Don't see you any further

The someone ever has been having very silly wishes.Hopes the setting sun of horizon to arrive cape to the limits of the earth, hope chase oneself that sad but beautiful early puckery feelings, or that juniority is rash but the idea still didn't exert of intense emotion, become to belong to him and her ambiguous writing, the witness is the romance for being engraved in one's hard.

However, when this wishes has been already carried out of time.He and she, but face the throb of difference.This kind of palpitate, is the Zhan Su of his soul and don't give up!Black dress

This Hou, that he sits a sofa of leather in a certain guest house, the ground of Yan Yan takes out smoke, don't know this is that he sits take out here of which root smoke.In the eruptive smoke, he in an absent sort of way looking at after death the playing cards of the Xi Xi Rangs Rang voice and at present computer and seem each thing of this world take inhospitality to wipe a shoulder but lead, seeming everybody is all busy, while the all these imitates Buddhas to all have nothing to do with him.

He, very bad!

She, lovely!Day dresses

But he and she are all first love of the other party.

He made track for her for five years, she drive vexed five years.

The dime of a certain caf'e in 2009, she finally cans not stands his vexed, let him overbearingly hug, let him kiss, make her jump a claim again to guard for 15 years of beginning kiss with romance, start the first time she played truant career and started she thought to will be like similar love in the fairy tale ……

So, they loved each other and made the person feel unimaginable beside.So"made by nature" of 1 rightness, can also walk to arrive together!

He knows that she is unsuited to proper she very clearly, but more certain is that she can't say breaking up.He just consumes etc., or as for affair that do to make her disgust, until one day the girl finally can not stand his kind change, as if not the same person attitude or wait until time again dated have to decide, oneself chooses to leave.

Half year discovers behind that she can like previous have never acquainted with of stranger or classmate, make his a bolt from the blue, just understand she isn't to do want to fall in love, but don't want to love oneself again and revealed is that she don't want to fall in love with herself.

He isn't a sage and have mankind's feelings to have of-can not let go!

Even if oneself loves deeply of the girl have already hated and loved to him, but like the time of another person again, he or just as since go toward of like her.After know this affair, this Hou of he, have to bury the love in the heart in mind.Didn't overdo, also have no false, didn't even be not strong, he is purely to miss her happiness.

Even if, her happiness not the ability is him to of!

Finally, a certain, the girl is again aroused by the boy's cordiality.

Immediately after, another 2 people magnificent and victoriously loved each other and seemed to was alternative, but had two secrets that person doesn't behave to know!

Lets the girl discovers the boy's essence for a month madly in love is don't agree with with own personality.At he time and time again and she put forward to break up of the last time, she after the calm thinking and the painful choice, broke up with 2 people last time generally definitely cut off and inhospitality, freed to his to piteously entreat and requested to stay, 2 people finally and thoroughly parted company.Fashionable women's

Day of loving each other inside, he paid with her the most unselfish emotion and dedication in the life.

Just, she doesn't really know real intentions that he says breaking up and from the heart!

Just, he doesn't really know surface and some intentional behavior that she sees a boy, let her got hurt!

Just, 【she doesn't really know that the boy likes own of the pain-suffering bury between the heart, is that he pretended while facing current affairs for a kind of super take off natural carriage.look forward to and is discovered, the but again doesn't want to be seen through. 】

Just, 【he doesn't really know a girl that can some exhausted tender hearts, in fact really think to love a lifetime with her, can she also needs for the sake of own future but hard with pursue the fantasy that he could not see!】

In fact, girl and he understand the other party very much.Because, the girl intruded into his world, he also equally intruded into the boy's world and had to belong to the fine love that they conduct mutually!Because, the girl together once was sweet as well with him and happy.Because, the boy also likes to usually stir and try to please a girl!

Be not?-This is his explanation to the girl!

Have a few hours again, he will with outside a certain classroom of this county city, she do the last time to in brief say good-bye.The head that lifts an eye to hope the computer in front a certain blackness is like, that is that he loves deeply of she, consign his life.At the moment of she just on a comfortable bed, have beautiful dream.He doesn't want to see her finally impatient or irksome appearance, so he chose with this special letter, Be respectively Be in remembrance of.

