Luo report

The news source that approaches diplomacy key figures of EU reveals to essential medium in France on December 30, the EU keeps on more than 20 years of weapon embargo to China and have already hoped at 2011 cancel at the beginning of the year.

Essential medium in France 《the fee adds Luo report 》quote with foreign policy representative director of EU on the 30th Shi lady relates to the words of close diplomacy personage to say, the EU makes to China weapon embargo may"soon arrive".

《The fee adds Luo report 》the analysis think, this means at the earliest stage at 2011 the beginning of the years, the weapon embargo made may will cancel.

Wests such as the United States and Europe etc. beginning in the nation in 1989 to China carry out strict of weapon embargo.

Should report to cite the words from this news source that there is seldom weapon contacts in China and the United States and Europe nation, and China obtained very great achievement in the aspects of constucting oneself national defense system, therefore this implementation more than 20 years of embargo maded actually didn't produce to China to influence too greatly.

The report that the medium expose after citing a December 17 the EU Feng meeting said that the weapon embargo has already become Europe and China to develop safety and diplomacy to relate to a medium"main obstacle".

The report also calls that in the circumstances, "the EU should do the judgment of reality, and take action."

In September, this year, once spreading EU will relieve to China weapon embargo, but aim at this problem, each member's national product of EU livings a rift, Spain and France means support, but some Eastern Europe nations don't approve to this and also have a national request to put forward an additional condition for lifting the ban.

But European medium point out, more than 20 in the last yearses, the rift of European nation to this problem is narrowing.This is ex- to support to England of China embargo and Holland and Germany etc. country and all lowered adjusting of objection currently door.(Zhang Le)

■ Analytical

"China to there isn't great weapon need in Europe"

Chinese military problem expert, Zhang Bo, said that the EU maintains up to now of is the embodiment of Cold War thinking to China weapon embargo.Even if will relieve embargo in the future, China can't obviously increase, either to the EU military purchase.China appeals that the main purpose of cancel embargo is hope the EU gets rid of to discriminate against a policy to China.

Zhang Bo said that EU to China weapon embargo is the whole one part that the west carried on sanctions to China at that time, but more than 20 in the last yearses, the situations of China, Europe and the whole world all took place huge variety and kept without change to obviously take Cold War thinking to China weapon embargo and said to China unfair, is a bias.This is the main reason that China appeals the EU relief weapon embargo.

If the EU can relieve in the short run to China weapon embargo, certainly is a good matter;But China's military to the EU purchase can't have obvious increment.Because total up see, the our current military equipments, military technique system can attain self-sufficient, for the military technical need of Europe not urgent, but usher in advanced technique, material, principle and talented persons to us are all beneficial.

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Kampala Office

Seeking Staff for Kampala Office.

Strengthening Decentralization for Sustainability (SDS) is a five year USAID funded programme aiming at improving the results and sustainability of decentralized service delivery, with initial Hong Kong ba marketing emphasis on Health and HIV/AIDS services, at Local Government levels in Uganda through four objectives:

1) To coordinate activities at the District and Sub-county level
2) To strengthen management of resources and program results at District and Sub-county level
3) To improve Local Government support for social sector service delivery
4) To institute innovativeHong Kong Human Resource Management specialist approaches to sustain social sector service delivery

Initial activities will focus on 45 District Local Governments in the four regions of Western, Northern, Eastern and Central Uganda.
SDS is currently seeking to fill the following two positions based at Programme office in Kampala.

Human Resource Specialist – 1 Position

Reporting to the Director of Finance and Grants,Hong Kong Training specialist the Human Resource Specialist shall be responsible for the human resource management needs of SDS including development and roll out of the SDS Employee manual, recruitment, staff wellness, and performance management.

The Chinese people are habituals to steal the tax big door abroad, after manage apartment method and old age pension lawmaking, check a tax member in the national tax administration the Jian check under, every had the persons of work to all hand over a fee, retire of the person also buttonned up to invite together while receiving in the old age pension, physically disabled and lose the personnel of labor force, the government originally had a sum subsidy the generation also handed over from the subsidy.Only the black black door doesn't hand over.But as soon as the commission lodges complaint,Hong Kong management and marketing tax bureau or police station start out to check in the meantime.

This is the social legal system democracy.For infringe upon behavior certain someone of human rights to enforce the law a processing.

Return to Chinese residence this time, once the social public order and environmental hygiene fall paste 凃 and cure Huang Da Hei to take delight in talking about.Should grasp of don't grasp,Hong Kong Bachelor of business administration (Honours) in marketing should not the employment way of approach breaking pursues relentlessly a fierce dozen, know on seeing that this high tube plagiarizes village to work for 50 ages regulation and forgot the ages of the cement bush that oneself lives.Chase well Gang the burgee 挿 of the mountain is in pool in Shanghai and run to international hotel divided by four harm.The sleepwalking relieves a front.

Two, ten Huangs small shen got sick

Four year agos are small in the small garbage collector inside the area and state not 見 .An ask to just know to get sick to look after child at home.His wife grew fat, one personal dry living of two people,Hong Kong Business Administration in marketing still under my window sill classification Jian come of garbage heap.However take last double layer mouth-muffle and gloves.These are the new rules that my four year agos sending is after for a dozen of mouth-muffle of their husband and wife and the gum gloves.

Once I come home and check first whether the window closes strictly actually, Chinese and Foreign biggest differentiation is hygiene condition.Don't say little wife shen becomes the dumping grounds to my window sill bottom, is that once a street enter family, I will take a shower once.Because, outside really too the dust rush toward.

The terror of the geologic strata I don't write.Now, I write the government job of once Argentine garbage recycling.

Different from Europe, the Argentine mode well gave attention to both social ten Huang personnel's existence spaceses.According to the oneself state of the nation, develop a from government,plate heat exchanger the folks organization, business enterprise alliance and community public, the mudlark and rebirth make use of a manufacturer to organize together of garbage recycling system, make packing garbage recall, categorize, comprehensive make use of each link forms an integrity of chain.


