The color in clothing is matched

The color in clothing is matched
Mediate gloomy color and have sense of going backwards and shrink the sense.
Use two kinds of impressions of color, not only all right revision, covering up the deficiency of the stature just right, and can emphasize outstanding your advantage. Such as to the physique with light top and heavy bottom, should select the surface fabric with light and soft dark color for use to make into the skirt or trousers, the ones that so as to weaken lower extremities are stalwart. Large and plump women, are also suitable for the dark color of using while choosing to match coats. The law applicable to most people, unless you health perfect, need, so as, cover up anything.
Some MM always thinks color the more piles up, the " more rich and more colorful " . Incorporate five colors into an organic whole, all over body Luo Qi, inlays gold and hangs silver, in fact the result is not good. The beauty of the dress, does not lie in price level, the key lies in the accessories are proper, suitable for age, identity, season and live in the folkways and customs of the environment, it is the consistency of the tone of whole body to be predominant, make the harmonious whole result. " there is not much color, harmonious and beautiful " ,The correct method of matching colors should be the color of choosing a few series, so as as the dominant hue, occupy the large area of the dress, other a small amount of colors, in order to complement, as the contrast, set off or is used for interspersing the ornamental key position, for instance collar, belt, silk scarf,etc., in order to make the various and unified harmonious result

Generally speaking, the color of the clothes is matched and divided into two big classes, one coordinates the color to match, another kind is compared with the color and matched. Compare with color collocate, it divides into to be
1,The strong cooperates:
The ones that meant two are separated by farther are matching in colour, for instance: Yellow and purple, red and dark green, this kind matches colors stronger.
In daily life, what we often see is the matching of wicked, in vain, dust and other colors. Dark pale, the dust is colourless, so, no matter with which kind of color they are matched, will not present the great problem. Generally speaking, if same with getting white to collocate, will seem bright; Seem dim while matching with black. Should consider you for stress which clothes and ornaments of part first while carrying on dress color and matching. Does not take a calm color, for example: Bister, getting dark purple and getting black to collocate, can with appear " vie for color " while being getting black in this way Consequence,it it is focal point clothes not to it makes to be a whole set of, and whether it is whole that if behaving, seem more heavy, dim and colourless too to clothes.
It is the matching of the brightest eyes to be black and yellow
Red and black matching, very grand, but does not lose the sophisticated appeal

2,Complementary color cooperates:
Mean the cooperation of two relative colors, for instance: Red and green, blue and green and orange is black and white, complementary color can form the distinct contrast while matching, achieve better result sometimes. It is eternal classics to match black-and-whitely
Coordinate the color to match Among them can be divided into:
1,The similar matches the principle and means depth, two kinds of dark and light the same classes are matching in colour, for example: Blue and green to mix azure, blackish green to mix light green, it is cream-coloured for coffee to mix, crimson to mix getting pale red, dress that similar color cooperate seem soft and elegant.
Collocation of getting pink department, let whole people look soft a lot pink
2,The advancing colour matches:
The ones that meant two are relatively close are matching in colour, for instance: Red with matching orange redly or mauvely, yellow and grass green or matching etc. orangely, it was not everybody that wore green and can dress beautifully, green and soft and yellow matching, the feeling in spring of giving somebody one kind very, feel very plain wholly, resting ~~Fair maiden's taste is revealed out accidentally
The color of the women's clothing of job is matched. Professional women wear job women's clothing place of activity office, low chroma can make, work among them person with single-hearted devotion, various problems of dispassionate treatment, build the calm atmosphere. Job environment that women's clothing wear many indoors, in the limited space, people always hope to get more private rooms, will increase the interpersonal distance in the color of the low purity, reduce the crowded sense.
Purity low color coordinate each other with other color while being easy, this make, increase harmonious cordial sense between men, thus facilitate forming the pattern of cooperating in coordination. In addition, can utilize low purity color easy characteristic that collocate, collocate the limited clothes out the abundant association. Meanwhile, the low purity gives somebody modest, relenting, ripe sense, use this kind of color language, professional women's trust easier to pay attention to by others.

