this time and be advantageous to heart pump blood, to the absorption big beneficial place of nourishment material inside the digest, body of food.The old people effectively sleep time shorter, but time taking a rest on the bed then grows much.The old people who lies a bed to the long term should notice hygiene and usually turn over a body, in order to prevent bedsore happen.The old people's bed should not be too soft, with the hard plank bed add softer but thick Ru mat is proper.

Keep by going Jin

Disregard formalities ground calmly on foot, make the joint physique got appropriate sport all over, to body of the metabolism will goodly promote function, can improve anti-disease ability of machine body.Generally says, the age is more old, the speed running about should be more slow, and time keeping on should be more short, but the age greatly should also insist taking a stroll again every day.The body should notice while running about straight, the arms nature swings, step is even and emollient.If run about a difficulty, should ask for help of walk stick or be handed a line by the others.When the body condition allows, can carry on walking to toughen with jogging quickly.


classmate in know

I am from the classmate in know he now heel my A the Gui sweet place, (I associates with him of beginning, A Gui honey says that he wasn't a good man to once make to mix a mouth to have a few months to ignore me with me, afterwards we again like, after I break up she also without cause ignored me, I ask her the reason she says my back is bad she!I really have no, I am to sincerely be the friend to her.She told that I don't ask her the reason!I introspect by myself may I have a not good place of!She is just such!We changed to have no friendly intercourse after.Afterwards she has been being good friends with before the male friend with me, I didn't much think as well!Because my heel elsewhere of time, our quite a few the friend always together have fun!)

I really don't know to say what good!I with at the time that he associated the A Gui honey all knew to our affairs, I now even own privacy all have no.Why like since and very still have been seeking me?My classmate tells me of time, I frightenned.Impossible!A Gui honey heel own object always on friendly terms of and betroth.I don't believe at 1:00!Afterwards the classmate said seeing them still live to the outside!Now my A Gui honey go to I ex- male friend house.(they are a place of, but isn't a district city)Afterwards she starts putting two of hers' intimate photograph.See the thing that she writes.I have already just really believed them together!This is a few before the months recently the male friend didn't seek me as well.

I have now grow is humiliated of felling, since they together, the elucidation has already started.Why still secretly terrifying know!Finish the ex- male friend still has been seeking me, at first do I still think that he intends to be good with me?And the classmate also all knew that he seeks my affair!(Is not what I say!)(At my heel A Gui honey not and very not friendly intercourse behind, she always seeks my Chi!Return back to satirize I say me, I endure each time, don't want to dispute)at last and really have never thought she does this matter!Classmate all very the surprise is to just know!They had been stealing before.

Doll I really didn't know what then can express my feeling!If who does he seek?I ain't suffered!It happened that is my A Gui honey.They is sincerely like, don't feel that this matter makes it not right at all?I am uncomfortable now, the in the mind has pimple!Also have no reason to seek does he ask this matter?Don't know how to don't do.The Gui honey starts showing to live a good life now, I feel that she is intentional.I really didn't help and all didn't dare to handed over a new friend again now, the in the mind contained shadow.Really harm a person


friendship changes romance

When some fans just in the gossip he and the mulberry Be virtuous to pull ·cloth Luo"17 years, the friendship changes romance" of the gram of, radicle Nu ·in oneself of Wei Si but have already let go of this whirling matter, fly to come to China, will soon switch on for him of effort movie 《too very Xia 》prepare to work.

Once star 《life and death soon 》, 《black guest empire 》etc. Hollywood is big slice of of movie star radicle Nu ·the inside Wei Si, get Australia Village Roadshow and medium the shows regiment invest about 200,000,000 dollars renminbi and anticipate to open to clap effort movie in February, next year 《too very Xia 》.The inside Wei Si that serves as director for the first time left for a city to prepare and plan before working last week, meeting a not a few actors, including Huang Sheng Yi(tiny Bo) and week winter for the role in drama rain(tiny Bo) and Liu was as well thin and He Chao Yi(tiny Bo) etc..Recently, his secret arrived Hong Kong, is an actor audition, in the meantime again mutually and about Hong Kong filmdom big wrist river's ambition Be strong to meet, for will clap outdoor scene to pave road surface in Hong Kong and Macau next year.hong kong restaurants

Ex- day, the inside Wei Si invited about ten Hong Kong actors to go to a cabaret secret audition and included Liao among them bluish green son, Europe sun Jing and Yin son Wei, Di dragon and week handsome Wei and Tang text dragon(tiny Bo) etc..The inside Wei Si of original desire low key behaviour, appear a cabaret door because of holding coffee outside disheveled hair now, in person people of he still accepted the brief interview of harbor Mei, big great harbor slice and Asian actor"Greatand Nice".

