big main event

The tablet PC market ten big main event
2011 became the tablet PC explosive growth in a year. From the apple iPad 2, various manufacturers to release different flat computer and its counter. Although the iPad market share will be way ahead, but Android Tablets Market is also gradually improved, plus the next Microsoft Windows8 system to join.

The tablet PC market will be more intense competition. This year China mobile phone tablet channel is opened, in the year 2011 became the tablet PC Tablet PC industry what to important events worthy of our memories,HK toshiba tablet let the following Xiaobian for everyone to comb this year under the tablet PC industry 10 important events.

In 2011 Beijing time on March 3rd, the United States of America San Francisco apple in grass art center by Jobs released the iPad2 tablet, the tablet PC compared to parent has a lightweight body, faster A5 dual-core processor, supports both before and after the dual cameras video call, in September 7th the same year, Apple released its latest operating system iOS 5,HK acer tabletcompared with the parent system increased and improved 200 multinomial function. Also aggravate the plate competition.

Apple has redefined the concept of plate, its superior human-computer interaction and procedures for the establishment of ecological circle, in the computer industry has laid a hegemonic position, with only two products have occupied more than half of the share of global flat, visible iPad series flat success. At the same time its powerful marketing mode for Apple 's products to establish a very good image. Can say apple iPad 2 tablet leads to the progress of the whole industry, accelerate the development of flat panel industry.
Dual plate popularity

The Motorola Xoom plate
From February this year the CMW2011 exhibition dual-core mobile phone and computer collective eruption, also indicates that this year will be dual core mobile equipment in the world. With Motorola, Samsung, Toshiba,HK samsung galaxy first BlackBerry, HP and other international manufacturer releases double nucleus flat, dual core processor has become an industry standard this year flat.
The Samsung Galxy Tab flat

Dual plate release not only adumbrative Tablet PC industry standard gradually built up, at the same time bring flat more high-speed operation, more and more software according to the hardware differences have developed, to consumers more and more different experience.

email marketing strategy

The best of your email marketing strategy
The challenges of today - email marketing success.

The characteristic of the network is a real time and rapid transmission of information, email marketing ( Email Marketing ) is logical to by virtue of the advantages, to direct marketing forms, commercial or related information fast delivery to customers; nowadays, it has become now the most powerful Internet marketing activities,Email Marketing is widely used in interactive marketing, the researchers and estimate since 2004, email marketing industry income every year will exceed $1000000000.

The content of the email also along with the progress of the times, in addition to the text as the basis, using HTML format communication, that is to say, we can complete the careful design of the webpage directly to the customer's email, email and websites can be together when using, this combination has become a strong and powerful marketing strategy.

Viral marketing
The so-called viral marketing ( Viral Marketing ), is a O ' Reilly media company president holds CEO Tim concurrently. O'Reilly made. This kind of marketing pattern, like computer viruses, can get information quickly copied and spread, some manufacturers will create some special, and can create value for the message, let people willing to take the initiative to spread.

This kind of marketing, is commonly used in present network marketing. The best example is the low cost of email marketing ( Email Marketing ), it can play the role of" viral marketing" ( Viral Marketing ) power, using the"iPhone Application development good news" He Tao psychological, as long as a forward button immediately for your main marketing assistant, even can be passed to the original company marketing besides the potential consumer groups, many have tasted the sweetness of the viral marketing company and indulge in elaborating on.


Mobile application that media

The United States of America technology blog TechCrunch editor Eric Schonfeld ( Erick Schonfeld ) published an article today that, with the rise of mobile devices and mobile applications, the mobile application is gradually becoming an important form of media communication, even the absorption of other forms of media.
The following is the full text of articles:

Application already took over the world. If you don't believe me, just have a look the market research company Asymco analyst Horace de Dieu black ( Horace Dediu ) drawing application map -- the map display,Mobile Application iPhone has tentacles throughout the world 123 countries and regions. Of course, as long as they can use iPhone, can use iPhone application. With the network, applications have been around the world.

But specific to books, music and movies such as" media", digital equipment on the channel is much less. Similarly, only need to have a look the apple will be known: Dieu, data display, only the world 51 countries and regions through the iTunes store to buy music, only 6 countries and regions can buy a TV program.

My first reaction is, apple did need to expand worldwide content licensing business. But don't forget, iTunes is at the beginning of 2004 into the international market, and compared with music, Apple has to be applied to more countries and regions, a total of 72.

The traditional media industry on content authorization constraints is more strict, especially in the TV and film industry, and to the various channels developed a variety of mystery provisions ( theater, pay per view, DVD, cable television and Internet streaming media ). ITunes ( and the Internet ) on video and music in the geographical distribution of the limitations on the show, let the digital media in a way that is effective to establish their own global legal markets, there is still a long way to go.

Unless the global digital media market. They called the application in many aspects, and represents the media future development.Digital MarketingApplication of media. As software and game has long been regarded as media ( television, with book and music for the consumer 's time and attention ), is also a form of media application. Not only that, they were gradually absorbed other media forms.

We first see this" software phagocytic media ", is in the book industry. IPad on some of the most attractive book provides not only iBook or Kindle edition, many of the independent application form. The iPad's best children's books are the perfect functions of the application -- and other books and magazines, these applications will picture and video integration to the user experience.

