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People who take the carts out of Sears Grand ought to have their heads knocked off by those mall guards on the Segways. I do believe it says NOT to take them out of the damn store. But invariably some idiot with a couple unruly kids comes barreling down the small aisle in the literature section at Borders, one kid in the seat with his feet kicking his mom's crotch, the other standing up in the buggy section, pulling books off the shelves like cereal boxes. Why me?

And on that same note - what is up with those Segways anyway, I mean - seriously? How efficient would they be at stopping crime? I'm thinking I could probably out run any one of these yay-hoos if I had just snatched a purse or stolen a hot pretzel. What are the chances that the dude on wheels would actually catch me without running down some lady with a baby or a granny looking to buy a pair of crocs at the kiosk? They have to be the stupidest thing I've ever witnessed at the mall - and that includes all those Indian women trying to lather hand cream on my wrist. Gah!

A guy in front of me at a traffic light reached into his backseat and pulled out a flask (!) and took a swig. Um, DUI here he comes! (But you know, I was secretly thinking how warm and comforting a little swill of Jim Beam might have been as I waited for all the jagoffs in front of me to learn their colors - green means go, ass-munch!)
But I can only assume I'll see Mr. Johnny Walker alongside the road on my way home...

witnessed an elderly woman get lost in Macy's. As I stood in line, I felt sick to my stomach as I watched her mill around near the women's sportswear, anxiously looking for...someone? She looked as old as God, with a long purple coat made of faux fur (as if there is a purple four footed beast out there in the hills of western PA somewhere), whisps of gray hair peeking out from under her black and gold (Go Steelers?) knitted cap, and a purse as large as a carry-on suitcase over her shoulder. She was wrinkly and sad, and finally took a seat beside the service desk without saying a word. I almost said something to her, but she shut her eyes so I didn't bother. Yes Grandma, we're all exhausted.

Success that person starts a business is decided by three companies, namely the intelligence quotient we speak at ordinary times, emotional quotient and Dan company, but a real talented person, his three the company's importance should arrange like this:Dan company the first, emotional quotient the second, the intelligence quotient third, the Chinese education development comes out currently of the so-called talented person is very unilateral, just on the intelligence quotient excellent person's one etc., but emotional quotient and Dan company basically have no included.But the school eliminate of the possibility exactly contained a great deal of management talented person in the middle of the crowd, so education in China is to a great extent that particularly a higher education is negative eliminate, the graduate student product producing is mostly a mentally retarded high mark mediocre man, although cleverness, weak in character timidity, socially dysfunctional, social existence ability nature very lowly."
But the person of cleverness usually the courage is small, but courage big of the person usually isn't too intelligent.

Still having an interesting phenomenon BE, study more many people are more intelligent, but book read more many people, usually the courage is more small and do what affairs all like to look before you jump, any but is those to study the little person considers after liking in advance move, but these action the strong person usually lead off success.

Measuring from intelligence quotient angle, China currently the tallest a group of persons of intelligence level are usually a so-called Master Doctor, professor's community, they mostly in the high school the work and the existence, but these whole income level of the most intelligent a group of persons in so-called China aren't high, now the Doctor of a high school year normal income is 50,000 dollars, Master's 40,000 dollars, professor also most likely can't more than 80,000 dollars.

This is the phenomenon that one is very worth to study:The most intelligent community income but far and far isn't the tallest, even connect the deluxe white of company part-time job to get all rather.

I finally think a conclusion:Study to have no so much what to use!
Primary and junior high school, study like for passing examination good university, the university studies like for finding out a good work, but the social reality is to study good crowd occupation career income not high.

So I feel a kid education, at least is my kid.

I can't emphasize his study include much good, as long as can keep up with main current can.
But I request him it's courageous, there is courage, started developing courage since the childhood.

Secondly I request him to make friend and is good at making friend and fighting for becoming the kid whom the everyone likes with the kid of various type.

Is also say, I will notice a kid the Dan company and emotional quotient's point develop, the development of the intelligence quotient, I can't specially pay attention to.

The parent in nowadays exactly the opposite, the value studies, besides which, other all ignore, even deprive the kid's free right, make them not make friend, make them not go out to have fun, request a kid that obeying is obedient, the kid like this grows up affirmation is cleverness of chicken heart, selfish ghost!Back again topic actually does a part-time job to still keep starting a business?

In fact the surface sees start a business the realistic risk ratio facing does a part-time job a lot of high, but from long-last see, the risk doing a part-time job to bring is higher.

The risk that start a business is lose for the last few years of the expectation does a part-time job income, even bankruptcy behind still have to compensate into one partial money that oneself borrows, but after all young, can often hurt often war, drew to take nutrient and experience from the failure, went into business level and ability to compare Gao at a time, after integrating into the community of going into business the personage gradually, range of experience and experience accumulated over a long period and always had an amount of changes the quality changes of breakthrough, as long as you really across to go into a business door, the business in future basically one straightaway.Money also more earns more many, the wealth backlog is more and more, the value of the oneself can can also the biggest embodiment.

Contrary, the part-time job career keeps on down, the last few years definite peace, but you in fact in the continuous depreciation and the shrinkage, not more and more strong and healthy.Part-time job of time is more long, you will more and more have guilty conscience, more and more timid, 10 how many years after, have a little bit carelessly, may be stir-fried squid, unemployed be unemployeed, do you see that risk greatly?

The principle comes to a decision how you choose, choose to come to a decision you step on which road, walk last which road come to a decision you living comer process and result.
The ancients still says:"Male afraid choose wrong line, female afraid marry wrong Lang" this sentence is in fact very deep.The world is 365 lines and in fact go to all can make, but same[one] person, chose to do business and chose to go to work, the differentiation in future very big, really a lot too big!

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