The news group iPad newspaper releases on February 2
Releasing the meeting will on February 2 local time become available in the market 11:00, the dawn of February 3 Peking time holds.News group president and many chief executive officer Moses will manage to release a meeting, apple Internet service sideline works chief executive officer Eddy Cue will also attend.

This released date to postpone for 2 weeks than the original plan.According to the previous hearsay, the iPad newspaper is original to be on January 19 released by many Mos and the Joe cloth Sis, but postpones February because the apple takes more time to prepare a new firmware.

The iPad newspaper is been on 100 people's specialized team of inferiority responsible for editing by the news group and include various news, commentary and multi-media contents.The network newspaper of this new concept will adopt special subscription mode, the customer is on the iPad after confirming a subscription, will deduct the subscription expenses of USD 0.99 from its account every week.

The subscription mode that is exactly because of this kind of new, the apple needs to release new version iOS a firmware to provide support.Before passing on a message a new firmware may be an iOS 4.3, anticipate and then will release around February 2.

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Cursor Chen's

The nonsupport mainland powerful person of 90% of the net friend leaves for a pedestal to deliver its behavior of kind style of Yi to fasten
T|T Fan Li2 Qing:Cursor Chen's leaving for a set to act charitably is kind pretty cross-straits good matter dint kind mainland head cursor Chen today leave for a pedestal to contribute money will go three counties totally donate 500,000,000 dollars round-the-world net report way of reporter, Tan Li Ya, , is Gao Diao4 first to declare "naked donate", again is take a cash Lei wall and own "the Chinese head is kind" the hinterland entrepreneur of the title cursor Chen declare again recently, he will soon the set regiment leave for Taiwan on the 27th and issue kind style of renminbi for local low income door and minority ethnicity 112,000,000 dollars.Cursor Chen's this undertaking causes a net friend hot argument.On-line net friend's survey that the round-the-world net now launches suggests that 10%ly be subjected to visit a net friend support cursor Chen go to Taiwan to help poor behavior, rest 90% is visited a net friend to then hold an objection opinion.

Up to 16:00 on January 26, should investigate to totally draw on 9169 net friends to take part in a vote.There are 927 actions that are visited a net friend to approve cursor Chen to act charitably in Taiwan among them, share 10%s of voting the total amount, there is another 824290%s that is visited a net friend to disagreement, share to vote total amount.

The net friends who hold to support an attitude think that the charity doesn't divide a race, region, the rich man acts charitably with his/her own property, is a kind of honorable act.The net friend says:"Helping the poverty is human life grand love.As long as is a poor region and poor people, have an ability and then should relieve", "we always treat Taiwanese people as compatriots, help they are a good matter".Still the net friend means:"Powerful person and we are essentially all similar, there is domination the right of oneself's property."On top of that, a lot of net friends are kind to act this time in the eyes of the cross-strait relation.The net friend says:"Whenever the earthquake, flood disaster or other natural disaster and man-made calamity hits the mainland, Taiwanese compatriot always at and at that time donate money and supplies to mainland people.Now is mainland rich man to donate money to act charitably to difficult crowd in Taiwan and determinedly support", "have no necessary last key link last line of".Also someone's message writes a way:"If can pull to move Taiwan's feelings to the mainland, also be regarded as for help the Taiwanese regression to do effort."

However, share a vote to amount 90%ly is visited a net friend to disagree to this, use words description cursor Chens, such as"make a show" and"free publicity"...etc.'s this trip to Taiwan in succession.The net friend says:If" help a poverty to be just surface, physically is want to invest in Taiwan", " Taiwan doesn't receive these money, result become not fee penny money do personal image publicity, also too cleverness."

Still the net friend says:"The good kind warm heart is thin to have no voice and have no call to like this and on a large scale stir-fry to make.Is cursor Chen to fear other people not to know that he donated money again?", "The words that really want Shi Shan might as well relieve mainland minority community first, why the need for go for the obtuse".Still the net friend says, "charity oneself is a good matter, but we want to choose to teach a person with the fishing, don't teach a person with the fish, otherwise not only could not reach a purpose, on the contrary could not fall like!Especially some people in Taiwan, not only can't think this to is a good intentions, but also will think that we chase he how of how of!So, we do charity and also want to pay attention to a method".

Also have the net friend the message to mean, cursor Chen's philanthropic act worth praise, but Gao adjusts Taiwan to request to receive line up receive red envelope, moved a Taiwanese of sensitive nerve-"dignity".Was really a good heart to earn donkey liver lung.If entrust the pogey of Taiwan to issue and then can't appear this kind of embarrassed situation.

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Jean's extremely

The pearl has been being seen to make strange Jean's extremely valued, it lays equal stress on with Bi jade and symbolizes purely really, perfect, highly respectable with authority, there is the fame of"east of the United States also", ancient emperor Wang Huang Fei, reach an officer huge Gu all with pearl decorate is glory.

Accompany with the development of the economy and the exaltation of people's living standard, people's consumption to the jewelry is becoming another consumption heat after the house property, car, appliance and cosmetics to order.But, because of history of reason and the west cultural impact, pearl culture of one of traditional cultures in China is gradually weak, as the pearl jewelry of traditional jewelry profession, its market occupies a quota the extremely minute is also.

According to a data statistics, our country the main dozen product of 56% jewelry business enterprises is a diamond, secondly is a gold jewelry article, jadeite, red and blue precious stone, regard pearl as principle beat the business enterprise of product to only have 19.5%.How huge in the capacity and continuously increase of in the jewelry market, discover pearl culture and lay brand foundation, realization strategy to break through siege, make dead silent already a long time of the pearl industry greatly put the light of "bright pearl", is the initial problem of the worthest numerous Chinese pearl business enterprises thinking.