On the" iPad" ( Tin Tin ) art book is a wonderful example is: it is according to the new animated film adaptation, which integrates the available to readers 3D operation model, spectacular 360 degree room as well as a number of other software through enhanced media forms.
Music and movies with experience although relatively passive, but also gradually into applications, become one of the function. With the application of began to integrate more and more traditional media, software and media boundaries between grew dim.

This trend appears first in the manufacturing field, more and more songs, videos and movies started by iPhone recording ( under a" Avenger" film has a part is the use of iPhone. ).

Integration of video and music elements used are also gradually increased. Imagine: there is a built-in 3D game, as you" walk", can gradually unfold in different circumstances. The media consumption way and now occupies the dominant position that keep out of the affair model different.

But in this era of full access to the front, will experience many slow lifting stage. See, now a complete media content is how to through the application of communication -- whether through Spotify listening complete streaming the album, still using Netflix in iPad to watch movie. In these cases, songs and movies and other traditional media forms did not change much, but the experience is enhanced. Media mining has been integrated into the more social elements and algorithm.

A song or a TV program to obtain a sensational effect, can be Facebook and Twitter on the millions of people share to realize, but do not have to spend millions of dollars on radio or television launches the promotion. These applications will be through social and recommended algorithm to decide what we watch what content -- after all, if the traditional end of the process, we can find the content through what channel?

This media is applied to our spending habits have significant impact -- in addition to the video and audio content, also includes the way of consumption. The application will help us find through social and other filtration media, and pushed it into television, iPad,Cable manufacturer audio and any other available equipment. They will bypass the set-top box, broadcast and bookstores, and through the application to achieve the media consumption. Media companies can continue to ignore the trend, and the trend for, but will suffer the consequences


Women eating red meat

Iron is the important raw material manufacture hemoglobin, charged with the body of the transport of oxygen metabolism, if women's dietary iron is low, prone to iron deficiency anemia, cause of nutrients can not be fully oxidized, resulting in the occurrence of fatigue. Red blood cell lifespan of up to 120 days, and hemoglobin content does not reflect whether the body iron deficiency in the recent indicators. Blood ferritin protein content can better reflect the recent iron nutritional status, but more expert thinks, red bone marrow iron reserves is the most sensitive indicator of iron nutrition. The researchers speculated that, the body's iron supply might be very sensitive, if the amount is insufficient dietary iron in hemoglobin, before falling, the body anti fatigue ability began to decline.

Study finds women, iron supplements, their physical, emotional and attention degree are improved. Australia an experimentally validated, women of childbearing age and the degree of fatigue in the use of high-speed rail meals after marked improvement, quality of life can be improved effectively. Therefore, the female must pay special attention to usual dietary iron supply.

Meat and viscera of the heme iron absorption and utilization rate is higher, to supplement the iron is the most useful. In general, meat color is red, which contain heme iron is more ( such as mutton, beef, pork and other ), heart, liver, kidney and other organs and animal blood contained in the heme iron is the most abundant. In contrast, plant foods in the iron absorption rate is generally low, and dairy products containing iron is less.

For a normal stature young women, every eat 100 grams of beef, mutton, pork and other red meat to keep thin energy is very necessary Jixin, chicken gizzards animal offals is also delicious low-fat iron supplement food. If you are worried about the meat too much fat, might as well in the cooking method fluctuation kongfu, steamed, boiled, grilled, selection of stew etc..

In contrast, males if excessive intake of iron, can raise heart disease, cancer and diabetes incidence, through blood donation reduces the iron reserves are beneficial in the prevention of heart disease. Often a lot of meat men should cause enough vigilance.


preferred name

The central bank survey of real estate investment is no longer resident investment preferred name
People's Bank of China issued 22 four quarter urban depositors survey shows, residents of future inflation expectations and house prices are expected to appear considerably fall after a rise, real estate investment is no longer resident investment choice.
The fourth quarter of 2011, the people's Bank of China on the 50 national city conducted with 20000 households in urban depositors survey. Investigation thinks, real estate investment is no longer resident investment choice, replace sb. Is investment" fund, financial products", followed by" investment" and" investing in stocks". Among them, the bond investment has been 6 consecutive quarterly rise. In all types of consumption, residents purchase a car will is 13.9%, since the survey in high.
Survey, residents of the housing prices expected to appear considerably fall after a rise. The price trend, 46.2% of the residents are expected to" constant", as more than two residents are expected to" fall", but also has nearly two residents were expected to" rise", this proportion compared with the previous quarter dropped 18.9 percentage points. Among them, Beijing and Shanghai residents expected prices decline proportion soars, respectively 28.5% and 26.8%, compared with the previous quarter each substantially increased by 14.3 and 22.8 percentage points. The next 3 months, the purchase will have residents accounted for 13.9%, than last season and has small to drop, closer to the 2008 third quarter in recent years historic lows. The central bank thinks, this result suggests that the current real estate market strong wait-and-see atmosphere, highlights the effectiveness of real estate regulation.
Investigation still shows, residents of current price satisfaction index for 16.5%, relatively on the quarter and the same period last year increased by 1.7 percentage points and 2.7 percentage points. 68.7% of residents think the price" high, difficult to accept", relatively on the quarter and the same period last year dropped 3.2 percentage points and 5.1 percentage points. Survey, residents of the future price is expected to rise considerably fall after a rise, predict prices next season percentage of residents is 36.8%, relatively on the quarter dropped 12.8 percentage points.
In savings, investment, consumption, survey, the current price, interest rate and income level, 82.4% of urban residents tended to savings, 17.6% urban residents tended to" spend more". In the main mode of investment," real estate investment preference of" residents was 16.5%, compared with the previous quarter dropped 7.1 percentage points


stiff neck acupoints

Magic" stiff neck acupoints" stiff neck pain relief
Stiff neck point is the treatment of sleep for specific acupuncture points, so named for the stiff neck point.