This dark of the head space for being like, have him and she ever since after breaking up on May 10, he tells to what she remembered fondly every day, but she is really don't know.She, a very stupid but again is lovely, let a person self-contradictory good girl, his junior high school classmate, his first love, his girl friend, consigning of his life.But from today after, she isn't his girl friend any more, no longer is that to make him painful and make what him annoyed dear.

Order to open space, adjust one of her photograph, those are what girl and friend turn over to clap down while taking off strawberry, have been staying in her space, wherever he arrives, leisure of time he will the habit but some no time for waiting grounds open to looking at and looking at this to make his Chi let quietly he wildly let his crazy evil girl.

Or this habit, move old sky of, can can make him leave the photograph of girl's son, the bosom loves in the later life.

The right wears

Women's fashions

1833 Fashion Plate: evening dress (left) and two day dresses.Ha. Shares one about wedding dress's good news. cheap wedding dressesThe wedding dress regarding participated in wedding ceremony's person is unusual important. Therefore we want the earnest choice. May elect to the cheap wedding dress.

The lady on the right wears a fichu-pelerine.

By the later 1830s, fullness was moving from the upper to the lower sleeves. This day dress of 1836–40 features shirring on the fitted upper sleeves; Victoria and Albert Museum.

This portrait shows the pleated panels of fabric that trim the gown around the bust and shoulders,Each people hoped that has an outstanding evening dress
cheap evening dressesHow to find a cheap evening dress. And may succeed attracts everybody attention the evening dress? This is many person's aspirations. and the method of gathering fullness in the large sleeves. 1832.


In the 1830s, fashionable women's clothing styles had distinctive large "leg of mutton" or "gigot" sleeves, above large full conical skirts, ideally with a narrow, low waist between (achieved through corseting).[5] The bulkiness of women's garments both above and below the waist was intended to make the waist look smaller than it was — this was the final repudiation of any last lingering aesthetic influences of the Empire silhouette of ca. 1795–1825. Heavy stiff fabrics such as brocades came back into style, and many 18th-century gowns were brought down from attics and cut up into new garments.On-line has discovered taylor made suits accidentally taylor made suitsClothes' appearance is highlights individual disposition an important part. The combination of sloping shoulders and sleeves which were very large over most of the arm (but narrowing to a small cuff at the wrist) is quite distinctive to the day dresses of the 1830s.

Pelerines, or lace coverings draped over the shoulders, were popular (one of several devices, along with full upper-arm sleeves and wide necklines, to emphasize the shoulders and their width).


The fashionable feminine figure, with its sloping shoulders, rounded bust, narrow waist and full hips, was emphasized in various ways with the cut and trim of gowns. To about 1835, the small waist was accentuated with a wide belt (a fashion continuing from the 1820s). Later the waist and midriff were unbelted but cut close to the body, and the bodice began to taper to a small point at the front waist.Many women like buying the shoe, there bought a pair of cheap woman shoe to become woman's common aspiration
cheap women shoesIs many women students buys the shoes first choice. The fashionable corset now had gores to individually cup the breasts, and the bodice was styled to emphasize this shape.

Evening gowns had very wide necklines and short, puffed sleeves reaching to the elbow from a dropped shoulder, and were worn with mid-length gloves. The width at the shoulder was often emphasized by gathered or pleated panels of fabric arranged horizontally over the bust and around the shoulders.

Day dresses generally had high necklines, and shoulder width was emphasized with tippets or wide collars that rested on the gigot sleeves. Summer afternoon dresses might have wide, low necklines similar to evening dresses, but with long sleeves. Skirts were pleated into the waistband of the bodice,The jewelry is the woman most loves. The cheap fashion jewelry is a first choice
cheap fashion jewelryIs some women must, unfolds their savoring.
and held out with starched petticoats of linen or cotton.

Around 1835, the fashionable skirt-length for middle- and upper-class women's clothes dropped from ankle-length to floor-length.


