Bear lonesomely

But with a words like this are beginnings and see Gao Mu Zhi's son of 《a person stays the fifth year 》of time still just local, that time feel that the life like that isn't likely to take place on my body, even have a meal all the important person accompanies of I can not bear with a felling that person has a meal.So have very long period of time inside afterwards I have no to adapt to a person to have a meal, one personal trip, want to be in fact now nothing important also, this world revolves speed so quickly, no one will care you isn't a person.With as for afterwards a friend asks whether me also got social intercourse phobia, I smile, in fact be not, just oneself slowly became lazy, lazy must conduct feelings, as for friend, have so a few all right already, have some persons every day and also isn't necessarily so a friend together.

Seem to be like this Be getting longer, it is the difficulty that will forget to start meeting to pour and gradually become the on-looker of oneself's life and looking at a life to at quiet flow to drip.All say that the person is slowly a growth, in fact be not, the person in a twinkling grows up, be like suddenly precipitate generally, suddenly can't fall in love or say not to want to fall in love, one personal life one but can't feel boring, either, even if a lot of time still will be fond of Mang but can't feel fidgety, either.

In the different city today last year, I carry a different schoolbag and stay different hair style and walk different road, think a different affair, have different idea, love a different person.Who say a change to take a decade.

Nearby of cow person's pouring isn't a few, is like absolute being to arrive similar existence, I also just envy to think I anyway can't becomes a person likes that, either, didn't know until one day a senior chats with me originally he also has the time to see don't go in a book and has already written thesis till° time of wanting to bump the wall as well, we all forgot they are to use how of a price is just exchanged a person like this livings.He says, if you want to carry out a dream, the solitude is you of required course.If can not dip down heart, have no way to carry out it, because that will never be an easy affair, the solitude can make you stronger, you have to find out your own living rhythm.

A friend likes to drink a little wine every day and watches a movie then goes to bed punctually;British who lives beside's appearing and disappearing mysteriously sometime has already just slept a sky of sometime to just is black and then sleep in the morning;A boy of next door building isn't bright and then gets up running everyday sky, usually I just just intended to sleep that time.

Be fond of previous person to walk everywhere recently, not and up travek just on the whole circumferential of the city walk on encountering, pouring can't spends too many time to prepare, either and brought up pack and then walked.I can't take the camera just had fascination to take out a cellular phone to clap, music poured is that I walk to where can not throw of thing, only have music, can let to see endlessly wait for becoming soft and charming itinerary, seem oneself and the whole worlds didn't relate to, cloud that wants to be the one has no name, wander about unhurriedly in the scenery that don't know name.

Just and as above the noodles says of and once could not imagine a felling that person has a meal, same of, my can't imagining a person to sit a bus, either is what kind of felling.Who know that doing not is excessive is long I becomes accustomed to a person to go to school by bus , I leave a school farer so get on the car each time of time didn't°yet how much person, sit several rows of end.Sometimes looking at a window the outside is stunned, think everything that the but again doesn't know that oneself is just thinking what.

We will find out own of live rhythm, then indulge among them can not from pull out.

Very long period of time inside I didn't go to bookstore and felt that kind of "read a book for each week" to speak to is a too faraway thing for me.Until one day I accompany friend to bookstore, he is a person who buy a book and then can't stop, and I also followed to buy several origins.Return to a home and see the tiny Bo everyone feels again the in the mind is empty and pulls of, straight-tempered picked up a book to see, is also that I just discover, reads on that day a book for in fact each week have no so difficult, I finish reading a book a while that day, the life just feeling like this is substantial.

Want the Yao to study, Yao trip, body and soul, have to have an on the road.

I tell myself that the reality permits not get you procrastinate, procrastinating will make me become more worry anxiously, so inchoate time I stipulate that I goes to bed half an hour in advance every day and has a liking for several ten page books, very quick become to become accustomed to.Sometimes I have to feel deeply about if really do a words of affair, so this affair have no so difficult.When you really want to do an affair of time, the whole worlds will help you, is this felling.

1 once rode Chuan to hide a linear friend to say, as long as you set out, can arrive, you don't set out, where can not also go.If you can not dip down heart, what also can not do it.Set out is the most meaningful matter forever, do be.A book buys not to see just a few papers, the public lesson descended not and see also just a heap of data, don't see and then have no meaning, on the contrary the Tu increase worry anxiously, the action is the most decisive.

You probably is also so, be you hope earnestly to seek personal confabulation of time, but you didn't talk what.Hence discover some affairs can not tell other people, some affairs need not tell other people, some affairs basically have no way to tell other people, and some affairs even if told other people, you will also regret right away.The so best way is to quiet down, real can be calm to ownly only have oneself.

The ability of no one in case standing alone, evade it with it to rather face it.The solitude isn't a so what a mess affair, with noisy miscellaneous compare, a personal life pours to seem to be self-satisfiedly many, pouring can also become 1 kind to enjoy.Probably need to be so and for a while at least, several years or a few months, one personal life, how otherwise can find out own rhythm knows what oneself wants.This is to belong to your own thing, one part is you, when you listen to music when a person walks on the street while sitting subway it will flow to come out and let me feel that this world's seeming is existed with another a kind of form, I can clearly hear myself.

We are all living in a not so satisfied world and be dark cloud to spread densely we flutter, but the sunlight one day there will will arrive, time wait sunlight to shine on you, remember the flower that opens an oneself went, that gifted dream to you.The sometime dreams of to dream of very far and sometimes very near, but its head quarter carries out.I think that a personal best appearance is to be calm 1:00, which fear one personal life, cross one and other city, once walk one and other street, look up at one again one the sky, witness time and time again leave.