Work out actor at the end of the year

Go into the inside Wei Si of the gulf Zi some cabaret, ex- day 10:00 the left and right hands hold coffee to appear outside in the cabaret door, Xu he with beards all over the face, not only the body have no public security beside, didn't even wear sunglasses and have no a star shelf.The inside Wei Si leisurely and carefreely smokes outside the cabaret door and be a reporter to come forward to request while visiting, he don't lead a face to go to first, until let go of cigarette butt, just would like to accept an interview.

The inside Wei Si means that he will linger in Hong Kong for 4 days, will seek some actors to the audition every day, for rumours he has intention to seek Yi, Gong Li or week of chapter son a fast to play a leading lady, in the Wei Si careful earth's surface show:"All of them are very excellent actors, but I am still in the preparation."The candidate finally will work out at the end of this year, while the movie will open to clap in February, next year, mainly in the hinterland and HongKong-Macau the region take, in oneself of Wei Si is in the slice will play big villain dime.

The big great harbor produces the slice"Great"wedding dresses

Brief interview after, inside the Wei Si returns to cabaret to continue to work, until again appear at around 2:00 p.m., this time his hand up in addition to making change cola, carry on the back ascend and the rise shoulder bag, face reporter's desire again come forward an interview, although he is slightly impatient, still generous should be to beg to take photo, put one more interesting strangely just private.

The inside Wei Si admits arriving harbor of be late once strongly led in river's ambition under, go to a harbor slice 《cold war 》of take the spot explore a class to take through.At that time 《cold war 》BE taking to blow up in the gold clock superior court and the actor rounded to beat a drama, the spot still there is rain always;However Reeve Si not and consequently backs down and more curiously and on the spot observes everywhere.The reporter asks its evaluation to movie in Hong Kong, inside the Wei Si don't hestitate ground to say:"Great!(very good)"

The actor Fen is great it"Nice"

Although is a He He well-known Hollywood star, with inside the Wei Si once got in touch with of actor, all big great he has much of magic power and close people.Liao the bluish green son and text audition dragon of Tang mean behind:"Unexpectedly is the inside Wei Si, I see actor in person, he very Nice(amity, benignity), with everybody confabulation in a short while, in fact and probably our ability opportunity to play is 1/1000, but have an opportunity audition, and can see inside Wei Si I, have already been getting more happy very much."

But ex- day a Hong Kong citizen explode to anticipate on the tiny Bo and call meet in the Wei Si while having a meal in the restaurant at noon, "have never thought him very Nice, is recognized by the food guest while leaving, call him to sign, picture, he promises one by one, very close people.


essential common sense

Stop using the refrigerator essential common sense
Winter stanza to autumn, not a few families will stop using refrigerator.In winter stop using refrigerator will lower the service life of refrigerator.Because the plastics of Dan inside the refrigerator compares in the low temperature under the normal temperature(after the power failure) easily aging, the continuous usage can decelerate an aging phenomenon and relatively prolonged the life span of refrigerator.

Shut down need not refrigerator in addition, will cause put aside inside the refrigerator need not of the freon directly decay refrigerator piping and appear to leak inside the refrigerator, the that time is about to perform "big surgical operation".Sees from the health angle,plastic bag manufacturerin winter although the air temperature is lower, not enough stabilize, protect a fresh effect or a not equal to refrigerator.Besides in winter refrigerator's consuming electricity quantity is only the 1/3 in summer, words make the refrigerator taken place big breakdown, will lose more than gain.

If still insist stopping using refrigerator in winter, so stop using refrigerator to have which need an advertent affair?

The first pulls out the power plug of refrigerator down first, then takes out the things in the refrigerator all.Open refrigerator door, wait for melting of frost.In addition to frost notices to use sharp weapon, evaporating the machine is the easy Tong of aluminum system to leak.Again be use clean dish cloth the refrigerator from in arrive to outside wipe clean.Can not definitely there is water.

The second, refrigerator need not in the door want to use paper or other thing mats good, keep an and box body from gluing connecting.If prepare long time need not, can on in the door some lime powders.

The third, regulates Wen Kong Qi to place in"0",toilet facial paper maunfacturer make the flexibility inside Wen Kong Qi risen state of nature, prolong its service life.