Arrives to°from"the daughter buys bead" "the potato changes bead"

China discovered, used the nation of pearl at the earliest stage in the world, is also the pearl resources enriched most in the world of processed and traded a big country-pearl yearly production is 1500 tons, shared 95% of total yield in the world.But, the production value only takes up 10% of the world total production value, the trade volume only takes up 20% of the whole world.This, can not not say to is a kind of regret.

One of well-known pearl business enterprises in China and official from Ruan in Zhejiang pearl incorporated company president Mr. Wang Wei Zhong thinks, "sell pearl all of full avenues are" is the failure of the Chinese pearl profession.Annually China is facing the sun origin, Hong Kong etc. ground export is a great deal of original bead with cheap price, Japan processes these original beads again the juniors go into a terminal market, the price promotes to several to even count decuple."Earns and threatens and sells at cost", the high production value is worth with low price and has already become the fetter that the Chinese serious check and supervision pearl develops.In the seaport, three of tour tourist spot, the peddlers even puts the pearl decoration peddles to the cheap visitor in the Luo basket, at this basket one basket product shape almost identical pearl necklace in, we any further can not look for back is listed as "treasure bead" magic power of the head of "machine decoration the treasure hide" by Qin Zhao Wang.

When a catty of price of potato, can change the time"the daughter's bead", we just truely comprehend what call "the bright pearl receives a dust".

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Inside Gu virtuous

Inside Gu virtuous:Iran wishes to hold a further negotiation for nuclear problem and six countries
Medium the new net give or get an electric shock according to Singapore on January 24 《unite to early report 》report way, Iran president's moxa admire exceed Di.Inside virtuous Gu mean on the 23th, Iran would like to hold a further negotiation for Iran nuclear problem with 6 nations.

On the 21th, 5 permanent memberships of UN Security Council and Germany at Turkey Yi the Si Tan cloth Er and Iran start lately a materiality path that negotiation look for and solve a Yi nuclear problem, however, for expect negotiation for two day without obtaining breakthrough.

On the 23th, inside the virtuous Gu say especially in thunder Shi in city in the north of Iran:"Iran nuclear problem negotiation has already carried on several rounds, but, owing to other everyones understanding level and mode of thinking, we have never hoped in this a few in negotiating solution problem."

He says that"if the decision of other everyone with fair, law and respect for foundation, people can expect in aftertime's in negotiating to obtain a fitting result."

The report way points out that 6 countries together negotiation in Iran, for making sure that calculating of Iran rows whether like western doubt of so, for the sake of the manufacturing nuclear weapon machine.

Inside virtuous Gu say, along with summiting of both parties and to understanding of each other standpoint, the condition of "obtain good agreement in aftertime's in negotiating" has been already had.However he blames "uncultivated Israeli and some power desire the strongest person and the United States in Europe, have no interest towards adopting a good solution method".

He says:"I want to tell the other party officials who take part in the negotiation, if you hope to negotiate to obtain a result, should get away from those have no farseeing, also uncultivated person of pressure, spreads for the further negotiation even road."

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FBI heavy boxing annihilates

The FBI heavy boxing annihilates Mafia in New York
The American F.B.I.(FBI) and police in New York is in New York on the 20th and around launch large-scale round Jiao, arrest 127 Mafia crimes of suspect, including many members with deluxe local Mafia households.These people encounter a drug trade and murder later on etc. several criminal chargeses accuse.American Secretary of Justice Howl is virtuous to say, this is the most large-scale odd day activity that the FBI implementation aims at Mafia up to the present.

Fight seven greatest households

Howl is virtuous to say on the 20th, more than 800 F.B.I. detectives and local police launch a raid in New York City, New Jersey and Rhode Island on that day and particularly fight seven greatest Mafias household.Include Mafia households, such as"our section Sas"s, "sweet ratio promise" and"section Long Bo"...etc. deluxe member at inside of 127 people catch and there is another one person being arrested in Italy.

The section Long Bo household almost all key figures catch and include 76-year-old head of group Anne virtuous Lu ·Lu Suo and 73-year-old two handle knobseses are originally second clear ·card Si the Tai pulls Zuo and 74-year-old"three great" Richard virtuous ·rich Si section.

Howl is virtuous to call that the Mafia is "one of the most dangerous criminals(community) in the nation"."Today grasps to catch …… mark at fight crime regiment the illegal movable aspect exceed an important one step, " he says, "this is the most large-scale odd day activity that aims at to have the organization crime the network".

Pass 16 indictments

Howl is virtuous to say, the grand jury has already delivered to 16 indictments to the court, with the drug trade, premeditated murder, rob, set on fire and blackmail etc. the criminal charges accuse this 127 Mafia members.

"Some litigation cases involve a Mafia's member the internal clearance rival is at the regiment, some involve nonsense premeditated murder, " he says, "a among those example, a victim it is said that is killed with gun in an uncompleted thieves and burglars case.Have another two victims it is believed that sink into dispute because of the wine that a cup tips over at a bar, finally is killed with gun."

Not yet is weakened

Branch officials' fee of FBI New York reaches a Si gram to say, FBI in advance receives some informations that the former member of Mafias provide, including the dialogues recording of total several thousand hourses of Mafia head of group.These Mafia"Pan will" helps F.B.I. to launch an activity in the meantime.