In daily life, many of the imprisoned people, often wake up feel neck abnormal pain, it may be stiff neck, here introduces a simple self massage therapy.

The magic of stiff neck point
[ ] stiff neck hole at the back of the hand position side, when second, third metacarpal, metacarpophalangeal joint after about 1 cm. His fingers at the wrist direction touch, from the bone and bone narrow finger end point, about a wide range, a pressure, have intense tenderness point.

[ Methods ] thumb fingertip tangential pressure knead by stiff neck side" stiff neck hole", and at the same time the activity being cut pressure with the fingers of the hand, to strengthen the point Shiatsu feeling. Hand massage at the same time, slow activity in the neck: head slightly forward, by before slowly shrink down below, so that the jaw to the suprasternal fossa approach, neck muscles relax, then turn the head gently slowly rotate left and right, range from the small increase gradually, and gradually extended to the normal position of neck. When rotating to no pain maximum amplitude.

[ effect ] about 5-10 minutes, pain can be relieved. This method can not only treat stiff neck, and can prevent the cervical spondylosis. In addition can also alleviate the pain in his arm and stomachache.

[ note ] we should distinguish stiff neck and early cervical vertebra disease, which is best to the hospital for treatment.

Acupuncture and moxibustion effect is better
Pierce or by 0.5 ~ 0.8 inch. Moxa Moxibustion 5 ~ 10 strong column, or moxibustion 5 ~ 15 minutes.

With the index finger, or the pen head (not the NIB ) according to this point, a bit hard to stimulate it, stiff neck will become easier.


subsidiary of microsoft

Ncompass . NCompass Labs in 2001 April set up by Microsoft, and it is now a subsidiary of microsoft. Resolution 3.1 is a Ncompass browser, the web content management solution as the basis, at the end of 2001, it did for Microsoft products ( called Microsoft content management server ) released again.Web Content Management System
Open Market . Open Market Content Server 3.1 is J2EE compatible content management solution, which, like mist. The teach Qian acts quail, Wu City?? pen Market content server location for push content as the center of the e-business application software products, it handles visitors, customers and partners. Interactive. The products are used in the organization and management of network interface, including a personalized engine and used to publish the application software server.
The BroadVision . BroadVision application method for content management, the main goal is for B2B, B2E and B2C market. BroadVision application to software package in the form of the sale of the product, such as the sale to commercial, business, cooperation with marketing and employee self service. Content management solutions also independently sold.
FileNET . FileNET is the traditional leader of document management market, it focus on the production of electronic business application software Panagon production line. Its website content management suite including Panagon content services ( PCS ), Panagon web publisher ( PWP ), Panagon network services ( PWS ) and Panagon electronic process.Website Development
FileNET kit primarily in the financial, insurance, telecommunications, government, public service and manufacturing industry. FileNET put it in the site content management suite is positioned in the content management of all solutions, which runs through the contents of the life cycle, from creation to approval, publication and distribution. However, in its current version, the product in the core content management functionality needs significant development, such as personalized and dynamic content expression.
Megellan. In 2000 July, Gauss Interprise and American software developer Magellan merge, mainly sales of its content management series of Versatile Internet Platform ( VIP ). VIP positioning in the enterprise content management, web content and web portal platform. For the concentrated environment, product series have adapted to the requirements of the basic functions, including the network based management, single and a large number of input, third party vendors to provide basic library services, as well as for distributed content created by the template design tool.
InStranet . InStranet was founded in 1999, is headquartered in New York, and in Paris with the European headquarters. The company's flagship product is InStranet 20001.5, it is a browser based on Java and web content management solution. Product focused, in B2B and employee work environment, to the enterprise internal and external Internet Internet business documents and content. InStranet 20001.5 in the J2EE compatible application servers running BEA WebLogic IBM, has been in, WebSphere and iPlanet application server after inspection.
Mediasurface . Mediasurface is headquartered in London, it 's the United States of America Office in New York and the Frances branch. The company for the organization to provide content management software, used for internal and external Internet internet. The company 's core product is the Mediasurface 3.5, it aimed at the vertical markets, including financial services, government, education, health care, IT services, media, publishing and broadcasting, retail and consumer services.
Six Open Systems . Six Offene Systeme GmbH in the United States called Six Open Systems ( Six ), was founded in Germany in 1991. Six in Germany have important consumer group, with its Six CMS 4 into the American market. The product is from the inside to the outside, with a browser based solutions, it is used to help the media publishers to simplify and management content design and webpage and portal, Internet, intranet design.Cable manufacturer
Starbase . Starbase sales partner products, the product of electronic business application software to create, manage code and content. In 2001 February, Starbase bought worldweb and its products in Expressroom I / O, and based on the Java and XML web content management solution. Starbase is the Expressroom I / O add to it the code and content management solution for collaboration suite.
The domestic use of more MicroDreamWCM, Active Context, turbocms, cms4i, but these were purely commercial system, the price is very high, the general personal website, suggested to choose some foreign famous open source systems, such as Mambo, Drupal, Tikiwiki, PhpNuke, PostNuke, Xoops, Tikipro, but these are all based on PHP as everyone knows, PHP + MYSQL, and MySQL is free?