The fourth moves the time of refrigerator and notices Shu to keep and parallelism ambulation, as far as possible avoid inclination, keep compressor from dragging along an urn.As far as possible place refrigerator at the place of the well ventilated aridity, keep sunlight from keeping basking.

The fifth, because refrigerator system cold the freezing point is very low, therefore need not put refrigerator in the temperature higher place because of worrying that the making of refrigerator cold will freeze.

The sixth, some friends think if refrigerator long time need not, had better seek a plastics bag cover to up keep it from falling soil, this idea isn't scientific.Because there is water of one fixed amount in the indoor air, if gets up with the plastics bag refrigerator cover after, will make hard corrosion of the component and last rust etc. of damage metal component for sending forth to go out, willing cause an electric appliances thus of the dampness that the refrigerator absorbs.If want that if keeping refrigerator from falling is ashen, keeping refrigerator from falling can spread in the refrigerator coping with cotton or table cloth and periodically clean a cover the cloth is then.

The seventh, if have a condition had better give or get an electric shock last time for monthly,hong kong attractions so that the compressor revolve half an hour as usual to is closing after an hour, make the compressor prepared heat.


query the object

Some will do empty organization in the near future again and again will query the object from here a little bit ex- Chinese small and medium enterprises to change direction some big influences, the city is worth a bigger and well-known Chinese business enterprise.This front,printing company do the empty organization fragrant Chuan's research to twice put forward to query to strange tiger 360 business modes, but the market responds so-so;Last Friday, the new east was also killed by hunting of OLP Global, the stock price fall was more than 8%.

But the Chinese concept of Hun water"hunt to kill" includes eastern paper industry, high-speed Chinese channel, green promise science and technology, diverse water duty and Jia man forestry etc., mostly some pass anti- to procure a way to turn plank to become available in the market of small dish.Press on Monday a closing price to compute, isolating the media is up to the Hun water gate note currently of the city be worth the biggest "find".In July, this year, Hun water even once queried exhibition Xun correspondence, but the latter spared no effort to backstroke and finally forced cloth Luo gram acknowledgement"mistake wound".The eastern paper industry and exhibition Xun correspondence is as usual trading currently, rest each one all has already backed city or stops a card.

Analyst, Li Wei Dong, of group chief in hurl said, do the empty organization generally will choose some business model comparison"China turns", don't easily find out the same kind mode comparable Chinese business enterprise to start in the United States, and seek a well-known business enterprise to"start" as to it's the stock price influence larger, do empty repay also more.He thinks that if the business enterprise oneself conducts to have no problem, this kind of do blank line for on the contrary can strengthen investor of confidence, beneficial to business enterprise future development.

The easy Kai capital thinks that about one in the last yearses, do empty organization to make use of the market weak mindset repeatedly successful, push a kind of new business model toward the extreme achievement, take charge of organization should have to this Be.But say towards being worth of investor coming, last night after of isolate should be a rare investment opportunity.That CEO Wang Ran of company means then that the Chinese business enterprise is settled by the concentrated turn for do empty target, is exactly because some Chinese business enterprises really exist a serious problem in the trustworthiness.Only let the Chinese business enterprise of the trustworthiness don't become bankrupt, then can let Chinese business enterprise health growth of trustworthiness.http://www.beautylinkage.com/shoumian.html


design teacher conviction

5 recruit to strengthen interior design teacher conviction
Some interior design teachers are "professional diplomats" and whet to break mouth skin son to also ignore to use;Some interior design teachers then the sentence sentence is in the reason, make the other party admired sincerely to take orally.What about how to make own standpoint even had conviction?State university psychology professor Luo uncle of Arizona,
interior design the United States especially ·the west Ao Di the Ni recommend our few methodses.
The first lets the person produces good wills to you.

Generally speaking, people all like a person who appreciate they.Discover the advantage of the other party, and laud several opinions that will make the other party more easily accepted you on one's own initiative.BE saying for example"proper business" before, Kua Kua his dress foppery, and personal character attitude...etc..

The second uses social influence.

People are all frightened to become disjointed with society, will not aware of self the ground"with greatly flow", the way of doing of in the wake of majority.The words wanted to make the other party believed you rather ask for help of this kind of"community strength" and for example suggest the other party"now spread so", or"just once tried this method with others two days ago" waited.

The third develops an authority effect.

The majority would like to listen to an interior design expert or the opinion of interior design authorities ,festival city ii while persuading other people, rather make use of "person's effect" and tell the other party "this is the suggestion of so-and-so interior design master" or"a certain interior design the person also like to do like this", probably can receive the effect of half effort and double results.Make a show of own specialty well certainly, can also rise effect.

