become addicted

The Nian flower asks for grass to become addicted a man to be on business and then derail
He works overtime, is on business, holds a meeting, takes part in colleague's party and enjoys;For this birthday that doesn't hesitate to sacrifice you, get married anniversary, 51 long leaves,condition is extoled 11 long leaves ……even Chinese New Year, the festival waste heat didn't spread, he will be nasty to return to a company, reason?Certainly is work overtime;Draw on his, really need a finished work, be still, while completing a work, nearby the woman of those exceedingly fascinating and charmings?

He cuts off little discrepancy bar, didn't go to night club, to gorgeous dance also uninterested, he is just working-work overtime, be on business, be busy for business, if so, are your relations getting more safe?

The answer is"not"

According to the United States unfaithful to ruler research the research of the expert Glass Doctor of Shirley discover,appliance spreads the office has already become a man to derail a first hotbed, 62% men admit, they already or plan and opposite sex the colleague has an ambiguous relation.

A survey that the some job advertisement website does recently also suggests that 77.4% people discover their the office romance of own work situation existence, common of existence environment, common enemy, common item, common topic, make the office become feelings to stir up of had better hotbed.

He even if isn't a playboy and have no Nian the flower ask for the grasping of grass sex and record of previous crime, but difficult protect can't with work colleague's day Be long to living feeling and specially be a work the colleague is like Anne Ji beautiful Nuo?The Zhu is beautiful similar and personal independence of conduct, the scandal will be like the shower of summer afternoon and and is hard to impede while declaring to take part in an item to make a scandal each time.

You can do of, in addition to waiting for, also have more-

Become a work"spy"

His work can't than you of more interesting, his inferiority and superior and colleagues also can't than you of better mutually with, compare with with star, clothing and movie, work really isn't the topic of a with meaning.

Have no interesting don't talk, so, you passed the best chance of asking around his working time form, where than understand his working time form can even understand whether he needs to work overtime, whether needing worked while being super, whether need the spending a holiday of outskirts village conference, whether need to take part in the work colleague's birthday party but don't take you.

《Unfaithful to ruler existence guidebook 》author Don-David of one book Lusterman the Doctor then send out a warning to the ladies:Your at enmity with he talks a work, he will talk with another woman and especially understand the female colleague whom he works to talk.

Talk certainly not is interrogate,more high level if you really say 3 to his work by the judge's position four, congratulations you, you have already closed the front door that you communicate next time, the best way is to be like spy and see have no a purpose, actually then asks to all have Xuan machine each time.

《And man's confabulation 》the author Gratch Doctor of Alon of one book say:"If you are just vague to ask-'work how', he also has to vague but answer-'still go', the problem had better aim at sex and time segment, embody your concern(rather than to interrogate) to him again, for example, 'recent boss give you of whether pressure is very big?"

Change the best way of this circumstance, came out from the shadow, went to his companies and pick him up, took part in his company party, went to him after going off work and the colleague often went of restaurant bar happy, or took some desserts to take office for him.

You since aren't a shadow, if someone wants to cross you, will deliberate well naturally.

Seek to the simulated enemy

The simulated enemy is just a kind of assumption, but can cause the value of you and carries on launching aggression.

Beauty can the person's stage on seeing be like coquette, but she usually isn't you of enemy.《 Love to have no exert-happy companion way to get along with people 》 of author K. Perry Doctor of Susan says, you of the real enemy is those weaknesses that know a man, and know where commence woman-totally do the womans of long-term item together with him;

Can also find out his woman through a cellular phone, email and fax after going off work;Invite him a woman who take part in the not- male activity ……certainly, you probably need to be remembered, you not is that the crazy idea is crazy, also not is each women to cast covetous eyes on to him.

Find out simulated enemy, the of course not is to exterminate she, keep calm, the self-confidence is the most important, if make her see you of uneasy and stupid and mightiness of occupancy desire, she may sneer at you like this of man, "your seeming to be always is checked Gang."Calm down with self-confidence, will let she have no the place start.

Every day"Ba" he is 17 hours

Lusterman Doctor at 《unfaithful to ruler existence guidebook 》analyze in one book, "why did the man easily derail while being on business?Because he is standing alone, lonesome, sex hunger and thirst, and Be not afraid of you and discover."

If derail while wanting to keep him from being on business, do an effort more effective before being on business, Perry Doctor at 《love have no exert-happy companion way to get along with people 》suggest in one book, can at he a day before being on business, share some unusual and interesting sex ideas with him, give he strong and last long of sexy incitement, let him be facing the time of a beautiful girl, can keep enthusiasm to you.