My love

I love each other on the net with him

I remember to seek him for the first time, does he still have girl friend

I don't want that drawing in their loves is in the middle

Even if I am so to love him

At he that foolish time isn't short

Can I finally still chose to leave

I went to three second I tell him that I go to three second look for person

I is at three second once had engagement with a boy's son

But I went to later but don't seek that boy

Because I know that my own heart am over there

I not ability then hurt other people

At three second I go to the seaside with friend at drink of time

My friend called him

He came can I but what didn't say

At three second foolish three day everyday live a so sad day

He says we get married I am to want to promise to wear can I can not do it

I wanted to die to calculate over there

But again have no courageous

Suddenly I have a viewpoint

I another time went to him there because of I at think

See his one more from now on forgetting him

Go to hereafter I felt that he also loves me

Foolish have no for several days I returned to an elder sister that;

Can who know I am incredibly pregnant at this time

I have never wanted don't but he not wants

I almost every day at shed tears

I can not change him, I decide that I wants this baby

I am married with friend however is a leave to get married because I want a baby

Unexpectedly of is finally or don't want

From that later I changed to change silently grieved

Have never helped he makes me no longer believe so of person

Having a little is tired to another day continue

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On the second day

On the second day, he sees her, after he inquired body circumstance, he says that he occupies to have to be busy, walk, she nods, she knows, she all stays not to live him forever and turn round at him
Of a moment, her tears flows along with the eye Cape bottom.

Suddenly and one day, her friend says to her, he is making a phone call for her friend recently, he is making track for her friend, she is getting more foolish, she dares not believes, and she makes a phone call to him,
He but say he and her friend just literally chat once, they are just common friends, but she believed his words.Before long, she saw him giving out her friend
Message, she cried, he fool her, but she still keeps continuing to love him.

She wants to be to don't ask clearly, but when she sees him of time, he says he loathes to give up her, while she hopes him, she a words all can not say it.

His birthday, she wants that giving him is surprised pleased, she difficult brain through, but he is just light of on smiling, she disappointed, but she be still trusting he.

He makes a phone call to her at the midnight, she past, she obeys of climb from the bed, be dressed in to run in clothes' in all aspects cold winter he is there, he saw her, crary
Want her, she didn't refuse, but the dead hour in utter darkness in she shed tears.

On the second day, he says to her in the telephone, he with she together very tired, he accepted to can not stand, he wants she make friend, she doesn't think, but also can accept, she cried again,
She didn't know to flow for the sake of him how much tears, but he is heartless of jilt she opens.

Her numbness, she returns to a house, madness of drink, madness of smoke, she is got drunk and think of his smiling face, she hits wine bottle toward the wall, finally her companion write the tears slept.

From now on she changes very charmingly femininely, but to the man the despise, she very man

When you no longer love me and is to love the burden that you have become you, it is already a kind of pain and sufferings to be to love each other, so, I choose to give up.

Give you up, because of loving you.Love you, so don't wish to see you not happy;Love you, so don't wish to see Zhao you strong to endure an endocentric flounder;Love you, so don't wish to see the smiling face that you force;Love you, so would like to put you.

When the love has already become things of the past, and then why the need for does the bitterness bitterness make track for?Demand to can not get happiness, demanding can space out you my fracture, can deepen you my pain-suffering.If you really want to walk, I have no speech, can allow you.

Once thought you were a kite and held Zhao, that line in the my hand and regardless allowed you flew to where, I was all finally you of ownership.Finally understand now, in fact love you, should not tie up you.

"The spring takes autumn month when, the things of the past knows how much?"The things of the past is like breeze, not equal to let it go with the breeze.When everything becomes empty, however have already recalled a companion I.Time can dilute everything, including the heart that I love you.

Would not like to you see my tears, because afraid that you are knowing is soft and fear you not happy.Love you, so can't use tears strong stay, so put you.You of the heart have been already far gone, I why on earth leave you again of person?

Although I hope earnestly everlasting, if that is just a kind of extravagant beg, that I not equal to begged to once own.The love that once owned you, this has been enough.Because there is a kind of love, be called to give up.

Give up isn't an unselfish dedication.Give you up, this is not only the love to you, more ownly protect to me.Give you up, I very painful heart, but I can't regret.Make you disappear from my life, because"the long pain is rather short painful".When my facial appearance is to the utmost old and nearing death, I still can't regret.Because once loved you.

Love you, so hope your happiness.

Someone once says this world can't have eternal love.You I, if connecting the brief love can not also exist and rather release each other.Love you, make you make track for you of happiness.Want ~only you happiness, I also happiness.

Because you of everything, I care.

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Chinese education

People who take the carts out of Sears Grand ought to have their heads knocked off by those mall guards on the Segways. I do believe it says NOT to take them out of the damn store. But invariably some idiot with a couple unruly kids comes barreling down the small aisle in the literature section at Borders, one kid in the seat with his feet kicking his mom's crotch, the other standing up in the buggy section, pulling books off the shelves like cereal boxes. Why me?

And on that same note - what is up with those Segways anyway, I mean - seriously? How efficient would they be at stopping crime? I'm thinking I could probably out run any one of these yay-hoos if I had just snatched a purse or stolen a hot pretzel. What are the chances that the dude on wheels would actually catch me without running down some lady with a baby or a granny looking to buy a pair of crocs at the kiosk? They have to be the stupidest thing I've ever witnessed at the mall - and that includes all those Indian women trying to lather hand cream on my wrist. Gah!