Mei tries to multiply

The outside Mei tries to multiply by Hu high speed railway in the city very excitement
On the 27th, more than 200s Chinese and Foreign media reporter's experience will soon break through on June 30 of Hu high speed railway in the city.《Round-the-world Times 》the reporter on the spot discover, the outside Mei is very interested in the trip of this high speed railway, large numbers of foreign reporters carry on the shoulder an equipments and trail a box, and"in full battle array" ground participation experiences personally a type interview this time.According to the statistics, 113 foreign country medium(205 people) took part in is declared by the central outside to do this time, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Department HongKong-Macau do, State Department set do, the railroad department associately organize of the trial run of Hu high speed railway in the city.Set HongKong-Macau the medium also come to 28, 42 reporters."Experience personally the opportunity that the Chinese high speed develops can not definitely miss" the Italian reporter whom 1 goes together says,An Uninterruptible Power.

When Hu high speed railway in the city started soon 300 kilometers and 250 kilometers of two railroad trains of speed grades.Soon 300 kilometers of sets that move a car stand to°from the south of Peking arched bridge station in Shanghai most short time for 4 hours 48 divide, 《round-the-world Times 》reporter this experience of is this to move a car.What reporter embarked is one etc. car compartment, walk into car compartment, both sides respectively is of 2+2 types chair, lead a way to feel that the ratio other railroad trains and airplanes are all a little bit spacious.

The reporter hears business car compartment the chair has much of a special feature, Be discovered by observation, the here chair is as just about as the first class cabin of the airplane, the red, leather and hand feeling is comfortable.The right side arm-rest contains button and passes a choice, can be divided into a chair three kinds of postures, the feet department can also lengthen.The traveller is even to lie chair up, be like to lie on a single bed, sit after the chair the cover hull of department, can promise the passenger's private, the right hand upper part has 1 to bend to fold of LED light, convenience reading.Hu high speed railway in the city also has to raise very greatly in the humanized aspect, there is disable and sick person in the car compartment appropriation bathroom, the space is aer lot of than common bathroom generous, as long as you lightly press button, the door can automatically open to shut.In addition to taking an of having the arm-rest then, the bathroom inside also has the infant the nursing set, inside place in the wall noodles, lightly a pull and then can stretch.The reporter also discovers that this railroad train returns ad hoc 5 to protect a Jie member, it is said that protecting the Jie standard and five-star hotel is equalThe fellow experts.

Close to day by day along with the date of inauguration, the concern of foreign medium to high speed railway is also more and more high.The reporter discovers in the car compartment, a few reporters of Canada, England, France and Brazil etc. country round original railroad bureau in Zheng Zhou bureau chief Xu Yi's development to mine to visit.Xu Yi Fa is 62 years old this year and arrive an electric power motorcycle and move a car set from the steam motorcycle, I.C. engine car, all of him once opened.His special experience to also let a foreign reporter the abnormality is interested in, problem concentration at the technique advantage of Chinese high speed railway is where, the foreign country can usher in this technique.Two German reporters at cover director Wei from Hu high speed railway incorporated company engineering department in city strong, more concern of is city Hu high speed railway safety, luck camp cost and the advantage comparing with airplane is where etcThe Chinese IDC..

Periodically carry

Periodically carry on supporting a work to UPS the power:Inside the clearance machine of accumulate a dust, measure the electric voltage of storage battery set, replace unqualified battery, the check fan revolves the system parameter that circumstance and examination regulate UPS etc..Maintenance regulation this text of UPS the power introduced storage battery to float Chong characteristic.

(1)Float to refresh to press floating of storage battery to refresh to flow should satisfy to compensate battery from turn on electricity electric current and maintenance oxygen cycle of demand.The lead sour battery floats to refresh to press to press a row empirical formula assurance:Float to refresh to press=open a new road electric voltage+turn electric voltage (electrolyte specific weight+0.85)very much=V+(0.10~0.18)the V valve controls storage battery of the electrolyte specific weight is a 1.30 gs|cm 3, then open a new road the electric voltage as 2.15 Vs, the past single body battery floats to refresh to press to take 2.25 ± 0.02 Vs|(25 ℃ ).