If the last minute quarrels or argues before he go out, his affirmation will take the viewpoint of "make reprisals her" to go out, then, derail.

When he was on business, a day a few telephones were vexed persons of, a day a telephone was warm and fragrant:Over there, you wait he comes back


Cool is great

Cool is great a kind of life wise state
Everybody is hard changing this world, this world is all the time also changing each person.Everybody or many or little all is hating this world, this world is all the time also teasing each person who hate it.The life needs a target, however attains the motive of this target be make the person work hard toward a kind of state, work hard to bring a person of but is endless exhausted.Some people envy those frequently and with many attendants crowding round,pearl jewelrya shout 100 promises of reach officer the violent in action that once shows off city in the expensive door, but some people envy the cool state of"adopt chrysanthemum the east naturally see south mountain under the hedge".Ten thousand Zhang world of mortalses under the multitudes ideal really it may be said"turnip green vegetables, each have a love", because of past, the person's ideal is also multifarious, all sorts of strange things.No matter the ideal fixed position of life at big any quadrant of thousand worlds, the heart keeps in mind cool is everybody should pursue of to the high state.

Cool is a kind of strong.Life however several ten spring autumns, however face at very short life on the travel everybody of is the weak at the mercy of the strong of embarrassed.Have no with a life time to contend for, didn't contend for with others only is a myth of legendary beauty, particularly those more excellent persons, meet of usually BE"the wood show at the wood, breeze necessarily Cui it."Of condemnation.To have a foothold at this numerous and complicated human life have to someone over of skill, the beard knows:The gentleman Dou doesn't win mean person!With this, the excellent needs more to have strong mental character.cable manufacturerThe ancient times there are a monk and a Taoist priest Dou method, they agree on with the heart pursue heart, the monk hides heart, the Taoist priest looks for, with three times is about, take temples as to note, lose, move away temples.The ex- two monk regardless hides heart in where is all found out one by one by the Taoist priest, if the ground that hides heart for the third time is found out by the Taoist priest, the monk with patience conducts several years of temples to change hands Taoist priest.The Buddha lord shows supernatural power and orders to stir a monk at this time:If the Taoist priest of so can find out the ground of the heart of hiding of monk, that is because the monk has heart to hide, if not intentional, the Taoist priest canned not found the place of heart naturally.The monk realizes suddenly, hence the idea reads aloud astringent, at the invisible, the Mi heart's Taoist priest short moment lost a target, hence admit defeat to leave.BE cooler than a life time then don't fight but win of magic weapon, attain to have no my not intentional cool state, the opponent then will lose the target of attack, all things ability on smiling but leading, meeting in cool in better than invisible.

Cool is a kind of breadth of view.The French writer Hugo once says:"The ocean is most spacious in the world,dvb t receiver is the sky than the more spacious ocean, is the person's breadth of view than the more spacious the sky."Person if really owned than the ocean and the sky more spacious breadth of view, so he regardless meets how of frustrate with whet difficult, the natures can forgive down.Gautama has usually full of complaints, the pupil blaming everyone but oneself calls the Jia Zhan to postpone a , he usually puts blame on other people not good to her, complain that the meal is unsuited to taste.Gautama for explaining and convincing the pupil of this little belly chicken bowel, beat to deliver he gathers city to buy salt.After salt buys come back, Gautama grasps a to put salt in one glass water, then orders Jia Zhan to postpone a to drink."How is flavor?"Gautama asks Jia Zhan to postpone a .The Jia Zhan postpones a wrinkly the eyebrows say:"Salty must deliver a bitterness."Gautama grasped a to put into salt water jar again and called him to taste again, the Jia Zhan postponed a to say:"There is salty a little."Gautama pours into all of the salt leaving in the lake in the neighborhood, then again call the Jia Zhan postpone a to taste, the Jia Zhan postponed a Ju on holding lake water to taste to taste, and Gautama asks:"What flavor?""Very sweet lake water."The Jia Zhan postpones a to answer a way.Hence Gautama takes advantage of an opportunity to teach the Jia Zhan how to postpone a :"A personal life not quick and painful.Be like the salty flavor of this salt, we can feel to be decided by with the degree of the experience we put it in much container, so, when you are placed in painful of time, please open breadth of view, let a cool garrison, pain and sufferings then will be stopped to invisible."Cool or not, have something to do with breadth of view, cool if lake water of time, you of breadth of view nature the meeting is spacious because of but.