just a moment

Miss you, in fact, is just a moment
Like you, is a casual moment, let grief over the disconsolate missish edge, through each corners of the space, in the heart secretly develop spread. As an invisible web to heart together tightly, and the net I barely escape, let himself went to reading you into a sign of memory. Just think of you, Miss written symbols in the inscription, this end swing in with, scattered heart little by your invisible tighten. And I find your code.johnson baby shampoo

Miss you, I open my memory delicately, only to find that I never to miss stranded, extending far look, ethereal as nothingness, imagine you into the shadows, lonely and tedious, and in the shadow of my lonely still lose myself, no direction, watch the lonely wind in the desert of despair, and the heart but let your shadow fills, contained the real miss leisurely, but I could not find you.
Miss you, I frown tightly, just know I miss cut this time, was immersed in a kind of stand erect of desolation, memory can pierce through my time, leave me alone, do not know the starting point, end point, just missing in each site, always to reminisce, see my * iling bitterly, let your guard at every intersection, turn you into a wound, a scorching pain, but I still regret to hand, though my memory to find the road, watching his hopeless destruction in your extreme.

Miss you, my fingers on the keyboard alone jumping, knocking my flying miss, let Miss in the heart surging, as repeatedly up and down the notes in the air. Habits your smile on the screen I, will last forever in my heart. Just depend on the screen, lost you, let my missing in the air circulation, but had to let the wordless text talk I miss you, but you can not see a metres distance, a winding thoughts at the fingertips to stay, and I not know what course to take this without your habits.JOHNSON Shampoo

When I think of you, always in the river of the past, because you are in my memory, can give you write a concept of happiness. But because you only exist in my memories, let me have the gratuitous handouts. Just because I miss every morning and evening, when it was helpless, acts!

And afraid to you, has become a habit, their concentration and the emotion, flash added! To remember fondly and heart, just don't give yourself a release of the answers. I know : I think you, I incapable of action.L-Carnitine


breast cancer related

Diabetes and risk of breast cancer related
In the thirty-fourth annual Sanantonio Breast Cancer Symposium ( SABCS ), a Swedish study reports that diabetes and the risk of breast cancer with correlation.

In the thirty-fourth annual Sanantonio Breast Cancer Symposium ( SABCS ), a Swedish study reports that diabetes and the risk of breast cancer with correlation.Plate Heat Exchanger

Diabetes and the risk of breast cancer increased close
A study of the Swedish case-control studies indicate, diabetes and breast cancer risk increased by 40%, the researchers is Professor Hakan Olsson. Even when adjusted for obesity, dyslipidemia, mixed, the two still have relevance, especially in 4 years diagnosed with cancer is more obvious. The authors also found, the use of long-acting insulin analogue insulin glargine ( Lantus, Sailuofei ) in diabetic patients with overall cancer risk with correlation. Oral antidiabetic drug metformin, on the contrary, have lower cancer risk trends, but no statistical difference.
There is a correlation between does not mean that there is a causal relationship
Although the results of the study reveal the diabetes and breast cancer are related, but from the medical point of view, there is a correlation between things does not necessarily mean that a causal relationship exists, that is to say, although diabetes and breast cancer risk, but not a simple understanding of breast cancer because of diabetes leads to, or have diabetes will get breast cancer.plate heat exchanger manufacturer

A very vivid metaphor can explain the correlation and causation of difference: a father and son relationship is causal, because of the father, will have a son; and the father and the son 's uncle is a relationship, but not because of the father, so the son's uncle


micro-blog phishing

The micro-blog phishing sites this year "blowout"
In 2011, China turns over fishing website alliance to work report" released yesterday, reports, in January this year to November 36674, grow 78% compared to the same period in 2010. And this year is different, in addition to the electronic commerce, finance and securities, instant communication is still ranked in the top three of phishing site types, to micro-blog as the main object of the new fishing site this year appear " blowout".

Outside the domain name into" heavy disaster area"
The reporter understands, the domain name registered outside of the fishing website has accounted for the total processing capacity of 80% fishing alliance.

To deal with the high foreign domain name fishing website, anti fishing alliance against phishing site acceptance scope expanding, from the initial CN only under the domain name website, extended to include . Com, .Net, . Org, . Info, . CC, . TK, . PL, more than 40 kinds of top level domain.

Anti fishing alliance started to the browser, network security, search engines and other related companies push fishing data, this move let a netizen points to open the fishing website, page will jump out " fishing, fraudulent websites" reminder.
Fishing website" micro-blog."

At present, the network transaction website subject to phishing attacks accounted for all 80% site types.

The report shows, this year January - since November, as a result of micro-blog influence expansion and increased use of micro-blog, winning the lottery, with the name of phishing case greatly increased.

In addition, online reservations, high-speed rail, move a ticket, to pay the gas bill high hot network application also become criminals, phishing new field.