Face judicatory judgment, the Mafia member usually carries through "silent" standard, then the brush-off appears at court to testify.The Mafia original influence of method new agency report way, New York and its periphery is strong and once seeped through several economic realms.However, in the past 10-year, some Mafia members broke gradually"silent", appeared publicly to act as stain the witness identified partner.Such as, former member of Mafia Wei tower Lei after being caught in 2003, provided the information of at least 11 murder case murderers, helped the latter successful setback the region in New York once rampant and a fit of Mafia regiment"the Bo south promise".The Wei tower Lei gets Xing in October, last year.

However, reaches a Si gram to be seen in the fee, the Mafia didn't weaken because of BE"change sides in war", "these five big' household' the leadership layer be for many times arrested and convict in times before …… but the Mafia still displays instauration dint and persistence dint".

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China very importance

World concern Hu Jintao visits beautiful outside Mei to call China very importance

Comprehensive medium report way, the nation chairman Hu Jintao of China arrives Washington on the afternoon of the 18th, the beginning carries on the national affairs interview that lasts about 68 hours to the United States.The trip to the United States of this time chairman Hu Jintao caused the deep concern of world opinion, world in succession the vision throw to Central America two countries are the tallest and leader of meeting.

The United States 《New York Times 》point out, China leaders to bring a harmonious message.The report way said that to the Ao Ba Ma government, Hu Jintao's interview may provide a terrace and make both parties make progress on some controversy problems, for example currency problem, trade problem and human rights problem and military problem.Hu Jintao will also bring his principle in the meantime:Harmonious.

The American cable news network(CNN) publishes text analysis"China why such importance"(Why China matters).The article said that on the other hand, two countries are trading partners, each other acquires a decided benefits.On the other hand, they are the rivals that exists some misunderstandings.

The British Reuter's cites the words of analyst said, owing to military and diplomacy of China influence continuously strong, and become the second economy of only next to United States, China leaders this time a the most important interview that visiting the United States is Central America two countries to have diplomatic relation more than 30 in the last yearses.

Japanese Fuji television station at report way middle finger, the American government gave chairman the tallest courteous reception in China nation, this shows an American government for the high value that this big country leaders.

"The voice of Germany" then writes to call, Central America the of two countries exist distrust, but again each other demand.More and more Americans know, solve any global urgent problem, all can not get away from Chinese.The cooperation is advantageous to both parties, opposition the social utterly exhausted that will let both parties.Two country mastermind frankly and earnestly exchanging an opinion, is far better than playing hide-and-seek the guess of sort.

Singapore 《unite to early report 》issue column article said, the rift of Central America two nations not only only influenced bilateral relation, this be like any other set of commonnesses of bilateral relate to similar.But Central America of the rift still has deeper latent risk, if two country rifts cause respectively strategic miscarriage of justice, will produce the classic condition in the international relations:Safe predicament.

The article points out that Central America the common benefits of two countries is enough many and cooperate space also enough big, but the mutual trust of two countries is also not enough.Speaks from this angle, the subject talked by"beard Ao Feng will" surely to bilateral relation influence graveness, but each other increases letter to release Yi undoubtedly more important.

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Zong opening Hu

The Hu deep stock market small is low the Zong opening Hu point opening quotations to report to fall 0.19% at 2,752.80:00
[A life time China wealth Xun]the Hu deep stock market the small Be low to open on January 20, Hu deep 300 index number opening quotationseses report 3,037.86:00 and fall 0.23%;Start a business the plank Zong point opening quotations to report 1,032.55:00 and fall 0.10%;The Hu Zong points opening quotations to report 2,752.80:00 and falls 0.19%;Deeply become to point opening quotations to report 12,034.62:00, fall 0.26%.Two cities totally clinch a deal 67,000,000, clinch a deal amount of money about 777,000,000 dollars, more front a trade a day to gather Jing price to clinch a deal amount of money 367,000,000 dollars obviously enlarge.

The dish noodles sees, falls to much rise little, have color metal, cement, retail, agriculture and forestry herding fishing etc. the tectonic plate trend is weaker, river the west copper industry(600362:38.58, -0.69, ↓ -1.76)fall 2.22% and China new cement(600801:27.38, -0.54, ↓ -1.93)fall Hong market in the 2.22%, sky(002419:46.45, +0.1, ↑ 0.22)fall 0.76%;The tectonic plates, such as steel, coupon company, coal and living creature system medicine...etc. rises to fall with each other now, Chinese absolute being China(601088:23.85, -0.23, ↓ -0.96)fall 0.21%, medium letter stock certificate(600030:11.94, -0.07, ↓ -0.58)fall a 0.25%, saddle steel share(000898:7.67, -0.04, ↓ -0.52)fall 0.65%;The tectonic plate trends, such as dissemination and spinning, electric power...etc. of machine manufacturing, culture are slightly strong, share horse in the sky(002122:16.90, +1.09, ↑ 6.89)rise a 7.46%, medium south media(601098:12.01, +0.17, ↑ 1.44)rise 1.18% and China luxuriant share(000850:12.16, +0.87, ↑ 7.71)rise 3.63%, two cities invite 20% stock to soar.

On Wednesday the Hu deep AN early dish at narrow oscillate to up after the opening quotations, because the market contains careful emotion, though two cities present the rebound structure and form of showing the Zhao,trade atmosphere still more careful;Observe to up see from the dish noodles, sprungs a little bit definitely, but soars to face of do many kinetic energies to remain short of;Big scope rebound to although the index number exists push usefulness certain pressure.The Hu points a closing price to sprung 2,700-2800:00 the zone central part, short time but speech will have whole solid incline to, anticipating the A will continue a vibration.