Cool is a kind of open-minded."Sea Na 100 Chuans have already permitted is big, the wall signs thousand Rens without the desire then just."The all things is all cool and vex without the whereabouts, the little belly chicken bowel comes from fussy about every detail, narrow-minded course of development in envying wise Ji can.A person such as can abandon petty profits, cool face this only the benefit is the world of diagram, his disposition nature will present open-minded side.Cool develop open-minded, if the words that see too heavily to the high official positions and riches, the life will face many predicaments, open-minded also have no from start to talk about.Only several decades, everything all becomes to vanish quickly, what royalty rich and honored, what pride,luxury,profligacy and idleness, is all in a flash but lead of in a split second, order the scene of person's front for the sake of a D, give up to originally belong to own happiness,plate heat exchanger manufacturer that is the not very worthwhile Mou calculate!

Cool is a kind of happiness.The person isn't happy to all come from****Too heavy, then have much high of crave for then have much painful of persecution, the thing originally entertained wild hope to get, once broking off because of the not foreseeable mishap, that was difficult to express of lost then Chong Ying the person's whole emotion.In all the world, might it not be Wang Tu, the strand of rate soil, might it not be Wang Chen, world any thing returns I rather than I, own of happiness how also can not hold out against lost of persecution, many 1 own, many 1 concern about, many 1 concern about, also many an idea.Own of too many, concern about also too many, concern about too many, person also more tired, not happy also many get up.Want this again why the need for?Coolly live next go to, always make the happiness halted, should be an intelligent person to unremittingly pursue.

Cool is a kind of state.《The You window is small to record 》medium have such a scrolls:Unmoved either by favour or disgrace, spend efflorescence to fall before visiting a court;The going or staying isn't intentional and hope the sky cloud book cloud comfortable.Should have of, doing not beg will also from, should not have of, coming will also disappear.Cool is a kind of intelligence, "the gentleman start with this, then necessarily with this is eventually."You chose a kind of life, have to pays for this kind of life, if don't choose, didn't pay as well.The flavor of life is sour, sweet, bitter, hot and salty, big sweet big salty, you by all means will enjoy to pay the price that drops a tooth for this!The life big satge fascinatingly shows up to by all means accompany with gloomy Xie Mu, this is the rule that anyone can not change.Thin become matching of leading role, also had naturally thin go into fade out of natural and unrestrained, a thin word, will bring the person the endless happiness!Cool in fact is great a kind of life wise state!


market vibration

Fund standpoint:With settling hurl should to market vibration
The gold eagle fund thinks that last week oversea market's being subjected to the listed company earnings stronger growth and investor will solve the expectation influence of debt crisis project in Europe whole pedestal for EU Feng,Pearl Jewelry the oversea market trend is widespreadly sturdy.

"Analysis currently market, we will discover that oversea market and local market trend have already appeared severity to deviate from, consideration the market estimates value and technique to sprung a request currently, if there is no the impact of negative news,attraction landscape product market still existence rebound hope.Suggest concern non- bank finance, information service etc. tectonic plate."The gold eagle fund points out.

The gold eagle fund means that invest to the fund to say, at current of select selection hurl or cent to criticize buying is better investment method.First, it is being placed in deep estimating of 300 of Hu to be worth marsh land currently.jewelry manufacturersAccording to history experience, estimating the value marsh land is a comparing of buying inning.Secondly, market's building bottom is iterative, very difficult judgment real bottom, but settle hurl and cent to criticize buying is a little bit steadily should to the way.


"See a guest" guilty

At 《animal world 》in can always see flock of sheep or other food grass the animal is hunted by large carnivore or wolves to kill of"fascinating scene", but there noodles sacrifice of is us, we in of a few a certain or some weak.But you while watching whether feel sheep or water buffalo, does the amount why not and courageously rise backstroke so and greatly?I have same viewpoint with you, but my viewpoint always isn't approved and isn't comprehended in the flock of sheep, it is greatly negative to even be thought the way is not.I am very angry, suppress very much, very depressed! skin surprised gorgeous

Afterwards I know again, some people because sheep to the dead nothing important of oneself's companion reaction, say they are "the bear wraps" and is "the Huai grows" and even say that we naturally are "BE eaten of goods".Hear this, my heart is very disappointed, but I have to admit, on a certain meaning, what they say is fact!But we also once the brilliancy led, the history " sheep cannibalism" I thought to be many the persons still remembered of, that time ours "empire"s were how glorious!Only that is up 100 Porte affairs, still just faraway Britain in the location of the story occurrence, and the sheep of faraway east seem to be forever can not also get away from is eaten of predestination!