The fourth holds an of mutual benefit principle.

When you toward other people to smile, the other people usually also requite with the smile.Same truth, the other people nods encouragement and looking at him with the affirmative vision while talking, when it's your turn to speak, he also more easily affirms and believes the words that you say.

The fifth, leave"proof".

As long as you promise, people usually will make great effort to carry out.Therefore, talk the good affair makes the other party promised for behind and for example record on the memo and seek a witness person etc..Meet a similar affair next time, can remind his"you last time not was clapping breast to once promise", make the other party admired sincerely to take orally.http://www.flower-corporation.com/dinghua.html


hairdressing soup

Resist dry season to drink humidity to do hairdressing soup
Get into autumn, the weather is gradual dry, moist summer past, the degree of humidity in the air consumedly decrease, the skin becomes rough and dark to sink more easily, the facial expression Hui is dark.In addition to hydration of the skin protects, in the daily life drink water more also count for much of the internality adjust a reason method.But have hairdressing to nourish the soup of effect, not only can drink machine body humidity,pearl jewelrycan also sweep away dark Huang, fair clean skin and live blood to repair spirit, from inside but the other parts of country keep good facial expression.

Chinese medicine food chafing dish in keep an outside, have overall hairdressing effect

Material:The pig bone is a , the matrimony vine is 10 grams of, party three 20 grams of, the Chinese angelica is 20 grams of, the red date 8, big spring onion is a , the beef slice is a pack of, the vegetable platter(vegetables, such as fresh vegetable, doll vegetables, mushroom and tree mushroom...etc.) is just the right amount of.

Way of doing:

1.Burn boiling water in the pot, freshwater pearlput the pig bone into boiling water Tun very hot, get to wash clearly;

2.The tree mushroom bubble hair washes, various vegetable washes a back up clearly;Matrimony vine, party three, the Chinese angelica, red date wash and immerse clear water in;

3.Re- join clear water in the pot, put into the pig bone and various Chinese herbal medicine after boiling;

4.Soup juice turns to go into after seething medium small fire, braise for 1-2 hours, join salt, white pepper etc. seasoning;

5.Put into a bubble to deliver good tree mushroom, mushroom to cook, the beef slice waits return Tun very hot, burn familiar can immediately eat;Again according to own favour, Be braising to cook and joining a season vegetable.

Beautiful skin food material-Chinese herbal medicine

Making soup in the our country to have with the Chinese herbal medicine is long of tradition, the classic Chinese medicine learns a book in can check to come to various health and have the medicine food square son of hairdressing effect till several a hundred years.In keep an outside is the hairdressing principle of Chinese medicine:The skin color is even the white is clean, the complexion rosy complexion is good is after body adjust keep naturally of present.The medicine material goes into a food, simple the soup easily go, insisting drinking a medicine food over a long period of time can unconsciously adjust to keep body and keep a good complexion.

Korean three chicken soups

Dispel a spot to the dry and nourishing to build up resistibility

Material:The spring chicken is a , 1 of Gao Li2 Shen , just the right amount of glutinous rice, the red date is 10, the matrimony vine jot, is 5 slices of, the salt spring onion is few.

Way of doing:

1.Clean glutinous rice Tao, put to soak in clear water for two hours, the red date, matrimony vine and Gao Li2 Shen are pure to clean and soak a back up with the clear water.

2.The chicken throws away a bottom and go to the Tun that the internal organs after taking out pure clean, use boiling water once blood Mo;

3.Fill the glutinous rice, red date and matrimony vine of bubble hair into chicken stomach;

4.The openings that using the toothpick will wrap up a glutinous rice seals;

5.Take an earthenware cooking pot, put the chicken into, add ginger, red date, Gao Li2 Shen and half pot clear water;

6.The wildfire turns after boiling medium small fire, slowly braise for 1-2 hours, join a little amount salt, chopped onion, then pot.

Beautiful skin food material-Gao Li2 Shen

The ginseng from time immemorial owns the good reputation of "the king of 100 grasses" and reinforces body fluid to repair the best of living, handing the just solid origin.Korea abounds in Gao Li2 Shen , Gao Li2 Shen can is divided into water again according to form color three, white three and red three.