A guy in front of me at a traffic light reached into his backseat and pulled out a flask (!) and took a swig. Um, DUI here he comes! (But you know, I was secretly thinking how warm and comforting a little swill of Jim Beam might have been as I waited for all the jagoffs in front of me to learn their colors - green means go, ass-munch!)
But I can only assume I'll see Mr. Johnny Walker alongside the road on my way home...

witnessed an elderly woman get lost in Macy's. As I stood in line, I felt sick to my stomach as I watched her mill around near the women's sportswear, anxiously looking for...someone? She looked as old as God, with a long purple coat made of faux fur (as if there is a purple four footed beast out there in the hills of western PA somewhere), whisps of gray hair peeking out from under her black and gold (Go Steelers?) knitted cap, and a purse as large as a carry-on suitcase over her shoulder. She was wrinkly and sad, and finally took a seat beside the service desk without saying a word. I almost said something to her, but she shut her eyes so I didn't bother. Yes Grandma, we're all exhausted.

Success that person starts a business is decided by three companies, namely the intelligence quotient we speak at ordinary times, emotional quotient and Dan company, but a real talented person, his three the company's importance should arrange like this:Dan company the first, emotional quotient the second, the intelligence quotient third, the Chinese education development comes out currently of the so-called talented person is very unilateral, just on the intelligence quotient excellent person's one etc., but emotional quotient and Dan company basically have no included.But the school eliminate of the possibility exactly contained a great deal of management talented person in the middle of the crowd, so education in China is to a great extent that particularly a higher education is negative eliminate, the graduate student product producing is mostly a mentally retarded high mark mediocre man, although cleverness, weak in character timidity, socially dysfunctional, social existence ability nature very lowly."
But the person of cleverness usually the courage is small, but courage big of the person usually isn't too intelligent.

Still having an interesting phenomenon BE, study more many people are more intelligent, but book read more many people, usually the courage is more small and do what affairs all like to look before you jump, any but is those to study the little person considers after liking in advance move, but these action the strong person usually lead off success.

Measuring from intelligence quotient angle, China currently the tallest a group of persons of intelligence level are usually a so-called Master Doctor, professor's community, they mostly in the high school the work and the existence, but these whole income level of the most intelligent a group of persons in so-called China aren't high, now the Doctor of a high school year normal income is 50,000 dollars, Master's 40,000 dollars, professor also most likely can't more than 80,000 dollars.

This is the phenomenon that one is very worth to study:The most intelligent community income but far and far isn't the tallest, even connect the deluxe white of company part-time job to get all rather.

I finally think a conclusion:Study to have no so much what to use!
Primary and junior high school, study like for passing examination good university, the university studies like for finding out a good work, but the social reality is to study good crowd occupation career income not high.

So I feel a kid education, at least is my kid.

I can't emphasize his study include much good, as long as can keep up with main current can.
But I request him it's courageous, there is courage, started developing courage since the childhood.

Secondly I request him to make friend and is good at making friend and fighting for becoming the kid whom the everyone likes with the kid of various type.

Is also say, I will notice a kid the Dan company and emotional quotient's point develop, the development of the intelligence quotient, I can't specially pay attention to.

The parent in nowadays exactly the opposite, the value studies, besides which, other all ignore, even deprive the kid's free right, make them not make friend, make them not go out to have fun, request a kid that obeying is obedient, the kid like this grows up affirmation is cleverness of chicken heart, selfish ghost!Back again topic actually does a part-time job to still keep starting a business?

In fact the surface sees start a business the realistic risk ratio facing does a part-time job a lot of high, but from long-last see, the risk doing a part-time job to bring is higher.

The risk that start a business is lose for the last few years of the expectation does a part-time job income, even bankruptcy behind still have to compensate into one partial money that oneself borrows, but after all young, can often hurt often war, drew to take nutrient and experience from the failure, went into business level and ability to compare Gao at a time, after integrating into the community of going into business the personage gradually, range of experience and experience accumulated over a long period and always had an amount of changes the quality changes of breakthrough, as long as you really across to go into a business door, the business in future basically one straightaway.Money also more earns more many, the wealth backlog is more and more, the value of the oneself can can also the biggest embodiment.

Contrary, the part-time job career keeps on down, the last few years definite peace, but you in fact in the continuous depreciation and the shrinkage, not more and more strong and healthy.Part-time job of time is more long, you will more and more have guilty conscience, more and more timid, 10 how many years after, have a little bit carelessly, may be stir-fried squid, unemployed be unemployeed, do you see that risk greatly?

The principle comes to a decision how you choose, choose to come to a decision you step on which road, walk last which road come to a decision you living comer process and result.
The ancients still says:"Male afraid choose wrong line, female afraid marry wrong Lang" this sentence is in fact very deep.The world is 365 lines and in fact go to all can make, but same[one] person, chose to do business and chose to go to work, the differentiation in future very big, really a lot too big!

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Perry said

Graduate school applications are expected to surge higher than usual in the next year.

Some people, like President William Perry, believe the current economy and unemployment of the state could be partially to blame for the rush of applications.

"People take the opportunity to enhance their resume, and one way to do that is through graduate study," Perry said.

Barry Hudek , an English instructor is one person who is working on his graduate school application to get a doctorate degree in American literature and concentrate on modernism.

Hudek's specific interest in literature and modernism is focused around the era of 1900-1930. He would like to focus a lot of his work on the writer William Faulkner and his novels.

Hudek said his attraction to this era is based on the cultural, economical, and title changes of the era. He also said he likes the literary approaches and experimental nature of the people in that time period.

"Faulkner is also all about history and still speaks to the degree that I still have, and I think that's part of my interest in that era as well," Hudek said.

Most graduate programs require future students to take an exam called the GRE.

In 2009, the ETS, administrator of the GRE, said the number of people taking the GRE increased by over 9 percent to 675,000 people, according to Russell Schaffer, senior communication manager of Kaplan, Inc.

Even if some liberals would remain skeptical, getting Clinton’s backing on the agreement would be helpful to the administration. So few Democrats, particularly in Washington, are backing the tax deal that at the White House has taken to e-mailing reporters when any Democrat expresses support it, even noting the endorsement Thursday of the mayor of Kokomo, Ind.

The former president is very popular among Democrats, and his support could help Obama persuade other Democrats to back it as well.”

