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At present the spring is cold chilly, suddenly warm return cold, is the season of specially easy skin sensitive, so defending each time is specially quick till this time and then will become beautiful eyebrows to pay attention to of topic.Keeps quick key from lying in a prevention in fact, know several recruit to defend quick protect a skin of technique, you will discover, defend quick originally is not so difficult either.

Each while substituting, while being all easy skin sensitive, season but particularly such in spring.Introduces according to the expert, this mainly because in spring the air temperature changes a little bit greatly, besides which, pollen, waste cotton, small fly insect etc. factors to all probably make skin allergic.The skin of allergy will flush and have already drawn tight feeling or the feeling of Sao Yang, all of these are the signals and hint you of the skin had an allergic sign, you would specially notice to defend at this time quick.

Water temperature of washing face

First, defending quickly the first matter is wellthe water temperature that controls to wash face so much.Some persons feel the weather is cold, wash face with the hot water, or the diagram simplify matters, while taking a shower together face also to wash, in fact this is all incorrect, the hot water easily makes the pore enlarged and breaks the sebum film of face department and result in thus allergic;Can not wash face with cold water, either, because the skin is under the appearance of easy sensitive, regardless a hot water is still cold water, all the skins will produce bad incitement, so, had better use Wen Shui to wash face, water temperature as long as juster a little a little higher than cold water go.Will not be blown by the cold breeze, either in addition, don't take a sunbathe, either.Some persons like to take the hot towel spreads a face, in fact this also easily results in the resistibility of skin's descending, so in spring had better not the heat spreads.

Jie noodles of light and soft

Some people are oils skin, the head quarter feels that the face washes not cleanly, so as for time that wash face put out strength to rub, have of still use two times of the milks that washes noodles, these are all incorrect and lead a dry skin more easily allergic, but excessively sweep and then will make the skin become dry, so is tantamount to the opportunity of increasing the skin allergy.The time consequently washed face in spring must remember "light and soft" two wordses and appropriately sweep all right.There being also the link to clap great skin water is then also a rap.

Persistence of hydrating

Someone thinks that the degree of humidity in the air increased in spring and hydrated have no so importance, in fact hydrate still very important for skin, particularly is to stem skin.Early spring of time had better use some purely hydrate of plant spray fog, usually repair water for face, skin health, there is also no so easy sensitive.

Before sleeping, dip the ball that the face department is pure to clean, then use cotton to take to refrain from rash action disguise water to lightly tap to put on lotion again on the face first.Sweep the face department ability clearance to drop dirty mark before sleeping, reduce it to the skin of violate;Protecting skin water and cream can moisten a skin and there is the effect of anti- decrepitude.

Some females skin is an oil skin, easily grow a pimple, these female before sleeping should first the clearance drop the grease on the face.

At paint nail root last vitamin E oil, lightly massage, then massage hands with the hand cream.The vitamin E contains the effect of anti- decrepitude, the hand cream can moisten a hand skin.

Before sleeping steep feet with the hot water can promote blood circulation, make the person easily get into dreamland;Paint on the feet after steeping feet the lotion is used hands to again and again massage in the toe, feet bottom and instep can provide nourishment for feet department, keep feet department from decrepitude.

Might as well do toe sport before sleeping, since in brief and effective.The concrete step is:Stretch to keep a toe for 5 seconds, curve again for 5 seconds, each feet does 5 times.This sport contributes to alleviating fatigue for a day.Let you easily fallen asleep.

Sweep all over and nursing.Before sleeping, can wash a hot bath, this is advantageous to alleviating exhausted body.After taking a shower, use smooth skin oil or moisturizing lotion to lightly massage whole body.Then put on to dry warm lead 10 minutes of bathrobe or sleep tunic behind.The skin will thoroughly absorb the temperature on the clothes at this time and make skin cleaner and full of flexible.

Milk contains hypnotic miraculous effect.Therefore, those persons who easily suffer from insomnia might as well drink one glass fresh milk before sleeping, this nerves that will relax you, make you easily go into sleep.