Its hairdressing effect counts extremely number, is a classic hairdressing article.The ginseng immerses a liquid to be absorbed by the skin slowness, can promote skin blood circulation, increase skin nourishment, prevent°from skin aridity, crease, eat a product with the ginseng over a long period of time, can strengthen a skin flexibility, make the cell acquired a freshman.The ginseng live material still has the revivification function that repress the melanin and makes skin pure and smooth in the meantime.golden south sea pearl


finance gradually rise

The third square manages finance gradually rise
Continuously develop along with the financial industry, more and more people hope to pass a capital market to carry out his/her own finance need.But accurate because of lacking to the oneself financial standing in the meantime cognition and science program, usually can not correct allocation is own property.Face the financial product of stock, fund, and insurance...etc. numerous and complicated complications, one is false of choice or may can not cause the finance target of some importance in the whole life's carrying out with this investing of blindness.

There is a survey suggesting, in the aspects of controling a finance programming professional knowledge degree, the Chinese hinterland only has 4% ways that the interviewees think that they master in a finance programming, for the world is visited a nation is as lowest as the comparison in the region.In order to work out the finance of each family programming problem, independence the third square manages finance profession to emerge with the tide of the times, independently finance mangaing programming teacher, also manages finance the visual field that the private doctor's role got into people by family, it passes analysis white to get and the need and life target of common work salary stratum, provide the comprehensive sex solution of one whole set for family.

Have the third square manages finance organization representative director introduction, currently in China, to the third square manages finance the person whom the organization consults still less, even if front-line city in Peking, Shanghai, and Guangzhou...etc. are also few, but along with citizen's pocket more and more bulge, the need of this aspect will be more and more big.

The white gets family dream and reality to choke

In the gold Sir of mountain and gold the wife is the city white of two typical models to get, the Sir is a business unit representative director, the wife is the sales manager of advertising agency.4 year ago son small gold birth, gold house for improve the living environment poor half a lifetime savings to buy building according to the Jie.

The gold Sir likes to save, the quality of life hasn't high request;The gold wife is a typical moonlight clan, don't like savings and buy a clothes cosmetics monthly the flower went to a greater half of wages.After son started a kid park, the couple started to be real feeling after a large amount of pressure of school fees and often fought because of money.The gold wife also starts realizing and always is moonlight clan, education of the kid and the retirement life of the husband and wife will be a great problem.Therefore, they found out a finance mangaing programming the teacher re- carry on a finance programming.


influences health

The color of bed also influences health
A lot of time colors will to the mental creation influence of the human body, if the color for residing in the house incorrect words will result in the influence on the person's mental state.
We usually choose the color that oneself is partial to, or according to personal age characteristic while purchasing a bedspread.Can you know,Production House the different color will produce different mental state incitement and result in the different influence on health thus.Therefore, while choosing the color of bedspread, we should pay attention to it to the healthy influence first.

The red represents exasperation, enthusiasm, vitality;Orange symbolize exultant, warmly, sweet;Yellow and bright Wen Ai, gives person happy, hope, intelligence;The green is lain to cold warm color middle, in peace and harmony, quite and healthy;The blue is faraway, cool and delightfully fresh purple noble, mysterious and elegant;The powder color is young and delicate, the youth is favourite that my daughter livings;The black is sometimes solemn solemn and peaceful, sometimes silent unreal;White sometimes clean and pure heavenliness sometimes fears woe.

The bedspread that uses shallow orange such as the old people's living quarters , on canning induct appetite,bridgestone contribute to the absorption of calcium quality, two make person's spirit fig uped, mood delectation.Or choice blue, contribute to easing headache and have fever, suffer from insomnia etc. symptom.

The living quarters of newly married is proper choice fresh gorgeous strong red bedspread, since increase for the room pleased celebrate atmosphere, can stimulate nervous system in the meantime, increase adrenaline to secrete, strengthen blood circulation.But contact red excessive, will make the person produce anxious emotion.So, suffer from insomnia, nervous prostration, cardiovascular patient's should not use red bedspread or adornment house to reside, the in order to prevent aggravates a condition.

Emotion unsteady easily anxious person, the living quarters is proper to use light green of bedspread, in order to make spirit flabby, slow nervous emotion.Generally speaking, the color of bedspread is known as the majority of the elegantly simple color.Contrary, the golden color easily makes emotion unsteady, so, getting the person that suppress the Yu disease and wildly dry disease should not be used a golden color.

If the living quarters host get high blood pressure or heart attack, had better spread the bedspread of light blue and descend at the blood pressure by benefit,MotoGP the pulse instauration is normal.On top of that, the blue is suitable for excesssive white for using brain to get one clan.