(2)The deviation(static state deviation and dynamic state deviation) valve that carries electric voltage controls the carrying of storage battery set electric voltage deviation to have two kinds of, 1 kind is quiet to place the electric voltage of appearance of deviation, then open a new road the deviation of electric voltage, this kind of deviation should not over 20 mVs;Two is a dynamic state deviation, then float Chong appearance deviation, this deviation value at float Chong movement to throw in bigger in the early years, circulated 2~3 month future reunions gradual decrease.This is in order to circulating the early oxygen cycle compound appearance still unsteady result in, along with circulate horary increment, the oxygen cycle compound appearance will gradually stabilize and carry electric voltage deviation gradual decrease.So, float the carrying of Chong movement appearance electric voltage deviation value, is bigger than to calm down to place appearance.While floating to refresh to press variety on the average, the deviation is worth also in the variety, float to refresh to press on the average more high, deviation enlarge, whereas the deviation let up, but disproportionate.The surplus capacity of the battery with float Chong to circulate the height that the battery of appearance carries electric voltage have no direct relation, hard from in judgment the battery carry its surplus of electric voltage Gao to have great capacity and carry electric voltage low of its surplus capacity is small.

(3)The value that floats to refresh to flow to float to refresh to flow If should satisfy to compensate battery of from turn on electricity electric current Is and the oxygen compound electric current Ir.Consequently:If ≥ Is+the Ir valve controls the seal completely type lead sour battery it from turn on electricity a rate is pimping, so corresponding to float to refresh to flow a value is also very low.The Japanese standard settles capacity to descend it in 80% sums a day and night from turn on electricity a rate to be no bigger than 0.2%, even if press 1% calculation, then storage battery of from turn on electricity electric current while stipulating temperature(20 ℃ or 25 ℃ ), Is=(C 10|24)×(1|100)=0.00042 C10 A, press the unit Anne's chronometer calculate Is=0.42 mAs|Ah.Again in consideration of the demand that the oxygen cycle reunites, float to refresh to flow to take If=1 mA|the Ah can already satisfy a request.Because from turned on electricity in the middle of the electric current(Is) a big part was used for plank grid corrosion, but the oxygen reunited electric current because of oxygen compound the existence of efficiency, just among them the small part was used to resolve water.Thus, different plank grid material, different manufacturing craft, it floats to refresh to flow to certainly also have a dissimilarity.Floating to refresh to flow is more small and then as well mean to the corrosion electric current of plank grid and used for the electric current that water exhausts also more small.

An Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS, UPS Power Supply is one of the most cost-effective ways to provide clean high quality power without any break in supply.

(4)Movement life span and plank grid that float to refresh to flow to relate to storage battery with life span decay velocity and lose water to contain closely related degree.The corrosion of plank grid has something to do with sulfuric acid density and electrolyte temperature of electrolyte under same metal alloy material condition:When the battery floats to refresh to press more high, and the electrolyte specific weight is as well high, and float to refresh to flow again greatly, then to the corrosion velocity of plank grid also big, certanly will as well cause temperature's going up, lose water speed, the floating of storage battery Chong movement life span also lowers.A little bit smallly float to refresh to flow will obtain higher float Chong movement of life span.

1.Support time, have to carry on under the sistuation that shut down, the in order to prevent internal high pressure produces an electricity to leave to make the son triggered igbt to result in equipments' breaking down.
2.If having ups the power that maintain the bypass can turn to after maintaining bypass, the maintenance but inner part still takes an electricity at this time.

3. ups the power supports a front as to it's have to carry on from turn on electricity, the square can carry on

4.Support the tool usage vacuum type the hair dryer must can not use wet pack then


developing overcomes

The developing overcomes for the king, outlet
With patience conduct for six cold hot spring autumns, in 2011 summer, continent clear science and technology finally wins the approbation of investor by oneself real strenght, smoothly complete IPO also will become an A to start a business plank market new member.ourney industry

The 6 years completion goes together process for more than 10 years
The continent clear science and technology incorporated company in Shenzhen City establishes in 2004.Only six years, the company leads at president Mr. Lin 洺 Feng under, already become top-class LED in China applied product manufacturing service company, develop speed to focus attention the profession.60 patents of company acquire authorization currently, and 32 patent applications are accepted.The company is the guo jia class high new technique business enterprise, "15" periods the item of the guo jia"863 plan" cooperation unit, is given titles, such as"strategic newly arisen industry in Guangdong province cultivates a business enterprise" and"area science and technology innovation reward of Anne from treasure in Shenzhen City"...etc.;LED shows to hold and illuminate related item be also reviewed for"modern industry item in Guangdong 500 strong".