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Chicken soup

The weather changes again and again recently, people are easily suffer from catching a cold.But office worker more because the work is busy, the social intercourse social parties much lack sport again, the body "overdraw"s over a long period of time under, the very easy nourishment be out of balance.The weather changes again and again recently, people are easily suffer from catching a cold.But office worker more because the work is busy, the social intercourse social parties much lack sport again, the body "overdraw"s over a long period of time under, the very easy nourishment be out of balance.Therefore, in this early spring season, particularly should notice to work well daily meal to adjust a reason.The nourishment of the meal, reasonable of balance guarantees a healthy premise, having full nourishment would own health.

Chicken soup

The early spring is the high hair season of bronchitis, one of the prevention ways is to drink chicken soup.There being a kind of special material in the chicken soup cans strengthen to swallow a blood circulation and nasal cavity mucosa to secrete, is lucid to keep a breath way, clearance breath way virus, alleviate to catch a cold stuffed-up nose and swallow stem a cough etc. the symptom be of great benefit.

West plum in California

The healthy expert suggests that should eat five fruits and vegetable everyday.But edible convenience and being easy to take of west plum in California, don't lack for eat a fruit of a kind of simple easily go of method.The west plum contains amount of sodium the lowest, and it can expediently join a color to pull or in the sandwich come edible.In the meantime, it can also is directly a dessert to eat.West plum in California is use Be projected light upon a mature empress by sunlight of fresh plum, stem system but become.It is similar to the fresh plum and enrich to contain same vitamin, mineral quality and fiber, and easy to enjoy at any time.According to the latest science research, west plum in California is rich to contain anti- oxidizing agent.The anti- oxidizing agent can defer human body decrepitude and keep youth vitality.

Sea tangle

The sea tangle contains iodine many, the iodine contributes to synthesizing of thyroid gland hormone, while the thyroid gland hormone have already produced a hot effect, the past winter end early spring often eats sea tangle to have certain of cold resisting function.

Animal internal organs

The vitamin B2 contained by the internal organses, such as liver, kidney and heart...etc. of animal is a lot of.The seasonal changes of the early spring, not a few people easily get quarrel burning, is because of lacking the vitamin B2 with the result that.

Prescription:Livinging ma-huang is 50 grams of, the almond is 50 grams of, mulberry the leaf is 50 grams of, the chrysanthemum is 50 grams of, the mulberry is white skin the 50 grams and yellow Qin is 25 grams of, laurel 50 gram, 25 grams of thin bitter, water is fried to skim and take a medicine liquid behind.

Remarks:Catch a cold sufferer the medicine bath steep feet is with the diaphoresis line up evil is principle.In addition to adding Chinese herbal medicine in the middle of steeping feet water, can add salt and ginger still in the water.

Warm and fragrant hint:This Chinese herbal medicine doesn't take orally, but uses to steep feet.

First is divided into above-mentioned medicine material 2(each re-usable 3 times) with same quantity, take among them of 1 put into a pot and join 1500 milliliters of water, decoction after 20 minutes, pour medicine water into the basin.The steam that uses medicine water first fumes feet, etc. the temperature suitable empress again steep feet(the temperature wants to be lower than 43 Celsius degrees), for keep medicine water temperature the degree can join just the right amount of hot water at any time.Soak time to depend on diaphoresis degree each time, general is 20~30 minutes, had better use a little bit deeper of basin, make the calf soaking the effect also together better.While repeating usage, medicine water's needs before steeping feet and heats medicine water to seethe then.

The modern research expresses yellow Qin, mulberry leaf and chrysanthemum and has an anti-virus and virussafe function and still has Shu breeze to spread hot effect in the meantime.The medicine bath soaks a pair of immunity function that feet can improve blood circulation and strengthen a machine body and eliminates inflammation, anti-virus, shorten course of illness, decrease complications and prevention catch a cold of relapse.

Need to be advertent BE, the medicine hydrotherapy method perspires just right then, should not over- a great deal of diaphoresis.The medicine hydrotherapy method wants to notice to keep warm behind and prevent°froms again catching cold to catch cold.Catches a cold to the advanced case, if get a fever 38 degree above sufferers of Celsius, had better go to a hospital and cure, can not steep feet to replace a medicine treatment with the medicine bath.Steep the feet juniors goes to massage is also a treatment alleviates a solution to catch a cold symptom of the good method is specially suitable for body to contain low resistibility and easily catch a cold of old people.Add one in the hot water the small Shao table salt, ginger is 50~70 grams and steep feet half an hour or so.Can put feet first on the hot air to fume while steeping feet, after needing water temperature to descend again double the feet soak in the water, and rub to wipe each other, until water is cool.The smoked bubble juniors goes feet department massage, it point to have lung, bronchus, nose, forehead, trigeminal nerve, hang a body in response to the area, A-like in shape side glints such as gland, the belly cavity nerve cluster, kidney and urine bladder, larynx and tonsil and lymph system etc. area.Usually massage around 30 minutes then.

