Open hands, the world is in your hands

Such a story.

One morning, a mother was in the kitchen washing dishes. She has a 40-year-old son, is playing in the living room and their own entertainment.

Suddenly, theblood mother heard the sound of children crying. The mother does not know what happened, too late to hand dry, they rushed to the living room.

It turned out that the son's hand slipped on a vase on the coffee table, the vase is on a narrow width, stretched into his hand, but pumping out. Mother proteca lot of ways, wanted his son card with a hand out, but to no avail.

The mother began to worry, grasping the hand of his son can not help but increase the force. She a little harder son felt the pinch pain. Desperate bid, the mother thought of a bad policy, and is broken vase. She was hesitant, because this vase are not ordinary vase, but antique. However, to bolster armshis son's hand to smooth it out, and this seems to be the only way.

Result, the mother reluctantly broke the vase.

Although the loss of a lot of money, but seeing his son unharmed, the mother also took a deep breath. She even said all right, called the shock given will remain the palm of your hand clenched into a fist son open hands, the son of Yi Yan slowly opened his hand. The mother is unexpected happened: the alleviateson the hands of Tanzhao a coins!

She understood at once: It turned out that the coin fell into the vase, the son who puts his hand in order to square the coin, but on the way back will be hand picked coin stuck in the narrow under wide flower bottle mouth. Her hand pumping out, not because the vase mouth mlikeis too narrow, but always refused to give up because he was clutching the coin in your hand into a fist-shaped.


Television compass

Now intelligent television product change rapidly, for everyone's life adds unlimited fun. When people get spiritual satisfaction at the same time, also on the beloved TV more care, but is limited by the lack of understanding of television products, in the use of the process will often have a lot of questions, dvd to ipaddab8d28ck and one of the most concern is how to extend the service life of the LCD TV, small today make up for everyone to answer.

How to prolong the service life of the LCD TV?

1 avoid long time display static picture. In the long time does not use the machine, preferably close machine, or reduce the brightness of the display, otherwise easily lead to internal burn or aging. In addition, long time on a picture display will cause the liquid crystal screen damage, may cause some LCD pixel overheating, then make the TV more dead. For example, some of my friends at DVD, happened to have things to go away, copy movie to ipod used to press the " pause" button, the screen is not good.

2 selection of the recommended resolution. In the recommended resolution using liquid crystal TV is on the LCD screen to protect a, at the recommendation of display resolution LCD TV can be best picture. For example, using a computer connected to TV, try to put computer resolution setting and LCD TV.

3 avoid scratches, impinging liquid crystal screen surface. LCD display is very fragile, direct touch or direct force impact, is very easy to cause the liquid crystal screen fine line and device damage, resulting in the so-called "dead ". For example, many useful screen pointing finger on the habits, which may cause fatal damage to the LCD TV; in addition, Wireless keyboard to take good care of their children and their toys, any on the LCD screen impact, scribing will bring direct damage, and can make the whole screen scrapping.


More efficient use of

In order to attract customers, increase sales, extra additional gifts presented to the customer, this trick you also use. How to choose suitable for promotional gifts, how to more efficient use of these promotional gifts?

" Price-city" often become the preferred gift. The most attractive gifts, customers are only from the promotional jiangzuo activities in which cannot be obtained from other channels such gifts, the gifts will have a strong sales force.

Selection of the retail profit higher commodity gifts. The customer a premium value height, often to the retail price to measure. Some commodity retail price is high, but the cost is low, zero price difference is big. In the choice of gifts, it should be the choice of such goods, such as clothing, cosmetics, toys, Top Secret Ltd small household electrical appliances. Like learning English Walkman, retail price of 300 yuan, the purchase price is only 100 yuan, belong to such goods.

Transformation of purchasing price is low. Through the transformation of gifts can improve the gifts in mind of customer value, customer can't see the real value of gifts. A baby food gifts is a small spoon, spoon value is very low, very ordinary, but in this spoon engraved on the baby name and birth date, and only the birthday child can acquire, guanggaoliping gives it a special meaning, the child childhood meaningful souvenirs.

Good gift may require the customer to add money. Some gifts are very attractive, might require the customer to add money can be obtained, so as to enhance the gifts in the minds of consumers a sense of value, at the same time, manufacturers can also recover the cost, reduces the total cost of sales promotion.


Infant clothing security vulnerabilities

On August 1st, the new " national safety technical code for textile products " ( GB18401-2010 ) has been formally introduced, but before this, Chinese consumer society announced, in a recent survey of commercial infant knitted underwear quality testing is found in six into the product failed to meet.

Toddler knit underwear six into unqualified
Reportedly, the sample of 39 pieces of 0~ 3 years old infant underwear, is the association staff to the general consumer identity from Beijing, Tianjin, 11 large and medium-sized shopping malls, supermarkets,wholesale baby clothes uk dab4d63ck specialty stores to buy, the price from every pieces of 29.9 yuan to 1470 yuan.

Experimental discovery, 24 samples of varying degrees of quality. Among them, there are 15 samples of dimensional change rate is older, again wearing; and the origin of Turkey and Macedonia product exist in perspiration color fastness, water resistance, saliva, friction resistance, as well as the actual fiber content and signs annotation discrepancies in 5 aspects does not conform to standards; and the pH value of the product the measured values exceed the standard, weak alkaline etc.. However, in the formaldehyde content, odor, color fastness to washing, etc. are in line with the requirements of the.

Infant 's skin was tender, sensitive, and there is no form of self protection, infant clothing is called even in infants is " second skin ", if the quality standards, will seriously affect the safety and health of infants. Therefore, relates to an infant textile products is also very concerned by the general public.

The new " national safety technical code for textile products " after carrying out, impact on consumers and the largest in infant clothing, compared to the old criteria on textile products for infant, the requirements to improve a lot.

PH value, color fastness to saliva is a threat
Required by the new standard of textile products for infant textile products, direct contact with the skin of the textile products and textile products without direct contact to skin. Textile products for infant was classified as a category A, nature also is the most rigorous standards for a class of.

According to the old standard, only younger than 24 months of infant textile products are classified as category A, and after the implementation of new standards, at 36 months of age and height in 100cm and below the infant wear or use textile products belong to class A.

"A type of age restrictions,baby wholesale clothing but also means that a large number of originally only needs to meet the B requirements of infant products in after the implementation of new standards must satisfy a requirement. " Beijing City textile dyes and auxiliary products of quality inspection station director Hu Jianguo explained.

He tells a reporter, current textile products for infant daily detection results, the main problems in pH value and color fastness to saliva.

The new standards require, textile products for infant pH in value between 4.0~7.5, slightly acidic, can protect the baby from pathogen infection. If the pH value is beyond the scope of, will stimulate the skin, or even lead to skin infections.

Hu Jianguo says, current detection of pH value of unqualified products is mainly due to insufficient washing process. The process requires a large consumption of water, some factories in order to control costs, insufficient water, nature also exceed the standard.

And the color fastness is mainly to see the dye on a variety of external force resistance. Textile dyes are chemical substances, if they are wet, washed by water, light, perspiration and saliva infiltration friction, glabrescent, transfer to the skin will hurt the body.

Children are a special group, they often like to dress in her mouth. If the fabric color fastness to saliva did not amount to mark,operable wall can lead to children direct phagocytosis staining residues and hurt.


Guangdong LED lamps in technical barriers

Guangdong province pledges inspect bureau WTO/TBT center revealed, recently have received the European Union, the United States,T8 LED Tubedab4d58ck Chile, Uganda and other countries about LED lamps of TBT (trade technical measures) bulletin. Reporting to the countries of the regulations directional lights and LED lighting products setting higher threshold, it will be improved to enter the European and American multinational market LED lighting products production cost, of the whole province and even the whole country LED industry of a significant impact.

Guangdong province pledges inspect bureau WTO/TBT center said the new reporting TBT, some countries to enter the directional lights and LED lighting products put forward the energy conservation, environmental protection, covered in ecological LED Spotlight Lampdesign more strict requirements and higher. Such as the European Union on directional lights and LED lamp puts forward the energy efficiency requirements. This bulletin regulations only the efficiency index reaches more than 0.2 of the directional LED lights and directional fluorescent lamp can enter the eu market, LED directly to the production costs increased by 20% or more, for the guangdong LED enterprise total more than 20 one hundred million yuan bring losses.

In addition, such as the United States LED the reported test procedures, according to preliminary estimate, the United States LED the reported test procedure of guangdong province only LED export enterprise to bring more than $2 billion of extra cost, will greatly weaken our province LED lighting products in the United States market competitiveness.

Guangdong province pledges inspect bureau WTO/TBT center revealed, to Europe and America and many nations have LED lamps and the related research and evaluation TBT bulletin, and put forward some countermeasures.