The continent clear science and technology main business duty is colourful for LED all of high pure economy energy to show to hold and LED economize on energy the development of illuminating the product, production and sale, the product applies realm vast.Among them, LED shows to hold a product to mainly be applied to large and outdoor medium to advertise, the exhibition realms, such as demonstration and literary style activity, transportation inducement...etc.;LED's economizing on energy lighting product is mainly applied to high bright and low energy-consuming street lamp, industrial business lighting and domestic expenses lighting etc. realm.2010 two kinds of products take up 93.0% and 6.7% of the operating revenue respectively.

LED shows to hold is rises for the last few years of new show a screen, have to economize on energy an environmental protection and bright degree of Gao, long life span, the appearance is clear to dazzle colourful, can show dynamic state appearance and writing and can see scope vast, can make into area according to the need etc. arbitrarily characteristics,United States therefore is thought is in addition to cellular phone, computer and the fourth out of the television hold.

Seeing from development trend, whole colourful show to hold to will be the main direction that LED shows to hold a future development.Compare traditional outdoor medium light box, neon light and Ci to turn over plank etc., and list, double color LED show to hold, whole colourful show that holding to have is low to consume, economize on energy, bright degree Gao, show effect excellent etc. comprehensive advantage.Though all of LED China is colourful to show to hold a development of the history isn't long, but the development is very quick.Be subjected to a benefit at Peking Olympic Games in 2008~2010 years, new China establishes the push of 60 anniversary large activities, such as Ta-ching and World Exposition...etc., all of LED China are colourful to show to hold a market to appear a high-speed growth.2010~2013 the middle of the years optical Chinese photoelectron profession association predicts, , all of country LED is colourful to show to hold a market of year all growth rate will stable about 30%, till 2013, all of LED China are colourful to show to hold market scale to anticipate to attain 18,793,000,000 dollars and have LED China to show to hold market scale about 78%.

Continent clear science and technology is the talent person of younger generation that LED shows to hold realm and use original taste and sharply caught the profession rare development opportunity.The beginning built up from 2004, only 6 years, shows to hold product sale the scale increases to 470,000,000 dollars and completes the same kind process of company more than 10 years.Even if is 2009 annuities to melt a crisis for period, LED of company showed to hold sales income to still carry out to together compare to increase 23.5% speed;The east breeze that asks for help of a World Exposition to wait large item in 2010 carried out 60.7% high growths more.

Point development LED illuminate business
Although currently LED illuminate a product to have in the company lord business duty compare not big, with lend the continent clear science and technology on the technique of first deliver advantage and market to illuminate the cognition exaltation of product to LED, company LED the lighting product have already hoped to present an explosion type a growth.

Compared with the traditional incandescent lamp and the fluorescent lamp, the energy conversion efficiency of the LED light is in above 60%, is farer high than the incandescent lamp and the fluorescent lamp;Give out light efficiency extreme limit at 200 flow clear above;The service life of LED light can is 50~100 times that of incandescent lamp at 50000~100000 hours, is 5~10 times that of fluorescent lamp.The Tuo rushes toward estimate in the graduate school, LED's giving out light an efficiency will attain in 2011153 flow clear|tile, LED gives out light an efficiency to attain in 2015210 flow clear|tile.Current technique level to see, the radiation has been able to satisfy the lighting request of majority of situations.


Central America

The beautiful expert calls Central America two countries closely cooperate at the moxa Zi disease prevention and cure realm
The American moxa Zi disease prevention and cure expert is here holding a news conference on the 9th and introduce the circumstance that the moxa Zi disease urgent aid program of American president and international community develop a cooperation and attend meeting an expert to mean Central America two countries have at moxa Zi the prevention and cure realm of the disease various of close cooperation.food additive misuses

American health department allergy and Anne Tony from bureau chief in infectious disease graduate school ·blessing the west tell The Xinhua news agency the reporter:"We have already had 15 calendar histories at moxa Zi the cooperation of the disease with China, we make the control centre communicated at the personnel, the science research, disease control and prevention etc. all have a close cooperation."