There are Hong Kong medium citing news on the 19th personage of words said, main economic data in statistics bureau in China nation had already revealed in advance, 2010 among those years GDP increases 10.3%.Report way calls in the meantime that the consumption price index number(CPI) of residents from December, 2010 in China together compares to soar 4.6%, whole year rise is 3.3%.The 20th is China December, 2010 and whole yearses the economic data outward release of day.Under the sistuation that the newly arisen market collectively faces inflation secret worry, the Chinese monetary policy affects global stock market nerve this year, but to the this year's Chinese monetary policy what should one do, the market throws vision to accept officer's data to December CPI in succession.

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Searching to get a cheap plus dimension wedding ceremony dress is truly the exact same as shopping for every other type of wedding gown. All brides want the dresses that makes them appear beautiful, but they have to be comfortable too. There’s a gown available waiting for you personally which will fit all your wedding day requirements, so don’t despair. Right here are some tips on discovering a cheap plus dimension wedding dress that will flatter a voluptuous figure.

Some styles of wedding ceremony dresses just look much better on plus dimension figures than other people do. When you’re looking for cheap plus size wedding gowns, you want 1 which will show off your greatest functions. So take your personal individual physique form into consideration to discover the gown which will look greatest on you.

Female's any this kind mental state, all because adore vainglory, climb than is playing tricks.The vanity is strong to is the weakness that the female widespreadly exists.The essence of the vainglory usually takes an offensiveness, sometimes even evil, cruel.

Of the female each other will quickly conjecture the other party cap-a-pie after exchanging greeting some kind of, then, the in the mind has a to ascend first step of evaluation.Especially see the words like the diamond, ring, will think right away:"Is not this true?Be worth how much ?"This observation of theirs dint is it may be said sharp pole.They usually is also depend this the valuation for an instant to control Cuo phrase and attitude.

"You see me this, how?"The woman shows with this and see the other people envy, envy gradually, she will even feel from the heart pleased, the vanity arises spontaneously.

The female's vainglory still performance as to it's his chemisette show creation bad impression.At work situation in, generally the female colleague dislikes most of in the same sex, the first loves a show off person, the second shows off a beautiful person, is also those persons who like to show oneself.The general woman sees when the another woman show his/her own advantage will produce bad impression in the heart.

In the market, draw on the female customer's attention, the experienced store has much of 1 set.They don't have ballyhoo bargain item.But is give° it to hide.Thus the effect will be better.Because the woman thinks to buy bargain item to is a coarse spirit.Particularly is under a huge crowd of court if have been going back and forth in the bargain item area, good at make the person produce the felling of cold Chen.Once had a particularly the deluxe store of wedding dress seller, at sell price 600 dollars is a set of or so of bride's full dress, don't make special publicity, result, not only and greatly in order to be sold very well, and connect other decorations such as hat, necklaces, also connect take a ground of sale to go out.

Only think, if have the quite a few ten sets of bride's wedding dresses to all hang in the hall, various price not etc., and the all clearly white landmark ascended net price, affirmation of the best price popular not.Who don't like quality goods at reasonable price?Cheapest of I don't want.This is the chemisette"face", chemisette vanity.

Nobody includes a perfect physique, so do not allow anybody to speak you into purchasing a low cost plus size wedding dress that is covered in ruffles and bows. This tactic generally only draws attention to an area, instead of camouflaging it. So allow your self plenty of time to select your gown, and choose 1 that really enhances your figure instead of covering it up.

If your feminine shoulders are an asset you are happy with, look for a gown that emphasizes them. The feminine curves of one’s shoulders would naturally be the concentrate of a halter style or strapless wedding ceremony gown. If you’re blessed with great legs, show them off inside a dress having a attractive slit up the aspect, or put on a tea-length fashion gown that will show off your legs. You might be searching for a cheap plus dimension wedding ceremony dress, but also make sure it’s a gown you completely love – it’s your wedding, along with your gown ought to make you feel like a princess.

Certain gown styles are better suited to the plus-size figure. The fitted upper bodice of an A-line dress, along with its flaring skirt, are especially flattering on a plus dimension woman. In the event you have an hourglass figure, then an off-the-shoulder, full-skirted ball gown style would be extremely striking on you. And the waistline of a Basque style gown, which begins beneath your waist and meets in an appealing V shape, looks fantastic on the bride who has fuller hips.

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The reserve leads

In the market wait for hatching medium difference at the time that reserve led, but the central bank again unified the savings reserve of raising the savings financing institution to lead 0.5 percentage points, the situation of this full elucidation current rightness of blunt excess liquidities was still very rigorous.The industry insider analysis said that faced this kind of rigorous situation, the savings reserve rate would be multifarious to raise.

The Rui silver stock certificate chief economist Wang Tao points out that the stock certificate of Rui silver this front has already predicted that the central bank will raise savings for many times this year reserve rate to tighten a market liquidity.However, Wang Tao thinks this time economic data that raise to deposit a reserve rate and will soon announce have no too the toll-gate fasten.

Add foreign exchange to share significant increment, enlarged the central bank liquidity management difficulty.The data that the central bank announces on January 11 suggests that our country the foreign exchange shares the style as 403,300,000,000 dollars and increases 83,700,000,000 dollars a little bit November in December, 2010, the wreath ratio increases 27.03% and orders for second highest inside 2010.The data suggests that up to 12 the end of the months, 2010s, the our country foreign exchange shares a style of surplus amount to reach to 22.56 dollars, 2010 whole year the foreign exchange share a style to increase 2.97.

The central bank choice continues to raise a savings reserve rate, not continues to add an interest and there is also the consideration to weigh policy gains or losses.At the transportation bank(601328, ) chief economist connect even see, this year Chinese economy growth the speed will have to drop, the interest rate level of the United States is lower in the meantime, and world mobility deluge, the monetary policy of the low interest rate a little bit much sees, if at this time the central bank significant exaltation interest rate, draw back a margin with the United States, certanly will cause the pressure enlargement of capital inflow.Before the United States didn't obviously add an interest, the domestic significantly adds the possibility of interest smaller.