On the other hand, the domain name free of charge to be fishing crime "hotbed".
The report points out, in recent years, along with the . TK, . CO.CC, . PL as the representative of the domain name free of charge in large numbers, which reduces phishing crime cost. According to statistics, from January to November of 2011, union processing using more free domain fishing site number 15931, more than 43% of the total number of concurrent processing


have much deep

"Medium wait income trap" actually have much deep?
On December 12, the Chinese agency section, hospital releases 《the industry competition ability blue skin book 》, call according to the standard of 2011 World Bank, China already become medium first-class income nation, face face to face the economic growth slows down, person all income high"medium etc. income trap" test.solar module cell

Blue skin book points out that the World Bank will carry on adjustment to the classification of nation in July, every year, according to shoulding go standard for 2011 years, China has already been been included in "medium first-class income nation".Before the mid 80's in 20th century, China has been belonging to the low income national row or column;Afterward start following the row of medium etc. income nation;After more than 10 years of effort, and then the etc. income nation became national in the first-class income from low.The there being expert points out for this, a lot of nations in the middle of becoming face the harassment of "in wait income trap" after waiting an income nation, then become in etc. the income national future reunion chaperonage economy increase tired, person all the phenomenon of income level hard exaltation, this phenomenon first in pull a beautiful region to appear, subsequently start appearing in some Asia nations.solar panels

In fact, for"in wait income trap", now we how much some"sensitive"s excesssive.Press the data that the World Bank announces for example, the latest income cent set standard in 2008 is:Person all citizen's income is lower than USD 975 as low income nation, between USD 976-3855 for in etc. was partial to income nation, between USD 3856-11905 for in etc. be partial to income nation, is higher than USD 11906 as high income nation.But data in website in statistics bureau in the nation suggests, in 2010 our country GDP(GDP) is 40,120,200,000,000 dollars, equal to person all USD 4277.According to this person all income level, the our country really gets into medium etc. is partial to income nation.

But, person all citizen's gross earnings(with others all GDP mostly equal) and others all the income is two totally different concepts, person all citizen's income attain medium etc. be partial to level, and be unequal to a person all the income attain medium etc. be partial to level.Currently, in addition to minority of persons of"enrich first", the great majority person still keeps being placed in the level of low income, while"medium wait income" taking an average don't represent whole top residents' income to come to an as well medium etc. be partial to income level.For example, a year the person of income 10,000,000 dollars, and 100 year income 50,000 dollars of, an is a person on the average 150,000 dollars all, do this 100 people all already arrive to be partial to income in etc.?Obviously can not the so simple type compare.solar modules

Medium etc. is partial to the concept of income to mean to have in addition to owning fixed housing, car etc. modernization consumption, the sons and daughters can accept better education, the year income is rather plentiful, enough daily medical treatment, education, recreation etc. need and pay, can also have the certain spare money carries on some save, stock certificate, collect etc. of investment.Now then, more families for coping with a loan to buy building and sons and daughters education and daily life consume, "moonlight clan" already very universal, in some big cities, because the commodity price level is higher, the day leads still pretty nervously, even if the month is income 561000 dollars of, this kind of income appearance can say is in is etc. partial to income?


since network

The native product"the male rises", since network

The advertisement publicity that doesn't is extensive, have no luxurious show off the purpose is elegant to pack, the classic native product of "not known to public" protects a skin article, in very short time inside welcomed for a bright and beautiful spring, not only deeply be subjected to fancy of the middle age and old people, but also become young white to get lately to spoil, the sale quantity keeps a super popular cosmetics.The sale exploded on fire of network power the head and extoling of net friend it may be said perform feats.Gaosuibuyou Thailand

The reporter discovers in the cosmetics store of some website, Phoenix glycerin of 100 Qiao Lings sells records and then attains more than 3000s, while"big treasure eye bag frost""laurel blossom honey" waits already and breaks goods greater half for year.On the network, the number of "classic native product group""the native product protects a skin group" is keeping on increment and follow the invitation card that the native product protects a skin article drive the net friends more the Lei is more high and support the voice of old native product gradually loud and clear.

The net previous public praise invitation card spreads and dug out a is forgotten of"classic", these of generation or Zu generation that are "classic" to pass father, verified their value, so devolution of advertisement backlog many years.

The D reminds:The reasonableness consumes not heel breeze

The grandmother class native product protects the skin article old tree to deliver a new, various fire explodes of the classic old-brand product re- get into people's visual field, but while choosing or have to be rational, not blindness and breeze."In the process of looking for to suit own cosmetics, the native product is also good, popular let it be, everyone is equal.Choose thing not is see brand, but want to see quality and see a product suitable isn't suitable for himself/herself."A net friend says.


heat generates electricity

The heat generates electricity to have whole yearses to always generate electricity quantity in 202030%poly bags

In June, 2011, the national hair changes Wei promulgation implementation of 《the industrial structure adjust guide catalogue 》medium, solar energy light hot generate electricity is put in encouragement and add the initial position of new energy door.Till 2020, the national solar energy light Fu electricity stands the total capacity attain 2,000,000,000,000,000 tiles, the solar energy heat generates electricity total capacity to also attain 2,000,000,000,000,000 tiles.973(nation point foundation research plan) Chinese electricity associations vice- chairman of the board yellow Xiangs estimate, till 2020, the Chinese light heat generates electricity market scale to reach to 22.5-30 dollars, the heat generates electricity a total amount to have whole yearses to always generate electricity 30%-40% of quantity.Gaosuibuyou Thailand

"Because the light heat generated electricity to make up light Fu and the breeze new energies, such as electricity and subterranean heat...etc. unsteady and discontinuous etc. blemish, many nations energy in the future programs its fixed position of lieutenant general as the foundation burden of the electric power.Anticipate according to the western countries, generate electricity cost to approach a coal electricity behind the solar energy heat the cost is for 15-20 years."State civilization, " light heat generates electricity to follow scale more great cost more low regulation.Currently, the industry widespreadly approves of the scale is 1,000,000,000,000,000 tiles, the scale attains the light heat electricity station of 1,000,000,000,000,000 tiles to generate electricity cost to decline till 0.7-0.8 dollars every kilowatt-hour.plastic bags supplier