I exert an ability in people's pole to us in the thinking the indignity of the matter and revile scornfully a voice in, spirit several near breakups!What's the matter with us?Are our destinies eaten?We have what wrong?Someone why while eating our meat and drinking our milk, also want to slander so us on"sheep space"?Look down upon us!I cut up rough very much,emergency mask of pox although this feelings is DNA in sheep in is should not existent thing, not know when to rise, produced this kind of thing in my heart world, this-may be the source that I head for distress!

Having some persons is in fact really very narrow.We have Ji Cape but not and easily attackstone other animals, but just adopt to defend;We have hoof son, but not as easily as horse kick a person!We are peaceable, if only have us in the world, can't have any war!But the tree contains not only quiet desire but breeze, our natural enemies are a lot of, all want to doom a person to death we are behind-eat up it, so tragedy so an act act presents to public, and still needs to continue to play before we didn't destroy completely under go to, but we are lucky, didn't die of can become seeing a guest!

"See a guest" guilty?I want to ask!BE eat our wolf, tiger and lion is someone's guilty also?Or Be see a guest of we of guilty?Many people say that we see the dead don't save and say us shameless dirtiness, drag out a shameful existence!Helplessly looking at companion to die.Imitate a Buddha, we are the most conscienceless beasts in the world!Is the meanest animal in the world.But I think this it's very absurd, this is absolutely a kind of nerve abruption logic!

The wolf, tiger and lion are a strong in the animal world, is the top of vegetative chain, is that they want to eat us!Is the life that they want us!But, under"the logic of march past" judgment in your head, they not only didn't be wrong and on the contrary became "emperor king will mutually" of animal kingdom!

But, you in the center also not is have no good man, take for these several days, on the net, news all over the place report way of in"Nian kid's affairs in Guangzhou", that 18 people's position I feel and our position of "sheep" is very alike, in two"fierce tiger"s or after saying wreaking havoc of"bad wolf", is denounced orally and in writing and even imitate a Buddha and escorts that 18 guys the time up"morals of break a set", you take to have "the logic of march past" head in can once the Teng was some positions, considered wolf, tiger or lion of criminal acts.In other words, even if 18"sheep"s establish in the criminal charges of your so-called"morals judgment", so also in the tiger wolf after committing murder, would get the result of .But to tiger, wolf and lion you all ignore, only want to clear up accounts toward"sheep" and is like what someone appeal:Use "the sharp knife of conscience" deep the existence for dissect("sheep") an oneself of despicable, endure the ache of paring off the bone treatment to arouse("flock of sheep" of) Jing to come to and act.This sentence is very interesting,wrinkly mask but as"real" head of"sheep", I think even if we use really sharp knife and split open our own chest and lead come of only morely love the blood"carnivore" just.


lips cheek emergency

DIY red wine lips cheek emergency mask

Material:Red wine or the rose red wine 100 mls(20 teaspoons)

Effect:Polish lips department and cheeks, bring a rosy good complexion for the face department

Apply skin quality:Various skin LED the bright chemical

Use a device:Calculating spoon or measuring cup and cooking is aqueous pot of and get empty a bottle 1

Create a method:Place the wine into a pot to slowly heat to boil, until the wine evaporation arrives to leave a 10~15 mls around and pour into the wine once cooking again empty bottle in then.

Operation method:Take just the right amount of product, with the clean lips brush Be put on to a lips department skin, re-usable daubery with deepen a color, see condition to recoat a lip block.Is a face department the rouge then uses before rushing toward a face powder and take to just the right amount and directly use to point stomach even Be put on to a double of the cheek is then.

Expiry day:At 6 months inside use up, the product is placed to a cool place and keep sunlight from keeping shooting. anonymous of message

As long as evaporate red wine or the rose red wine heating, need wine inspissation to original of 1|10 measure then.Suggest skin more the You black candidate choose a color to more be partial to purple red wine, while the skin be more partial to a white person to then use to be partial to the red rose red wine, as long as put on the jot the cheek and double is at the double lips, will have natural make-up effect.In view of the fact liquid-like in shape don't contain the lips of grease colourful, remember to use first this product wipes a lip block again, otherwise if the lips have already been stained with the grease composition of lip block, not easy apply color.light is so difficult


Happy memory time

You of the sweet smiling face is the havings that I love.

The meeting you is my this a life time most beautiful good memory and bear firmly in mind a lifetime.

Though we live under the same sky,can not depend nearerly with you.

How do I explain again to is all bite on granite if you don't believe me.

If can, please make me become you lonesome of imagine.

In fact I know, I wait for a hope in the happiness.

The regrets browses the daily record at first, the whole exert at at present.

Selfishly want to own you, but don't dare to open mouth again to say to you.