The Chinese medicine thinks the table salt has pure fire, cool blood and counteract poison etc. effect, while the ginger then have to spread cold, vomit, counteract poison of function, catch a cold, breathe heavily to cough bulge to the cold full, the throat ache etc. treatment effect is better.Generally catching a cold in the early years and doing twice can immediately take effect.

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grasped current

Indonesian president's special envoy regiment visits Han Han the work slip away into hotel Qie especially airtight is grasped current
The Indonesian special envoy regiment leaves a cabaret to prepare Korean president's mansion

According to Korea 《Korean newspaper 》21, Intelligence Service staff member of nation in Korea sneaked in the special envoy regiment of Indonesian president recently the hotel room for staying in Seoul, the computer top stole a secret from the taking of special envoy regiment, but unfortunately drive special envoy regiment personnel's touching be wearing, the panic escaped.

The special envoy regiment leaves a cabaret to president's mansion

On February 15, the special envoy regiment of Indonesian president including six ministerial-level officials carries on an interview to Korea and stay at city center in Seoul of small male hole joy cabaret in the sky.

At around 9:30 on the 16th, after the delegation member leaves a cabaret to go to a green tile set to prepare to visit Korean president, Li Ming Bo, .

Three especially the work sneak in room to steal armament selling data

Have two males a female take advantage of an opportunity to sneak in an Indonesia high officer secretary of room, try to make duplicate two documents in the pedestal notebooks in the rooms with the U dish.

The Han Fang officials say:"The intelligence people lefts for the negotiation strategy of finding out the Indonesian special envoy regiment, they are disheveled hair to is a surprised negligence now, Korea especially the cost of production intend to turn the information in the computer to save U dish, but not clear they have successful."

Korea 《Korean newspaper 》explode one on the 21th fierce anticipate, call what to sneak in Indonesian officials' room is Intelligence Service in Korea nation of especially work.Especially the work intrudes into and steals negotiation data concerning domestic coach machine T-50 in import Korea and the black leopard tank from Indonesia.

Each selling price is that Korean military authority and American Luo gram are rare in the T-50 of USD 25,000,000 virtuous ·Martin's company unite the supersonic speed blow out gas type coach machine of development, government in Seoul once to allied Qiu and Singapore etc. country promoted this sophisticated weapon but didn't succeed, was "storm"ing Indonesia now, hoped to take down big order.

Influence two abroads to hand over a relation

Didn't expect this Indonesian secretary suddenly turns back to take thing, with three strangers bumped is wearing.Three strangers quickly leave, both parties didn't conflict.The Korean Ministry of National Defense officials who accompany this to print secretary Fang report a case to the police later on.

After receiving to report to the police, the Korean police once was taken away as proof two pedestal notebooks at that time, but the Indonesian aspect wanted to return to on the second day.Can not also make sure if the document in square computer in Indonesia encounters pilferage so far.

Because enjoy cabaret in the sky install of the supervision record image appearance misty, the Korean police estimates very difficult check water rockslide to the details of case at the in a short time.The intruding into the dispute will to Korea and Indonesia of the diplomacy relation result in influence.

The report way says that affairs occurrence after, spreads the rumours of "Korea the Intelligence Service commit huge mistake" from diplomacy field in Seoul, some diplomacy private homes carry on a report to the our country, and is closely paying attention to a circumstances development.Intelligence Service in Korea nation is passing various path to cover up his/her own mistake, Han Fang may have already requested Indonesian aspect to put them in the public one horse.

The everyone responds Korean president the mansion brush-off comments on

For 《Korean newspaper 》of explode to anticipate, Korean president office confirmation Li Ming Bo really met an Indonesian guest on the 16th, but brush-off this intrudes into affairs to announce commentary.