In 2011, along with nation light the Fu gets to the Internet implementation and solar energy of giving or getting an electric shock the price light Fu industry development"25" program successive promulgation implementation, China light Fu industry scale gradually enlarge, internationalize degree to add to build up more, but the industry development also faces supply and demand disequalibrium severity and business enterprise profits the space is continuously squeezed, the profession competition adds more vehemence, in addition the United States"the double is anti-" trade survey, the profession integrate to avoid etc. disadvantageous situation.Face situation like this, light Fu how should the industry mislead to"double Gao"?How shoulded once carry hot devotion to the supply?How should to the hard nut to crack of industry integration cost Gao?How to reply only the Fu item"also the net is difficult"?How should excessively depend on an international market hard nut to crack to the light Fu product?Owing to the prospect of the above-mentioned situation and the problem analysis, this text put forward to further promote light the Fu generate electricity a strategic position, enlarge strength for development for norm profession and guide industry effective integration, perfect light the Fu generate electricity combine net technique and standard, quickly the start is local light Fu market etc. counterplan and suggestion.

2011 BE"25" of open the year of bureau, is also Chinese only Fu industry in the middle of the development progress the nottest usual year, after experiencing "15" last phaseses of high-speed development, the industry development beginning follows to adjust a period.The development prospects of fluctuating also caused the deep concern of the all levels government, such as 1.15 dollars in the nation|the getting to the Internet of degree give or get an electric shock a price policy set, 《can the renewable energy develop "25" programmings 》, 《the solar energy light Fu industry development"25" programming 》and 《the solar energy generate electricity "25" to program 》etc. will soon promulgate implementation and lay solid foundation for the industry follow-up development.Prospect 2012, the light Fu industry will face complications to much change of domestic and international situation, current light the Fu generates electricity cost to quickly descend, newly arisen light the Fu market quickly grows to wait beneficial development trend, and then has the serious supply and demand the disequalibrium, the western countries"anti-dumping and anti- subsidy" big stick threatens etc. disadvantageous factor.toner


jump about

My heart is that you jump about
You just know after walking you are how important, just know that I how loved you.

The smell that fallen asleep to fill the air you in the ex- air, you always have you the illusion for coming back after walking and grow crazy every day of think of you.I ain't a person of honesty and also love you but don't dare to admit.Be always more stingy than to say that:I love you.Seem to be to you to say you now but already not at.

Dear of, you give too manily, I just understand now.Now but only have tears and recollection of each , probably person always at real lose after just know to don't cherish well, time wanted to cherish well but have already lost forever.Tell oneself is used to good, but in the time of deep night always own out of hearing heart palpitates, because she carry you on her back take..

Think you hold close I am like previously, you walked, how I will be so regretful.Although dominated our feelings,have no can dominate own heart.The heart that deeply engraves your name to slowly jump about didn't belong to me any further.Become accustomed to a pair of person's beds to have you half, now but change thus to get empty to concuss.Can not hear any further your gentleness' saying kissing Anne and only enjoying blackness alone now.I always can not forget you hug me and once walked together the time that makes the person think of.As long as have you of tie down, just don't feel to resemble Huang ···the whole everythings all pull last purdah, but the thoughts and feelings stay around you and my come and go.

Also remember the commitment for once kissing, now our permanence but all have already no longer belonged to each other.Let go a love I but disguise inhospitality again and again, wait you first say breaking up.Begging your pardonning my isn't mature and forgive my birdbrain and forgive I put you walk and forgive I didn't explain too many turn round to walk.

Will start me tomorrow would ever face didn't you of after, those fine appearances are always broadcasting.But already broken up heart how put together past of fine.Strange that a moment words say too heavily, all details have been already lost control.The finger tip of following you closely is from the my hand slide but have no dint to save, the heart is like the pinprick general ache, that a moment just understands, and originally my heart jump about for you.


technical term

Solar energy technical term
Light Fu matrix or generate electricity a plank(Photovoltaic Array)

The solar energy generates electricity plank to establish or merges a conjunction to together form matrix.

The Zu flows diode(Blocking Diode)solar cell

Use to prevent°fro anti- to the electric current, in the middle of generating electricity a plank, the Zu flows diode to use to keep electric current from flying to 1 or several expiration or have already hidden a generating electricity of shadow plank(or a series of solar energies generate electricity plank) up.On the period in nighttime or low electricity run off, keep electric current from flying to from the storage battery light Fu to generate electricity plank matrix."

The light Fu generates electricity system balance(BOS or Balance of System-photovoltaic)

The light Fu generates electricity system in addition to generating electricity plank matrix of part.For example switch, control appearance, the electric power Wen Kong's equipments, the matrix props up structure and keeps to give or get an electric shock module an etc..solar water

Bypass diode(Bypass Diode)

BE generates electricity the diode that the plank merges with light Fu.Use to come to provide another electric current thoroughfare when the optoelectronics plank is hidden shadow or breakdown.

Solar cell(Solar Cell also calls Photovoltaic Cell)

The solar cell is the module that the solar energy generates electricity least in plank.Solar cell is pass optoelectronics effect or photochemistry effect to directly make the light converting into the electric power can of device.

