Cool is great

Cool is great a kind of life wise state
Everybody is hard changing this world, this world is all the time also changing each person.Everybody or many or little all is hating this world, this world is all the time also teasing each person who hate it.The life needs a target, however attains the motive of this target be make the person work hard toward a kind of state, work hard to bring a person of but is endless exhausted.Some people envy those frequently and with many attendants crowding round,pearl jewelrya shout 100 promises of reach officer the violent in action that once shows off city in the expensive door, but some people envy the cool state of"adopt chrysanthemum the east naturally see south mountain under the hedge".Ten thousand Zhang world of mortalses under the multitudes ideal really it may be said"turnip green vegetables, each have a love", because of past, the person's ideal is also multifarious, all sorts of strange things.No matter the ideal fixed position of life at big any quadrant of thousand worlds, the heart keeps in mind cool is everybody should pursue of to the high state.

Cool is a kind of strong.Life however several ten spring autumns, however face at very short life on the travel everybody of is the weak at the mercy of the strong of embarrassed.Have no with a life time to contend for, didn't contend for with others only is a myth of legendary beauty, particularly those more excellent persons, meet of usually BE"the wood show at the wood, breeze necessarily Cui it."Of condemnation.To have a foothold at this numerous and complicated human life have to someone over of skill, the beard knows:The gentleman Dou doesn't win mean person!With this, the excellent needs more to have strong mental character.cable manufacturerThe ancient times there are a monk and a Taoist priest Dou method, they agree on with the heart pursue heart, the monk hides heart, the Taoist priest looks for, with three times is about, take temples as to note, lose, move away temples.The ex- two monk regardless hides heart in where is all found out one by one by the Taoist priest, if the ground that hides heart for the third time is found out by the Taoist priest, the monk with patience conducts several years of temples to change hands Taoist priest.The Buddha lord shows supernatural power and orders to stir a monk at this time:If the Taoist priest of so can find out the ground of the heart of hiding of monk, that is because the monk has heart to hide, if not intentional, the Taoist priest canned not found the place of heart naturally.The monk realizes suddenly, hence the idea reads aloud astringent, at the invisible, the Mi heart's Taoist priest short moment lost a target, hence admit defeat to leave.BE cooler than a life time then don't fight but win of magic weapon, attain to have no my not intentional cool state, the opponent then will lose the target of attack, all things ability on smiling but leading, meeting in cool in better than invisible.

Cool is a kind of breadth of view.The French writer Hugo once says:"The ocean is most spacious in the world,dvb t receiver is the sky than the more spacious ocean, is the person's breadth of view than the more spacious the sky."Person if really owned than the ocean and the sky more spacious breadth of view, so he regardless meets how of frustrate with whet difficult, the natures can forgive down.Gautama has usually full of complaints, the pupil blaming everyone but oneself calls the Jia Zhan to postpone a , he usually puts blame on other people not good to her, complain that the meal is unsuited to taste.Gautama for explaining and convincing the pupil of this little belly chicken bowel, beat to deliver he gathers city to buy salt.After salt buys come back, Gautama grasps a to put salt in one glass water, then orders Jia Zhan to postpone a to drink."How is flavor?"Gautama asks Jia Zhan to postpone a .The Jia Zhan postpones a wrinkly the eyebrows say:"Salty must deliver a bitterness."Gautama grasped a to put into salt water jar again and called him to taste again, the Jia Zhan postponed a to say:"There is salty a little."Gautama pours into all of the salt leaving in the lake in the neighborhood, then again call the Jia Zhan postpone a to taste, the Jia Zhan postponed a Ju on holding lake water to taste to taste, and Gautama asks:"What flavor?""Very sweet lake water."The Jia Zhan postpones a to answer a way.Hence Gautama takes advantage of an opportunity to teach the Jia Zhan how to postpone a :"A personal life not quick and painful.Be like the salty flavor of this salt, we can feel to be decided by with the degree of the experience we put it in much container, so, when you are placed in painful of time, please open breadth of view, let a cool garrison, pain and sufferings then will be stopped to invisible."Cool or not, have something to do with breadth of view, cool if lake water of time, you of breadth of view nature the meeting is spacious because of but.

Cool is a kind of open-minded."Sea Na 100 Chuans have already permitted is big, the wall signs thousand Rens without the desire then just."The all things is all cool and vex without the whereabouts, the little belly chicken bowel comes from fussy about every detail, narrow-minded course of development in envying wise Ji can.A person such as can abandon petty profits, cool face this only the benefit is the world of diagram, his disposition nature will present open-minded side.Cool develop open-minded, if the words that see too heavily to the high official positions and riches, the life will face many predicaments, open-minded also have no from start to talk about.Only several decades, everything all becomes to vanish quickly, what royalty rich and honored, what pride,luxury,profligacy and idleness, is all in a flash but lead of in a split second, order the scene of person's front for the sake of a D, give up to originally belong to own happiness,plate heat exchanger manufacturer that is the not very worthwhile Mou calculate!

Cool is a kind of happiness.The person isn't happy to all come from****Too heavy, then have much high of crave for then have much painful of persecution, the thing originally entertained wild hope to get, once broking off because of the not foreseeable mishap, that was difficult to express of lost then Chong Ying the person's whole emotion.In all the world, might it not be Wang Tu, the strand of rate soil, might it not be Wang Chen, world any thing returns I rather than I, own of happiness how also can not hold out against lost of persecution, many 1 own, many 1 concern about, many 1 concern about, also many an idea.Own of too many, concern about also too many, concern about too many, person also more tired, not happy also many get up.Want this again why the need for?Coolly live next go to, always make the happiness halted, should be an intelligent person to unremittingly pursue.

Cool is a kind of state.《The You window is small to record 》medium have such a scrolls:Unmoved either by favour or disgrace, spend efflorescence to fall before visiting a court;The going or staying isn't intentional and hope the sky cloud book cloud comfortable.Should have of, doing not beg will also from, should not have of, coming will also disappear.Cool is a kind of intelligence, "the gentleman start with this, then necessarily with this is eventually."You chose a kind of life, have to pays for this kind of life, if don't choose, didn't pay as well.The flavor of life is sour, sweet, bitter, hot and salty, big sweet big salty, you by all means will enjoy to pay the price that drops a tooth for this!The life big satge fascinatingly shows up to by all means accompany with gloomy Xie Mu, this is the rule that anyone can not change.Thin become matching of leading role, also had naturally thin go into fade out of natural and unrestrained, a thin word, will bring the person the endless happiness!Cool in fact is great a kind of life wise state!