The Korean intelligence report section spokesman then uses "have no fact according to" return should, also the brush-off answer the reporter lift to ask further.

The Indonesian ambassador requests to investigate

Indonesian Ministry of National Defense spokesman also denied this, call that being just a few Koreans to walk at that time is wrong room, and computer document in don't involve the sensitive contents of armament selling.However, Indonesia halts ambassador in Seoul to request Han Fang to launch a survey to this affairs on the 20th.Korean diplomacy trades a department to mean, the Korean officials are collecting proof, will finally tell Jakarta as a result.

Han Mei criticizes an intelligence report organization incapable

《Korean newspaper 》say, Korea especially the work Qie is airtight the affairs losing breeze expose and expose an inability of Korean intelligence report organization.The state of the nation hospital commits a low class mistake to not only discredit for national image, but also still probably to the exit creation of the T-50 deluxe coach machine negative effect.

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A men like

A woman of whole body covered with wounds and one is immature and innocent, don't understand the man of current affairs, they do 2 really isn't suitable for together.Really don't match, really not happy.This woman and this man why together behind, this woman is each to lead very tiredly, very tired, this man basically not understand this woman, he not know how to go to and understand this a woman, he not understand how to go to and make allowance for this a woman, not understand how to go to and concern this a woman, every day knows to play a game, but this woman, but every day for the sake of this man but get to the Internet, for the sake of this is the man's a message, for the sake of this is the man's a concern, a salute, foolishly in front of computer wait previous all meaningless, all feel worth, which afraid only 1, only of a words, this womans will feel very delighted and have peace of mind very much, undoubtedly beat a cordial,

This man, ever since that time this woman accepted him, formerly of the whole, formerly of habit, formerly constant of salute, over there for an instant, what all changed, all these leaves this woman silly insist, silly insist these, wait for his replying, wait for him that, remember to sleep earlier, good evening, now, because of, this woman knows and lets the other people waits for to ownly reply, is very tired, if have never waited until to reply, that lose, that discomfort, this woman replies message every time and foolishly hopes a computer screen every time and fears to miss and fears to make this man wait for,

This woman, each lead very tiredly, all lead lead long so much strong, Be getting more tired, be disgusted with, got fed up with, but could not let go, she was frightened, if those two words speak, what all Be getting more irretrievable, this woman really loves this man, what unfrequented, what wait for, what bear with, she can attain, for the sake of this man, just for the sake of this feelings, this woman doesn't dare to make this man get hurt, don't dare to speak to leave, don't dare to make this man painful, don't dare to make this man think to have no true love.She not dare, she also not think, she doesn't think breakage, she not want to throw away this feelings, she really loves to love this man very much and prefers to all these to distress oneselfs to all carry on the back, also not wish to make this man get hurt.Don't want to let this man over early academic association distress, academic association sorrow,

In this man's world, in addition to the game is still a game, get empty time of remaining, boring of time, he thoughts of only have game, thought of of only have a friend, not this woman, each other together after, this woman have no happy lead, this man basically didn't make this woman's happiness led, this man will lead sweet talk, will allow to promise in disorder, hardly realizing, this the woman needs of, isn't commitment, isn't sweet talk, this woman knows, these things are too false, too false, too false, these say that finish, have nothing to say, and she, demand of just, just that takes the slightest warm concern, lightly of a salute, a very short words are all right already and satisfied, on the whole the sky is again cold, this chemisette will also feel the warm, but, this man doesn't understand, he doesn't understand, he has never tried to once understand this woman and tried to understand this woman exactly need what, like what, dislike what, this man basically doesn't know, don't understand with origin,

Russia thinks that each man of maturity other people say very goodly, , know a man who concern the person, all from feelings, as well or a woman there learn of, this man of what weakness, what vulgar practice, this womans are all clear, also because this woman endures till the last, exhaustion all strenuous efforts, really felt tired, leave this man, Russia thinks, this the man would know this woman bear of thing, also gradually learn to concern, take good care of, go to considerate other people, and this woman can't return to him any further, this woman can't loved one more, either not to understand the man of anything, she doesn't want to let she again lead so tiredly, so hard, she want and make she quiet quiet enjoy, enjoy these warmth, these concern, these are happy,