The agriculture went strategic management Dept. general manager's beard new Zhi analysis to say, in 2011 open market operation two class market the rate of return pour to hang, will cause Financing Bills issue difficulty, this makes the central bank passed the difficulty enlargement of open market operation recall liquidity, the central bank may depend on legal ratio adjustment to back and forth accept liquidity more.

The central bank relevant personage also declares in several situations, the central bank will hard carry through to carry out steady monetary policy and strengthen a macro view with circumspection management, chase a very mobility total gateway, guide the monetary credit total amount reasonable growth, keep reasonable of social margin scale.

Connect an even estimate, the first quarter of this year degree adds an interest to 1~2 times have great possibility, before Chinese New Year with Chinese New Year after all probably raise.This narrows to take interest rate degree for urging the negative interest rate appearance to have an improvement.Societe Generale(601166, ) experienced economist Lu government Wei also thinks that return strength in Financing Bills can not effectively improve, super expectation of outside the Mao data induct to revalue an anticipant circumstance under, anticipate the first quarter of this year the degree may need very much with on the average monthly once of the frequency raise a reserve rate.

Aim at bank at the beginning of the year the concentration puts the power head of loan, the Chinese agency section, hospital pays spring begins to think, the central bank is this time rate for raising reserve and inform an explicit signal to the market, is this year commercial bank not the ability is too quickly too many and put a loan and otherwise have a more scathing policy set.Add to believe loan scale under the opposite and fixed circumstance in the bank, the whole past serviceses produce and believe a loan to extend speed limited, this will produce the just a little negative influence on bank earnings.

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Drive counterfeit

Medium wide January 12 news in net Peking recently, the some idol drama director stars with female because of not the Lun loves to encounter the news that Europe beats stirring pay attention to.On the afternoon of January 11, have the net friend explodes to anticipate that director is exactly once directed a television drama 《again lead chase habit 》 of leaf's city, the sword pointed female No.1 of that play Qin Hai Lu.The net easily amuses exclusive on-line broker of Qin Hai Lu at the ocean, the other party refutes a rumour:"Say in news of is beaten director isn't a city director of leaf at all, and Qin Hai Lu and leafs' leading is a very nice friend, the rumours on the net are false."

Spread 《again lead the habit 》director leaf's city's staring with female Lun not to love is beaten

Dynasty sun in Peking checked a Cha hospital to disclose to the medium recently, two mans because of beating up a some youth idol drama director, broke and made unusable its 4x4 be told.Prosecutor discloses, direct to hit persons pay for the husband of one actress some, that actress once at should direct to direct of served as a main role in the television drama.Pay some call, extra-marital affairs of the wife and director is the reason that it looks for person to beat up director.

On the afternoon of the 11th, be named the net friend of "eight shopkeepers"s to deliver a text to explode to anticipate in the tiny Bo, the black-and-blue director is to once direct a television drama 《youth- related day 》, 《again lead chase habit 》of leaf's city, returned for Zhao Bao to just direct to shout Yuan, called that it carried on the back black pot of."Steeping black-and-blue that director of girl is leaf's city, as for harass which matrimony of actress, everyone wants the drama that leaf's city clapped last year, to!《Lead again chase habit 》, you then turn over and then know."

Drive counterfeit an actress Qin Hai Lu refute a rumour:The rumours are leaves

《Again lead the habit 》BE directed by leaf's city, Xu Jing Lei, Li Jing serves as producer and issue respectively, the female is on the first played by Qin Hai Lu.At that time Qin Hai Lu in spite of loves the leading lady's hearsay to cause a temporary clamour, January 11, the net easily amuses exclusive on-line broker of Qin Hai Lu at the ocean, the other party refutes a rumour:"Say in news of is beaten director isn't a city director of leaf at all, and Qin Hai Lu and leafs' leading is a very nice friend, the rumours on the net are false."

Later on, net easily the amusement wire Xu Jing Lei to publicizee kid, she means:"Slowly quiet Lei after that play creates to end don't with play set others contact, be producer of she has never arrived a slice in person as well field, the business of not clear play set others."Li Jing publicizees the young lady in quarter to then call not to know this matter, brush-off response.

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Anne Di friendship

Make selective check and discover to there is the request that 40 remaining grows a product to not agree with to match related standard, 11 among those batches formaldehyde releases the quantity, dissolubility lead, and dissolubility chrome...etc. harmful material capacity unqualified.Such as, "Anne Di friendship" of a batch of private factory in the light Huang house of Shi Fang City bedstand, the formaldehyde releases the quantity, dissolubility lead and dissolubility chrome item unqualified.Heavy celebrate virtuous Luo of shell of"shell virtuous Luo" of a batch of the furniture limited company bedstand, become all the Sen reaches(brand information image store) the Bo Xuan furniture limited company of one the batch"the Sen reaches(brand information image store) Bo Xuan" bedstand, a the batch"the blessing Wei wood industry" of Xian City blessing Wei wood industry furniture limited liability company wood system cabinet, formaldehyde's releasing measure item is unqualified.Office desk

34 kinds of porcelain and ceramicses brick product is unqualified

The national direct makes selective check to suggest and there is the request that 34 kinds of products not agrees with to match related standard in 185 kinds of porcelain and ceramicses brick product.According to know, it is the percentage that the porcelain and ceramics brick pore adsorbed water within product measures to absorb water to lead and absorb water a rate more low, the product strength corresponds higher, bear to whet sex is as better as water function, the product doesn't easily take place cracked or peeling off.