The council also advised the provincial government reported increased to the overseas trade of carry out the policy of technical barriers and financial support,LED Bulb A19 and set up to deal with technical barriers to trade association of guangdong province, strengthening standardization work LED products.


LED outdoor advertising fee

The reporter understands, for LED outdoor advertising fee, Weifang city outdoor advertising resources paid use management fee is standard. For example, LED outdoor advertising a class:120yuan per square meter per year;LED Bulb two area:84 square meters each / year, three District:60 yuan per square meters / year. However, reporters at LED large outdoor screen business understands, is considered to be "large investment, big output" outdoor LED large screen, in induct large capital investment, still have investment institutions on the foreground of LED worried.

Outdoor LED large screen and high cost, make its advertising positioning natural high, this kind of advertising to set a high threshold, both pros. A real estate enterprises in Weifang company marketing director tells a reporter, at present they have never tried before, outdoor LED, one is feeling the relatively high price. In addition," so many ads broadcast cycle, our advertising plays, we want the customer may have left."

" For small enterprises and famous degree not tall brand has some limitations." Also the personage inside course of study to worry about,windsor health dab4d55ck" first is expensive, the price is not high; secondly the LED outdoor high requirements on image, for small businesses, not suitable for."

V1 shopping mall last year and spent the about 5000000acquisition of a large outdoor LED display, person in charge Mr. Yang told the reporters, last year began advertising screen, and spend a lot of financial and material resources, but specifically how to do or to look at this market brand promotion rate," a piece of screen itself will spend tens of millions or even tens of millions of dollars, plus amenities municipal, leasing, approval, registration and so on, every channels should be paid."

Mr. Yang analysis," both the requirements of watch manufacturers this year's advertising marketing budget, and have a look here Weifang merchant brand marketing rate, like luxury goods, automotive, real estate advertising, in the economic situation, on the future advertising is expected to be high, the manufacturer just like throwing money to buy these advertisement.

Conversely, to adapt to the market economy cycle adjustment, reduced its main advertising sales budget, in marketing investment are reduced,LED Lighting Company short-term inside this kind of customer oriented LED large screen media will have a great impact."


Glass partition

Glass partition is also called high walls, high partition, partition, partition, partition finished, aluminum alloy partition, high screen, glass partition, office partition, office partition office glass,operable wall hk koge481gex etc.. Even some people also call screen. These terms are because of differences between the north and the south, area difference has other, while high compartment is in the south of China name.

Glass partition is a top, can be completely divided space partition. The type of professional high partition, not only can realize the traditional space function, and he in lighting, sound insulation, fire prevention, environmental protection, easy installation, can be repeated use, can be mass production of such characteristics than the traditional partition.

Frameless glass installation technology
The main characteristics of glass products to fully open, the developed countries in Europe and America in the last century developed high strength can be used to support the glass, and extensive use of frameless assembly technology, fully reflects the unique effect of glass products. For China's glass processing and installation level, at present our country or to the frame as the main glass installation and fixing way, in fact, now China's glass production level has reached the world leading level, has been produced intensity can reach the structure level of glass, with advanced installation technology, can realize any case of pure glass engineering installation. At the same time, also has the industry's leading installation technology, has successfully solved the repeated use of such as wiring and other related issues, believe this fully reflects the characteristics of glass products technology will shine. .

Glass partition design
Glass partition, the perfect office space design elements, the best use of the space partition is perfect to distinguish, separated by a conference room and business department, director of rooms and financial room, general manager's office and the office of the chairman, the rational use of area, like a septum and the septum between, it is scattered to the highest level.

Office if very small. In large office do partition, is bound to make the space appears very stringent, but not completely separated, let a small space can reflect the functional distinction,operable wall have not appear crowded, the best approach is the application of partition, his inspiration is separated the best fast.

Gradually the summer has come. The designer to cool as the theme of the partition is very diverse. As table partition, smallpox modeling separated off, have implied a partition partition partition. Vine leaves, soft partition of partition of screen printing.


How to remotely control the computer

Have you ever thought in any computer with internet access, do not install any software on the remote control your server? Or use your Palm, PPC and other PDA equipment,PC remote control such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson P8027650or the intelligent mobile phone ( if the mobile phone supports the WAP protocol can), whenever and wherever possible to control your server or remote computer?
Do not think that it is not possible to complete the task! As long as the installation of Remotely Anywhere, in any Internet equipment, as long as there is a browser that supports Java ( Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, now commonly used to meet the requirements ), you can easily control the remote server or computer.
One, the installation program
The installation process if the use of" typical" ( Typical ), will use the default port 2000. Of course, you can also select" custom" ( Custom ), installed in the specified when you want to use the port.
After the completion of the installation can be seen the tooltip window appears in the software to use. If the operation of the machine, then directly in the browser address bar enter http: / / 2000will be the login page. If you want from the other computer access, is to "" the IP address is changed into the external access to the public network address. If you are careful, will find that is installed in the system tray will add three icon.
Two, install license
Program installation completed, before use must also be installed to permit. According to different versions of corresponding to different license, can be in the Remotely Anywhere website for a free30 day trial license, on top of the login page with the computer can log into the account, and then input to receive a license code.
In three, the installation of digital certificate
To ensure that the remote access security, we must first configure" digital certificate" ( SSL ). After the configuration data is encrypted, can ensure the security of information. On the page click on the "Security SSL Setup", enter a country (Country), the unit ( Organization ), personal name ( Your Name ), click on the" Create SC" in the server generates a digital signature.
This is the server generates a digital certificate, to ensure the secure data transmission, but also in the browsing computer mounted above the certificate. Click on the" Install The CA Certificate In Your Browser", follow the prompts to install. Installation and use of digital certificate in order to guarantee the data transmission the absolute security and not by other filch information, but generally speaking, even without the use of a digital certificate encryption and transmission of information, typically do not have any problem.
In four, with the
Remotely Anywhere server installed in the well, almost without any configuration can be used. But if the server or computer controlled with _ blank" > firewall, the TCP / IP port 2000open (2000Remotely Anywhere default port, you can also specify a port to which uses ). The other need to set the content is also very simple and intuitive, detailed settings in the following specific application are introduced.
Five, board book
To use certainly must first log. To support any of the Java browser address bar enter" http: / / XXX: 2000" ( in which XXX is the controlled computer name or IP address, in front of Figure 2login interface, used by control computer can be above the login account.
After entering the Remotely Anywhere can see the main interface, which consists of an upper, left, right three parts. The above is a CPU, memory usage, controlled by computer name,bluetooth keyboard as well as the current time and the exit button. The lower left is the monitor menu, right is the specific content of control. Every time after the login default right part is the system overall, including memory usage, the current connection etc..
Six, registry permissions
In" Preferences Access Control" which can set the system of built-in account permissions. The page can be for the system in an account given certain functions, such as configuration, file transfer, remote control, restart the system, account management, complete control and so on ... ...


Aromatherapy hydration essence

Extreme thin, silky texture, can make the skin is fine layers of water molecules around. Multiple skin benefit composition for the skin depth of water environment reconstruction, rapid charging stream of waterPC remote improve the skin's moisture, firmly lock the water molecules, nourish dry skin, restore skin surface texture, enhance and improve skin elasticity, a rejuvenated health glory, to create beautiful condensate muscle.
Main components:
Water, glycol, propylene glycol, glycerin, PCA sodium polymethacrylate, caprylic / capric triglyceride, ring of poly two methyl siloxane, poly two methyl siloxane, poly two methyl siloxane alcohol, yeast polypeptide, wedge base kelp, jojoba seed oil, tocopheryl acetate, coenzyme A, Carbomer, yellow gum, hyaluronic acid, glycine, alanine, proline, methylparaben, serine, threonine, and arginine, lysine, triethanolamine, benzyl benzoate, flavor
Suitable for all skin types:
All skin. But the special sensitive skin in sik village professional beauty under the guidance of teachers to use.
Method of use:
Every morning and night after cleansing toning,Yunzhi Essence in the use of cream before applying to the face and neck.
Aromatherapy hydration Essence 30ml
Main effects:
Extreme thin, silky texture, can make the skin is fine layers of water molecules around. Multiple skin benefit composition for the skin depth of water environment reconstruction, rapid charging stream of water, improve the skin's moisture, firmly lock the water molecules, nourish dry skin, restore skin surface texture, enhance and improve skin elasticity, a rejuvenated health glory, to create beautiful condensate muscle.
Main components:
Water, glycol, propylene glycol, glycerin, PCA sodium polymethacrylate, caprylic / capric triglyceride, ring of poly two methyl siloxane, poly two methyl siloxane, poly two methyl siloxane alcohol, yeast polypeptide, wedge base kelp, jojoba seed oil, tocopheryl acetate, coenzyme A, Carbomer, yellow gum, hyaluronic acid, glycine, alanine, proline, methylparaben, serine, threonine, and arginine, lysine, triethanolamine, benzyl benzoate, flavor
Suitable for all skin types:
All skin. But the special sensitive skin in sik village professional beauty under the guidance of teachers to use.
Method of use:
Every morning and night after cleansing toning,office furniture in the use of cream before applying to the face and neck.