Those so-called happy memories of mine inside is all you.

Spend to wait you lifetime time, even if the person whom you love is no longer me


stir-fry ing

The stock doesn't be used for"stir-fry"ing

Here in the world, the vegetables is to use to stir-fry of, the stock should not be used for stir-frying."Stir-fry" a word from"fire" and"little" combine, succeeding to stir-fry a house has to do to take the skill of Li on"fire", otherwise, you of money can stir-fry more"little" more.If everyone didn't do to take the skill of Li on the fire, so still as far as possible the honesty choose under the premise of bull market the long term in the group leader of group leader tectonic plate holds for wonderful.Even if the vegetables that is suitable to stir-fry,dvb t tuners also fresh see more stir-fry more many of, especially fish isn't suitable for more to turn over to reply the ground stir-fried.The ancients says:Govern a big country if boil small fresh.I see, investing the stock should also be like to cook fingerling, turning over to move and stir-frying to make should not be too multifarious and otherwise leave perhaps to only have one dish fish bone.

Certainly, in the current living creature chain have some category to make a living by stir-frying of, like star especially actress.But investment the stock can not be like an actress so, depend take off depend walk the light is made money by scandal.In the stock market, if there is no hundred percent confidence, had better be little to move.Because a move will spend money.And don't say to usually sold and then rise, bought and then fall.Even if suppose business of have never risen to fall difference, you still need to lose commission and bargain tax first, and that is the true gold silver.Certainly if we think for the country just every day the tax and coupon company contributes, that is again another matter.

The Cao Ren of Hong Kong is super, is received invest boundary for the Chinese people the worthest study and imitate of one of 2 people(another artificial Chiu always man), young also like to play the game of "everyday 1", feel to pretty much stimulate, but after the event he discover that this undertaking could not earn big money, 30 years old start changing to every Monday, 40 years old change to monthly 1, 50 years old behind further change to every year 1.

Expect thin think more to buy or sell a stock especially to will beat a hole on the card, the lifetime comes down had better the hole beating on the card don't want more than 12.Is also say that buy in the whole life or the total number of times of stock seller should not over 12 times.For we the ordinary people like this wants to attain to forbear like this to be really very difficult.To this,dvb t receiversI ain't greatly either to agree with.What I laid claim to is:Big dish a cow bear circulation but speech, point a closing price to stand firm in average line on the 60th buy once, add to buy once while stopping declining to up in the 60th average line;Point a closing price to fall to break in average line on the 18th sell well once, point a closing price to fall to break in average line on the 60th sell short once.Then of the bear market have never needed to take place business behavior.Among them again according to the deep of the and big dish the adjustment or group leader stock variety increase 4~6 business behavior.So a stock market cow bear circulates on the card beat 8~10 holes also about.Thus, a person's stock market investment career can probably also beat 100 stocks that the holes are or so, can turn over to move a pot an inside 100 or so.

Our unit contains a colleague and almost wants to carry on stock business every day and comes down for several years and settles accounts general account, is still a big Kui.Recently a few months, I not and greatly wished ground to help the unit another colleague to look after a stock account, buying stocks, such as Chinese middle and a life time allied real estate...etc., and hasn't been moving, the city value is continuously and quickly soaring.Looking at a winning of the stock held in account benefit comparison is from count to ten number, and then continuously change Class of ten higher number, hold the confidence of to also continuously strengthen.

Famous speculation company's hero's west in the world.The three greatest hard nut to cracks that benefit Fu Mo Er thinks to invest respectively BE:The opportune moment, funds manages and emotion control.The Cao Ren is super to write 《theory power 》, 《talk about a war 》, 《theory 》three books, seemed to be respectively to answer Mo Er's three greatest hard nut to crackses of benefit Fus.《Talk about power 》BE invest philosophy and speak to pass in and out opportune moment;《Talk about a war 》BE invest strategy and speak how to manage a funds;《Talk about sex 》then insight into human nature weakness,cable supplier weigh in the emotion to control.I benefit Fu Mo Er say of the super so-called"power" of"opportune moment" and Cao Ren, generalize is emphasized by Confucius of"weather".I am in the front of miscellaneous record in have already emphasized "stock market investment, value~first weather".The problem that then discusses to strengthen an emotion control, reduces operation number of times.