Splitting mold number and breakage strength is two main function index signs that measure porcelain and ceramics brick, these two products with unqualified index sign easily result in to open crack in the usage, broken up, not only influence decorate effect, also may result in personnel's hurting.The size deviation is big, will influence a construction, install quality, lower engineering grade.Transact chair

The new wall body material product is qualified to lead to 84%

The national quality checks a bureau to announce recently of in 20103 batches of products quality national direct make selective check a result to suggest, the new wall body material product is qualified to lead to 84%.

This is national quality check bureau recently announce in 20103 batches of products quality national direct makes selective check a result, wood furniture(wood system cabinet) the product Be qualified to lead to 84.1%, parts of products check a harmful material content super mark.

It doesn’t hаνе tο cost a fortune еіthеr, аѕ office furniture suppliers tο customers асrοѕѕ thе UK, Working Chairs wουƖԁ Ɩіkе tο offer ѕοmе advice whісh mау aid уου’re уουr ԁесіѕіοn mаkіnɡ οn thіѕ subject.

Initially try tο рƖаn уουr office bу knowing both whаt уου need іn terms οf desks, seats аnԁ storage etc аnԁ thеn consider thе space thаt іtѕ going іntο. Imрοrtаnt factor here аƖѕο іѕ thουɡht regarding whеrе radiators аrе situated аnԁ whеrе windows аnԁ doorways аrе etc. A properly scaled drawing οf thе office wіth thеѕе considerations shown wіƖƖ bе уουr best bet now аnԁ thеn οn a second copy, bеɡіn tο add thе furniture items thаt уου аrе thinking οf buying. Once уου’ve ɡοt something together here уου аrе going tο hаνе a more ассυrаtе іԁеа οf hοw уουr office іѕ going tο look аnԁ уου саn ɡеt ѕοmе іԁеа οf thе expenditure. If уου аrе restricted bу a tight budget, remember thаt thеrе іѕ a whole range οf furniture οf similar dimensions bυt аt different price levels available. Thе Working Chairs website, www.workingchairs.co.uk , hаѕ іt аƖƖ.

You may encounter unreasonably high prices with some furniture vendors and it might seem a good idea to wait until the last minute for a bargain; but when you plan properly and observe the market properly, you can find the most beneficial option for you and your company.

With business management, it is vital to stay patient and look for the most cost-effective measures to provide a benefit to your business, as even the smallest difference can have a significant impact.

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American Gao

American Gao Diao4 's disarmament

The American government finance in the red high Qi, the military authority can not escape by sheer luck;The White House issues order Ministry of National Defense control budget, the American defense secretary covers Ci to echo Gao Diao4 to declare, will cut down USD 78,000,000,000 budget, and will have disarmed about 5 myriad peoples since 2015.

Soldier work the business enterprise is difficult to give offense to

Unfortunately this is more of Be just a kind of"carriage".The White House that feels more deficit pressure can not resign to a military authority to spend money to pass like flowing water, at least the on the face of it give the people an explaination.But the White House never dare move a true space to the military authority of and tries to ask from up to now at the beginning of last century of which allow American president, be not and the soldier work of the United States the business enterprise and military authority has thousand are the silks ten thousand wisps of contact?Do you think that little Bush's"good war" is really his a person's will?In addition to"personality", more of because his back has soldier work the push of the business enterprise.So, even if the deficit is again high, the White House is at most also a Rang Rang to the Ministry of National Defense 2 is just.

And Ministry of National Defense again cow, must also give the White House the thin side is for several cents.After all the United States in"three powers cent sign", the government is also a mutual check and balance to involve three parts three one of the footses.Hence the cover Ci will do a response so and quickly.But so-calledly reduce expenses and disarm now, originally is an empty talk.With the cover Ci reduce expenses in May, last year for example, does USD 100,000,000,000 of so-called decrease general and civilian post post didn't°yet is economical down, its use already the no time for waiting ground program like, still used for American troops and weapon to develop etc..Still have already more disarm to without resort to compose, "soldier" that start"cut"ing just in 2015, may have the reason negation of other"hard anticipate" very much by that time.

The military real strenght doesn't cut down

There is a carriage certainly always compare have no the carriage be good friends with.American Ministry of National Defense or can reduce many otiose waste.Like say "cancel some large armed systems development item", this had a necessity really too.The American military authority is doing some"useless achievement"s for long time and develop some have already been least likely to use up of large weapon, cost but is astonishing.Change the expensive habit of the beard flower, disorderly flower and sea, is cover Ci to declare inside unique sincerity of place.But this kind of"reduction", beyond all doubt not only without the Sun is at the military real strenght in the United States, on the contrary will urge the military force to march forward to the way of "Gao Jing Jian"'s modernization.

Existing national wealth in the United States, "original backlog" of the very big one part, is to come from war.The most obvious is World War I and World War II, the United States all because of the "neutral" attitude for holding out for long time greatly delivers a war wealth, until have to three the wars just take a stand-but all positions take American national interest as core.

Therefore, the United States the nation like this is real to disarm oneself is a "the task of impossible completion".Even if heavily in debt, the people resent ebullition, it will be also still the same old me;The strength of the soldier work business enterprise and Ministry of National Defense can't decreases a very small amount, either.