Solar panel(Solar Panel also calls Photovoltaic Module or Photovoltaic Panel)

Solar panel is the solar energy generates electricity system in of the core part is also a solar energy to generate electricity to be worth of the tallest part in the system.Solar panel is have several solar cells establish of aggregation.Its function converts the radiation ability of the sun as electric power, or sends to to save in the storage battery, or push a loading.Quality and cost of solar panel will directly decide the quality and cost of the whole system.solar ingot

Refresh a display(form)(Charge Monitor|Meter)

In order to measure the device of electric current ampere quantity, ampere form.
" Use to control storage battery to refresh speed and|or refresh appearance of the device Be linked to light Fu to generate electricity an of plank matrix and storage battery set.Its main function is to prevent°from storage battery drive only the Fu generate electricity plank to excessively refresh, in the meantime supervision light the Fu generate electricity matrix with|or the electric voltage of storage battery."


security " stomach"

24 hours of security " stomach"
Protecting stomach stomach in addition to the proper diet, one day has eight hours are stomach protecting critical moments.
The stomach is an important human organ, all nutrients are to pass its processing can be used by the body. There are many people not to treat it, irregular diet, smoking and so on will make the stomach hurts. For this, we invite nutrition and digestive department experts to formulate a plan for 24 hours." Stomach".
7: 00 early morning a cup of warm boiling water. The morning wash after half a cup to drink a cup of warm boiling water, can replenish water, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help gastrointestinal ready for breakfast ready.
8: 00 best breakfast time. Breakfast is best to get up in 1 hours after lunch, and the interval of 4 hours. Long term do not eat breakfast easily lead to nutritional imbalance, and increase the risk of the risk of gallstones.
12: 00 do not immediately take a nap after lunch. Lunch time as far as possible not abundant, fast immediately after the dinner ready for work. After dinner the best quiet for a little while, ensure the blood flows to large gastrointestinal, make it work. In addition, not immediately take a nap after lunch, the best rest sleep again.
14: 00 a cigarette after a meal, to see fairies. Smoking can cause vasoconstriction, gastric protection capacity variation. At the same time, nicotine, nicotine and other poisons will enter the saliva, which may lead to gastric ulcer.
16: 00 meals most protect "stomach". PM if hungry, can be appropriate to add a little fruit dessert, prolonged fasting is easy to lead to gastric ulcer and gastrointestinal disorders.
19: 00 stand for half an hour after supper. Have gastroesophageal reflux, try not to lie or sit down meal, so that the acid will reflux into the esophagus, so that aggravate the symptoms. Postprandial best to stand for half an hour, but don't do strenuous exercise, otherwise easy to indigestion.
20: 00 after having meal 1 hours don't do" couch potato". This is most easily when fat accumulation, try not to sit in front of the television when" couch potato", can walk or jog.
22: 00 before try not to eat. Drink milk before going to bed is not everyone's" health prescription". This will stimulate gastric acid and bile secretion, stomach bad people do not eat best.


Watch, a coast

Long time no write something, once most loved characters, but also in the waste one's time, gradually forgotten
I've always thought that I would live with text dealing with everyday life, wandering in the village Siangkou or noisy street or the desert to find the so-called inspiration
Don't know what to think, or did not want anything, just silently.
Through 23 years, once Cheng Xiaobei has quickly by years of honed impenetrable, not sad, not easy to fall, more fragile heart, shell will be more hard!
Outside the sparse under a light rain, watching television is very popular with recent date meeting, look at those men and women, a smile, with lofty vision, look at the opposite Lang Cai or looks, without thought of his aunt, said you have to hurry to find a more drag on, looking for more not good, my silent
That sunny afternoon, and happy together go to temple to worship Buddha, I am very devout worship the Buddha for signing, and is married, sign that my marriage is five hundred years ago to the solution, can't help laughing, signed people say, but do not believe! This is indicative of the buddha! So very pious and signed a paper, went out to climb the mountain temple,, maybe long had no movement, back leg pain for a few days
Today 's dinner, aunt said with a smile, not long to eat so much fat? Do not know when, I want to lose weight it would stay on the tip of my tongue, although not really trying to lose weight, does not seem to have the whole body is uncomfortable
It seems that several weeks without back in Jingxian County, little miss, just don't want to go back, every time the back especially struggled
Nana married also failed to go to her wedding! Unfortunately, the age of innocence, are we still talking about who would be the first to do the bride, is it right? The discussion now, who will make the 3S lady?
Sometimes very naughty, occasionally joke with you, let you laugh very bright when, to shake you up, said to wake up, to work, will let you quickly down time, reach out and hold you, hold you in my arms, gently tell you, baby, don't be afraid, so in be subject to changing moods of the ever-changing time space, I also learned how to calm, all look pale, not too pessimistic, is not too optimistic, easy to see Yunjuanyunshu
Mother send the information back to say baby, sleep! Very pleased, ha-ha, at least someone called me baby, and will forever be my baby, just think," baby" these two words from the mouth to be who I shouted out!
The stomach has suffered, faint, fortunately, already custom, habit really terrible, it will slowly invading your each part of the body, until will swallow you
What to expect? Oh, it is a terrible habit!
Now the world is emphasizing " understand", select a person when, say, he ( she ) know me, breaking up can say you don't know me! Everyone wants to find a understand themselves, what is know for myself, I don't even understand myself, how do you expect others to understand me!
Never pretend to like transformers, even if the pain of death, when asked, only faint answer, I'm fine
I'm fine, I'm fine!

non-agricultural data

The gold dollar, waiting for the non-agricultural data
It is reported: the New York Federal Reserve on Thursday ( December 1st) said in a statement, the Fed will in December 13 for approximately $45000000000 to buy bonds operation, and in the same period in 7 for $52000000000 to sell debt operation.