Britain now environmental churches

Solar battery in ancient architecture in Britain now environmental churches
Recently, withington a historic church installed solar cell components, became Britain's first " zero emissions" church.

It was known as St . Michael and All Angels church built in twelfth Century, has nearly 900 years of history. HTPC KeyboardThe church at the top of the installation of 24piece of solar battery component and biomass boiler heating system, not only to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and reduce the use cost of the electric heating. At present the construction using power from renewable energy, power generation, heating will not pollute the environment. The installation of solar battery repair project has important significance for the future of other ancient buildings, sustainable renovation provided a model.

It is reported, the church used the Kyocera Corporation of solar cell module. Kyocera to ancient building regulations and strict requirements,plastic bag manufacturer maintain the original architectural appearance and structure, arranged on the roof assembly particularly cautious, specifically the use of special construction elevator.

Kyocera solar history for up to 35 years, with unique technology experience, functional excellence,solar module cell durable components.


movement to lose

When the movement to lose weight after30 minutes of exercise to lose weight the most effective

Exercise is a very effective way to lose weight,maycc12 however, and do not exercise to lose weight, sometimes moving the wrong time can more to reduce fat, so, when the movement to lose weight? Small make up to tell you after30 minutes of exercise, the most effective way to lose weight.

When the movement to lose weight after30 minutes of exercise to lose weight the most effective.

When the movement to lose weight?

After30 minutes of exercise, the most effective way to lose weight.

After dinner, the digestive system will be food down into the human body needs nutrients, and eventually into the blood. When the blood glucose levels can rise, blood fatty acid will increase. Through decomposition of nutrients, eat food can provide energy for human cells.

If the energy is already satisfied the needs of the human body, the excess sugar will be stored energy into fat, slimming, the enemy. So do not think that eating greasy, high fat food can prevent obesity, eat no fat food will have fat may.

30 minutes after a meal, just begin to decompose absorption of small intestine food time. Therefore, in30minutes after the meal, blood glucose will begin to rise. In this critical moment, can not let blood sugar had a chance to form fatty.

After30 minutes of exercise to recommend a movement:

Yard or balcony: after a meal in the yard is usually my choice, both labor and fitness, is a good choice. If there is no yard, can also create a garden terrace, while finishing the, can reduce fat.

Clean the room: when I feel tired, and want to do a little activity body, I choose to clean sanitation, strength,maycc12 degree is just. For working couples, will after cleaning as a habit, is undoubtedly the IKEA should have the good things!


solid wood furniture cracks

Mr. Liu to buy solid wood furniture cracks.
In March 8th, citizen Mr Liu to reflect this, in May last year, he from Liaoyang Road store bought nearly 150000 yuan Bai Sen licensing solid wood furniture, buy the home could use,BLN Design found the furniture has the crack problem. Mr. Liu repeatedly contact furniture agents, but the other has not solved.

March 8th morning, the reporters came to the home of Mr liu. " Furniture workmanship is very rough, some places have great gap, some local wood split." Mr. Liu said. The reporter sees, the television cabinet is connected with a mass about 4 cm long pieces of wood, and have split off, in the television cabinet bottom joints are 5 mm gap. The kitchen door put 5 chairs, one of the legs of the chair are 5 mm wide cracks. " The legs of the chair are not the same length." Mr. Liu said.
Furniture in 2011 9 at the end of to, since 2011 October, Liu started with business negotiation. " I want the living room furniture returned, they do not agree." Mr. Liu said, he did not demand the return of all, bedroom and study can leave, can be agents simply replied, can help him repair or replacement. Mr Liu for the furniture is not used to repair difficult to accept.

8 in the afternoon, a reporter contact to Mr. Liu sales of furniture stores, shopping guide Lee said, after occurrence problem, they can be put on the furniture adjusted replacement, however, Mr Lau did not agree.

Inquiries to reporters Bai Sen furniture headquarters phone, dial staff said, solid wood furniture cracks is"Android TV Remote aprereciciar apreopiear can hardly be avoided", chair legs not neat situation is different, because it" should be dry shrinkage problems." The staff said, if consumers want to return, or agents and consultation.


furnishing industry

Three" cold" hit the home furnishing industry
" Depression " word to describe the last Chinese home furnishing industry was not excessive at. You go to the furniture city shopping stores, often found deserted did not see a number of consumers, and even saw some shops advertising banners around. Do you think is the dealer in renovated or have new brands, in fact, these dealers have not hold exeunt cloudily. Not only is the dealer, Dongguan, Shunde, Zhongshan and some other furniture manufacturers have been closed. The reporter learns yesterday, Shenzhen only the central city of Longgang last year alone four or five furniture stores closed.Furniture industry performance In the face of the "three major cold spell", home furnishing industry shouted" sad day".
Star events lead exposure apology Li Jiacheng on ten big financial drain Feng Shui, straight exposed Deng Chao Sun Li Shanghai luxury Miriam Yeung dress as a sister pregnant home furnishing, generous in the offbeat happiness, plus one yuan for a randomly selecting but 9 block 9 surprise grab the hand to life a little color to have a look TATA seckill door spring" remote control" is your ideal space
" Depression " word to describe the last Chinese home furnishing industry was not excessive at. You go to the furniture city shopping stores, often found deserted did not see a number of consumers, and even saw some shops advertising banners around. Do you think is the dealer in renovated or have new brands, in fact, these dealers have not hold exeunt cloudily. Not only is the dealer, Dongguan, Shunde, Zhongshan and some other furniture manufacturers have been closed. The reporter learns yesterday, Shenzhen only the central city of Longgang last year alone four or five furniture stores closed. In the face of the "three major cold spell", home furnishing industry shouted" sad day".
1: regulation of the property market collapse in demand for cold
2010, the state in order to curb rising prices too have been introduced two regulatory policy, then the real estate market trading volume shrunk significantly, the total area of housing decoration shrunk dramatically, home furnishing market sales also fell. Furniture industry" gold Jiuyin ten" with the housing market bleak and burst, this should be the season of the furniture market is still quite poor. Forecast according to the expert, this year the market situation is still grim, in wait-and-see atmosphere, consumer demand sharp decline, home furnishing industry will face a tough "winter".offshore company formation Many personage inside course of study points out, economic situation and real estate policy effect 2012, home furnishing business closures or will continue to appear.
2 : the export of domestic double pressure of cold
The global economy and the appreciation of the renminbi have reduced our country export competitiveness, make foreign home furnishing order is substantially reduced. At the same time, domestic demand is also affected by the policy impact to slow down. Export and domestic market the double pressure, together with 2011 being hurt vitality difficult to restore, home furnishing company significantly increased pressure. Whether manufacturers or dealers, agents are facing with great pressure. In the mainland furniture exports the first town Guangdong Dalingshan Town as an example, 35% to 40% of the furniture enterprise is in deficit condition, the closure of the phenomenon is in aggravate. Insiders revealed even Guangdong, currently more than 6000 furniture enterprises, only 30% to 40% or so business growth or maintain existing level, these are mostly within the export market and more balanced business. Because the domestic market also fell, with more than 70% domestic enterprises shut down production capacity by around 30%. Industry forecast, 2012 will be the furniture manufacturers to develop one of the most difficult years, how to survive will become the furniture manufacturer need consideration.
3: overcapacity exacerbated cold closed
As the real estate market demand reduction, home furnishing market is faced with" go" situation. The overall market is reduced, means that the competition will be more intense. At the same time, high-end brand and low-end brand competition will also form a more intense competition posture.
It is understood, last year many stores selected contrarian expansion, opening new stores, which led to many brand dealers have a" expansion" days, with stores and shop. And so blindly follow the making of fierce market competition becomes more fierce, at the same time also resulted in a store between the homogeneity phenomenon increasingly serious problems. In this more and more the day of competition in the market will inevitably be unable to keep up with the pace of the times in some stores, those for expansion expansion, can not meet the consumer demand stores will be merciless cleaning. In the brutal market environment, home furnishing market needs a new modes to adapt to the market, change the market.
The business was done harder and harder
" Not just the current channel cost rise, the original operating costs also rises substantially." A furniture brand dealer Chen Gang said, home furnishing stores a rent in the rise, on the other hand, affected by inflation, store staff wages, commissions are greatly improved, and the cost of logistics and transport with year average 15% ~ 30% increments, the dealers,Patch cord manufacturer agents operating costs rising. Chen Gang said, started in July last year, he felt more and more business is done, he entered the home furnishing square, probably more than 300 households businesses, of which nearly 200 families are losing money.
The furniture is too expensive
Buy" good but not expensive" furniture products are the vast number of furniture consumer desire. But as a result of rising production costs, the link between the circulation is complex wait for a reason, now on the market of furniture prices generally continued to show rising trend, consumer appears feel helpless. A ready to buy furniture for miss Fang Li told reporters:" we prepare 50000 Yuan decoration, 20000 yuan to buy furniture, furniture which now are too expensive, 20000 yuan is to buy a suitable furniture, hope that the furniture prices cheaper".


parks to have survived

Knole Park, in Sevenoaks, is one of the few remaining Tudor deer parks to have survived the mass development of our countries landscapes over the past 500 years. The park has seen change over the years; in recent history the park lost nearly 70% of its trees in the great storm of October 1987. Vast oaks and chestnuts scatter the landscape, never failing to impress.