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The Qing exerts world

Full city smoke sand, the gloom is desolate, the soldier faces a city bottom,

This section of country clamors and overthrew whose time,

The eyebrow orders vermilion cinnabar, the beauty goes into a painting, in a restless and jumpy mood,

Peach blossom that year, becomes one to flow sand,

The Cang Cang Jian Jia, fell an a life time to permit China,

Who unload to fall whole body war AN at the city tower, flighty China hair,

The information Yin is dumb, the city outside fights,

Who is who calculate of the Gua, destined concerning about of present life,

Bright moon rosy sunset, from cradle to the grave war-horse,

Whose nursery tale, the Qing falls in the chaotic,

The smoke flower of that a life time, after spreading to the utmost,

Leaves to cover with to harm Ba;

The war drum hands over miscellaneous, the neigh Ya is firm,

BE who rush about limits of the earth, the sword points world,

The beauty goes into to marry, the Gu is few from cradle to the grave,

This branch that is withered to fall burned how much time,

The armed forces sends punitive expedition, life and death in a flash,

Who is who order bright one a life time lighthouse, still embrace pipa,

Splash with blood white yarn, cover with to float a flower, the rains and winds hand over to add,

Feeling sick of one a life time is tired, will can't want to own a warm house,

Will go to tomorrow where?

Meeting can't still limits of the earth;

Float to spread, white snow in that year has no time so much,

You say that you will arrive before the flower blossom,

Do you know?

I have been guarding under that Cang cool white birch tree, answer wait you, wait you go home,

I will over there, always over there, can you, where?

See?This night is bright to spend such as the smoke of Chen,

It, already no longer if draw;

Peach blossom that year, becomes one to flow sand,

The Cang Cang Jian Jia, fell an a life time to permit China,

Who unload to fall whole body war AN at the city tower, flighty China hair,

The information Yin is dumb, the city outside fights,

Who is who calculate of the Gua, destined concerning about of present life,

Bright moon rosy sunset, from cradle to the grave war-horse,

Whose nursery tale, the Qing falls in the chaotic ……

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Song eventually the person spread

Look back, suddenly dream if true, the season of transmigration of soul, sad but beautiful remain, not the consciousness returned to order at first.

One cup wine, one cup sorrow, a silk leaves feeling a put on tears Qing city.The end of quarter that enchanted winter leaves remenant feeling knot.Leave of just recall, the sort sort is as before, or smiles, or sad.See pure, wrong return of road, the world of mortals is disorderly and allow one a life time happy Yan, but not Be diluted by years the passing years …

At that time, the whose smile leads long whose heart, who confusing eyes, and then affect whose to remember fondly.Who wait who who love who, spend efflorescence to fall at this time.Feeling rain now still at, the setting sun shines on flower west and leaves the bird Ti outside the flower.

Live alone Gu for night, the Zhen difficult sleep, listen to roaring and shouting of bise, the heavy star orders a point, matter in succession, who satirized world prosperous, who bear of live the passing years to try to usurp.Like poem if draw feeling if smoke.Tears how so acquaint with, isn't a previous incarnation, you my mountain the uncle and English set isn't the remnants that hasn't drunk Meng old woman soup, only stayed one silk to you to recall~to the min, such as sand smoke.

Xi rain Xiao Xiang leaves our loves, the slice slice willow catkins flies, repeatedly peach blossom joss-stick, promise asseveration previous incarnation this present life.Disappear in the fragrance of flower to be missing now.Habitually own you, habitually love you, everything be used to you, but this you of the inhospitality let my heart the ice is like water …

The light breeze rises, smoke rain is inclined, the flower blossoms beauty to fall, cloud floats to spread …thin thin change, many asseverations at at present, one section, one section, change so mistily, that keeps Zhao, that believes firmly and be regarded as what, all have no, what all be not.

The discovering oneself is very silly, you of the promise had no, I smiled, the tearses smiling all dropped and smiled us this, the very silly love is repeating a kind of injury and have no whichever can hide be not found out by the pain, but still order expectation at first always, failed in the expectation …

We unwillingly walk the line is at the person in,

Walked to walk and then spread, recall all Be getting thinner.

The breeze blew cloud to also spread, the shadow also was getting thinner.

I am waiting you, you are missing.The promise that you promise didn't calculate, our loves changed.

Lookinging at is tired, the starlight is getting darker,

Listen to listen to and then be disgusted with, have already started resenting.

The feeling poem of writing didn't read aloud, that song Yao listenned to be missing,

Turn head and discover you aring missing …song eventually the person spread-

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Cao cloud gold hits persons

Virtuous cloud the "little class of lord", the pupil Cao cloud gold of Guo De Gang record Wei in Qing Lake to see before the agency 《1,000,000 dreams 》 beat up a film producer person Liu can of affair, ascended on the 26th the amusement headlines of major media.But come to the front and back variety of this affair for two days, let the person feel that this news back obviously has the suspicion to stir-fry to make.

On the 24th, the writer has to arrive news and say on the 23th Cao cloud gold makes moves while recording a program person who contused the program set, and still disturbed a police.Writer first reaction BE, this affirmation is the entertainment news that a has already pounded at dint, Guo De Gang sees come not only teach ventriloquist still definitely teach fighting skill, disciple each remarkable artistic skill, hit persons simple meal.But the telephone beats Wei in Qing Lake to see Mr. Zhang who be responsible for the publicity, the answer of the other party is very simply, "rumor, have no of matter."

On the 25th, the affair had variety again, Wei in Hunan sees host, Zhang Dan Dan, , is also drive beater Liu can of the madam delivered the tiny Bo of an apparently so but actually not and what rubbish also had no clear say, but again make the person feel to hit persons of affair not is empty the cave come to breeze, the writer again contacts Mr. Zhang, the tone of the other party also took place variety, "we will make a noise clear say to the society knowing this matter."On the night of the 25th, Wei in Hunan sees famous of the dance beautiful teacher blog again speaks and affirm this matter definite occurrence, even say that Liu can be beaten in a hospital.And Wang Han also join in the fun and corroborate news on the blog, thus have amusement for 26 days the headlines-Cao cloud gold hits persons with Wei in Qing Lake and sees now matter of pronouncement!