The purple color can maintain the balance of potassium inside the body and have already tranquilized the nerves a function, but it has already suppressed a function to the motor nerve and the heart system, so the sufferer of heart attack should carefully use a purple bedspread.

The indigo blue color will influence sense of vision, sense of hearing and sense of smell, can ease body's sensitivity for ache.The wound is recovering after the Shu of the sufferer can choose the bedspread and other household productses of indigo blue color, or simply brush room into indigo blue color.

Let the in an access of fury person watch pink, the emotion will soon calm down, because the pink can make the person's adrenal glands hormone secreted decrease and make the emotion been tended to thus stable.Standing alone disease, spirit's suppressing might as well choose the bedspread of pink.

Moreover, spring summer two quarters, the air temperature is opposite and a little higher, the color of bedspread should choose a delightfully fresh and elegantly simple cold color, and the quality should choose that a little bit thinner side anticipates;But autumn winter two quarter the air temperature descends, the weather is cold, the color of bedspread should incline to warm color,wireless keyboards should choose that thicker side anticipates on the quality.


British Ministry

The British Ministry of National Defense denies cutting army's number
The England Ministry of National Defense announces afreshwater pearl pronouncement on the 12th and denies intending to cut army's number further.

England 《everyday tele-communications report 》cite a secret memo report way in times before, the British government intends that 2015 year agos cut at most 16,500 army's personnels, and maim a soldier to escape by sheer luck.

This number is a British government to release 2 times that of number in times before.In October, 2010, British government declares, will cut 7000 army's personnels, the severity gets hurt of the soldier can't be cut.

Contents mistake Ministry of National Defense says on the 12th that this memo is composed by a low class military officer,wireless keyboard, "in addition to already declare of cut a plan, can't cut troops' number further".

The Ministry of National Defense confirms in the meantime and get hurt the soldier accept a period of treatment to be cut.

《The tele-communications report everyday 》report way, the British army harms member about 2500 people,golden south sea pearl
majority get hurt in Iraq and battlefield in Afghanistan, and 350 among those people lose parts of bodies.Because harming a member is many, the British army's fighting strength descends.

Opposition party Labour Party says that this makes the person worry, excessively the disarmament will weaken British army the performance battle abroad the ability of the task.


gold beautiful move

Reduce weight gold beautiful move:

Stretches a lazy waist for each hour

Everyone should feel very strange, can stretching and yawning be why?But, stretch and yawn to reduce weight a method but is in a very popular of Japan method oh!Never despise and stretch and yawn, be you at stretch and yawn of time will stimulate a back muscle and toughens the physical endowment of one easy combustion fat.And, do to stretch and yawn the ya jiankangtime for acting unconscious breath function but La arouse the activity of internal organs and then promote body basal metabolism.Again come be stretch and yawn of time will make the muscles of whole body all exercised, particularly the lower abdomen that the office worker fears most heel purse meat, all attain a muscle to relax but carve curve!

Increase the uprising takes a stroll of opportunity

The words wanted to reduce weight think the way increment exercise to measure!Try while going to work continuous uprising to walk around, but the of course not is good to take a stroll opportune moment while beating to mix or touching fish, being sometimes like to need photocopy data.Moreover,yashua zhanshui time go to the stool is also a very very very nice sport opportune moment.A lot of companies all rent an office building usage now Mr. is used a toilet, and all of toilet most partses are sits type toilet, this is in fact a very inconvenient matter to girl.So, the half squats down to go to the stool, can make the leg department morely exercised.

Hard nut to crack two:Want to order lunch how to lose?

Was a problem that the office worker fears most again-everyday company unify to order outside send, how for lunch eat then can lose?The outside in nowadays sent to eat well too much really all with meal,男人勞累問題 unbearable meeting the time in Monday want first very to want to order on this week where several house to eat.The delicious food is too many really can not resist, so as for time that go to work had better can self-provided lunch box of oh!The lunch had better take more vegetable and fruit foods, so since can satisfied stomach, easily reduce weight again!


never once cleaned

You of the face in fact have never once cleaned
It is the square one that protects a skin to wash face, although it is said everyone all wants to wash face every day, can this university that washes face to contain ask but the not exactly everyones all know.A lot of skin problems, like pimple, black the first, all probably is wash face not appropriate and causable.Protect skin square one to come amiss, that the step after all bit a file.See an underneath of ten greatly wash face mistake area, you had to once do amiss.
Washing face with the towel will be cleaner禿頭的男人

Correcting is wrong:

The towel turn Rong greatly counts decuple than the pore, very difficult thorough clearance deep place dirty mark grease, the long wet not dry towel also stirs up various germ and rubs with skin to make skin allergic.So wash face had better use soft Jie noodles sponge, and usually sun disinfection.