Thankfully, there are still lots of impressive mature trees to behold within the park, trees suitable for the installation of bat hibernation roost boxes.

PJC were commissioned to undertake bat surveys on one of the keeper's cottages on site that had been ear marked for renovation. The surveys revealed that the building did in fact contain a summer transitional roost at one end of the roof void. The species PJC ecologists identified to be using the roost included Brown long-eared bats (Plecotus auritis), Common Pipistrelles (Pipistrellus pipistrellus) and Natterer's bats (Myotis nattereri).

As part of the extensive mitigation strategy designed by PJC, a hibernation roost bat box was to be installed within the woodland directly adjacent to the cottage. In conjunction with PJC's sister company PJ Chaffin Ltd the day of installation was upon us. With the aid one of PJ Chaffin's experienced tree climbers, Sam Taylor, the sturdy bat box was hoisted high into the tree chosen by PJC ecologist Tom Rothero.

With a bit of jostling and, "no the other left" the hibernation box was firmly secured with a south facing aspect out across the deer park. Sam then descended from the tree via his web of ropes after creating much hysteria from nearby power walkers, "Oh look, a man up a tree!" one woman exclaimed. Another successful step towards bat conservation in the south east had been completed.

The English country house is surrounded by 1000 acres of parkland, inhabited by the local residents and the wild life. The house has been used for a number of films over the years and continues to hold evens and hoards of visitors. The grounds support a heard of Fallow and Japanese Sika deer,800 in number,that roam around the park. The golf club that is situated within the park was founded in 1924 and is still going strong. Golf isn't the only sport in the park there are plenty of others including cross country competitions every year. The park has some stunning walks that are fantastic to experience at different times of the year.


memo three principles

This memo to you, based on the three principles:
( a ) the life happiness impermanence, who do not know can live how long, some things are still a little earlier.
( two) I am your father, I do not say to you, no one told you.
( three) in the memo records, is I after bitter failure back to experience, can make you grow less to go the long way.
Following, is you should remember in your life:
( a ) people who are not nice to you, you don't mind. In your life, no one is obligated to be nice to you, besides your mom and me. As for the people who treat you, you should cherish, be grateful, but also be cautious. Because, everybody do everything, there is always a reason. He is nice to, not because the really love you, please you must be clear, not too fast will each other as true friends.
( two) no one is irreplaceable, nothing is a must have. Through this, the future people around you no longer want you, maybe you lost the love of all time, should also see, this is not a big deal.
( three) the life is short, today you are wasting life, tomorrow you will find out that life has been far away from you. Therefore, the sooner you cherish life, enjoy life day more. With the hope of longevity, but rather to enjoy.
( four) the world is not the love it, love is just a momentary feeling, and this feeling will be changed at any time, the mood. If your so-called love left you, please be patient, let time slow flush, let the mind slowly precipitation, your pain will slowly fade. Don't expect the beauty of love, do not exaggerate the lovelorn grief.
( five) although, there are many successful people who have not received much education, but not equal to not work hard, you will succeed. The knowledge you learned, is when you have the" weapons". Man, can start from scratch, but you can't" barehanded, remember"!
( six) I won't ask you for the rest of my life, the same I will not support the rest of your life, when you grow up to be independent of time, my duty is over. Later, you should take the bus or the Mercedes, eat or fans, should be responsible for their own.
( seven) you can call themselves trustworthy, but can not ask others trustworthy; you can ask yourself to others, but cannot be expected to do. How do you to others, does not mean they will do to you. If you can't understand this point, you will be asking for trouble.
( eight) I bought 20 years of lottery, or be poor and blank, even the three prize is not too. This proved to be developed, you have to work hard to be, there's no free lunch.
( nine) family have only one fate, no matter this life I and you will get along with how long, please cherish copolymerization time. Next life, love and didn't love, will not see.


visitors coming home

Australian Airlines abroad Australian visitors coming home
News agency Sydney, in February 19, the Australian airline ( Air Australia ) 17 announced bankruptcy trustee,fengjie leading to more than 4000 passengers stranded in the world, after Qantas, Jetstar Airways ( Qantas ) ( Jetstar ) and other airlines to provide help and service, they are the trip.
Be stranded in foreign Australian travelers are batch by other airlines flight home, but need to pay an extra $500 costs. At present, there are about 50 passengers stranded in the United States of America Qantas ( Qantas ) aircraft from Hawaii back to Sydney. Hundreds of passengers Jetstar Airlines ( Jetstar ) by plane from Thailand Phuket Island via Singapore, has arrived in Brisbane and Melbourne.
Australian Airlines ( Air Australia ) after going bankrupt, has no money to buy fuel continues to run, so that a large number of passengers were stranded at the Phuket Island, Bali Island and Hawaii,danna520 did not plan to go home. Other Australian Airlines to lend a helping hand, the Jetstar Airlines also arranged to take 180 people A320 aircraft 19 days from Thailand Phuket Island transport stranded passengers, will be 20 in the morning to Darwin. Jetstar Airways spokesman said, through our services so that visitors go home. Qantas ( Qantas ) spokesman said, also consider scheduling additional flights, help the stranded passengers to go home as soon as possible.
Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd said, very concerned about foreign visitors stranded in Australia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall make every effort to help them. It is reported, the Australian diplomats have been to Phuket Island for the stranded passengers,laodie20 provide home help.


spring fire prevention

Spring cover of" spring fire prevention"
The spring weather changes quickly, the cold pathogen invasion and body heat easily, easy get angry, so the spring to winter, also want to spring fire suppression. Using the spring cover is a very good method.
The coming of spring, but" pour spring chill" still makes people dare not let down, as the saying goes" spring cover autumn freeze",mayjoogee but also cannot cover after cover.
Human liver in spring, winter accumulation in vivo Yang with the spring to outer hair, if hidden Yang, become the heat evil attack outside, evoked by nasal, gums, respiratory tract, skin, and bleeding, headaches and dizziness, vertigo and other disorders of red eyes. If you have liver Yang Sheng people, this will trigger spring fire, suffering from heat cold, cough, asthma, and in the spring to winter, also want to spring fire suppression.
Spring cover is to prevent the cold spring measures, human or yang, the skin loose, and the sudden coldness in the late spring and in the skin quickly closed, suddenly opened and closed, the in vivo regulation of function to transform hard temporarily, and the occurrence of respiratory infectious disease or touch the night attack. According to the latest medical data show, early spring is one year period of myocardial infarction, it is cold to stimulate oxygen consumption of myocardium ischemia index rise, caused by coronary heart disease increased load. At the same time, because of the cold air causes the appearance of the skin vasoconstriction, caused a sudden increase in blood pressure in patients with hypertension, often caused by cerebral vasospasm and the occurrence of stroke. Therefore, appropriate spring cover is the maintenance of human body science method. Especially the morning and night, dress cover is rather too much, and the emphasis is upon the lower portion of the body, maintain the Yang,mayjoossresistance, can avoid Hanxie intrusion, effectively prevent various infectious diseases. Suffering from hypertension, heart disease in the elderly need more warm Zhuang Yang, in order to prevent the occurrence of stroke or myocardial infarction.
Spring cover should have degree. Temperature of 15 DEG C is spring cover critical temperature more than 15 DEG C, is necessary to reduce the clothes, don't try to cover up, easy to induce spring fire occurrence. In addition, the diet should pay attention to maintain liver qi to spring fire, should eat Gan light food, such as rice, beans and its products; vegetables with celery, carrot and rape, red dates, chestnuts; fruit, wolfberry fruit, pineapple etc.. These food science with food, can from the intake of nutrients, especially vegetables in a variety of vitamins can fully meet the needs of the liver.
In addition to spring cover degree and medicine food conditioning, still need to maintain spirit, make anger Yanggan,mayredyy to prevent fire spring bud.


good brother

What special this is really a good brother
Our brother is a silly boy in the toilet smoking,
Our brother is a group of loafers carrying board brick son knife in a rumble,
We of big brother is still in groups of three and four in the Internet bubble juvenile delinquent,
Our brother is two Freemasonry people at any time to each other as their only concern,
Our brother is better than an old Chinese practice more sincere and profound feelings of emotion,
We are brothers, is not a will with vigour and vitality but true reliable sustenance,
We is your brother in object around, help you to protect her,
Our brother is in KTV and you grab the microphone to sing than who awful joy,
Our brother is usually around you make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks, key moments but not hesitate to step forward bravely bravery,
Our brother is in a fight, let you go, but he left after the mat,
Our brothers are you upset when you talk with all night, but no matter how anxious for his family,
Our brother is and you quarrel, the very next day as if nothing happened tolerance,
We are brothers, be don't love your name to hang in the mouth, always with "idiot" and" stay B" call your guy ...
This special what is brothers, some people in our brothers, don't show, don't do the B, these brothers to deserve this a "righteousness".


massage it differs

Abdominal massage it differs from man to man.
Many people know that frequent abdominal massage, can promote intestinal peristalsis, the digestive system can play a good role in health care. But the direction and intensity of different massage, massage effect is not the same.