Comment: Wow! I have to word my feelings very carefully to meet the requirements of Marxist-Democrat Party rules of political correctness. (If Mr. Obama were Barry Obama rather than Barack Hussein, I would be free me to write more freely, I would describe Barry as America’s first “Boy” president. I am not allowed to do that because the Democrat Left owns the definition of the word when it is used to describe anyone of darker skin. I have been told by those who determine political correct rules that this is a fighting word.

Blondie Bill Clinton could have been called a boy president somewhat accurately, for his uncontrolled escapades escaping Hillary. Many Americans wished him luck…..I admit, I was one.

“Graduate student president” is a better description of Obama as president anyway. It is simply more accurate more often. This graduate student was never prepared to become President of the United States. He is not growing rapidly on the job, either.

Perhaps Americans have forgotten Barry Obama has never been much more than a college student, even when he was supposed to be a lawyer. NEVER! He has belonged to the pampered.

Yet, this college graduate student is trying…..His narcissism overwhelmed him the other day when he dictated “HIS” package to his fellow Democrats and the American public. He had won many concessions…..and the debt was increased to his satisfaction as well as the satisfaction of those who want to see America bankrupted.

Now this college graduate student president is being sassed by professional politicians, some wily and jealous of his position, within his own Party.

He is foreign to compromise, so he doesn’t know what to do, so he calls in “DAD”……actually, if he weren’t president, one might say, it is rather cute……… I am a father and I love it when I can become helpful to others, especially those in my own family.

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Identity Online

With the new guide, however, IRM has brought the luxury of working with a reputation management company right to people’s fingertips.

The guide, titled The Race toPolytechnic management and marketing Establish Your Identity Online, will help companies or individuals control their own reputation online.

“People are becoming more and more public each day, it is almost inescapable,” said IRM President Nino Kader. “You rely on your reputation to earn a living, so you should be pro-active in shaping it online.”

The cold curved square Ju took care of the perfect work of technique standard to make very big progress.Cold curved square Ju steel pipe technique standard, square Ju tube standard, openings type the steel standard did a revising and also drew up new standard,
Hong Kong MPhil such as double the Han sew square Ju tube standard, cold curved steel plate stake standard etc..

The cold curved square Ju takes care of production profession to turn degree also in the exaltation, a professional shelf factory, car doors and windows factory, car crossbeam factory, car spreads to move stalk factory and oil well a tube factory and railroad appropriation type steel factory etc.Hong Kong management and marketing start flowing out now and embodied high rate of production, high quality and low cost production mode, the business enterprise will develop from now on of the direction is turned a factory conversion to the special feature profession by the omnipotent factory.About two in the last yearses, large factory and profession turned the unit that the factory obtained above 10,000,000 dollars profits to contain more than 10s, almost didn't loss in business aHong Kong PhD business enterprise.

The cold curved square Ju tube conducts a way also from regarding local market as principle start heading for an international market, Hong Kong Bachelor of business administration (Honours) in marketingexport the comparison that quantity has in 10%-15%, the exit species has various large square Ju tube, steel plate stake, shelf, car crossbeam, protects a column plank, car to spread to move stalk...etc..Local and latent market and international market develop in the meantime and make our country cold to bend a type steel cold curved square Ju tube profession development the foreground be pretty much optimistic about.

International Reputation Management is based out of Washington, D.C. and has been assisting businesses worldwide with their PR, internet marketing, and of course, reputation management services since 2007.

The firm was one of the first to recognize the importance of reputation management when social networksHong Kong ba marketing were emerging.

I really didn’t think these mega-mergers were continuing as a trend simply because of the huge conflicts that result from such BigLaw firms, but I suppose I am somewhat uninformed in this area. However, in coaching lawyers in what used to be consider large firms, (500+ lawyers), I consistently hear complaints about Hong Kong Business Administration in marketing the ability to bring in new clients because of legal conflicts, as well as business conflicts.

Thus, the reason for the title. So, if you are a medium or smaller firm, relatively speaking, there are some potential business opportunities lurking. Not to mention that with these BigLaw firms getting even bigger, it is more likely that smaller clients will not get theHong Kong undergraduate degree programme attention they might prefer. They may fancy being a bigger fish in a smaller pond, as it were.zigekloge ljgioegei jligexaegb


Anti-aging health

Vegetables and Arthritis

Greek scientists recently conducted experiments show that: eat more green vegetables, the less likely suffering from arthritis. This is the scientists who carried out 330 tests for conclusions to be drawn.

Moreover, people who love to eat vegetables, old age is the possibility of suffering from arthritis who do not like vegetables, 1 / 4. Therefore, to healthy bones, do not forget to add something more green on the table.

Dental bleeding and grapefruit

Gingival inflammation is a disturbing thing, but once this happens, do not worry, because the gingival inflammation is the body symptoms of a lack of vitamin C, your body is sending you distress signals, to remind you of the vitamin. Then eat - some grapefruit, lemon, kiwi and other fruits rich in vitamin C would be helpful, especially the grapefruit, the effect is immediate. So, as long as the develop to eat every day - only the habit of grapefruit will help you solve the problem of gum inflammation.

Tone drink plenty of water turbidity

For people who often need social activities, the tone muddy but the biggest taboo. Chinese medicine has a lot of bad breath and stomach fire, therefore, treat bad breath, brush your teeth every morning and evening in addition to attention, but also rationalize your diet. Another simple method also allows you to get rid of this embarrassing annoyance, that is, drink plenty of water every day as much as possible. This method in the treatment of bad breath, it is also necessary to add a body of water a day, can be described as dual. Research found that: Bad breath, because the mouth has a substance called sulfur, to make it disappear as soon as possible, a lot of water every day to solve.

A good grasp of the food cooking temperature, the appropriate low-temperature cooking.