White matching principle
White can collocate with any color, but will match ingeniously, need some attention of fee.
Put and assemble the faint yellow jacket with stripe whitely, it is the best association of the soft colour; It puts wear to be ivory white by trousers,at wear by suits lilac,last shirts pure white, can yet be regarded as a kind of one that succeeded in and match colors, can fully reveal that self- individual; Ivory white trousers and light recreation shirt are worthy of wearing, is a kind of successful association; Getting white pleat roll over skirt mix light getting pink sweater, give somebody gentle elegant feeling. It is the bold combination to match red-and-whitely. On wear by shirt white recreation,it is last skirts narrows red not to put, it seems that enthusiasm is graceful. Under the strong contrast, the heavier the white weight is, the more softly seem.
Blue matching principle
In all colors, it is matched with other colors that blue clothes are the easiest. The ones that no matter similar to black are blue, or dark blue, easier to match, moreover, have result of tightening the stature bluely, extremely charming.
Vivid matching bluely red, make people seem charming, pretty, but should notice blue red proportion is appropriate.
Approximate a getting black one getting blue to shut body overcoat, mix white shirt, tie and then bow tie, attend some formal occasions, will make people seem mysterious and romantic. It is distinct to be the blue overcoat in curve with and knee the blue whether skirt collocate,intersperse with shirt, socks, shoeses whites whites white and then, will appear a kind of slim and graceful charm breath.
On wear it is blue it is and blue undershirt in overcoat,last stripe trouserses grays detailed lower part of the body, demonstrate a group of plain styles. Because popular detailed stripe strong contrast between being very soft and bluish grey, add graceful makings.
Getting blue overcoat mix getting gray plaited skirt, it is one that have conservative association, but the association mix with and then color shirt of wine and spend a dose of socks, it is self- individual to manifest one, thus become lucid and lively.
It is and lilac to seal, buy to be getting blue, give somebody a kind of delicate feeling. It is a kind of very ordinary dressing that blue long skirt matches the white shirt. If can put on a graceful lilac small overcoat, will add several to divide into taste of familiar city. On wear lilac by sweater,last skirts narrows dark blue lower part of the body, even not loud pattern, can also the ripe sophisticated appeal has emerged in the natural midstream.
Match the principle brownly
With matching whitely, give somebody a kind of pure feeling. Gold getting brown and knee circular skirt with heavy to get shirt collocate, can reflect the glamour of the skirt, add the graceful breath. Select for use and guard the plain chestnut color surface fabric and make overcoats, add the red sweater, red muffler, distinct and vivid, pretty and incomparable.
Brown sweater matches brown check trousers, can reflect gracefully and ripely. Getting brown thick sweater mix getting brown cotton skirt, through feel difference of two, characterized individual character to demonstrate persons who are wear.
Black matching principle
It is that one hundred of one puts up one hundred color mixed to be black, no matter and what color is put together, there will not be some conditions and customs, no exception with matching cream-colouredly! For the moment, go shopping, jacket can those dark printing t for summer sympathize two-day weekend, remove theatrical makeup and costume and change the cream-coloured cotton knee a word skirt including Leca, wear the flat recreation shoes of the colored stripe whitely on the foot, the whole person looks extremely comfortable, is full of breath of sunshine. In fact, it is all right not to wear skirts, change a pair of cream-coloured cotton slacks, it had better be a trousers type of the little loudspeaker of low waist, on the foot is still that pair of playshoes, still fashionable, the youth is pressing.
Match the principle cream-colouredly
By wearing cream-colouredly out the rigorous taste of a silk, easy too. One light cream-coloured polo-neck cotta maos of shirt, mix a pair of black exquisite Western-style trousers, the shoes follow in the black tip of the gloss flashing to put on, set off a professional feeling of professional women by contrast just right. If want a kind of capable, surging feeling, then choose the exquisite suit leggings of a black stripe, match a cream-coloured top-grade handbag, does not in charge of demeanours as well as lose women gracefully.
A lot of women friends like watching TV play of Korea S., the fashion full of city senses pierced through of beauties in the drama, more more excellent than simple and story duplicated and slow story rhythm. There are many ones that saw, can summarize the characteristic that some South Korean beauties wear the clothes and dress up more or less: Implicit and graceful, clear and non- dazzling. In either gentle and lovely or warm color, it is the commonly used color of fashion beauties to be cream-coloured.
Among the present fashion, cream-coloured because its brief with imbued with person who know to be American becoming job market evergreen color of clothes. Compared with the situation that white, some many warms and refined that cream-coloured, no the thing is overstated; Compared with the situation that black, cream-coloured and pure and soft, not too deep. But of the heavy and complicated fashion, it is identical with rigorous modern job market's atmosphere with its pure refined breath to be cream-coloured in pursue, throw briefly. Want, wear, happen best result the color, want exquisite to match, cream-coloured and no exception.
The color still represented different meaning, saw whether your clothes are matched with your makings " Behave exactly in the same way as one thinks one ought to " The woolen cloth?
Red: Activeness, enthusiasm, bravery, love, healthy, barbarous
Orange: Richly endowed, substantiate, the future, friendliness, straight forward, positive
Huang: Intelligence, honor, loyalty, hope, happiness, brightness
Green: Fair, nature, peace, happiness, reason, inmature
Blue: Self-confident, eternal, truth, true, silence, calm
Purple: Authority, respects, nobleness, gracefulness, faith, lonely
Black: Mystery, loneliness, darkness, pressure, serious, imposing manner
White: Sacred, pure, unselfish, simple, safe, honest
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