City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, deputy director of the physician Han Zhi reminds, from the Chinese perspective, abdominal massage clockwise to fill, counterclockwise to purge. Intensity of light to fill, efforts for reducing weight.

If the daily health care, is clockwise or counterclockwise can, preferably in a two direction do. Abdominal massage can adjust the body of yin and Yang Qi and blood, improve the internal organs function. But attention is required, not too hungry or full of circumstances, the infirm may use flat supine massage.

What is the fill or diarrhea, according to the personal physique and physical condition to decide. General health massage the abdomen, it is best to use plain s peace purging techniques. Ping fill method is" an inverse clockwise around the navel massage". Square law of diarrhea is "one with an inverse".

In addition, massage time should not be too long, general control in about 5 minutes, in the open pores massage effect is the best, so it's best to take a shower after massage.

Tumor patients after operation, ulcer or people not undergoing abdominal massage.

mobile phone

Consumers in the purchase of mobile phone, must consider the brand, performance, appearance, function, price and other factors. Mainly pay attention to the following points:

1 formal proposal to the big store to buy the mobile phone, do not casually to the irregular companies and shops to buy.

2 understand the mobile phone 's trademark and logo are complete, whether the configuration models, specifications complete whether conform to, whether telecommunication network logo and the original laser anti-counterfeit mark ( some manufacturers holding ) and certificate, pay particular attention to the mobile phone repair on the label is intact.

3 understanding of vendors to provide warranty period how long, whether the mobile phone holders of the original factory warranty card.

4 understanding of mobile phone bar code is complete, code data package data consistency.
5 understand the vendors have repair guarantee ability, especially to understand the Seller whether manufacturers authorized.

6 when buying, the user must carefully read the selected mobile phone models of the manual, a detailed understanding of mobile phone supports the function of whether they are ready for selection, and goods than three to avoid the wrong choice to cause unnecessary trouble.

7 at the time of the purchase must be carefully examined the appearance of mobile phone is no scratches, cracks, drop lacquer, mobile phone screen flawless, color distribution is uniform, the battery contact copper sheet scratches. In test machine should carefully check the mobile phone short message sending and receiving box and call records are used signs. Conditions permitting, you can try to make a two call, and feel the actual call quality of mobile phone ( preferably a dial mobile telephone, a call fixed telephone, it can have a better comparison ). And carefully check the packaging of goods and instructions on cue consistency.

8 do not blindly pursuing the multi function, and considering the function price ratio, in order to apply the principle of.


blood pressure

Hypertension eating taboo bland diet helps to stabilize the blood pressure
Patients with hypertension diet can not eat the food of bovine spinal cord, dog, sheep, pork, pork liver, cord pig, chicken, duck, shrimp, a variety of animal liver, brain, kidney and other high fat, high cholesterol food. In addition, elevated blood pressure must also abstain from wine, pickled pickles, cigarettes, pepper etc..
Hypertension patients except through drug treatment, also need to pay attention to diet, through various control can better control of blood pressure fluctuation. Although many foods have increased blood pressure in the utility, so if not careful choice of food, it will aggravate hypertension disease. What food is hypertension can not eat?
Hypertension patients on medication at the same time, the diet can not eat the food of bovine spinal cord, dog, sheep, pork, pork liver, cord pig, chicken, duck, shrimp, a variety of animal liver, brain, kidney and other high fat, high cholesterol food. In addition, elevated blood pressure must also abstain from wine, pickled pickles, cigarettes, pepper etc..
In addition to the above food, alcohol is not suitable for patients with hypertension, because the liquor in alcohol content in the liver of endogenous cholesterol synthesis, plasma cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations are elevated, caused by arteriosclerosis. At the same time can induce myocardial fat deposition, the enlargement of the heart, causing hypertension and coronary heart disease. Therefore, suffering from high blood pressure, do not eat spirits.
Hypertension can not eat the food including some strong irritant food, such as not eating the pepper. TCM believes that pepper hot, dry, symplectic stale, hot fire. Hypertensive patients with sturdy body, anger too strong, or Yin Fire, heat in a person, not more food.
Hypertension can not eat ginseng. Chinese medicine ginseng warm, taste sweetness and bitterness, for warming strong agent, help hot fire harm. When high blood pressure patients with elevated blood pressure, headache, dizziness, headache, flushing temperament red eyes when, do not eat.
For hypertensive patients, light-based diet to eat more vegetable & fruit, vegetables, eat less fatty foods, if you want to know more about the food effect on hypertension, also can consult a doctor, I hope you can pay attention to the food 's effect on blood pressure.


be there or be square

So, be there or be square
On the last train home
Will nap while immersed in a busy day in
The MP3 volume unlimited higher, until can let oneself forget the exhaustion of body and mind
The night the carriage without crowding and mooch, breathed a silent
Breathe in the window, hazy in the flashing neon, heavy traffic
The fog gradually dispersed, beautiful, still can see
Never see this city gentle and quiet.
The original, is the crowd noise, in the night of peace
For the temporary difficulty blinded
To see all the sunglasses after colorless world
Forget to give tired yourself a hug
And think life is not beautiful, can not fall in love with
You don't know something, you have been very happy
This heaven-sent and feel the need to with simple, simple, precipitate mood
Now, not happy, just upgrade
At present, no special difficulties, only the future will be better
Now have, is the best future
All the good things is not accidental, also won't face favour those who are not prepared
And like knitting a sweater, then stitch accumulation will warm
Every day of his romantic once, for a smile, to do a good deed
Every night for the absent care send a "good evening"
Monthly to separate mailbox send a postcard
Text 1 wool, postcard 1 dollars and 3 cents
A year later, he owes you 52 dollars and 1 cents
Ten years later, he owes you 521 dollars
Hoarding a romantic figure
Ten years after that, ask him out, told him to bring the money back to you.


still under investigation

Outstanding debt scale is still under investigation
Vertical group was founded in 2003, the registered capital of 320000000 yuan, the legal representative of Dong Shunsheng. Its predecessor, Dong Shunsheng in 1998 by the founder of the Taishun County Yucai senior high school. In the former, the company's existing high school, kindergarten, the company a total of 36 home, located in Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu and throughout the country, since 2005, the company operating to expand the scope of real estate development, investment in mining areas.

In the last outbreak of the Wenzhou civil lending crisis, Liren group fund chain break. In October 31, 2011, Li people group is held "the congress". The board of directors announced on November 1, 2011, stop payment of financial capital and interest, the reorganization of assets.

In unilaterally declared not to honour the folk loan, Liren group board of directors ray grass expresses to media: according to internal statistics, total liabilities 2200000000 yuan, most of that was the private loans, only a tiny fraction of the bank loan, and the company 's assets reached about 5000000000, not insolvent.

Zhou Rong Hong said, 2200000000 yuan debt just Liren group unilateral offer amount, the real amount still in statistics. The government of Taishun County of Wenzhou city has hired an accounting firm, respectively, in Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu and other vertical group more than 20 enterprises to carry out the assets and liabilities of.

By some creditor agency in the case of two Wenzhou Nationality Law -- Beijing Jing zhe lawyer Zhang Renhe Beijing Zebon lawyer Lin Caihong for $2200000000 and this number to dissent.
Lin Caihong told the paper, according to his understanding, make people group in Inner Mongolia and Jiangsu coal mines and the real estate business have also taken place in the folk financing, including three hundred million or four hundred million in Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu about 700000000, these creditors or for the future and registration and creditor's rights confirmation, but not included in the.