You know the fish, meat cooking temperature reaches 250 ℃, there will be carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic it Also know that bread, cakes and other starchy foods cooked temperature of 120 ℃, the acrylamide will increase substantially

Low-temperature cooking can reduce the cooking temperature appears likely carcinogen, can also be reduced by 33% to 40% of the heat generated when cooking induced atherosclerosis, heart disease, stroke and other deadly diseases harmful substances, but also to maximize preserve the vitamins and other nutrients in food, can serve three purposes. However, if the food is not organic or non-drug cases, cultivation, low temperature cooking is not too low. Daily food in varying degrees of residual bacteria or parasites, some parasites of the larvae of more than 70 ℃ environment also can survive at least 5 minutes, do not rely on a certain "fire" difficult to kill. Health first step is to first ensure the safety of food.

Three meals a day diet foods to the cooler temperatures for the tilt.

Women should not be cold all year round food intake, but in the spring and summer, cool flavor of the food helps the body balance, remove the heat. Recommended Chinese recipes where ducks, fish and other low temperature meat, rice, lotus root, bamboo shoots and other aquatic plants, cabbage, carrots and other winter vegetables, mushrooms, mushroom shade growing mushrooms, winter pears, jujube, apple, melon and other fruits mature in winter. More water, of cold, you can play Ziyin lungs, regulating yin and yang, the role of hypothermia.

Control the amount of meal, eat seven full.

Eating more, the more heat generated, easy to make body temperature rise. Overseas research shows that deprivation can make animals the temperature drops, so that death rate reduced by 1 / 3.

Drink plenty of water to cold water better.

Approach is: the water boiled, poured into a stainless steel or glass container and let it cool down to 20 ~ 25 ℃ when the Serve. In addition to cold water temperature, but also receive the skin effect. Secret is cooling after high temperature treatment, a change in the nature of water, such as less than half the gas, cohesion increases, the molecules more closely with biological cells in water is very close to human skin, "affinity" enhanced more easily penetrate into the skin, the skin appears soft fit. On the contrary, hot water, hot drinks and wine, hot pot, barbecue and other hot foods should be flame.

Love againanalysis are not sheepRecords are missingZodiac distracted IndexLove again


12 constellations ruthless

First: Scorpio

Whether to do anything, Scorpio is always clear-cut, there is no room, as if breaking up thing, is it not Do not fall in love how delusional Rujiaosiqi day, can do after breaking up the slightest fan friends, I'm sorry, Scorpio can not really counter-face after the parade, but the speed like a rocket, you can make the other sad stricken.

Second place: Aries

Verge is between blood and cold-blooded. The face of passionate Aries, do not think this will be blazing when he broke up, you have the ability to get up in bed one, and then find he is dating is not for you, they will wave my sleeve in real time, without go a little romance, a heart of stone, Aries described as one of the best.

Third place: Aquarius

Baggage will not soon go away said the bottle, the attitude of love is still consistent, do not expect you soft-hearted change of heart, do not expect you to just because of the soft power that heart warming, basically, between friends and lovers level is too vague, with too rational, and its procrastination, I would rather make a clean break may be even more happy.

Fourth place: Leo

Are self-blame. Sometimes cruel thing to see is the first to propose, if the feelings are not present declared dead by the Lions side, I can tell you, no matter how the other would like to regain the old joy, the end is useless, after all, hurt your dignity, and knife the two may be your only way to face.

Fifth place: Taurus

The Taurus has always been a pragmatic person, really decided to break up since then, the attitude of your face, will be like a business-like, like, not human at all with half points. You will be data, theory and a variety of different thinking patterns, the calculation of the gain and loss, energy efficient home may naturally leave some objects for personal use, but the characters do, please leave the line of sight.

Sixth: Capricorn

You may not be cold, but you really do not know how to express his feelings by Lei Shi mind. In your dictionary, a non-lover, one is not the enemy, like plugs and plug the relationship between head, one is not stuck, one does not get open, like there is no gray area, when it comes to the end, your recovery time, In fact, much longer than any other constellation of Valentine. Affectionate and ruthless, the difference may be a fine line.

Seventh place: Gemini

Goodbye to a few family friends are still the first choice must be Gemini. For the love of a large group of friends and all the fun of the Gemini, a friend and the greatest difference between the grain flower, may only carry on the activities there in bed. In addition you will feel transformed by the pips of the opposite sex friends, not only easier to understand your needs, and sometimes it can continue to whine!

Eighth place: Virgo

In fact some constellations ruthless, but the process of breaking up the total to the dragging routine round, the best examples of which can be considered at the woman. Do not think at the woman's petty ill will bite each other and hold, as long as the decision to draw the line with each other, you will be resorted to a move to treat each other as strangers, acting enough to go ahead and compete for Best Actress.

Ninth place: Cancer

No matter what the situation, pretending to understand the most invisible Cancer, Pa Zhipa too sentimental and not negative ruthless. As long as the other party to give you a little sweetness, you will obediently return to their lair to continue living. So for the "ruthless" in this world, unless you already have another one soon, or that break up, you must be suffering for some time before they agree to Ganxiu.

Tenth: Pisces

impact your productivityKids Entertainmentnot importantStraighterLineMagician Entertain

Compared with Cancer, Pisces is even more dramatic, to say, regardless of whether it is a fact break up, or if you already have owned, and the original that you can still continue to be a secret couple, love one last dance . For the love thing, Pa Zhipa you too promiscuous without realizing it, be careful health.

Eleventh: Sagittarius

Tight men do not always catch, not ruthless, but no time to talk to you Cuotuo years, wasted youth. When in love, spent grain to the horse people around you waiting for, the already very difficult thing, to break up with him and then eat a meal with you, I believe even more difficult. But do not a couple, for the men, the friends it not a good alternative!

Twelfth: Libra

Do not say ruthless, passionate and Libra people love to eat back to grass known to his ruthless, that are just anti-climax of the story need to have this under the. Scales naturally hesitant to face people, even if kept saying that breaking up will usually loose again, to finish and then finish again and again no matter how loose powder after the final ended in nothing, to his ruthless, sad almost impossible.


Taurus woman

1, on life

Do not like something does not believe the intense, that danger is not reliable.

Like to create their own living area, fixed at a fixed time to meet people, to a fixed restaurant, eat regular meals, so I feel that life is secure, reliable, orderly wells.