Walk till the last, calculate this woman how again happy, always can't forget oneself, either ever is so forgot my ground loved that man and loved so painfully and loved so tiredly, and this man, can't forget this woman, either, this made his academic association concerned the other people's woman, he can't forget this bitterness that the woman eats for him, in the heart, loved still each other, but various reason walked not and till the last, therefore, learning is too many, gradual Chengkong University, slowly mature,

And Russia, whether should also give up, whether Russia should also seek an one man like this, probably, in the man heart like this, Russia is just that chemisette shadow, but there is really no energy in Russia, also incapable is dint, there is really no mental exertion in Russia the church is this man, church this man how go to and love, this woman, Russia be not good, Russia learns how can't meaninglessly love this man, bear with this man of various, Russia, very weak in character BE, Russia, very boring BE, can Russia love the true love of this man very tired, very exhausted, Russia really wants to give up and really wants to leave and really wants to end this pain and sufferings, doing like this will be not very selfish, for the sake of oneself hurt this man, and that this man, he had to once think Russia and had to once make allowance for Russia and had to once compromise Russia and rather play a virtual game and would not like to accompany Russia to have a chat, either, Russia thinks, Russia can choose to leave, probably, this man isn't worth Russia's loving, heart of flounder, heart of painful, heart of helpless, and then have who know?

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Shell surname

Shell surname and the entangled scandal affairs of the womans
Now, Italian incumbent premier shell Lu Si Ke Ni's illicit love stories are almost widely known in world.On February 13, tens of thousands Italian women demonstrate parade and protest against that sex scandal ties up the shell Ni bias of Lu Si Ke of Italian premier of body female.The protest activity carries on in more than 230 cities in Italy and more than 50 places in the world.The women Gao shout the slogan of "is not at this time, treat more when" and request the shell the Ni resignation of Lu Si Ke, and protest against that he discriminates against women.

On February 9, the Italian Milan checks a Cha hospital shell Lu Si Ke Ni Be suspected of with nonage the female be engaged in to have sexual intercourse easy and misuse authority one case file a litigation claim.Shell Lu Si Ke Ni is suspected of last year and year 17-year-old and Moroccan girl"the Lu compares" carried on to have sexual intercourse easily."The Lu compares" because of stealing after the Milan is caught, shell Lu Si Ke Ni is suspected of misusing authority and make a phone call the police representative director request to put a person to the Milan.Italian judge Di Sen the Sa(Cristina Di Censa) does a verdict on the 15th, Italian premier shell Lu Si Ke Ni will on suspicion of be engaged in with nonage to have sexual intercourse easily and misuse authority one case accept judgment.

Although it is said is a person over 70 thouses come sparse, can shell Lu Si Ke Ni remain romantic don't reduce that year, but are entangled with numerous women finally will also make the old shell paid for it.Underneath come thin count with shell Lu Si Ke Ni once had the the womanses of creeping vine-

29-year-old and Italian beauty host Sa pulls ·give Ma Xi, she is a man of the hour of Italian football turn, this has a rightness of Hao milks, the style fire hot beautiful girl heel Wei Ai inside, because of firm Ji etc. Italian football stars all once had a feeling history and even once had the intimate photograph that the medium once clapped little Luo and gave Ma Xi lately, people widespreadly believed to give Ma Xi Gen little Luo in that time in was a lovers to relate to.And last summer turn meeting Man Ba Luo of the city especially benefit, once pulled with Sa to once spread a scandal as well.

Give Ma Xi absolutely is "chest brain and have" of especially example, she publicly admits, the shell Lu Si section Ni once invited oneself to take part in sex party.Sa pulls to mean, she on TV the first work of profession is the shell Lu Si section Ni help to find out of, but the Milan boss' true purpose is still for the sake of the attractive woman.At the beginning gave Ma Xi to once deliver a message to pay address for Lu Si Ke Ni of shell, stand out to accuse a shell on one's own initiative again now now Lu Si Ke Ni

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Ichiro Ozawa

The Japanese democracy party decides to stop an ex- party head the party member qualifications of Ichiro Ozawa
Medium new net gives or gets an electric shock on February 15According to the Japanese news net report way, Japan governs of the democracy party hold the tallest staff's meeting on the afternoon of the 14th, ex- party head Ichiro Ozawa's punishment problem carried on a discussion, and make the decision of stop party member qualifications of Ichiro Ozawa.