Being exactly that the afternoon of November 24 is 2 points of while composing this text is many, points in the dish and falls till the 18th an average line neighborhood.Lao Tze the sentence"have no for but cure", greatly parts of persons all once listenned to, but another "know unpredictable, measure don't know" the rare person then know.Stir-fry to also want to have no for but cure.Empress one "know"s "Zhi", the meaning is "having the person of great intelligence the never subjective estimate, liking the person of subjective estimate doesn't have great intelligence".The stock market isn't estimate of, but at that moment of, come out to come of, trend of.The empress city Zha walks and only asks heaven!But in the big dish don't appear before closing price fall to break on the 18th the circumstance of average line, still be a bull market to treat.Be like the afternoon of the 24th the range like this compares bigger adjust, for the time being see to turns head for cow, and is nasty to turn head, should be into the inning that buys a good.


stocktaking gentleman

The man also loves the jewelry wrist of drilling the stocktaking gentleman doter watch
Take out from the first form from the bosom owning, this kind of the precise instrument along with taking is given the identity of going together with the decoration and also destined the symbiosis destiny of form and the jewelry hard partition.As a result,pearl jewellery even if the diamond cast a glamour to the female far above the man, also being no hindrance to a man the doter jewelry wrist form, much less pocket-watch and wrist form are mans to go together with rare essence in decoration.

The BREGUET treasure Ji Crazy Flower

In 1813, French jewelry brand Chaumet once was subjected to Nepoleon of giving and creating the pocket-watch Francois-Regnault that a series inset pearl and enamel jewelry Nitot:The circular gold quality case of watch is decorated with blue enamel and wreath-like in shape pearl string, "N" of the laurel wreath center the letter of alphabet represent the exclusive pocket-watch of Nepoleon, and Mary ·the chain pocket-watch of hanging of Louis Si empress form 1 rightness.This showed person the classic carriage that the jewelry combined with pocket-watch, wrist watch to"creation · twoth century emotion time" clock exhibition that the form Heng Long square that appeared in Shanghai recently held of in the meantime, also show person the male face love of gentle and soft one side.

Two-sided wear of Limelight Twice deluxe jewelry wrist watch

On the wrist of empress in Naples, a piece of wrist form birth's Breguet completed the creation of this form:The then request for making the watch easy to take, and with elegantly make a form craft to show an identity.Henceforth although the jewelry still kept company with wrist form to once walk a hundred years, at that machine frenzied ages,discount women shoes time shows of the craft is a core forever, the jewelry always plays add flowers to brocade role.

After the change in hundreds of years, the role played by wrist form on the contrary starts regression up to now first.Cellular phone than watch more precise now, the value embodiment of form is partial to already from originally account function, significantly incline toward identity label.A part of mans are addicted to a technique, the Tuo flywheel is their choices, and the complicated function is their to pursue;Another part of mans believe more and at that time the jewelry that make the sense of vision pounded at insets like both aren't self-contradict here, much time even along with appear.

The shining facial expression of complicated machine Xin

Inseting diamond in showing the brand top machine Xin the work of the technical skill is like one to crown a rites, each United States drills, is the technical skill of the all affirmative form style and the sign of the value.

Jaeger-Le been known for by machine Xin manufacturing Coultre, care very much on the performance of complicated function, brand underneath master series is outstanding.Master Minute Repeater the FN jewelry wrist watch original body come from a master three ask series, on the foundation of original form style, at the form turn, form ear Qian the full square drill.The outstanding sound quality of machine Xin attributes to crystal sound Huang, in addition, the its hand moves to chain machine machine, the Xin owns Jiao person of the 15th motive storage(384 hours), and appear through the kinetic energy display generous in proper form earth's surface.Through its Lou empty dial,Patch cord manufacturer can peep to see three to ask to tell the time device and spiral to twist Ju.The wrist form sends out of outstanding tell the time a stereo set, the sound of more than 55 decibels volumes, more than 600 milli-s second is long and reaches to 7 more to increase the Harmonics of quantity, far far above industry to the standard and diamond drawn up by wrist form's inseting also for reserved sound quality to make higher request.Same get stripe by this diamond carriage of still have Master the Tourbillon form style.

In 2010, Vacheron-Constantin once released a style of Malta Tuo flywheel deluxe jewelry wrist form, ever surprised gorgeous at that time.Incise teacher to then incise a diamond into the size that is calculated with micron, so the jewelry inset teacher and then can be perfect to inset the position of going into its design these diamonds.Complete this Jian huge task needs strict accuracy and create this style of elaboration work that makes the person call that the strange diamond combination needs to be expended for more than 2000 hours.