Not easily try new, looks great except my liking.

My logic is that since you are satisfied with this, why waste time and energy to try other things

Something very much like to have texture, reading just look genuine, but it is best to book piracy watch no appetite.

Buy brand buy things in general are the biggest, most expensive price, because in general they seem the best quality.

Interested in food, high nutritional value will force yourself to eat junk food on the dismissive.

Like the money but do not care, As long as the life you want on the line.

Paycheck to paycheck, because the high requirements on quality of life, very few spare money.

Do not like intense exercise, try not to consume energy, and do meaningless things dry

Like to relax, close to the nature of local tourism.

Do not like to dress up, unless a last resort, unless see the love.

Rarely the kitchen, but I know I have remarkable potential.

Always help but think of the first to see and pink.

Like animals, the best simple and honest look cute, but very attractive temperament lazy cat.

Do not like children, because a lot of trouble, but if it is mobilized, maternal love overflowing, flooding.

Favorite sport has always been to sleep. Weight loss has never been just shouting slogans, and now do not bother shouting slogans.

There should always be to the bright side. Encounter beggars, in addition to the young and healthy, all give money.

Very efficient sorting things, what things to put where, I well aware of.

Room is too clean and not human lives, the appropriate mess makes me feel at home, warm.

Mild obsessive, it is convenient to be hands, hands that is easy to dirty, pillows are absolutely can not be stamped on the bottom to sit, quilt cover over their heads and feet of the two must not be reversed.

Others want to sleep beds, others do not want to sleep in my own bed.

Like the logical, realistic and high book, such as natural pertinent story, real characters or real life emotional details, or will a dead end, would contravene the logic of the result of the book's aesthetic failure.

Hate making a fuss, the illusory dark Huileng text and the style is difficult to resonate.

Watching TV prepare for the story and the acting skill requirements of high detail real, compact story, like most profound meaning of the film, is also very good light comedy, violence and terror did not seem to feel.

Do not listen to songs, music to melodic Naiting, and what heavy metals and the like, to one side.

2, about love

Do not believe in love at first sight, too warm and the boys, only a distance.

If a person is not interested in the dialogue will end soon, it will muddle through. If you talk to a person if nothing had happened, superficial, certainly not like it.

Very slow beginning, we must take the initiative to contact the man, or even have a good impression does not matter. Loneliness, feelings of absolute Ningquewulan treatment. Play in this game crush, but also stand the crush of torture.

Like the knowledgeable, there is ambition, a sense of responsibility of the opposite sex, to agree with my lifestyle and values, the appearance of less demanding, but the atmosphere was decent behavior style, like a gentleman, it is best to have Rhett Butler-style cunning.

Like logical, deeply insightful, humble attitude and frank expression of confidence, like the useful and the content of exchanges, especially spiritual level, not on a mere formality chat patience, hate rhetoric, hate hypocritical affectation.

He must respect me, appreciate me, the two equals, relatively honest, the establishment of direct communication smooth.

If the above three are met, I generally liked.

Soft do not eat hard food.

Gifts, if the flowers, I will be happy, but if practical point, I will be very happy.

It will not play ambiguous, likes and dislikes are easily distinguished, like the soon face planted into the daily Chunfengmanmian, the world knows that the spring in the hair, not like the opposite sex confession will immediately rejected, denied, not further consideration.

Once like to strongly positive to both the emotions down.

Like the commitment, because my heart will feel at ease.

After falling in love with a man, will take the initiative, will tender a mess, it will behave like little sheep, whether in front of others more powerful, but can not wait to cook for him every day to clean the floor, as long as he looked at him guarding feel happy too. Unless the person refuses or is not anti-factor because, otherwise, fall in love with a man wanted him to single-mindedly through life.

Because the total to one and the same is so in love with a man found his life partner because of the expectations of each other, otherwise it will locate in the preferred level.

Is the difference between like and love: like a passive look, love is the initiative to change.

The world people can fall into three categories: I, he, and others.

I am willing to change for him, but I still I love him as love yourself, this is the maximum I can give love.

Do not have to stick together, but must let me know I always have me.

Jealous as soon as possible after the vent out.

Fine not more than promised, the key to exercise in practice, lie and cheat, very serious consequences.

Can you tell me the truth, but must not lie to me, or was very easy to train up feelings are shaken.

I can not touch the bottom line fight self-esteem, not down vintage sesame, look down Biequ and stingy people.

And looked down upon if he denied his feelings to pay me, I immediately turned away, no nostalgia, no matter how much like his own.

After giving up a man, his head would clear his strong feelings, can continue to be friends, but never go back to eat grass.

3, on the family

Full of good girl, always have a good nod, mumble, and then their doing the doing.

A set of methods to coax the family happy.

Remember everyone's birthday at home, because they do not know what to say, that does not need saying, so they usually only send text messages to trouble.

Very concerned about the health of their families, always something good on the body should be recommended to the front of them, and very attentive to urge them to practice.

4, about friendship

Hide your heart, like Tan sway, the students ask me answer Sha Sha.

Sometimes a girl would be very Chongni, but if she did not for me wholeheartedly, with other girls better than me, I will bore her, no longer willing to pay, emotional return to the origin.

If you have the money, we like to treat.

With the people around never strained, relationships to be harmonious.

Hate annoying verbose, vain arrogance, ignorance noisy, energy surplus, dependent people.

Very reliable, it is safe in my secret, but we all like to talk to me mind.

5, on the self-

Women must be independent, have their own ideas and career, but if Zhigu regardless of the cause of the family, still failed.

Clear and logical thinking strong, difficult to change one thing sure, will use their own logic to resist outside influence, unless the other side is stronger than the logic of their own, unless the other people who care about their own.

Can say that I lack, but can not question my ability to learn.