Washing face with the hot water can more thoroughly sweep a skin

Correcting is wrong:

Wash face water temperature of the choice is very important, leading hot water can thoroughly the protection film of clearance skin, easily make skin flabby, the pore enlarges, causes skin rough and produces crease;Moreover, if oil cent washes out excessive, will also accelerate a skin of aging.But water of the in common use and lower temperature wash face and make the skin pore closed tightly again, can not wash Be piled up to the sebum, dust of face and remain a thing etc. dirty mark, not only can not attain the effect of hairdressing, on the contrary and easily cause the skin disease like the Cuo Chuang, influence hairdressing.The correct method is to use 35 ℃ Wen Shui Jie's noodles, then flush with cold water.

The foam type after washing noodles milk to finish washing the skin draws tight nourishment to run off營養過剩

Correcting is wrong:
After washing face of draw tight feeling is result in because the detergent washed to go to sebum and contain to keep natural hydration of humidity in the horniness.Every time wash face is an all important hydration link.The delicate foam can go deep into the dirty Zi that the pore washes a skin clearly, if imply abundant nourish the foam type of composition to wash noodles milk can also make to nourish composition to get into pore smoothly.Complete have no the washing of foam noodles milk should the foam type wash noodles milk to combine an usage, otherwise can not thoroughly sweep and result in grease's piling up and cause a skin problem.

Wash noodles milk the function is more many more expensive, the hairdressing effect is more good

Correcting is wrong:yanchang shengming
Wash noodles for sweeping a skin, if the excessive function composition will result in skin's sweeping ill success, the excessive function composition gets into pore under the sistuation that the skin has no protection in the meantime, will result in burden for skin.So wash noodles milk to need to satisfy two basic conditions then:sweep thoroughly and moisten a skin.


United States

Poland the airline is a from New York, the United States and flies to Poland the Boeing of capital city Warszawa-767 aerobuses rise and fall to appear breakdown while arriving Chopin's international airport in Warszawa on the afternoon of the 1st, but succeed forced landing, don't make the personnel die or injure

Poland airline spokesman Huo hot man Si radicle notifies a circumstance to say to the media reporter, the aerobus that belongs to Poland an airline at first Be planned to Poland local time 13:Land Chopin's international airport for 35 cents.The airplane pilot rises and falls to appear breakdown after discovering an airplane while preparing to land, can not let go of.The airplane in the sky hovers around for an hour and didn't rise and fall a landings after putting to get empty all fuel.The airplane is used a fuselage at spread the runway last forced landing of full plastics foam, the fuselage rubs an a little amount Mars, perfect landings.The 230 passengers and machine set personnel neither gets hurt on board.

Before the airplane forced landing, Poland the air force still send two fighter jets F-16s to escort for this aerobus.

Poland the spokesman of airline said, this is the company's history up for the very first time forced landing, succeed the forced landing then completely be attributed to the airplane pilot's superb driver's technique.That airplane pilot has more than 20 years of flight experience, is one of second to none company airplane pilots.Poland president section Mo Luo Fu the Si radicle praise airplane pilot and machine to constitute a member"calamity time of effectively match


Bear lonesomely

But with a words like this are beginnings and see Gao Mu Zhi's son of 《a person stays the fifth year 》of time still just local, that time feel that the life like that isn't likely to take place on my body, even have a meal all the important person accompanies of I can not bear with a felling that person has a meal.So have very long period of time inside afterwards I have no to adapt to a person to have a meal, one personal trip, want to be in fact now nothing important also, this world revolves speed so quickly, no one will care you isn't a person.With as for afterwards a friend asks whether me also got social intercourse phobia, I smile, in fact be not, just oneself slowly became lazy, lazy must conduct feelings, as for friend, have so a few all right already, have some persons every day and also isn't necessarily so a friend together.

Seem to be like this Be getting longer, it is the difficulty that will forget to start meeting to pour and gradually become the on-looker of oneself's life and looking at a life to at quiet flow to drip.All say that the person is slowly a growth, in fact be not, the person in a twinkling grows up, be like suddenly precipitate generally, suddenly can't fall in love or say not to want to fall in love, one personal life one but can't feel boring, either, even if a lot of time still will be fond of Mang but can't feel fidgety, either.