Compare under slightly show Chien invite of Vacheron-Constantin new style of Patrimony Traditionnelle series deluxe jewelry wrist form, own 38 millimeters and 30 millimeters of two kinds of forms styles.With lend the lines outline that the extraordinary jewelry insets a craft and fluency, still kept reserving the male's toughness while releasing ray of light.Inset 167 diamonds that totally weigh 1.27 carats on diameter 38 millimeters of 18 K platinum case of watches, the dial then inset to have 473 totally weigh 1.67 carats of beautiful drill, as well inset a diamond on the form hat, adopt its 1400 model number hands to move the new moon machine machine Xin and engrave with possess a great reputation of Geneva print to record.


Hong Kong Saigon

Take you swim Hong Kong Saigon whole strategy guideses
The Saigon of Hong Kong Saigon whole strategy guideses declares Hong Kong rear garden, small plait after the first time arrives harbor for 5 years just the head swim Saigon and meet to very and late feel to arise spontaneously, and the small plait ever and very likes an outdoor activity, think this place of play degree so much Hong Kong urban landscape don't make sight-seeing trip Class ability Qi and.

First time's going to the friend of harbor mainly will also visit harbor attention to put in the theme park,hong kong guidedowntown tourist spot and go shopping shopping up, because how does limited time stroll Hong Kong of finishing the infinite magic power?Going to the harbor visitor's arrangement for the first time is absolute and no serious mistakes committed, but if you came to Hong Kong to travek for the second time, the writer pleases definitely turn to the Saigon, will another a side in Hong Kong give?You leave deeper impression.

What does the Saigon play?

1)stroll the old street area of Saigon country fair.

2)visit the seafood street of the Saigon Xu sea side square.

3)by boat go to peripheral islet to enjoy sandy beach, sunlight and sea water for 10-20 minutes in the public wharf of the Saigon Xu sea side square.Go to there are 2-3 fixed routes in island, as for the destination is each to have what special feature, can in advance consult to the wharf ticket seller's boat owner.

4)watch native son or try oneself with at Saigon the seaside fishing boat up sell the boss of fresh seafood to haggle to buy marine products, if there is kin friend in Hong Kong and buy seafood to return to cook the most utility.

5)if healthy body, the favour climbs a mountain of friend, can go to the Saigon suburb hiking in the park to go mountain, appreciate ten thousand proper reservoirs and mountain sea lovely views.However climb a mountain whole distanceses about 16 kilometers, need time longer(4-6 hour), to the request of physique is also higher.

6)if taking the kid's visitor can go to Saigon Xu the lion of the neighborhood will educate center naturally, that center is the first Hong Kong natural education center.The center establishes many park and open air exhibition places that draw on a visitor, for example:The wood of the specimen, the mineral stone Cape, medicine is used botanical garden and practiced a nursery garden, insect to feed room and shell building etc., at educate, recreation, natural protection and science study everyone's noodles to extensively produce result.

What does the Saigon eat?

1)go to full the total store recording a sweet article eat a special feature sweet article.(Separate a Saigon highway with diva's temple to mutually hope, all from the downtown come of would pass by before vehicle arrived terminal point,Hong Kong social media optimization recorded to see the Saigon garden will go toward toward left hand roadside hereafter, you can discover its place.)

2)blessing people's road respectfully people's street Be small to eat a street.There is"the Yi Chang fish egg", "loose record car Zi of noodles" many people of Hong Kong special feature on this street recommending.

3)Saigon Xu the sea is beside there aren't a few seafood girlie restaurants on square and seafood street, with"all record" most for have, "the Hong records" and"records" is also a big store."All record" provides a wide type dessert at noon and take a person of drinking the noon tea is a lot of there, the person is full to bring trouble.

4)there are some very small western restaurants or tea restaurant on the Saigon old Xu old street there is also quite good place, some small stores can provide from buy seafood to on behalf cook service, the visitor can purchase seafood on the seaside fishing boat by himself[herself], the Saigon business center(agriculture Mao market) in the neighborhood purchases a vegetable and gets hold of these small stores again to pay to make the store house dealt with it.

The Saigon consumes how is level?

1)on coming a to go toward, the bus expenses going back and forth is 15-20 dollars.

2)each kind of visit all need not spend money.

3)embark the ship property that the fishing boat goes back and forth nearby islet to the order of 30-50 dollars.

4)full record a sweet article, each 15-30 dollars doesn't wait.

5)small eat a street and tea of previous meal in the restaurant mostly 20-40 dollars don't wait.

6)bought the words of seafood to have no predestination, the store houses all were pressed to sell seafood but be not according to the weight, so manage to prohibit to the amount of and the market price of you to say, had better see first the native of the place buy, then can carry on consulting to them, the end makes moves again.Moreover, you can also ask several more ships, then again make sure how purchase.Experience of the writer BE, the yonder crab, shrimp and molluscs are cheaper.Store house while selling seafood by, you remember to request them choose the same kind in biggest of of to you.