The director hero Fu in policy office of the moxa Zi disease in the United States nation inside ·gram Lao benefit says, in the moxa Zi disease prevention and cure, the United States provides a technique to help to China and helps a Chinese government's exaltation to monitor the epidemic situation reaction that management ability and establishment can keep on mechanism to the virus of moxa Zi disease.

American president's moxa Zi disease urgent aid program official data suggests, from 2007-2009 years, fiscal years, the United States provides about USD 30,000,000 funds to China and used for moxa Zi prevention,rules to usetreatment and nursing of the disease.

In 2010, should organize in China to totally help 5500 moxa the Zi patient'ses acquires an anti- to converse to record a virus treatment, for 1.290,000 viruses of moxa Zi diseases take provide a help, for 6.470,000 take moxa Zi disease of the pregnant womans of virus provide a treatment, and to 14.34 myriad peoples provide to consult and examine.

American president's moxa Zi disease urgent aid program begins from 2008, is currently in the world of the biggest state-to-state the moxa Zi disease cooperation item, from American government,endanger medium harbor make a contribution to and cooperate a national common property and management.


Expose shoulder Shan

Expose shoulder Shan crazy rob sexy again have tide flavor
The first eye feels matchless and delightfully fresh flavor, the shallow blue is fine charming, bring sweet feeling that make public's move.Relaxed at will of version type, supple sweet.Pay no attention peeps out of fragrant shoulder, Peng however move of sex appeal, the tide adjusts hundred percent single articles to all have much of the star spirit the field.Match small feet trousers, falls one the grace is neat of whole shape.Gauze dress

The bat type dew shoulder knit fabric Shan, relaxed at will of version type, present a loose shape but play the vogue attitude of turning the current.Expose a shoulder to tailor, tiny reveal sexy flavor.The powder delicate color is certainly a princess' exclusive sweet color to fasten.

Exposing a shoulder is the current keyword in this quarter.Deduce that if concealed if expose of the sexy flavor is favourite of vogue the girlses in the street and loosen to at will wear to take, the shape of lazy sex appeal, super absorb a person of the attiring of spirit is to so in brief wear out.

The grain puts together to connect a big circle to get to connect dress skirt, the delightfully fresh color is outstanding elegantly simple breathing.Match in brief go together with decorate like necklace, the sun mirror, all have much of Fan Er.Light and soft and personal material, wear also very comfortable.Carry on the back beloved big hand bag, the street goes!

Relaxed at will loose shape wears to take tide with sheer flavor.Street breeze heavy white knit fabric Shan that time still the tide person's essential style, pay no attention to peep out of fragrant shoulder lock bone, DAZZLING EARRINGSconfused all views, the vogue soars.


LED effect

The LED effect breaks a 231 lms|the W illuminate application why difficult
Cree declared LED lately, the effect raised a 231 lms|W, broke the 200 lms that created last year|W record.Cree gives the news of dint thus, at last LED is another big news of industry.Guangzhou illuminateBut the record broke and applied again is when where?

1, beyond all doubt, Cree obtained important breakthrough again at the LED ability effect.Shoulding break will be the 4500 K color lighting the product design an important result demonstration of development.But have to point out at 1:00, Cree didn't explain when that product will appear is applying on the market.On the other hand, the color of the 4500 Ks Wen Pian Leng, disadvantage in replace an incandescent lamp bubble.

2, Cree once had a circumstance like this in the past.Several year agos, Cree declared a kind of lighting equipments of 1000 lms, and mean that the lighting's equipments can't carry out an application in the short run.Actual circumstance BE, till now should illuminate an equipments still don't carry out an application.It is thus clear that, the news fig ups public,
Taiwan LED alreadybut physically application but not give dint.

3, the in general use LED lighting industry have already released a declared tradition to some breakthroughs, for example bright degree, effect etc..The report way that much less medium exaggerate usually not agrees with the circumstance of reality,LED to exchange some circumstance drive exaggerative.From a different angle see, these developments announce enunciation, brighter, the development of higher effect LED continuously makes progress.From take the long view, this will be applied in various lighting in open LED market opportunity.