Very humorous, feel it. Very cute, but also felt it. Very sensitive to the heart like a mirror, but does not say, just tell a few words from time to time if nothing had happened. Very narcissistic, always feel sell themselves, but the mind was eagerly looking forward to, come personally appreciate it. Very pure, because the can not force yourself not natural, not frank, not straightforward, not agile, not kind. I look cold, because not good at dealing with strangers, in fact, I am very enthusiastic. Sentimental, reading watching movies will shed tears for others, but they encounter setbacks, very strong. Like to take care of people, very consciously to be nice.

Easy to blush.

Like a baby, my heart that there is a dependency object.

Failing to slow response, because in pondering the possibilities. Like an idiot, like his impulses, not as good as silence is golden. Try to make everything harmonious, there are contradictions in question generally make fun of, when the peacemaker.

Rarely lost his temper, but no matter who ta, a violation of my bottom line, my self-esteem or loss of pain, flew into a fury and fight back. Finished his temper will get well soon, because I want inner peace, try to remember other people's good.

Almost no lie, but when forced to lie face is not red does not jump, your can make yourself believe is true.

The concept of tradition, but things are flexible, adaptable, afford ability, pragmatism first.

Little cynical, that there is reasonable, failing to go first to their own problems.

Of non-natural, harmony and symmetry, things are not intuitive aesthetic sensitivity and exclusion.

Overview of the key words which include: natural, stable, pure, really!

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Farewell Lu hospital

With Farewell Lu hospital every day, the mood level

No one can make time to stay, like a person can not retain their youth, but people always want to keep time.

To the Lu Xun Literature Institute, Sept. 9 school to now, a full three months later, we experienced the new and old Lu Hospital campus, two in Beijing over the fall and winter season!

Next month, the days will soon be gone!

Until now, I still do not class some students said the official, this can only blame my ordinary and shy about, or do not like publicity, so do not leave any impression to the people.

I like silence, and gold of course has nothing to do, but for many years to form a habit. Also follow the phrase old saying: Lu Dian stuck face how much the eye. I'm not used to face Dian Lu is stuck can not afford that eye!

Of course, all students, from different places, and love of literature, I cherish this fate. Difficult to come together, were more difficult to meet again, just want to, respectively, after one day asked the teacher and the students can embark on the high Mountains, where the rolling hills to look at the lush trees Dian Dian aspect of the river and the vast The snow ...... feel the sincere enthusiasm and wonderful mountain people.

People will really only go there to appreciate to what is real san water, what is the nature;

Only go there know what is real what is unreal Dian;

Only small people there know the vast geographical Dian;

Only eighty thousand square kilometers there know how Dian know what is uninhabited;

Only there do not know fame and fortune worth more than just how superficial Dian feisty ......

Nature is more true!

In that environment to accept the life test, minus 40 degrees, October Dian May snow fell across the snow, the microscopic inhabitants in the two-hour trains, the kind of magnificent, the kind of mind, the kind of amplifier, city people can not imagine .

Kind of hard life for the car for the Housing of funny, kind of hard to climb for the post of official poor, the kind of strife for its own people into good and sad, these will only make the mountains a joke, only to lament the river .... ..

People can only only in the face of nature was a hero.

Beautiful days always goes fast, to all the stupid things down, to have a good every day, his own pleasure, but also joy with others.

Treasure, this time may never come again!

If there is no one else out there

I will always be there, just for you

And when you think no one will care

I will always be here, when you want me to

When someone has to be there to dry your tears

You know you can always come and turn to me

I will be there to help take away your fears

When you open your eyes, I am the one you will see

Nouveau billetNouveau billetNouveau billetNouveau billetNouveau billet


college career

Responsibility and Less Turnover Risk
To any potential employer, one of the most frustrating things that can happen is to train an employee and have them leave within the first few months or year. This leaves the company atcompany formation the exact point where they left off prior to hiring the young individual. For this reason, if a student has good grades, in the eyes of the hiring company, it alludes to the fact that the person is likely to be more reliable, have sharper decision making skills and, subsequently stay with their organization for a longer period of time.

Regardless of industry or size of company, turnovers are a big concern and any form of prediction as to whether the employee will leave or not dosingapore company formation well upon being hired, will strongly be put into consideration.

The Ability to Complete Daily Tasks Autonomously
If a student comes to an employer with very solid grades, typically this translates into the individual being able to successfully tackle certain daily tasks with a quick turnaround coupled with less of a need for close supervision. After all, the student was able to do this successfully in college. Why couldn't they bring that work ethic to the company, free up management to do their job and produce results with less training?

Superior Writing Skills
For any company, having employees who are emailing back and forth with clients using improper grammar, thus failing to closely read, analyze, and intelligently answer specific client questions over email can prove to be very embarrassing for the organization.

The new MI-2100S is a smaller version of the company's popular MI-2100 digital 3D cinema system, and delivers the same high image clarity and compelling, ownership-based business model as the original product. While it was designed smaller, to sit lower, the new MI-2100S includes an optional stand; a fast, programmable up/down electric lift actuator that enables it to be used in either low-window or standard projection rooms. The new system also includes improved automation interfaces and programming options for Ethernet and 3D, and a new filter for itsoffshore company formation circular polarizing wheel that improves overall brightness, which is available for both the MI-2100 and MI-2100S systems.

MasterImage 3D Chairman and CEO, Younghoon Lee, said, "We heard from theatres in India and China that they wanted to convert to 3D, but that their projection rooms didn't accommodate the size of most 3D cinema systems. We were able to engineer a smaller version of the MI-2100 to meet their projection room dimensions and update it with new capabilities at the same time."

SATHYAM CINEMAS and ESCAPE CINEMAS (SPI Cinemas Pvt Ltd) in Tamil Nadu, India was an early adopter of the MasterImage 3D MI-2100S system. "Having a small projection room has not stopped us from bringing the excitement virtual officeof 3D to audiences," said D. Teddy Joshua, Manager, at SPI Cinemas Pvt Ltd. "The new MasterImage system is designed for small spaces and has been perfectly stable and reliable."