Taking into account the ten years up to the folk financing and rolling group has billions of principal and interest payment, Lin Caihong said, estimating vertical group involved in the folk financing amount can reach 7000000000 to 8000000000 yuan.


economic and trade relations

Want to deepen with the bilateral economic and trade relations
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao invite,Hong Kong water slide Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper from February 7th to February 11th for an official visit to china.

According to the xinhuanet.com report, Premier Harper before leaving to accept reporter of Xinhua News Agency written when the interview said on 2009, his first visit to China in December happy memories. On this visit to prominent attention, he brought a large delegation, which included 5 ministers and a number of Canadian members, and from the sources of energy, trafficHK plastic wood education and other fields of industry leaders.

Harper said, he looks again talks with Chinese leaders, and" hope to expand the Canada-China strategic partnership, particularly wish to deepen bilateral economic and trade relations". Speaking from his first visit to China since the development of bilateral relations in the new achievements, said Harper, first in politics. The two countries have conducted frequent in high-level visits and contacts, it is very important to the development of bilateral relations. The second is in the field of economy and trade. China is now the second biggest trade partner of Canada, Canada in China to set up a new 6 trade office, China also increased the investment in canada.

On the current China and the world economic situation, said Harper, Canada on sustained world economic instability caused by Europe and the United States pays close attention to very much, economic growth is lack of power problems will exist for a long time, China's economic growth on global economic growth is very important. In the humanities, Harper said,Hong Kong safety surface in China established Canada as a tourist destination in China, Chinese students and immigrants continued to increase, and both sides have also strengthened in health, agriculture, crime, protect environment cooperation


A watch

Two years ago, the watch was a rarity.
When I was in high school. One day, at the Li Sheng bought a new watch, wears in the hand, rolled up sleeves, are very haughty, provoked the class envy. Soon, the class also has several people bought a new watch.
I dream of a watch, or let others envy again. Sunday came home, I plucked up the courage to say to my mother:" mother, I want to buy a watch."
Mother said:" we even gruel almost cannoteat the mouth, no money to give you buy a watch?"
I am very disappointed, hastily ate two bowls of porridge, prepare to return to school.
When my father asked:" you have to watch what?"
My heart has a little hope, cheat the father said:" now working overtime to review your lessons to college, graduating class according to the school timetable class, class all wear a watch, I want to see their own time."
I am waiting for father say to buy me watch it, he can sit at the door, do not stop smoking, what also don't say.
I be left with nothing whatsoever to go back to school, never to wear watches dream.
Unexpectedly, a few days later, my mother came to school, took out a small cloth bag, opened a layer by layer, which was a new watch.
Mother said: "you put on." I took the watch, put on hands, immediately there is a slight feeling.
I took a ring sleeve, let others see my watch.
Mother took me by the sleeve down:" something so precious, with the sleeve cover, or supporting a retaining. Don't break, but don't lose, I go."
I had sent my mother to the school gate, asked:" home come into money?"
Mother said:" your father sold a blood return."
My father bought me a watch sell blood! My head buzz to sound, heart extremely afflictive. How can I get to sell blood money to the students to show off his father?
Disposed on the mother, I will take the watch off again, with a good cloth. In that day I will ask to the classmate, who wants to buy a new watch. The students asked me why I don't wear a watch, I do not want to wear, they do not believe, that there must be something wrong with my watch, no one is willing to buy price. Can not give to the price I will not sell, less money, his father a white stream of blood!
In desperation, I had to ask teacher to help me to find a buyer, and tears to my map vanity that father told him to sell blood.
Teacher patted me on the shoulder and said:" don't be sad, I just want to buy a watch, will transfer to me." Class according to the original for my watch, I used the money for two months for meals.


Tuozhuang myth

Their beauty plan implementation does not Tuozhuang myth
1 let the lasting makeup cosmetic brush:
In addition to brush materials is very important, the brush head is also resolved the radian brush is a worthwhile purchase factor. It directly affects the durability of makeup.
In the selection, first proposed by brush dipped in flour quality of make-up, look can uniformly dipping, and then brush the hair from the dorsum of the hand gently sweep, see the brush out of the color is concentrated in a very natural, can maintain the color uniformity, can judge the bristles of the evenness, at the same time, when the the bristles in the back of your hand lightly across, the brush back and forth several times, you can feel the bristles of the stretch, as if on the dorsum of the hand gently bouncing, this feeling is difficult to describe, but good or bad brush, you can feel.
2 Hollywood famous stars makeup artist Francesca Tolot Qinshou waterproof makeup skills tips:
" Before the make-up to ensure that the skin is very clean and moisturize. I will use moisturizing products face for about 10 minutes, and then on the foundation. For very dry skin, a small skill is mixed use moisturizers and liquid foundation. This contributes to the persistence and waterproof makeup.
Mascara is I make a perfect makeup look is indispensable in the make-up products, recommended the use of good waterproof effect mascara. Use of fine brush as close as possible to your eyelash root. A small number of times of repeated brushing can give you a long and dense effect."
Key words: 3 waterproof makeup makeup!
After making up the makeup is very important, no makeup and easy out of oil, but how long will give people dirty feeling. To make lasting makeup set makeup is: with the dry powder puff dip appropriate powder fold rubbing evenly, flipped off the excess powder, uniformly pressing in the skin, then large cosmetic brush away the excess powder, must not be forgotten corner of the eye, nose, mouth these fat lush area. Fine powder is not only plays a makeup to absorb the glossy effect, more important is to play two modification and makeup effects.
Lips is a woman's most sexy parts, it is our daily activities is one of the most muscles, most easily tuozhuang! Speak, drink plenty of water, eat, these actions will cause great harm to the lip makeup.
Say No.
1 lip color dull words need to improve with cream, foundation cream create nude lips, it is this season epidemic, and very natural. Only need to use a cotton dipped in a little enduring foundation, pressing on the lips, finally only colorless lip gloss can add some.
2 to build a bomb, blindly use lipstick applicator expanded profile is not a good idea, choose the color and colorless lip liner around the lips draw a circle outline lip is good, and the lip liner in the wax formula can effectively prevent the overflow of all stain.
3 full not easily makeup lip color, is not a simple dark lipstick applicator can be achieved, and before makeup powder can be in lip balm oil suction, achieve the lasting makeup effect.
How About It:
Point1: use lip balm or colorless lipstick lip backing, can form a layer of invisible protective film, prevent lipstick.
Point2: in waterproof lip liner range smearing lipstick, preventing overflow.
Point3: in the lips on the little powder, then a lipstick, then take off. Repeat the action a, second will not have to take off, which can effectively prevent the lipstick makeup.


Chinese medicine how

Postoperative gastric cancer were treated with traditional Chinese medicine how?
In early gastric cancer, should be based on operation, and the result is good, but, due to gastric cancer early no obvious symptoms often, lack of clinical features, the majority of patients to the inspection found is relatively late, beyond the radical resection, and chemotherapy often allow patients to bear it, even to the survival of patients with deteriorating, therefore, operation after resection with traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of this subject, so it deserves to be studied.

Chinese medicine treatment of desirable is overall control, focuses on the righting training. Chinese medicine is superior to enhance immune function, such as the promotion of leukocytes, mononuclear phagocytic quantity increase, strengthen phagocytic function, promote lymphoblastoid cell transformation, increase antibody generation, this has aroused the anti-tumor factors. In addition, there are certain promotion and protection of bone marrow hematopoietic system function. So Chinese medicine for gastric cancer after resection of operation, not only can promote the rehabilitation of patients, improve the quality of life of patients with tumor, can continue to play a role in cancer, to decrease mortality and improve the survival rate, have the help of.

Due to the development of gastric cancer, this is a result of virtual reality, virtual reality more due to malignant struggle process, therefore, in cancer has not been removed, when its treatment focuses on the empirical, i.e. to attack cancer; if the cancer has been removed, although is not equal to the bane has all pull out, but the body has to fatal injuries a vicious battle process, it also changes, so with and without operation excision method also have the. While the latter to enhance immune compensatory ability of the righting medicine mainly. But the stomach and descending and metabolic function of the spleen should also be strengthened and conditioning. Especially the heavy righteousness, in late cancer or rehabilitation treatment, can not be ignored.

Individual patients after the operation of pyloric function loss, may cause reflux gastritis or dumping syndrome. The clinical manifestations were vomiting, spit is a yellow or greenish yellow, with Wendan Decoction can be improved; the latter clinical manifestations after feeding on abdominal distension, nausea, belching, and diarrhea, and sweating, palpitations, with white surface, vertigo, with appropriate herbs can be improved. In addition, still must adjust food, eat much food less, eat slowly swallow.

Medical clinical findings, every human tumors are not the same, the stage is not the same, some patients with tumor development speed quick, the same person may be in a certain period of time to develop more slowly. If the relatively slow time, may be individually with Chinese medicine has certain curative effect. But in tumor development is rapidder or at this stage in the development of traditional Chinese medicine especially fast when, it is difficult to control, the need to do a chemotherapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy can make the tumor because of where the pressure, and traditional Chinese medicine to use up, can solidify the role, second chemotherapy when pressed, consolidate further, such treatment would be better.