In the different city today last year, I carry a different schoolbag and stay different hair style and walk different road, think a different affair, have different idea, love a different person.Who say a change to take a decade.

Nearby of cow person's pouring isn't a few, is like absolute being to arrive similar existence, I also just envy to think I anyway can't becomes a person likes that, either, didn't know until one day a senior chats with me originally he also has the time to see don't go in a book and has already written thesis till° time of wanting to bump the wall as well, we all forgot they are to use how of a price is just exchanged a person like this livings.He says, if you want to carry out a dream, the solitude is you of required course.If can not dip down heart, have no way to carry out it, because that will never be an easy affair, the solitude can make you stronger, you have to find out your own living rhythm.

A friend likes to drink a little wine every day and watches a movie then goes to bed punctually;British who lives beside's appearing and disappearing mysteriously sometime has already just slept a sky of sometime to just is black and then sleep in the morning;A boy of next door building isn't bright and then gets up running everyday sky, usually I just just intended to sleep that time.

Be fond of previous person to walk everywhere recently, not and up travek just on the whole circumferential of the city walk on encountering, pouring can't spends too many time to prepare, either and brought up pack and then walked.I can't take the camera just had fascination to take out a cellular phone to clap, music poured is that I walk to where can not throw of thing, only have music, can let to see endlessly wait for becoming soft and charming itinerary, seem oneself and the whole worlds didn't relate to, cloud that wants to be the one has no name, wander about unhurriedly in the scenery that don't know name.

Just and as above the noodles says of and once could not imagine a felling that person has a meal, same of, my can't imagining a person to sit a bus, either is what kind of felling.Who know that doing not is excessive is long I becomes accustomed to a person to go to school by bus , I leave a school farer so get on the car each time of time didn't°yet how much person, sit several rows of end.Sometimes looking at a window the outside is stunned, think everything that the but again doesn't know that oneself is just thinking what.

We will find out own of live rhythm, then indulge among them can not from pull out.

Very long period of time inside I didn't go to bookstore and felt that kind of "read a book for each week" to speak to is a too faraway thing for me.Until one day I accompany friend to bookstore, he is a person who buy a book and then can't stop, and I also followed to buy several origins.Return to a home and see the tiny Bo everyone feels again the in the mind is empty and pulls of, straight-tempered picked up a book to see, is also that I just discover, reads on that day a book for in fact each week have no so difficult, I finish reading a book a while that day, the life just feeling like this is substantial.

Want the Yao to study, Yao trip, body and soul, have to have an on the road.

I tell myself that the reality permits not get you procrastinate, procrastinating will make me become more worry anxiously, so inchoate time I stipulate that I goes to bed half an hour in advance every day and has a liking for several ten page books, very quick become to become accustomed to.Sometimes I have to feel deeply about if really do a words of affair, so this affair have no so difficult.When you really want to do an affair of time, the whole worlds will help you, is this felling.

1 once rode Chuan to hide a linear friend to say, as long as you set out, can arrive, you don't set out, where can not also go.If you can not dip down heart, what also can not do it.Set out is the most meaningful matter forever, do be.A book buys not to see just a few papers, the public lesson descended not and see also just a heap of data, don't see and then have no meaning, on the contrary the Tu increase worry anxiously, the action is the most decisive.

You probably is also so, be you hope earnestly to seek personal confabulation of time, but you didn't talk what.Hence discover some affairs can not tell other people, some affairs need not tell other people, some affairs basically have no way to tell other people, and some affairs even if told other people, you will also regret right away.The so best way is to quiet down, real can be calm to ownly only have oneself.

The ability of no one in case standing alone, evade it with it to rather face it.The solitude isn't a so what a mess affair, with noisy miscellaneous compare, a personal life pours to seem to be self-satisfiedly many, pouring can also become 1 kind to enjoy.Probably need to be so and for a while at least, several years or a few months, one personal life, how otherwise can find out own rhythm knows what oneself wants.This is to belong to your own thing, one part is you, when you listen to music when a person walks on the street while sitting subway it will flow to come out and let me feel that this world's seeming is existed with another a kind of form, I can clearly hear myself.

We are all living in a not so satisfied world and be dark cloud to spread densely we flutter, but the sunlight one day there will will arrive, time wait sunlight to shine on you, remember the flower that opens an oneself went, that gifted dream to you.The sometime dreams of to dream of very far and sometimes very near, but its head quarter carries out.I think that a personal best appearance is to be calm 1:00, which fear one personal life, cross one and other city, once walk one and other street, look up at one again one the sky, witness time and time again leave.