7)ate the words of seafood to even have no bottom, a person had 150 standards, can also from up to thousand standards, all see you have to eat what.If is don't control the friend of seafood price, can choose the fix menu in restaurant that the seafood girlie restaurant provides.150 among those dollars-200 dollars|the person's file time generally can include a corbicula, crab, small abalone and steam fish and shrimp, if want to eat lobster, so a little bit again a little bit expensive.

8)if buy seafood to cook to some small stores, the oil anticipates a fee(process a fee) each seafood 30-50 dollars don't wait.The many people finishes eating hereafter all feel unworthy, rather have a fix menu in restaurant in those big stores.Just if you buy a lot of seafoods of cost a lots,led lighting manufacturers so should be able to still compare directly to eat in the big store cheapness not a few.

How to go Saigon Xu(Saigon city center|Saigon bus always station)?

1)multiplies by 92 numbers or the 96 R number(start just in the day off) bus or goes toward the Saigon 1 AN in rainbow subway station number|the 1 special line M is little Ba Wang the Saigon Xu total station;

2)multiplies by 92 numbers or 96 R number(start just in the day off) bus to go toward the Saigon Xu total station in the diamond mountainous country iron station;

3)multiply by a No.299's bus to Saigon Xu in the sand farmland city center(square bus in Hsin-cheng City always station) total station;

4)multiply by No.101 in the general Ao pit subway station the special line is little Ba Wang the Saigon Xu total station;

5)multiply by No.1 in nine dragon gulf virtuous blessing gardens the special line is little Ba Wang the Saigon Xu total station;

6)at general Ao treasure transportation wood hands over to remit place(new city city two expect) to multiply by No.12 a special line little Ba Wang the Saigon Xu total station;

7)BE adjusting the view Ling subway station to multiply by a 792 bus Ms go toward total station of Saigon Xu.

Saigon suburb how to go park?

1)the above-mentioned route arrive Saigon Xu and transfer to take 94 numbers again to the bus of yellow stone wharf to flow out a station to get off in north pond, after getting off namely arrive the Saigon suburb visitor center in park.

2)stands at rainbow subway|the diamond mountainous country iron station multiplies by the 96 R number(start just in the day off) bus to flow out a station to get off in north pond and goes directly to the Saigon suburb visitor center in park.

The lion will educate center naturally how go?

1)above-mentioned the bus of Xu going to Saigon get off in the north harbor station.

2)after getting off, once walk opposite street, then see entrance designation a card.


finished product sugar

The our country finished product sugar, food and beverage manufacturing industry statisticses in August
Sugar net Xun in Yunnan statistics bureau in the nation released 2011 recently the local main industrial product yield and growth speed the data make the data of sugar industry, food manufacturing industry and beverage manufacturing industry among them the following for 1-8 monthsCatering Service, sugar net editor in Yunnan reminds:This statistics caliber is main year the business duty income above 5,000,000 dollars industrial business enterprise.

Finished product sugar:The local finished product sugar yield is 28,000 tons in August, 2011 and compare the last year same period to increase 115.4%, 20111-8 month our country total amount production finished product sugar 8,148,000 tons, compare last year the same period increase 3.6%.The sugar net analyst of Yunnan thinks that the our country still has no raw materials, such as sugar cane and sugar beet...etc. to process production in August, the yield of 28,000 ton finished product sugar anticipates for importing sugar wait to anticipate to process.

Food manufacturing industry:In August,Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger 2011 our country food manufacturing industry(do not contain a tobacco product) a little bit in August, last year together compare increase 14.1%, this year 1-8 month, total amount together compare increase 16.9%.

Beverage manufacturing industry:Our country in August, 2011 the beverage manufacturing industry increased 18.2% laster year same period, this year 1-8 month, total amount together compare increase 18.6%.
Among them, the soft beverage produces 11,299,000 tons, 1-8 monthses in August, the total amount produces smart TV remote78,412,000 tons and compares last year to together compare to increase 23.6% for 1-8 months.
According to the classification containment of nation standard soft beverage:The carbonic acid beverage(article)(soda) type, juice(strach) and juice beverage(article) type, vegetable juice and vegetable juice beverage(article) type etc. category.

Know to all, food manufacturing industry and beverage manufacturing industry occupy a main quota in the comparison consume in the our country sugar,plate type heat exchanger sugar net in Yunnan from now on will according to statistic from the nation announcement data in the bureau, periodically release our country food manufacturing industry and beverage manufacturing industry growth circumstance and data