The affairs has to rise and fall, the fact is whirling.But elaboration is analytical, not difficult discover a lot of doubtful points.Hit persons first the 23th already occurrence, why does the staff member all positively refute a rumour on the 24th?Secondly, the 25th is a cuckoldry Zhang Dan Dan speak of this matter in the tiny Bo, the words say must why thus unclear, the husband is contused, but wife such inhospitality, might it not be Zhang Liu does the bed and board crisis happen?Finally, the pronouncement on the 26th, since say reporting a case, where reporting a case to why not announce?Hit persons to go against the law who all know, an apology settles a dispute, not is make the murderer been at large?What to make the person catch more to touch not and deeply declares the last, "Liu is within the reach of its family to hope each medium considers the case as it stands, don't result in otiose harassment for irrelevant personnel."Who is an irrelevant personnel?Hit persons?Or drive beater?

Wei in Qing Lake sees and Wei in Hunan after seesing cooperation, amusement program of the manufacture quality really raises a lot, but Wei in Qing Lake sees sees to Wei in Hunan of stir-frying and making the means much has been already drawn lessons from as well, if this time affairs was really 1 to premeditatedly stir-fry to make, that its property will never only amuse audience but is fool an audio-visual, such means not is brilliant but is low, thus publicity the program even if can get at that time concern, but beguilement and a fool of eventually will lose public!

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vogue magazine

It is the interview of some vogue magazine as follows, excerpt to this especially to be in remembrance of past 2010.

1.In this year, take place on your body of, what is the most important affair ?

Answer:The change of role.I became to°from an amateur writer transformation an occupation writer.I changed to°from a person who does a part-time job for other people to do a part-time job for I of person, I established a small company of belonging to I.

2What is the work in nowadays ?Once did which to work?

Answer:Write column, compose novel, do program guest, talk some item cooperations in the meantime.Once did reporter, public relations item to plan a person.

3.How do you treat relationship with house in the house?

Answer:I feel that the woman still has to own enough personal space before matrimony.This space gives me the freedom of the activity, the freedom of thought, certainly also convenience I create.I will also consider having to have already belonged to my own cabin son after getting married.I feel to in disorder just have the atmosphere of house in disorder.I feel that house and own spirit field contain very important harmony.This is the geomancy.I pay attention to a house of toward with ray, and surroundings of environment.The flank must have big supermarket or market.I every day most the happiness relax most of affair, be write tired, then stroll supermarket or market, then return with a full load.

4.You of mindset how?Happy?Biggest where does the happiness in the life come from with annoyance respectively?

Answer:I am a born optimistic doctrine.Certainly work in, will also meet much frustrate and annoyance.For example the publication of book fell among the other party default, the publication of the for example new book empress but don't publicizee, for example the other party slowly don't pay after the item cooperation, paying of for example various each kind pays a bill a list to fly to face cash pressure etc..Certainly, the work also brings me much sense of achievement.For example 《bed sheet body 》one publication ascended to be be novel popular the placard in the second place, she told me to want to understand to thank with me after for example finishing doing emotion for net friend to consult, for example I got hold of to print more copies author's royalties, for example I see the book that someone see me on the road, that a moment, I am very happy.Certainly, it is a work to finally arrive to ignore happy and annoyed, I will with my the male friend share.This kind of sharing would make me the most delighted.

5.How to define happiness?

Answer:Happiness is to me:The finding out 1 can help the man whom I carry out a dream, and after my effort, this dreams of near at very short distance.

6.How to define chemisette growth?

Answer:The chemisette grows up:Must understand oneself to want what, want what kind of life, want what kind of man.A lot of girl's sons are lanes don't understand.Usually, this understand process, all experience successively frustrate and whet difficult.However this is also good and understood at least what isn't what oneself wants.After experiencing some rains and winds only, the woman would really grow up.Usually, it is brokenhearted to will make the woman grow up for a night.

7How to treat love/sex?

Answer:The good love must be accompanying with harmonious sexual love.Work properly desire to combine is the most beautiful good affair.The love of asexuality is to hang in mid air, the final outcome is finally very embarrassed.Sexual of the quality influence the quality of love.See a men loves not to love you, can see out on the bed, for example whether he knows to please you, the feeling for caring you ……

8.The expectation that has what kind to own life?

Answer:A stage does an affair of stage.Do to like of while attaining certain result, the affair gets married to give birth to a kid, then indifferent retire to enjoy life.

9Money to you have much important?

Answer:Money is very important for me, because it is to promise the foundation that I live in the big city.But I ain't a peculiarly slave either.Money, is work to me a kind of affirmative method, is to my kind of performance of personal value affirmation.

10You of typical model on the first is how spend?

Answer:The morning sleeps nature to come to;(usually at 9:00)Then open qq and msn, heel each stranger private carries on communication or information to communicate;Oneself will cook a meal to stir-fry vegetables at noon, is also the way of rest;In the afternoon occasionally lunch break, the Yao starts writing column or writes a book.Will go to purchase in the supermarket in the evening.In the evening, see a reader a letter time, renewal blog, or write a book.Will make soup every weeks:The black chicken soup, big bone soup and pig's knuckles soup alternately show up.

11.If allow you to have opportunity to change any affair in the life, do you hope to change what?

Answer:I hope the mother's disease is very some, because mother's young time fell in cause of disease.My attitude is:Making great effort to change can change of, accepting can not change.The love for example passed away, my affirmation will let go.

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