Inside the outside

Inside the outside attack from both flanks Jian to keep a person now or be compelled to resign a democracy party to announce an abruptionCreating jewellery

Comprehensive report way, the Japanese opposition party puts forward "cabinet no-confidence motion" on the 1st, with prime minister Jian keep a person the process is at the earthquake relief in not employable for from carry on forcing a temple.Because the democracy party intramural fight, small Ze parties and pigeon mountain send to all and definitely mean to agree with this case, anticipate cabinet the no-confidence motion pass several rates very big.Japanese Lower House will hold a meeting this afternoon, if pass to the no-confidence motion of cabinet, the Jian keeps a person to be forced to resign.Establish democracy party for 15 years after seizing political power for 2 years, formally announce an abruption.Japanese political arena will again experience a heavy earthquake.

The rains and winds desire comes to Jian to keep a person or is forced to resign

3 main ―― Liberal Democratic Party, male clear party of opposition party in Japan, courageously rise a party on the evening of the 1st, the consociation put forward "cabinet no-confidence motion" to the council chairperson of Lower House and requested to pass that proposal to force Jian to keep a person to resign in the congress.

The no-confidence motion said that after Japanese heavy earthquake and pit leak trouble occurrence, the Jian keeps the cabinet that the person leads, regardless is a relief or a processing, the pit leaks a problem and all express one stupid with is not of behavior, therefore already isn't suitable for again serve as a prime minister.

Japanese Lower House will today the afternoon convenes all councilman's general assembly, proceed to a vote to"cabinet no-confidence motion" that the opposition party puts forward.

In Japanese Lower House, Liberal Democratic Party, male clear party, courageously rise the Congressman of party etc.'s opposition party to amount to 150."The no-confidence motion of the cabinet" has to acquire more than one half an agreeing with of councilman then can pass, more than one half of the councilman count to 232 people.Because communist and SPD have already declared a "abstention" and still need 82 councilmen agree with this no-confidence motion now.1 day and night, the ex- party head of Ichiro Ozawa in the democracy party and pigeon mountain about 90 councilmen led by Ji's man ex- party leader have already expressed to agree with the intention of the opposition party's"cabinet no-confidence motion", this no-confidence motion is become very big by the possibility for passing.Europe Park

This no-confidence motion once being passed, according to the related law rules, the Jian keeps a person to do the choice of "cabinet resignation, or dismiss Lower House to hold an election" within 10 days.If the cabinet resigns, then mean that the Jian keeps a person to resign.Even if hold the words of election, Jian's keeping a person isn't likely to serve as a prime minister again.

The Japanese Lower House general assembly will start holding at 1:00 p.m. today and decide as a result about will announce at 3:00 p.m.(2:00 p.m. Peking time).

Agree with no-confidence motion 5 tall officers to government collectively resign

5 tall officers of Japanese government kept a person to collectively put forward a resignation application toward the Jian on the evening of the 1st.This 5 tall officers includes three governments vice- big minister and 2 governmental affairs officers.(all is vice minister class officials)This 5 tall officers resignation reason is agree with the opposition party puts forward of request Jian to keep the person resigns of"cabinet no-confidence motion", think that oneself therefore isn't suitable for to stay again in the cabinet.

Put forward 5 tall officers of resignation tonight, "pupil" all develops for Ichiro Ozawa, they will and together, Ichiro Ozawa raises the big ensign that the anti- Jian keeps a person.

Japanese Cabinet Secretary superior's is wild male luckily 1 day and night mean when the reporter meets, this 5 parliamentarians resigning from the job in the cabinet is a very sorry matter, but really doubt the true purpose that they resign.

Establish for 15 years, the democracy party formally announces an abruption

The ex- prime minister in Japan and democracy party initiates person's pigeon mountain Ichiro Ozawa is from Ji's man and ex- party head, 1 day and night convene the councilman whom oneself belongs to send a valve meeting respectively, make sure agree with this afternoon the opposition party puts forward of"cabinet no-confidence motion", rush through Jian to keep what person resigned to decide.This means that establish for 15 years, very not easy seize the democracy party of political power to announce an abruption in the election in 2009.