About MasterImage 3D LLC

MasterImage 3D LLC is a 3D technology company that provides pioneering solutions for theaters, mobile devices and gaming. With digital 3D cinema systems installed in 42 countries, MasterImage 3D is a fast-growing digital 3D cinema system supplier, offering audiences the clearest, sharpest 3D experience while providing exhibitors with a compelling ownership-based pricing model. The company's auto-stereoscopic display technology enabled one of the world's first glasses-free 3D mobile phones and its 3D camera ASIC empowers users to create and share 3D content. Founded in 2004, the company is privately held and headquartered in Hollywood, with offices in the UK, Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing. terbbgju hkoythfn hrtedjnfdujtru


Israeli PM's

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife Sarah is reportedly creating an upheaval in her husband's Jerusalem bureau, with executives contemplating quitting their posts.

Top officials at the bureau who are currently weighing other career options include Director General Eyal Gabai, communications advisor Nir Hefetz and Cabinet Secretary Tzvi Hauser, according to a report in the daily Ma'ariv on Thursday.

The report attributes the unfolding crisis in the bureau to Mrs. Netanyahu's alleged interference in its daily functioning and in official state matters.

Ma'ariv on Wednesday published on its front page an expose regarding Mrs. Netanyahu's alleged involvement in her husband's election campaign in early 2009, saying she had ordered a personal smear campaign against Kadima Party head Tzipi Livni, at the time Netanyahu's leading rival in the race to the premiership.

Mrs. Netanyahu's order to humiliate Livni on public billboards, which ran the slogan "she's not qualified for the job," was implemented against the advice of professional campaign strategists, who had asked to avoid personal accusations and stick to the facts, claimed the expose.

A day earlier, Israeli TV Channel 10 reported on letters sent to Netanyahu by Yisrael Yagel, a former hi-tech entrepreneur who volunteered to assist him in the 2009 election campaign, in which he harshly criticized Mrs. Netanyahu's "gross behind-the-curtain involvement" in the decision-making process concerning state matters.

The Israeli prime minister Wednesday night convened his top advisors for an emergency discussion on the media coverage of his wife, according to Ma'ariv's report on Thursday.

The Prime Minister's Bureau dismissed the report, saying that such a discussion never took place. It also rebuffed reports that three of its top staffers are set to resign as "hearsay aimed at hurting the bureau's functioning and the prime minister.

Hair GrowthHair GrowthHair GrowthHair GrowthHair Growth


levy imposed

China, which started a 110 percent tariff on some fertilizer exports on Wednesday, will extend the high-season portion of its export duties next year to control food prices and secure domestic fertilizer supplies, said an official from the China Chemical Mining Association (CCMA).

The Chinese government imposed a 35 percent temporary tax, and a 75 percent special tax, on the export of some fertilizer products until Dec 30, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) said in a statement posted on its website Tuesday.

The fertilizers affected by the new tariffs include urea and diammonium phosphate.

Yuan Junhong, secretary-general of the CCMA, said it will extend the 110 percent export tariff until June next year, to ensure domestic supplies and help control the rising price of domestic agricultural products.

The levy will also be charged on exports of urea until June 30, 2011.

However, export duty will be lowered to 7 percent during the low season between July 1 and Oct 31, 2011, before rising to 110 percent for November, according to a report released by China Investment Consulting Corp (CICC) on Nov 25.

The duty may be levied on diammonium phosphate exports from Dec 1 to May 31. It will then be lowered to 7 percent from June 1 to Sept 30. The 110 percent duty will then be reinstated for November and December 2011, the report said.

The tariff hike aims to curb fertilizer exports, ensure domestic fertilizer supplies for the coming spring, and combat rising food prices, said the financial ministry.

Analysts said the tariff hike may affect rising fertilizer prices in the global market, and it would have a negative affect on domestic producers such as Hangfeng Evergreen Inc, whose sales are exclusively within China.

Domestic fertilizer producers have recorded a high proportion of exports this year since domestic demand is weak due to nature disasters including draught and floods, said Chang Yizhi, an analyst from CICC.

"The tariff hikes will force some fertilizer companies to turn to the domestic market, and enhance their competitiveness," he said.

"Rising costs of raw materials such as natural gas and coal will also squeeze these companies' profits, putting them under pressure."

But the CCMA's Yuan said the industry suffers from overproduction, and the tariff hike will simply accelerate the pace of removing obsolete capacity.

Get Worse BeforeGet Worse BeforeGet Worse BeforeLife More EnjoyableLife More Enjoyable


change response

Cities and metropolitan regional governments should play a more prominent role in defining the wider response to climate change, according to a report from the OECD.

border disputeborder disputeborder disputeborder disputeforward: U.S. expert

Cities and climate change confirms that urban areas use most of the world's energy and are responsible for most of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. Cities are at the same time highly vulnerable to rising sea levels, warmer temperatures and destructive storms expected to result from climate change: By 2070, 150 million city-dwellers, producing 9% of global GDP in coastal cities, will be exposed to the full brunt of climate change, the report said.

"Cities are at the center of the problem, and given their role as the predominant consumers of energy, they are also a necessary part of the climate change solution," OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria said. "Urban policymakers should immediately start reshaping their cities' futures, using better urban planning and policies to reduce energy use, cut greenhouse gas emissions and make their infrastructure more resilient."

The OECD identifies best practices in energy, housing, urban planning, public transport and other policy areas that limit cities' contribution to climate change and help adapt to expected impacts.

Densely-populated cities in South Korea and Japan produce lower CO2 emissions per capita than sprawling urban areas in Australia, Canada or the United States. Similarly, New York's greenhouse gas emissions are far below those seen in Los Angeles, thanks to its compact form and larger reliance on public transport, the report said.

Policy decisions can help cities tackle these disparities. Better land-use policies and eliminating property taxes that favor single-owner housing could decrease urban sprawl. Greater financial support for public transport could convince city dwellers to leave their cars at home. Congestion charges in cities from London to Stockholm to Seoul have shown that taxing drivers can change behavior and reduce pollution.