BE this time grown a Gang farmland by Japanese democracy party executive officer, gram the meeting that also chair thinks, Ichiro Ozawa because the political funds problem is subjected to a check reviewing the compulsive indictment of meeting, therefore have to carry on a punishment to him.As for the small Ze would not like to leave a party by oneself, therefore stopping his party member qualifications is 1 kind have to of punishment.

4 days ago, the Jian kept a person party head(prime minister) the brush-off that request small Ze to back a party by oneself, but encountered small Ze with small Ze talks.The small Ze thinks that oneself since is not caught, have never been checked in the meantime as well the indictment of Cha hospital, "check Cha reviewing meeting" indictment just is represented by the citizen to constitute, the property is different and have no necessity to back a party.

For the punishment of "stop party member qualifications" of small Ze, willing deliver to the party that holds on the 15th to often allow executive officer will finally decide.According to the current circumstance, this punishment's deciding to be often allowed executive officer will confirm.Once small Ze drive stop party member qualifications, so he will lose in the right to vote in the party and drive right to vote, the democracy party will stop issuing a political movable funds to him as well, and cancel the place that he serves as to pay a ministerial job.The political activity of small Ze will be under the influence of certain degree.

At the tallest staff on the 14th will up, waited three staffs with the small Ze more close cheerful stone the east Senator president of association to put forward an objection opinion.

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friend becomes

The C Luo ex- girl friend becomes an old shell party the girl give up 1,000,000 blossom fees for C Luo
Such as the shell Lu Si section the Ni and C Luos all have illicit intercourse of pull the method Ai Ya new wave athletics Xun to have what can Luo of Portuguese C and Italian premier shell does Lu Si Ke Ni contact together?Football is regarded as 1, they 1 are a Spanish foot altar Chi Mao the star of the winds and clouds, 1 are the AC Milan that the turning over a hand replies the hand as rain for cloud club boss.

However, and a kind of thing can more directly contact they together, that is the beauty of charming.More tangibly saying is a named to pull method Ai Ya ·thin section of girl, this beauty's once taking part in 1 of Italy to exist to contest a true person to show a program, but making her more famous is the action of her challenge customs:Mark out the exorbitant price of 1,000,000 euros for own early night.And according to Italian medium report way, this beauty and shell Lu Si Ke Ni and C Luoses are all relevant allied, the two greatest stars share intense emotion, this also means, Royal Madrid and AC Milan are in another timespace in alternative way unite to begin come.

After finishing taking part in to exist a live show a program, have an elegance to grow the pulling of hair and devil shape method Ai Ya ·the thin section decision is used the way of selling the chastity earnings, this is make big profits with a small capital or simply say is have no origin of business.Reveals by himself/herself according to this beauty, really ever someone would like to 1,000,000 euros purchase her that value daughter's early night power, however, she gave brush-off.The reason is that she at that time knew C Luo, 2009 , before C Luo becomes numbered of emperor's horse, pulled method Ai the Ya once had with Portuguese wave son some kind of inseparable, such as sugar honey of madly in love, for the sake of C Luo, pull method Ai the Ya sacrificed 1,000,000 euros.But still had the medium report the way at that time, while participating in a singing performance of Lisbon, C Luo will also pull method Ai the Ya introduced a famous British singer Ai Er ·John's understanding.

Afterwards C Luo became number of emperor's horse, and as for single father that became again, and pull method Ai the Ya also forgot C Luo, she conquered a star again, and this person also have something to do with football to unite, and the influence is larger, he is an Italian premier shell Lu Si Ke Ni.Italy 《the courier report 》disclosed recently an and the shell relational girl of Lu Si Ke Ni, this includes to pull method Ai Ya among them.Pull method Ai the Ya once took part in shell Lu Si Ke Ni of many times revel party, and also took part in a recording of shell an underneath television program of Lu Si Ke Ni.Have a liking for to go, shell Lu Si Ke Ni didn't cost 1,000,000 euros, however he pays of actually more, Italian medium disclose, the old shell even sent a private party that the villa that is worth of 1,200,000 euros gives to pull method Ai Ya to take part in him together with a little bit other young age girls by thanking the latter

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