See you then

Touch your fingertips
Why would someone let me drunk in the world
The first time I met you, that is the Southern Water alley
The corner came across your voice, gentle and sweet
Second met you, that the Imperial Palace is a beautiful decoration.
Screen reflects your silhouette, and with excellent
Third met you, is that Qian Tang's million hectares of waves
The wet your hair, light and wispy
How will meet you, how will you,HTC flyer p512 how will you meet
My heart contraction, inexplicable mood that I cannot control myself
I don't know how you say those words, my mind a blank
When I come, only to find that, with hands clasped, is your phone number
It is the first date, please allow me to say that is dating
The afternoon sun with flower petals on the grass, we sit opposite
I didn't say a word, not, is not to say any words
Can only look at you, can only look at you, don't seem to breathe
You laughed gently, I cannot describe it with a smile
I love you
If you don't say it seems will die, from drowning in the quiet and beautiful in the whirlpool
I know
The sun sets on your face, reflecting a scarlet, I hear you whisper to me
I don't know herself from a sound to have stupid, but I know no one can let me leave you
Everything seems effortless, holding hands, hugging, kissing, proposal.
I always can not forget you dressed in pure white wedding, gently into my hand, eyes blinked
I am so happy, happy tears
I put the ring still put in your hand, I saw they were clapping, but I could not hear a sound
At that moment, my heart only you
I will take good care of you,samsung galaxy I will cherish you, won't let anyone hurt you
For you, I can give everything I have everything
You will never belong to me, I will not let anyone steal you, because I do not know you how do I live
That night, you and I sit on the sea, you handed me an envelope
Tell me, smart said: after fifty years apart.
I didn't say a word, smile, gently kiss your lips, you say how can I not?
Time is always so fast, like a blink of an eye, and a long after
Remember that you marry my day, I am still face the happiness, although I have been white-haired, you are no longer young
You lie in bed was reluctant, ask me why I want to hospital, you always hated the taste of disinfectant
I didn't talk, just pull your hand, the same as ten years ago
I can't hear you, my heart quietly.
You go, it was a sunny morning, I came to your bed, as usual to hold your hand
Just give me is not warm, but the cold, cold heart
I did not tell any one person, only the one who holds your hand, do an afternoon
When the doctor found, no vibration, I looked at him, just say
I drove her home
I looked to children with mother in tears, grandson of numb in asked her mother, grandma why not up
The child is very good, he has always been our pride, we are very lucky
His grandson is very healthy, be successful, the child will teach his
That night, the children cry tired, sleeping on the floor, son and mother to sleep in another room corridor
I packed everything about you
Looking at the old photos decades ago, Tingzhao paunch you, holding the baby hold my hand to you
Some fat you are grey-haired, you, still, you in a clean white dress ... .
I miss you, really miss you ... .
Emotion can not restrain my body, stopping fibrillation, photos and a Caesar
I hurried to lower the head, see scattered in a photo, and the conspicuous slightly yellowed envelopes
I looked at the ground, the memory slowly in front of coincidence
I silently opened the envelope, at the picture still white paper
I would like to get people, the elderly not live
Tell me, I am the man you are looking for?
Tears blurred my eyes" ... ... .
I in him down gently the letter has already written letter, then lying quietly in your side
Open the bottle, breath all swallowed, and then spread out my hands to hold you tight ... .
In a trance, I saw you standing at my side, still wearing her white wedding,
Gently lent me a hand, winked, as you.
I would like to get people, the elderly not live
From the moment I saw you, I knew you were looking for a man ...
Next life, I will find you, then,study mandarin let you be my bride ...
Don't go too far, or else I'm afraid can not find you ...
I come, wait for me ...
Because I believe in love, so there's afterlife


herniation patients

Lumbar disc herniation patients to sleep on a hard bed
Many need to be in front of the computer desk of all white-collar workers suffered from prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, so that all " hotch". So give we look into the lumbar disc herniation patients how to sit will be more comfortable.
It is understood, in fact, a large part of the patients with lumbar disc protrusion is due to the usual sitting posture is not correct in intervertebral disc pressure, caused by prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc. For lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion which correct sitting posture is a statement, this to say to all of the patients with lumbar disc protrusion on the usual sitting and life need to pay attention to a few problems:
In 1, the seat height at knee, that is to say that the knee at a 90 degree angle, if the chair is too high in the foot pad a small stool and the like.
2, it is important to have a hundred people must not sedentary, a half hour or so up activities while sit.
In 3, sitting to is and keep the waist stretched straight state, can be in a thick waist pad a cushion, pad is designed to make the waist erect not backward.
4, it is necessary, that is a hundred people to sleep on a hard bed.
5, usually as much as possible to walk backwards, very good.
6, also should do every day to the back direction "squeeze" action, such as: swallow.
7, there is, when crouching by leg to bend and then squat, but not habitual prongs bent up ass.
8, do not carry heavy objects, in order to avoid intervertebral disc extrusion, it was pretty painful.
But every day before sleep can lie on the bed to do some simple movements ( as far as possible so that the upper and lower body to back up this direction ), played backward extrusion effect of lumbar, lumbar disc herniation recovery also help.


control is not difficult

Master winter weight loss tips spring weight control is not difficult
Winter seems to always eat a lot of weight loss, feeling good difficult! Then winter how to reduce weight good? Today Xiaobian 'll tell you the winter weight loss methods, as long as the master some skills, it is not difficult to control weight. The Spring Festival to control diet, do not gain weight!
" Why am I in winter hungry so fast? Eat so much?" This is because of the cold weather, the body has to produce heat, to avoid cold, causing the base to speed up metabolism, starving, satiety special enough!
Winter weight loss tips
Winter holidays, dinner, eat seems unable to avoid; plus the cold weather, clothes and thick, less dynamic and become inevitable. The winter to weight loss, appears to be a" mission impossible".
However, master tips, winter weight control is not difficult, the following is weight loss expert recommendations.
More than 1 less meal: happy to eat dinner with separate, can enjoy the party happy, but not necessarily to follow eat, mainly to small.
2 do more indoor exercise: like indoor swimming, fitness equipment, and even climb the stairs, superstore, can make up for the lack of exercise and weather factors.
3: eating guidelines for cold weather, Huang Liqing suggested to drink plenty of hot boiling water or tea (note that the sugar, creamer control ); if you want to drink hot soup, other feeding amount to do; the pot fish poultry meat less oil; but after processing the dumplings category pill fats high, the best control, eat a to be good.
4 maintenance of weight body fat habits: at any time on the health alert.
In the winter, contribute to weight loss and not conducive to weight loss factor, which is suitable for weight loss, the factors such as low temperature, fast metabolism: foundation; not conducive to weight loss factors are reduced to outdoor sports, cold, more parties, festivals, many more tonic.
Winter weight loss, should do more indoor exercise, do not wear too thick clothes, make low calorie, low glycemic food for eating the protagonist; at the same time, efforts to control hot pot, and dinner, the dinner; joy because of the beginning of the end, have dinner caldron dish, easy to forget myself how much to eat food, only to the stomach or gastric support degree to judge, too easy to lose control of broken!
Winter weight loss notes are as follows:
Winter weight loss big bad, good is low temperature, fast metabolism, could not eat will lean; bad winter is a hungry stomach, they eat a lot of easy fat.
Lose weight in the winter, due to her not to see the body, is easy to neglect, so must every weight.
The winter festival, eat hot pot, fireplace, the dinner on New Year's Eve is a family, easy to eat; be sure to eat a lot of vegetables base, high fiber vegetable.
It was getting dark, the winter temperature is low, not easy to outdoor sports, must adhere to exercise every day.
The winter easy cold hands and feet and blood circulation is poor, will produce tonic idea, but depending on conditions!
Winter temperatures may increase basal metabolic rate, if we can strengthen the indoor sports, will enhance the reduction effect.

protecting stomach

Clever use of pearl powder eyesight and protecting stomach
People say that pearl powder can be beauty, but in the end the pearl powder which function do you know? The first hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Department of pharmacy Qiu Zhenwen deputy director tells a reporter, at present the common market is a pearl layer powder,pearl jewelryis a popular point that the shell powder, refers to the inner wall of powder and pearl, pearl powder is ground to a real pearl. However, pearl powder and pearl layer powder has its own effect.

Oral pearl powder Mingmu frightened and pearl layer powder stomach protecting calcium
Qiu Zhenwen told the reporters, people in the very early before found a pearl powder," compendium of Materia Medica" was explicitly pointed out:" Pearl town peace of mind, soul." That is surely surprise effect, if often awakened, nightmares, sleep is not stable can each 0.3g ~ 0.5g pearl powder red boiling water to drink. In addition, pearl powder also Mingmu,plastic bag manufacturerdetoxification Shengji etc..