According to the report way, Ichiro Ozawa calls 70 parliamentarian's conferences that he or she leads on the dead hour of the 1st, voted to approve "cabinet no-confidence motion" to form a consensus.When the reporter held after the meeting meets, small Ze means, Jian's keeping the democracy party that the person leads has already deviated the aim of setting up the party and commit a series of mistake again in the relief process, it is a very dangerous matter to let him continue to lead Japan.

20 people's parties valve of pigeon mountain leadership 1 day and night also hold catcall, the pigeon mountain holds after meeting of the reporter meet in, definitely mean to approve "cabinet no-confidence motion".

Democracy party at the beginning is BE waited for someone to establish by the pigeon mountain, 15 year agos, merge with the liberal party that Ichiro Ozawa lead, set was built up now of democracy party.The pigeon mountain and Ichiro Ozawa is the geneses person of democracy party, have been pursuing to overthrow Liberal Democratic Party's long-term governance in Japan, hope to build up two greatest political parties system.In Lower House election in September, 2009, the democracy party is finally fulfill a wish ruling a Japanese Liberal Democratic Party of half century to rush through to resign and built up the pigeon mountain democracy political power.After the pigeon mountain resigns from a prime minister, pigeon mountain and small Ze prop up Jian to keep a person to serve as a prime minister.But, the Jian after keeping a person to stay in a prime minister the official residence raised the big ensign of anti- small Ze and infuriated small Ze and pigeon mountain.Synthetic diamonds

The democracy party incumbent executive officer long Gang farmland the gram has been already meant as well, if the democracy party councilman throws the words of approving the ticket while deciding "cabinet no-confidence motion" in congress, will punish these councilmans and include serverest"dismiss".Another set this also mean that all councilmans whom the decision rebels will have to leave a democracy party, political party.


recommendation asks

The heat strikes to wear a whole body fresh and cool full marks look, the love of beauty net dress recommendation asks for an eye fresh and cool attire

Heat summer, how wear then can since I am comfortable and fresh and cool to still be good friends with to see?See inset a wayThe invincibility that the loving of beauty net dress recommends the summer fresh and cool full marks for everyone today attires and hurriedly learns.

The vogue current always circulates back and forth and revives old customs in power now, all the peoples are turning over sport, the thou wore the dresses dress of texture to all become to rob hand goods, super and good-looking of a T-shirt that revives old customs texture.

Say the blossom single article, beautiful eyebrows the first reaction must be a ground flower pattern, but want knowing not only is an only ground flower, this quarter revives old customs big blossom and the oil colourful feeling blossom also are blossoms to fasten the fully choosing of the dress single article!Diamond ring originsMatch colors fresh gorgeous ground flower, wear the young girl of the incarnation European pastoral countryside.

Along with the footstep in summer more and more near, connect dress skirt to also gradually promote in the position in our wardrobe, accept a waist style to connect dress skirt among them particularly be subjected to tide people's concern.Accept a waist to connect dress skirt since can tighten a waistline, make the loins looked very slender, make use of a skirt body in the meantime the lower hem can hide big thick leg completely, and the skirt body loosen of inflation feeling, will also make the calf looked slender.

The grain beyond doubt that time still one of the strongest chemical elements of vitality in turn.It is simple but the personality is fresh clear, regardless a T pedestal is still a street, grain's packing to seem to be never is thrown to leave a walking gait of fad outside.

The grain beyond doubt that time still one of the strongest chemical elements of vitality in turn.It is simple but the personality is fresh clear, regardless a T pedestal is still a street, grain's packing to seem to be never is thrown to leave a walking gait of fad outside.When you face the clothing of Yun Yun but at a loss what to do, hurriedly plea for help from grain.

The grain beyond doubt that time still one of the strongest chemical elements of vitality in turn.wears a methoIt is simple but the personality is fresh clear, regardless a T pedestal is still a street, grain's packing to seem to be never is thrown to leave a walking gait of fad outside.When you face the clothing of Yun Yun but at a loss what to do, a simple grain underclothing always rescues in time you.

Finally came in summer, Euro-American tide people put on skirt to pack an elegance to start out in succession!The long skirt is still the at heart grand love of Euro-American tide people, very beautiful of a supporter grow skirt, everyone hurriedly commences a , display Gao picks and the body Zi of soft United States.

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