Before, the Federal Open Market Committee in September meeting on interest rates decision, in 2012 6 before the end of the month to buy $400000000000 6 years period to the 30 period of bonds, and in the same period to sell the same scale for three years or more short-term debt. The Fed will also be at the end of each release next month to buy and sell tentative plan.plastic bags

We think the dollar QE monetary policy, the price of gold from $1000 an ounce to $1320 an ounce of nearby, after QE2 monetary policy to the gold of the relative value of from 1320 to $1520 an ounce of nearby, until 2011 6 at the end of the United States, two rounds of the relaxed monetary policy officially ended, but the two rounds of monetary policy, not to change the existing American symptoms and global symptoms, so, the United States government hand open banknote printing machine, twisted to rescue the market, at the end of 6 to purchase for $400000000000 in the United States 30 year treasury, on the other hand, drive up the United States debt ceiling, from $14.6, to $16, the market price began to seriously crazy, price distortion and expansion, a position to 1920, appear serious bubble, finally in September of this year, return to the QE2 era of gold, but $400000000000, and $16 federal debt ceiling, would not let the gold stays too long in 1550. Later, the price began to return, return to the relative equilibrium price, in 1680 ~ 1700.

The price of gold just into the consolidation range, the United States government announced a $45000000000 plan to buy bonds operation. This gave the gold price, bring about a new round of rally driving force. We expect next year, gold, the basic will be in 1750 above. Not even out of its price continues to twist up, even new highs near $2000 an ounce or spying.

In addition, the market veteran, also in the estimate, the United States the first quarter of next year to the two quarter, the QE3 will run, the capital scale, at present unknown. Once the QE3 out, gold rise in power and below the 1700 support belt will be relatively more powerful. Before, our analysis points out, QE3 come on stage, need two basic conditions: first, the price remained stable, in two, the unemployment rate is relatively improved.costume jewelry

So, tonight's non-farm data, so we have to pay attention to, because it is this year, finally announced the first non-agricultural data. According to the United States market think: 11 rose after the transfer of population of blame farming obtain employment change ( people ) + 122000 data for + 8 so, if published data such as expected, so the price of gold and silver prices will be reduced, thereby forming a clear to adjust the pattern of shocks. For the next year on do sufficient time to prepare.

Technical aspects:
From morphology, showing a huge triangle, so, we think, at present, is likely to continue in the big triangle, a correction, for the future of breakthrough time set. In addition, a hand-drawn chart show on Christmas, a time window. This window will choose gold an important trend, at present, we believe, is to have a greater chance of.

Silver form of on-line display of a large triangle, space overall, much greater than gold. Therefore, we fold it, a simple morphological analysis, silver is expected may go shake upward trend. So the relative will have a relative wide and severe shock wave pattern.


decline blood sugar

Three text fishes wait 5 kinds of foods to decline blood sugar
The blood sugar is high is isn't that be used not to eat high sugar food?Not also.Still want "double the feet counteract", eat some foods that decline sugar the accommodation is just.

The food matches absurdity to induct to even aggravate diabetes, but also has some foods to greatly have an advantage to the condition of control diabetes.Recently, "Yahoo net" in the United States carried a text to tally up"5 kinds of super control sugar of food".

Wild three text fishes.The University of California in the United States researcher discovers that wild enrich to contain in three text fishes of rice Qie in Europe-3 fatty acidses, ameliorable insulin sensitivity and decrease burning disease.75% diabetes death case, all in fact because the heart dirty disease or stroke cause.《New England medical science magazine 》publish a 17- years research and discover, raise rice Qie in blood Central Europe-3 fatty acids levels can lower the abrupt death danger of heart attack.

The beginning squeezes olive oil.《The Medicine learns cultural heritage 》magazine publish a research to suggest, the olive oil is rich to contain single unsaturated fatty acid and contribute to lowering blood sugar and blood pressure.Still imply anti- oxidizing agent the olive oil stimulate Quan, can lower C reaction egg white, decrease burning disease occurrence, then alleviate the condition of diabetes.

Bean.The bean is rich to contain cellulose and magnesium, the former contributes to raising blood sugar and bearing and being subjected to dint, but for the latter, a research that involves 85,0003 and tries in Harvard University discover, absorbs a magnesium more person, its diabetes falls ill risk and lowers 30%.

Onions.It is the important food source of trace element chrome.The research discovers that the chrome contributes to a human body to more availably make use of insulin and keeps a blood sugar stability.《Biochemistry 》the magazine publish a research and will discover in the near future, the chrome is an insulin to build up.A cup livings onions or the half cup familiar onions to contain 24 tiny gram of chromes.(the healthy guidebook recommends a day to absorb to measure to 25~35 tiny gram of)

Nut.The single unsaturated fatty acid in the nut is sour to contribute to conversing insulin of holdout.Every day eat nut can also make the heart attack on the sick list risk lowered 35%.《Metabolize 》the magazine carried a text to say, the almond is that the nut head choose, Be rich to contain protein and anti- oxidizing agent because of it, often eating can lower to rise sugar index number.There is another research discovering, eat 5 dangers that women of peanut butters contract 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease to lower 20% every week.