Taurus woman

1, on life

Do not like something does not believe the intense, that danger is not reliable.

Like to create their own living area, fixed at a fixed time to meet people, to a fixed restaurant, eat regular meals, so I feel that life is secure, reliable, orderly wells.

Not easily try new, looks great except my liking.

My logic is that since you are satisfied with this, why waste time and energy to try other things

Something very much like to have texture, reading just look genuine, but it is best to book piracy watch no appetite.

Buy brand buy things in general are the biggest, most expensive price, because in general they seem the best quality.

Interested in food, high nutritional value will force yourself to eat junk food on the dismissive.

Like the money but do not care, As long as the life you want on the line.

Paycheck to paycheck, because the high requirements on quality of life, very few spare money.

Do not like intense exercise, try not to consume energy, and do meaningless things dry

Like to relax, close to the nature of local tourism.

Do not like to dress up, unless a last resort, unless see the love.

Rarely the kitchen, but I know I have remarkable potential.

Always help but think of the first to see and pink.

Like animals, the best simple and honest look cute, but very attractive temperament lazy cat.

Do not like children, because a lot of trouble, but if it is mobilized, maternal love overflowing, flooding.

Favorite sport has always been to sleep. Weight loss has never been just shouting slogans, and now do not bother shouting slogans.

There should always be to the bright side. Encounter beggars, in addition to the young and healthy, all give money.

Very efficient sorting things, what things to put where, I well aware of.

Room is too clean and not human lives, the appropriate mess makes me feel at home, warm.

Mild obsessive, it is convenient to be hands, hands that is easy to dirty, pillows are absolutely can not be stamped on the bottom to sit, quilt cover over their heads and feet of the two must not be reversed.

Others want to sleep beds, others do not want to sleep in my own bed.

Like the logical, realistic and high book, such as natural pertinent story, real characters or real life emotional details, or will a dead end, would contravene the logic of the result of the book's aesthetic failure.

Hate making a fuss, the illusory dark Huileng text and the style is difficult to resonate.

Watching TV prepare for the story and the acting skill requirements of high detail real, compact story, like most profound meaning of the film, is also very good light comedy, violence and terror did not seem to feel.

Do not listen to songs, music to melodic Naiting, and what heavy metals and the like, to one side.

2, about love

Do not believe in love at first sight, too warm and the boys, only a distance.

If a person is not interested in the dialogue will end soon, it will muddle through. If you talk to a person if nothing had happened, superficial, certainly not like it.

Very slow beginning, we must take the initiative to contact the man, or even have a good impression does not matter. Loneliness, feelings of absolute Ningquewulan treatment. Play in this game crush, but also stand the crush of torture.

Like the knowledgeable, there is ambition, a sense of responsibility of the opposite sex, to agree with my lifestyle and values, the appearance of less demanding, but the atmosphere was decent behavior style, like a gentleman, it is best to have Rhett Butler-style cunning.

Like logical, deeply insightful, humble attitude and frank expression of confidence, like the useful and the content of exchanges, especially spiritual level, not on a mere formality chat patience, hate rhetoric, hate hypocritical affectation.

He must respect me, appreciate me, the two equals, relatively honest, the establishment of direct communication smooth.

If the above three are met, I generally liked.

Soft do not eat hard food.

Gifts, if the flowers, I will be happy, but if practical point, I will be very happy.

It will not play ambiguous, likes and dislikes are easily distinguished, like the soon face planted into the daily Chunfengmanmian, the world knows that the spring in the hair, not like the opposite sex confession will immediately rejected, denied, not further consideration.

Once like to strongly positive to both the emotions down.

Like the commitment, because my heart will feel at ease.

After falling in love with a man, will take the initiative, will tender a mess, it will behave like little sheep, whether in front of others more powerful, but can not wait to cook for him every day to clean the floor, as long as he looked at him guarding feel happy too. Unless the person refuses or is not anti-factor because, otherwise, fall in love with a man wanted him to single-mindedly through life.

Because the total to one and the same is so in love with a man found his life partner because of the expectations of each other, otherwise it will locate in the preferred level.

Is the difference between like and love: like a passive look, love is the initiative to change.

The world people can fall into three categories: I, he, and others.

I am willing to change for him, but I still I love him as love yourself, this is the maximum I can give love.

Do not have to stick together, but must let me know I always have me.

Jealous as soon as possible after the vent out.

Fine not more than promised, the key to exercise in practice, lie and cheat, very serious consequences.

Can you tell me the truth, but must not lie to me, or was very easy to train up feelings are shaken.

I can not touch the bottom line fight self-esteem, not down vintage sesame, look down Biequ and stingy people.

And looked down upon if he denied his feelings to pay me, I immediately turned away, no nostalgia, no matter how much like his own.

After giving up a man, his head would clear his strong feelings, can continue to be friends, but never go back to eat grass.

3, on the family

Full of good girl, always have a good nod, mumble, and then their doing the doing.

A set of methods to coax the family happy.

Remember everyone's birthday at home, because they do not know what to say, that does not need saying, so they usually only send text messages to trouble.

Very concerned about the health of their families, always something good on the body should be recommended to the front of them, and very attentive to urge them to practice.

4, about friendship

Hide your heart, like Tan sway, the students ask me answer Sha Sha.

Sometimes a girl would be very Chongni, but if she did not for me wholeheartedly, with other girls better than me, I will bore her, no longer willing to pay, emotional return to the origin.

If you have the money, we like to treat.

With the people around never strained, relationships to be harmonious.

Hate annoying verbose, vain arrogance, ignorance noisy, energy surplus, dependent people.

Very reliable, it is safe in my secret, but we all like to talk to me mind.

5, on the self-

Women must be independent, have their own ideas and career, but if Zhigu regardless of the cause of the family, still failed.

Clear and logical thinking strong, difficult to change one thing sure, will use their own logic to resist outside influence, unless the other side is stronger than the logic of their own, unless the other people who care about their own.

Can say that I lack, but can not question my ability to learn.

Very humorous, feel it. Very cute, but also felt it. Very sensitive to the heart like a mirror, but does not say, just tell a few words from time to time if nothing had happened. Very narcissistic, always feel sell themselves, but the mind was eagerly looking forward to, come personally appreciate it. Very pure, because the can not force yourself not natural, not frank, not straightforward, not agile, not kind. I look cold, because not good at dealing with strangers, in fact, I am very enthusiastic. Sentimental, reading watching movies will shed tears for others, but they encounter setbacks, very strong. Like to take care of people, very consciously to be nice.

Easy to blush.

Like a baby, my heart that there is a dependency object.

Failing to slow response, because in pondering the possibilities. Like an idiot, like his impulses, not as good as silence is golden. Try to make everything harmonious, there are contradictions in question generally make fun of, when the peacemaker.

Rarely lost his temper, but no matter who ta, a violation of my bottom line, my self-esteem or loss of pain, flew into a fury and fight back. Finished his temper will get well soon, because I want inner peace, try to remember other people's good.

Almost no lie, but when forced to lie face is not red does not jump, your can make yourself believe is true.

The concept of tradition, but things are flexible, adaptable, afford ability, pragmatism first.

Little cynical, that there is reasonable, failing to go first to their own problems.

Of non-natural, harmony and symmetry, things are not intuitive aesthetic sensitivity and exclusion.

Overview of the key words which include: natural, stable, pure, really!

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