Pearl layer powder is mainly applied to the protection of gastric mucosa, acid to relieve pain, reduce stomach ache symptoms. Gastric ulcer patients at remission stage with pearl layer powder conditioning.

In fact, pearl powder and pearl layer powder is a peaceful nature and drugs, containing ingredients are various minerals, such as amino acids, and the calcium content higher amounts to 92.5%,office furniture the effect of calcium is not less than the calcium preparation.


Scotland summer snow

Something in my heart, made a warm season.
I imagine, imagine a piece of green forest, look at the blue sky children running barefoot in the shade, lane, stepping on the crushing camphor leaves, at the time of the company, entered the season at the end of the summer recesses, spring streams down, half white and red fish light jump, splashing the years of cool, I found a safe, build a green canopy of caveolin, shed the rain and the sun, in the careful care, let it grow, surrounded with the kite and Higurashi, nose smelling flowers and fragrance, I closed my eyes, quiet sleep, sleep ... ...
It was just a dream, the dream is a purple flower, a tiny elf dancing figure among the flowers, in the forest of free songs, nursery rhymes, songs with the melody flying, floating in a heart, filled with the legend of Roslin, is a grand piano played a new chapter, let me hear your voice, break the shackles of the cage, in the mottled clouds sunshine, let the blur unclear world full of fantasy, I smiled her open lips, hold hands warm, let the time stop, this moment in the scene, such as deeply imprinted in my mind, even if it never really visit, but yet so true ... ...
That season is warm, dispel cold in winter ... ...
[ my heart under a heavy snow, fall in the Scotland summer ]
The coast of Scotland, Edinburgh sunshine, Ying Zi grass smile, green wall of the girl, who took hormone skirt lace, on the blue sky, who sang a chuckle, their dreams fleeting, lie in a lavender woven rattan bed, blowing breeze warm to her, I smell the hint of fragrance, in the mind of the memories of wings, colorful butterfly Pina dance, scattered a colorful petals, piecing together the open season color, described the face of summer ... ...
Walk Green Road Town, next to the black and white fence, every living Haitian Isshiki blue, soft green grass at the foot of bud, sway with blue ripples, the salty sea breeze with a damp, hold tapped into the heart of windows, and the tip of the nose breathing shallow, distant branch willow swaying light sound, disturb the sky pale birds, across the sea level and figure, rated in color photos, I hold the setting sun red, wait for your turn ... ...
The sea surges ahead, but my heart is quiet if Enron, the interception of a shoot, breeze powder season end dump hit, I open hands, draw your breath, to imagine the scene from the who, who walk by me, overlap in the moment of the shadow, stranded who sorrow, come back posture, is Lily's pupil gazing, flowing with a tear, wrap you for ever, will you forget to meet me, or we would have strange. The fairy tale story, always in the spread, perhaps a corner, in the sunny afternoon, who met who, who who who, those stories in the beautiful encounter in the beginning, and then to the setting sun, like the night, leaving only a dazzling fireworks memorial ... ...
Summer warm sunshine, pouring in bluestone texture, from the choroid opened branches, covered the eyelashes cheeks warm, I travel in the noisy street, the stretch of open light, outline of a strange scene, but a figure, back to the sun, in the sky smile, always smile, until dusk Scotland slowly approaching, sky rainbow will be my shadow covers, see look, I am a person, stepping on the pulse, go gradually gradually far ... ...


protrusion of intervertebral disc

What is a protrusion of intervertebral disc
Lumbar disc herniation is a Western diagnosis. Traditional Chinese medicine books without lumbar disc herniation in the name, according to the clinical manifestations of the disease, can be attributed to the" pain"," pain"," rheumatism " etc.. But the disease attributed to integration" pain"," pain " of the Armed Police Corps Hospital of Shanxi interventional therapy Cui Dongxu

Lumbar disc herniation, medical full name should be" lumbar disc herniation", the American Academy of orthopaedic surgeons on lumbar intervertebral disc lesion are named as follows

A normal intervertebral disc, intervertebral disc degeneration, intervertebral disc tissue were all in intervertebral disc.
Two, intervertebral disc ( bulging ) disc annulus ring uniformity beyond intervertebral range, intervertebral disc tissue without a limitation to highlight.

Three, intervertebral disc herniation of intervertebral disc tissue ( protruded ) limitations shift over intervertebral space. Displacement of intervertebral disc tissue is still with the original disc tissue.

Even, the basal diameter of vertebral gap larger than the continuous shift portion of the intervertebral disc.

Four, prolapsed intervertebral disc ( extruded ) shift of intervertebral disc tissue is larger than the diameter of the basal continuous ministry, and moved to outside the intervertebral space. Prolapse of intervertebral disc

Disc tissue block greater than the rupture disc space, and through the cracks in the spinal canal.
Domestic on lumbar intervertebral disc herniation is also called rupture of lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar vertebral cartilage cartilage

Plate rupture in such titles. Although the name of disease and different implications, the current is still relatively unified appellation: lumbar intervertebral disc herniation椎間盤突出


never sentimentally attached

A God never sentimentally attached to the wild child
[ ] Jiayi's childhood
The rural poor children, childhood is nothing more than a few village partners with similar to mountain climbing, picking wild, Lake farm. Jia translation is, childhood grief appears to be more than happy. No outstanding achievement, did not listen to their elders talk, do a bit, is inevitably a scolding or a badly beaten. When he was very young very rebellious, people do not want to control, want my freedom. Remember the time, his parents go to the game room, played less than ten minutes, spend five cents with walking on the way home, the way that motorcycle bruised hands and feet, home is not a caring mother, let mother sent her knees, serious reflection, he stand a biting cold torture, legs numb did not let up, but never proud head. He silently thinking: someday, he will be like the wind, traveled on both sides of the Changjiang River, floating in the high streets and back lanes, to see everything, in words written story, for everyone to see. Let all men know, Kerry has a small world.
[ Jia 's character ]
Kerry won't bother. Although Jia translation like too many people, too many people who loved. But he is true, not false display of affection. That is because he is too hell-bent like others, not left to their own way, so that their own injuries, even the scars.
[ Jia translation love ]
But the fact is so funny, real and imagined never anastomosis. Since the appearance of her, let him happy, he thought that his story would be rewritten, no one to perform, not treason. But in fact, let him crash more than once, but a hundred times. The interference of his parents, ruthless quarrelling, and even took him out of the house, is it right?" He no longer considered to marry for the purpose, but now will be together, even if the final they cannot get married, he was going to fight for this story, their own story. Without anything, just like each other, and want to be together, no longer a person, a people care about, has loved, that's it, so he is very satisfied. For the future, do not want to think about, so tired, although it is not realistic, but also very naive, but he would like to make yourself a wanton, he wanted to give to deceive their own time, with vigour and vitality, let his own emotional history not as blank.
Sometimes he really wanted, really just wants, she can forgive him, or else they will be very tired, will be very tired, the heart that feels neglected and she can have considered. It can also occur in his world, he is not the pursuit of perfection or other, just feel no need to waste. But she did not understand his feelings, and there is a need to continue? Just not willing to, how love can be so free, so free end, a dry memories, a weak story, only because he loves her? Can you not so good for nothing, in the world of love, live so hard. Jia translation like to do their own, do not want people to be very people bound him, even his future wife, forever in love with his parents. Jia translation will be truly fine translation, not for who to change anything.
[ Jia translation most pain ]
In fact, he also love memories. Lying on the glass window, thoughts constantly stopping the memories of playing, desperately seeking the pieces of the picture, forced together. Remember to leave a moment. She let go of his hand, left in such a hurry, that moment, he hears the sound of a broken heart. Too late to say goodbye, too late to say he loves her, she left him as a man, leaving him open beside the playground, forever forever gone, yes, he let her off. He couldn't hold her hand, she just lost contact. Every time they meet, they like the enemy general, with the murderer, in fact, his heart you don't understand. It is currently the largest fine translation of pain, like so much of the time since, not in the scour the scars, but more moment more deep, deepen the memory, until through his world, with the soul to leave when it will not disappear.
[ ] Jiayi's tears
Jia translation to say, his earnest cry, but it is tearing the heart and lung. Jia is not filial piety, let my parents down cry; Jia to lose precious things, their grievances crying; Jia to hurt yourself, piercing cry; Jia to feelings of leave, silent cry. But in any one crying before, but apart from her. He knew that he could not control, but still bear and forbear, until tears across the pale face. Jia 's cry, so useless, so their fibrillation v., he knew his violent, but still a contemptuous disregard of tears. Jia translation to say: he always strong, always optimistic child.